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Living Clutter-Free with Kids in the House

by Mike Burns

This book makes the case that it IS possible to live a clutter-free life with kids in the house. Well, at least “clutter-freeâ?¦ish.”

I say “ish” because it’s a constant effort. When you have kids in the house, the mess keeps coming. As a father of six children, I can relate!

But you don’t have to surrender to the complexity! You really can gain control of the clutter that plagues you.

1- “Is Decluttering Really That Important?”
2- 6 Kids & Mostly Sane (A personal story)
3- Don’t Focus on the Clutter
4- Proper Expectations
5- Baby Steps=The Cure for the Time Dilemma
6- First, Stop the Inflow!
7- Practice the “One-In-One-Out” Rule
8- A Home for Everything
9- Process to Zero
10- Get Everyone Involved
11- Make it Fun! – 10 Decluttering Games for Kids & Their Parents
12- Let Your Priorities Drive Your Decisions

16. The Paper (When the Jonquils Bloom Again, 3rd Edition)

by jerry knox

The sixteenth of 26 segments, three chapters from the 567 page saga When the Jonquils Bloom Again, 3rd Edition, full version available in print and kindle, these are the stories of Sharon and her family, starting in 1847, ending in the present.

A story of puberty, adolecence, the love of two friends, Sharon and Helga, loving discipline from two nuns and Sharon’s mother, paddling, spanking, as it benefits their lives. A story worth reading, a story with strong moral values and Christian love, a story of friendship.


Veneno Delas (Portuguese Edition)

by Geyme Lechner Mannes

Veneno Delas é um romance intenso e cruel, de amor e ódio, desafetos familiares e paixões obsessivas. Ambientado no Brasil do início dos anos 50, Roberta Barreto é pedida em casamento por Luciano Hoffmann no mesmo dia em que seu pai a estupra.

A menina inocente da Bahia foge para o Rio de Janeiro, onde nasce uma escritora decidida e, ao mesmo tempo estranha. Em meio a sonhos de amor naufragados, ambição e suicídios, as histórias de Roberta e Daniel se juntam, fazendo uma esposa traída jogar de forma sórdida e violenta para não perder o marido.

Entre vítimas e vilões, onde ninguém é totalmente inocente ou culpado, mulheres completamente diferentes cruzam os mesmos caminhos provando que amor e ódio caminham juntos.

Letting Go of Mommy Guilt: Minnesota’s Woman Business Owner of the Year Shares Her Secrets of How You Can Raise Good Kids Even If You’re Super Busy!

by Lorelei Kraft

GUILT! Society dumps a lot of that on moms. We feel guilty if we work outside of the home. We feel guilty if we’re stay-at- home moms. We feel guilty if our house isn’t immaculate. We feel guilty because the furniture isn’t dusted. We feel guilty because we’re not on the PTA board. We feel guilty if we serve frozen pizza for supper. We feel guilty when we have a meltdown. And the nagging question that’s with us every day is “Am I a good mom?” We contrast our lives with the perfect moms we see on television and in magazines, the moms with the beds made, a nutritious dinner on the table, the laundry done, working a full-time job and still managing to take her tae kwon do class. This thought-provoking and humorous book, written by the Minnesota Woman Business Owner of the Year who raised two great children as a single mom while being an entrepreneur starting numerous business, demolishes all those guilt thoughts if you’re not that perfect mom! She shares her secrets of how you can raise good kids even if you’re super busy, with her “Seven Keys” to sensible parenting in an inspiring, easy-to-read and practical book on how to raise resilient children.

Would it kill you to say please? A guide to modern manners

by Alice Williams

So you can make a bomb out of chewing gum and a matchstick and you know how to swing Swedish porn as a tax deduction. You can tell Tiffany bling from a Bangkok Fugazi, and are familiar with the maze of modern living, but do you know the courteous formula for declining casual sex? Or the exact stage of a party at which nudity becomes a social obligation?

Would it kill you to say please? is for people more interested in figuring out how to deal with a patronising boss than in penning scented thank-you notes. It’s for those who find themselves in the grips of a raging addiction, yet still have to negotiate public spaces. It’s for those who wake up one day and have no desire to get out of their dressing gown, yet would like to remain socially acceptable.

More than just a manners guide, Would It Kill You to Say Please? is a lifesaver – an antidote to the failure of conventional etiquette to equip us for the anxieties of modern life.

Tammy’s Potty Training: (toilet training) (children’s book) (rhymes ebook) (family values) (health habits) (The Together Series Book 2)

by Ally Olson

“Tammy’s Potty Training” is a great children’s book for any toddler and her family who are about to embark on the journey of potty training.

Tammy has been wearing a diaper since day one, and now her mother decides to introduce her to the idea of using the family toilet. With a fun and gentle explanation, she learns about the toilet room that everyone goes to once in a while, and what they do there once inside. She becomes curious to try it out. And with encouragement from all her family members, Tammy’s potty training begins.

This e-book is part of “The Together Series,” written and illustrated by author and parenting advisor Ally Olson.

Through this full-color illustrated book your kids will:
– receive a gentle, fun and realistic explanation about growing up and facts of life
– be motivated by a no-pressure toilet training technique
– be encouraged to try new things and keep up with their hygiene and health habits
– experience the togetherness of the family unit

You will NOT find any monsters here, talking toilet seats or any other information that Ally finds to be confusing for children. It is a great instructional book for both parents and kids.

Ally Olson is a children’s books author, a parenting advisor and a mother of two wonderful kids. She focuses on creating the supportive environment and constant motivation essential to our success as parents. Ally’s books assist parents in building positive values and healthy habits, fostering sociability, providing clarity about the world, and creating a sense of togetherness in the family unit.

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Le schiave non chiederanno perdono (Italian Edition)

by Michela Oliviero

Storia di una donna.

E di tutte donne.

Hanno cresciuto delle schiave, ma non ci diranno più cosa essere.

El Ángel de la Vida (Spanish Edition)

by Eduardo Antonio Bolaños Vargas

Una visita inesperada sorprendió al protagonista de esta historia, que contemplaba el rostro de su hija al dormir: era una bella figura femenina, que brillaba con la gloria de Dios. Era el Ángel de la Vida.

La criatura celestial le mostró al hombre muchas visiones terribles y dolorosas del aborto, la fecundación in vitro, la violencia familiar, la eutanasia, la guerra y la pobreza.

Pero también le mostró la obra de Dios en el inicio de la vida desde el momento la concepción, le habló de la muerte, así como la maravilla de la creación a través de la infinita misericordia de Dios.

When Darkness Falls: The short and tragic life of Amelia Rae Brandt

by Brenna Brunswick

When Darkness Falls is a harrowing story of child abuse that will appeal to fans of memoirs and stay with you forever.

It was Wednesday, January 25, 1970, a day that would start out like any other cold, winter morning. But, it wouldn’t end that way. No one would ever expect that in just a few short hours, a terrible tragedy would occur. One that would change lives forever.

When Darkness Falls is a shocking and harrowing story of 8-year-old Amelia (Rae Brandt), who suffered horrific abuse at the hands of her father, the one person who was supposed to love and protect her.

Just eight years old and the youngest of five siblings, Amelia’s childhood consists mainly of a violently abusive home life, where she often feels confused, alone and isolated. Her father is an abusive alcoholic who takes all his anger and frustrations out on her on a regular basis. Anything she does sets him off, even things that aren’t her fault.

Because of a system that refused to acknowledge Amelia’s need for protection, the abuse continued, leading to a senseless tragedy that could have been prevented.

Warning: This book is based upon child abuse and contains passages that some readers may find disturbing.

I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU: KIDS BOOK – Children and Divorce – Helping Kids Cope With Divorce and Separation

by Aya Alasbali

Kids experience the pressure of divorce and marriage separation each year. They all react differently to this new stress, anxiety based on their age, personality, and the conditions of the separation and divorce.

In This Book You will find a simple way to explaine the new situation that will help your kids through the initial Shock, Sadness,Frustration, Anger and show them your Love for them remains and even grows stronger.

You will find The Most simple and Important Things that Both Parents can do is love to help kids through this Difficult time. How to talk to your Kids about Separation.

It’s a simple way to explain DIVORCE to children the book explains that when Mommy and Daddy divorce, their love for their child remains and even grows , It’s a security blanket of a book that promises to ease your child into a new lifestyle .

One Love Chubby Love

by J Salman

A book about a Virgin Man who returned from London without loosing his virginity. During his life he has always been fantasised about Big Beautiful Girl. Hence, he also got married with a virgin Big Beautiful Lady.

How & Why he returned virgin from London?

This book explains about his interesting journey, experiences in London.

La dernière tomate (French Edition)

by Claudine Touchemann

Depuis la mort de sa femme, Patrick élève seul son fils Geoffrey, un jeune homme de bientôt dix-huit ans. L’entente entre père et fils est parfaite jusqu’au moment où tout bascule : Patrick ressent un profond malaise à la vue d’une tomate qui fait écho en lui à une tomate vieille de plus d’un quart de siècle, ressurgie brusquement de son passé. Pour fuir ses souvenirs qui le hantent à travers cette tomate, il se met à boire et à frapper son fils.
En plus de réflexions sur la vie, on retrouve ici des personnages attachants, de l’humour, des rires aussi, car, malgré des situations de départ difficiles, le positif l’emporte, comme dans tous les livres de cette auteure.

Das Murmelglas (German Edition)

by Enya Kummer

Für jeden schönen Tag eine bunte Murmel in das Glas legen, um die Erinnerungen daran aufzubewahren – das ist Ziel der kleinen Lala, einem Mädchen voller Fantasie und Wissensdurst. Doch mit der Rückkehr des Stiefvaters aus dem Kosovo verdunkelt sich Lalas Leben, ein Albtraum voller Gewalt beginnt. Die Mutter, blind vor Liebe zum Exsoldaten, ignoriert die Not ihrer Tochter und hofft, dass bald wieder Normalität einkehrt. Lalas Hilferufe werden immer lauter und verzweifelter, doch niemand glaubt ihr. Als die Mutter schlieÃ?lich stirbt, entkommt Lala den Fängen ihres Stiefvaters und zieht in ein Heim, wo sie Anne kennen lernt, die auch Schlimmes erlebt hat. Die Mädchen stützen sich gegenseitig in ihrer Verzweiflung, um mit dem Erlebten fertig zu werden. Langsam verblasst bei Lala das Bild des Stiefvaters,bis sie ihrem Peiniger erneut begegnet.

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