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The Moon On Our Backs

by Mathew Coad

The cemetery was the loneliest place to be at nightâ??with only the dead to keep you company. The endless acres of engraved granite tombstones stood with fog at their feet, like eerie fingers of the dead reaching up to pull the living under.
Ethan loved it.


When Ethan Millar’s wife is bitten by a vampire, his perfect life falls apart. He finds himself alienated from his family and on a violent downward spiral, with vampires everywhere he looks.

Uncovering a secret organisation, a psychic vending machine, and creatures even more amazing than vampires on his murderous quest to find and kill the one responsible, the hunt may cost him his life more than once.

Ethan will have his revenge, one tortured and dismembered vampire at a time.

Sometimes, They Want Revenge

by Jason Wallace

Two Union soldiers get lost in a dense fog and captured by Confederate deserters, soon taken to an abandoned cabin for information about a federal payroll shipment, but there is a bloody history to the place, one that involves more secrets of torture than anyone will admit. Sometimes, the dead can do no less than take vengeance into their own rotted hands.

Blood Moon: Good may not prevail the evil within (The Undead Key Sega)

by Kimberly Connor

With the waking of Drake the King of Hell set to take place under the blood moon. Max and Alex fight to survive. Taken from her family when she was a small child, experimented on Alex’s powers get more and more powerful by the day. Struggling to control her powers Alex realizes that Max is the only one that can calm her storm that rages deep within her. Her true love.

With the help of a group of hunters Max can only hope they will be enough to stop Hell on Earth. Her sister Jasmine taken from her and turned into something pure evil.

The bond, the link between the sisters is remarkable. There must be a way to reverse what has been done. Alex is bound to find it, the cure no matter what the cost. Alex finds herself in a horror from which she may never return. Good may not prevail.

Non-stop action, terrifying consequences, and powerful romance makes Blood Moon an exciting addition to the world of dark fantasy.

the COUSINS: Chimera

by Jane Hegre

People are not at the top of the food chain. Instead, an evolutionary offshoot, the Cousins, secretly controls human society. Superstrong and intelligent, they are beings who feed on the blood of men and women to survive.

The Cousins exist in the shadows, careful to hide their presence. They follow two rules: Only feed on the terminally ill. Don’t feed on the young.

Kathy Jordan must learn to abide by these mandates after a chance encounter at work turns her into the strangest creature of all: a chimera. Part human and part Cousin, she struggles to survive in this new world of dark desires and seductive temptations. Just when she thinks she’s getting her new powers under control, she is pushed into the spotlight of a murder investigation. A Cousin is breaking the rules, and a series of young women in her town have turned up dead.

Soon Kathy, along with Sheriff Jim Richardson and Dr. Mark Edwards, embarks on a journey to uncover the unspeakable secrets of the Cousins and her mysterious mentor, Commandant Girard Negrescu.

Unfortunately for Kathy and humanity, Negrescu has big plans for his chimera and will destroy anyone who gets in his way.

A Book of Ghosts

by Sabine Baring-Gould

A fine collection of short stories by Sabine Baring-Gould concerning that one thing that haunts us late at night…that one thing that brings chills to our spines, evoking memories of the maddening loss of loved ones…a book, of ghosts!

The Rose Sprite: A Short Story

by Renna Olsen

Maggie, wife and new mother, feels safe in her home and the surrounding fields and forests. She never lent credence to her mother’s tales of the fairy folk, passed down through the generations back in the Old Country, for that was far away and long ago. But all that changes on one fateful day in her rose garden, when one careless mistake pits Maggie and her husband John against an unseen foe bent on vengeance. If she wants to save her child, Maggie must take drastic measures to make things right.

All Hallow’s Eve

by Charles Williams

Charles Williams had a genius for choosing strange and exciting themes for his novels and making them believable and profoundly suggestive of spiritual truths. All Hallows’ Eve is the story of a man and woman whose love was so great it could bridge the gap of death; of evil so terrible as to be unmentionable, of a vision so beautiful it must be true.

Immortal Coil: A Novel (Immortal Trilogy Book 1)

by James McNally

A vampire, Antony, and his mortal companion david hunt vile criminals. During one hunting expedition they cross paths with a violent vampire who hunts entire families. Antony starts a war with the monster, and soon both sides begin to enlist help for the coming battle. And when vampires fight, no one is safe.

The War Veteran: A Short Story

by Susan May


Another dark tale with a twist from award-winning author Susan May, The War Veteran will delight fans of Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, and lovers of psychological thrillers. By the author, readers are naming the next Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl) and the female Stephen King. For seventy years, World War II veteran Jack Baker has endured vivid flashbacks to that horrific June day on Omaha Beach. But tonight, the flashback will be terrifyingly different. Tonight it becomes real. Tonight, Jack’s seventy-year-old secret will come back to claim him. 


  • Bonus short story DO US PART 
  • Excerpt from DEADLY MESSENGERS, the #1 Amazon category best-selling thriller by Susan May 

Praise for Susan May’s storytelling:
“Compelling off the first page. You can feel the pulse!” Caroline Kepnes, Best Selling author of ‘YOU’

“From the very first chapter you know you’re in the hands of a real writer.” Sarah Kernochan, Best-selling author of ‘Jane Was Here’ & Academy Award Winning Screenwriter

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Redeem the Knight Trilogy

by David V. Mammina

The ultimate and complete edition of the Redeem the Knight series is here. Six hundred years after the assumed apocalypse, the New Vatican has raised an army of holy knights to usher in a rehabilitated world of order and light. Equipped with the Divine Mace and the Armor of God, these knights are exclusively chosen to defend righteousness and crush rebellious evil. While the holy order sets out to portray a greater example for the rest of the rising world, one of their own falls into darkness. A holy knight has committed terrible sins of vengeance against those allegedly responsible for killing his wife and child. In turn, he has been exiled to Islandia, a nearby island, to live out his days of solitude with only a faithful dog to accompany him. This is the story of a disgraced paladin on a quest for redemption in a troubled world that needs him the most.

Included in this book:

Redeem the Knight: Vol. 1
Finally offered an opportunity to redeem himself, Arl Baelin has been called upon to inspect a series of suspicious hauntings in an infamous manor known as Midvein Mansion. However, in his quest to cleanse the mansion, he quickly realizes that his path to redemption will not be as straight forward as he had hoped.

Redeem the Knight: Blood Ties: Vol. 2
This thrilling novel continues Arl Baelin’s rocky road to redemption. After a clandestine band of sorcerers known as the Crimson Hoods rise out of ambiguity to take over Islandia, Arl Baelin, the controversial paladin turned national hero, must join forces with the Rising Sirens, a rag-tag group of freedom fighters, to take it back.

Redeem the Knight: Eden: Vol. 3
It has all led to this. Called out from his refuge for a secret mission of grave importance, Baelin learns that there is no way to escape his destiny. Eden, a fabled place hidden somewhere in the high mysterious peak of Mount Gambit, bears the old world’s greatest treasures. Yet, it also hides the new world’s most dangerous villain. As Baelin reflects on his thrilling victories as well as his share of hurtful losses, one more test materializesâ??one that could save his world or very well destroy it. Before he can claim true redemption, Baelin must set out to defeat this wicked foe so evil that some dare not speak his name. Others deny that he even exists at all. In a final and deeply personal campaign to defeat his nemesis once and for all, the holy knight takes on his greatest challenge yet in a battle that holds all of the new world in the balance.

Brought to you by the author who wrote The Angels of Resistance, David V. Mammina welcomes you to his version of the future. Paladins, witches, werewolves, vampires, warlords, cannibal cultists, freedom fighters…This is a read you won’t regret picking up.

Awaken: Sometimes dreams are not always as they seem. (Free Nightmares Book 12)

by Travis Mays

The twelfth short horror story in the free nightmares series. Be the victim of you own mind in Awaken…

Plague of the Accursed

by D.M. Pierson

Seduced and bitten by a vampire, Alice, a young, beautiful and kind woman, quickly realizes the ideal life she lead is now gone forever, and falls deeper and deeper into a world of blood, death and lust. A world she’s terrified to learn she enjoys.

Contains: brief strong language, violence, and sexual themes

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