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BAD APPLE: The Complete Series (Parts 1-5)

by Kristina Weaver

COMPLETE. STANDALONE. Includes Parts 1-5. Enjoy 🙂


I don’t want commitment.

I’ve never been a fly by night romance girl. I used to look at men and picture wedded bliss till my ex proved me wrong and shattered my illusions. That’s why it’s so freaking unfair that just months after swearing off men I meet the hot and too determined Misha Novac. He’s perfect and every girl’s wet dream. And he won’t take me on my terms.

He wants the whole nine yards and I’m only offering three. He wants marriage and family dinners and I’m more for pizza after a long night of loving.

So colour me furious when I wake up to find myself wed, owned and securely locked to the sexy brute. I think I can deal. I want to deal if it means I get to have him wrapped around me forever.

Till I find out that he’s not the man he made me want.


She’s beautiful, sweet, and genuineâ?¦but I can’t let that stop me.

I must admit, Irina’s sweet loveliness will make what I have to do a little bit harder. Men like me aren’t exactly known for their gentleness, but even I feel like I’m doing something wrong.

See, we aren’t meeting by chance. I know exactly who she isâ?¦and what the land her bakery sits on is worth to me. The plan to steal this innocent girl’s dream away from her is really starting to come together.

I’m not going to leave the pretty little thing destitute or anything, but I will take what I need from her. This is business, after all. And yeah, maybe just a little bit pleasure, too. Whatever it takes.

The Banks of the Lake: The Banks Family Saga

by Andrew Charles

*Author has placed the title page, copyright, and table of contents at the end of the book, to allow readers who download a sample to get more of the actual story line* *approx. 40,000 words, pages will vary depending on reading device*

Esther “Effie” Solomon Banks has summoned her children to their family camp on the lake for a mandatory meeting. Everyone assumes that this is just a normal reunion, an excuse to get them all together as they have not all been in one place since the death of their father five years prior. The Banks children assume they’ll only have to put up with each other for this one day. What they don’t know is that Effie is about to unleash a hurricane of secrets that will threaten to strip this family bare to the bones!

In the Arms of a Pirate (A Sam Steele Romance Book 2)

by Michelle Beattie

She’s his leverage

When Aidan Bradley suddenly remembers his bloody past, he can only think of one thing. Killing the bastard responsible. His key? Using his enemy’s daughter to draw the pirate out. His miscalculation? That he’d soon find himself enticed by her innocence and beauty.

He’s her rescuer

Sarah Santiago’s lived her entire life locked away from the world. While naïve and innocent, Sarah recognizes attraction when she feels it and the pirate holding her as bait soon becomes the pirate she wants to hold.

The odds are against them

Will Aidan’s desire for revenge cost him the woman he loves, or will his decision to stand down cost him his life at the blade of the soulless pirate who murdered his mother?

The Sam Steele Romance series

Book 1: Her Pirate to Love

Book 2: In the Arms of a Pirate

The Beaumont Boys

by Rachel Ryan

Twenty-four year old Brooke Davis is searching for true love, but the only attention she seems to be getting is from her room-mates sleazy boyfriend. Until she meets charming blue-eyed Reed and feels an instant connection. But when fate steps in and Reed is called away, Brooke believes she’s lost her chance once again.
Six months later Brooke reluctantly agrees to a blind date with handsome and successful businessman, Myles Beaumont. Brooke and Myles hit it off and Brooke is finally feeling like it could be a perfect match, until Reed appears in her life again and the chemistry is hard to ignore.
Will Brooke follow her head or her heart? And when she learns the truth, will it completely destroy any chance she has at happiness?

Patrick’s Promise (The Cloverleaf Series Book 3)

by Gloria Herrmann

Promises are meant to be keptâ??but Patrick O’Brien is too numb with griefâ?¦

Patrick hasn’t been able to move past the loss of his wife, who died while delivering his twin boysâ??Finn and Connor. While life continues around him, he is left in a state of emotional suspension, unable to honor his final vow to his wife and move on after she is gone.

Faking it only goes so farâ?¦

Always known as the moody older brother, Patrick maintains his distance from his overbearing but loving family. He’s barely coping, but still finds a way to be the best father he can to his sons.

Amber Miller returns home and finds more than the small town she left behindâ?¦

With her son in tow, Amber reluctantly returns to Birch Valley when her parents ask for help. Their well-known diner, Herrick’s, is a staple in the community. But more than that, her father is ill, and they need the extra set of hands to keep the place going.

Lonely hearts attractâ?¦

When Patrick and Amber cross paths, their instant attraction catches both off guard. Working through their own kinds of grief, the two must figure out what they want for their futureâ??even if it’s not each other.

Losing someone you love is devastating, but learning to love again comes with its own challenges.

Is he strong enough to risk his heart? Or will running from love be the ultimate betrayal of Patrick’s Promise?

HiT 149: Anna Brookes First Chapter (Hit #1) (HiT Series)

by Margaret McHeyzer

â??I’m standing here, on top of the building and I need to remind myself to breathe. It’s not like I haven’t done this 146 times before. It’s not like I’m not the best in the business. I am the best at this because as sick as it sounds, I want to be here. I love doing what I do. I can tell you that I’ve been in this line of work for the last thirteen years. I didn’t quite fall into it, I actually sought it out. I am undoubtedly the best in the industry. I’m respected amongst all the big players. I am the biggest player of them all. If a rookie tried to come along and show me up as an example of their capabilities, it didn’t take long for me to work out what they were about.
There’s no hesitation. No second thoughts. No doubts. No emotions. No feelings.’ ~ Anna Brookes
Anna Brookes is the most dangerous woman that you hope you will never know.
Her life of danger started the day she turned 15.
The thirteen years that follow shapes her life to become the most deadly and lethal woman.
HiT 149 becomes her most difficult target. Does she pull the trigger or does she risk becoming the target herself?

Combat Boots & Reunions (Combat Boots Series Book 2)

by Tammy Godfrey

SASHA ADABEL MCGEE SILL, is a full-bird Colonel in the United States Army and her life is where she wants it to be for a short time until her husband Shawn gets deployed. Sasha is still haunted by the horrors of war when she toured in Afghanistan, and the thought of her husband going again makes her fear for a future without him. She learns that going overseas may be easier than being left behind and waiting for him to return. Her ex-husband and father to her kids has also been deployed. When he fails to inform the kids about his latest tour of a warzone, Sasha is left to break the news and deal with the fallout. SHAWN DANIEL SILL, a Chief Warrant Officer in the United States Army. Shawn’s life has been nothing but the Army and watching after Sasha. Now that he has married her, he’s scarred that he could lose her. He gets deployed to Afghanistan and the deployment has been more dangerous than any deployment he’s been on. Shawn knows that Sasha’s been dealing with Murphy’s Law since he left, and he is fully aware that another soldier, Major Richard Perkins, has been there for Sasha, a helping hand since Shawn left, there to help when he is not. After the Brigade Commander is killed, Sasha is ordered to Afghanistan to fix the mess that was left behind. Shawn of course does not want his wife in the warzone.

Awakened (Cursed Angel Book One, Devils Shifter Bad boy Romance Mystery Fantasy College Romance)


Awakened (Cursed Angel Book One)

“Could you please not evade my personal space?” She looked up at me and oh my god, she had the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen in my whole life. She looked so tiny and fragile compared to me.
I brought my mouth closer to her ear and whispered in a low voice, “Do you not like it?”
She looked down unable to take the intensity of the situation. She’s so naïve.

I am a simple girl, having moved in into this new town. I never had much of an interest in boys; I was like the tom boy in my school. I slapped my senior on the first day of college and oh, boy it was sight to see. But what I didn’t know is that, that slap gave me his admiration. I hated his attitude, his cockiness, his nose, yet he won’t leave my thoughts. I had a boyfriend and yet Michael would come back again and again, taking up all my attention. Why wouldn’t he just leave me alone?

The only girl, probably to have ever slapped me, probably to have ever rejected my admiration for her, is Sharon Esther. I couldn’t just get her out of my head. I tried to keep away from her, believe me I did. But it just felt so right to be with her, to hold her and to protect her. I felt I had a special connection to her. She had a boyfriend but I didn’t care about that. I am never going to leave her, she is mine or not, I will always care for her. By the way, did I mention about how I have weird dreams and sometimes I feel like a creep for that? I don’t know though why I have them.

*Warning: This book contains adult language. Not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

DAMON: A Bad Boy MC Romance Novel

by Meg Jackson

From bestselling author Meg Jackson…

Damon was supposed to be the rock. The strongest link in the chain. The stable one. He hadn’t been fulfilling that role, but the fight in Miami would change all that.

Damon Volanis has been keeping a secret from his family for twenty years. A secret so dark and scarring that it determined the whole shape of his life. It’s the reason he started fighting, the driving force that has kept him searching for something – desperate to put his soul to rest. Finally, a year after the gypsies arrived in Kingdom, the chance to redeem himself and bury his secret for good has come along. One last fight.

Tricia isn’t sure she’s ready to return to Kingdom, so when Damon offers her a chance to escape it all for a few more weeks, she takes it, even though it’s the craziest thing she’s ever done.

He needs the chance to fix what was broken. She needs the chance to settle her soul.

BBW SHIFTER ROMANCE: PARANORMAL ROMANCE: An Impassioned Mating (Science Fiction Shapeshifter lion) (New Adult Contemporary College Short Stories)

by Rebecca Elyon


Rosella wants nothing more than to spend summer with her friends in Miami, but her mother drags her along on a family trip to Ethiopia, where she expects Rosella to bond with her new stepfather, Sam. Little does Rosella know that Sam has a debt to pay to the ancient lion shapeshifters of Lalibela, and he tries to trade in Rosella to repay themâ?¦

Rosella escapes only to run into Ivis, another shapeshifter from a different clan.

Ivis falls for her and takes Rosella into his world, where she meets the domineering but strikingly handsome leader named Iyasu. Her attraction to leader is instant.

Can Rosella survive this strange supernatural love triangle?

How will the clan fare when their leaders are fighting over a human girl?

Find out in this exciting and steamy journey through the ancient lands of Ethiopia.

This is a standalone short story.

WARNING: This ebook contains hot sex scenes, naughty words, intense action and paranormal mysteries, intended for 18+ readers only.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a paranormal romance short story collection with an HEA. This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

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