Free science fiction Kindle books for 26 Aug 16

The World’s Ashes

When a meteor is set to strike the Earth. When it strikes, it will kick up as much dust and ash into the air that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, effectively blocking out the sun and drastically dropping the temperature of the world around them. Marty, not ready to accept the terms of the Earth’s demise, sets upon surviving with his wife, Elizabeth. In his path, he faces a world full of charred wreckage, raiders, and no food or water. In addition, the two accidentally bring a child into this world, Christine. Marty knows the supplies won’t last forever. Eventually he will have to uproot his family from their warehouse home, and bring them into the world he so desperately sought to protect them from.

Vector: A Zombie Novel

by Justin Edwards

Destiny. Fate. A Path. Call it what you want, Dr. Gwen Vierra is living hers, or so she thinks. Feeling perfectly at home as a doctor for tribes in the Amazon, she loves her job. In an instant her life changes.
Neal Russo, an adventurous wildlife photographer chasing that million dollar shot, lives a life most people dream of. His life is always what he wanted, until the night he takes the wrong phone call.
An earthquake in the jungle uncovers a long kept ancient secret, one so deadly that humanity itself is now at risk. The Vector, a venomous creature whose name evokes sheer terror in the hearts of mankind, climbs out of a fissure in the earth. The threat it carries is more powerful than any weapon known to man.
Teaming up, Russo and Gwen must race to stop a deadly virus from consuming the world. As time slips through their fingers, will Russo and Gwen be able to contain the world-ending plague before it spreads beyond their reach?

The Footsteps of Cain

by Derek Kohlhagen

He made a mistake. His punishment? Kill the world.

A nameless immortal wanders a desert of his own making, on a planet mostly devoid of life. He is imprisoned to the will of a malevolent spirit…limping toward atonement through a chain of uncountable bloody deeds, and across many millennia. The only thing that keeps him going is the promise of freedom…not for himself, but for a love that he has destroyed.

His ages-long road has led him to the distant future, to the planet’s very last settlement of humanity. There, with one final, tired massacre, he aims to end the world.

He will find the last remnant of Homo sapiens unwilling to enter the void so easily.

Blinding Fear

by Bruce Roland

Life is good for Claire McBeth in New York City. She’s single, very attractive, and has a comfortable apartment in midtown Manhattan. She’s also a science and technology reporter for The Sentinel, the city’s premiere daily newspaper. Her boss sends her to Texas for an exclusive interview with the billionaire who is about to put space tourism in the headlines. She also finds herself interviewing Herc Ramond, the charismatic chief pilot for the company. In the midst of their interview, Herc is called to the bedside of a critically-injured friend and co-worker who is also an amateur astronomer. Claire accompanies him and watches as his friend struggles to lay out a story of how he came to be in the hospital that is horrifying and seemingly unbelievable. Suddenly, they are confronted by a menacing FBI agent demanding to know everything Herc’s friend has said. When Herc refuses, he and Claire are thrown into a seething cauldron of terror and violence as they criss-cross the country pursuing the truth behind the story. Ultimately, they find themselves facing a cataclysm of unimaginable proportions that only they can resolve.

DECRYPT (The Lori Merchant Trilogy Book 1)

by Robert Cronk

In DECRYPT, the first technothriller in a planned trilogy, author Robert Cronk has refreshingly treated the reader with respect, assuming a level of intelligence rarely seen in books of this type. The depth of research that has gone into this book is truly impressive, not only in the fields of artificial intelligence and neurosciences, but also into the workings of atomic weapons.

The story: After the fall of the Soviet Union, one nuclear research lab nestled in the Carpathian forest of Ukraine was abandoned and forgotten. The product of the lab, the smallest nuclear weapon ever created, is sold to a terrorist group and smuggled into the United States. It has been embedded, awaiting only a cell phone signal to trigger detonation. The one man who knows the location is almost killed in an assassination attempt. His body is completely destroyed; only his mind remains functional.

FBI Special Agent Randall Richmond is assigned to a team of CIA researchers who have a plan for extracting the information. But with time running out, they must turn to the only person who may have a chance for success: Lori Merchant, a newly minted Ph.D. in Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence. Deceived into working on the CIA’s project, she is later betrayed and accused of sabotage.

She can prove her innocence only by embarking on a dangerous mission that could destroy her own mind.

Once you start DECRYPT, don’t expect to sleep until you finish. The book is tersely written and moves quickly. Tension builds until the very end. Tens of thousands could die.

We think this book could be a strong contender for technothriller and sci-fi awards. It is a worthwhile read and an excellent first novel.

Night Plague: A Post Apocalyptic Thriller

by Rowan Rook

Humankind will soon be extinct. A mysterious pandemic cut through two-thirds of the population in just four short years, and within another four, it will decimate everything – and everyone – left.

The last days are ticking by, relentless and ruthless, and the reclusive Mason Mild finds himself torn between a peaceful end and a brutal immortality. Between his hopeless, but comfortable days with his family, and something newâ?¦something violent and wild.

Have the fang marks above his heel dealt him an early demise or a second birth?

The Sensual Sea: A Matt Ransom Mystery

by Bobby Underwood

The seventh entry in one of the most unique series in fiction has Matt in a melancholy mood as his first Christmas without Annette and Teagan approaches. A shocking crime eerily reminiscent of the Red Robin Diner slayings of The Velvet Sea pulls him from his home in West Palm Beach back to snowy New Chicago, where Brooke has seen the dead come back to life. Matt soon discovers a grisly murder spree aimed at enticing him into a deadly spider’s web. When all leads point to ancient voodoo, Matt realizes no one he loves is safe. While he teams with a lovely CR in Nice, France, LeAnn and the gang search for clues to help him. Matt and Ariel, the Nice CR, immediately feel a tender and inexplicable connection to each other. Traveling to the Caribbean on a trail of voodoo and spilled blood, a confrontation deep in the jungle will cause Matt to re-evaluate all he thought he knew about his own soul.

Noviembre (Spanish Edition)

by Guillermo Ruiz Buenrostro

Las cosas suceden aprisa en la agencia de investigadores privados de Richard Black. Tres crímenes, aparentemente relacionados entre sí, llegan de manera independiente a sus manos. Su hija, que no ha visto en 10 años, un día se presenta en la oficina para hablar con él. Alguien quiere ver a Ric muerto… pero nadie lo ha visto en carne y hueso desde un accidente gravísimo. Y la mano derecha de Ric, Río, guarda un oscuro secreto que sólo su médico puede aclarar… y ninguno quiere hacerlo

The Locksmith (Mindjack Origins #5)

by Susan Kaye Quinn


Companion Novella to the Mindjack Saga

In a world filled with mindreaders, Zeph is a mindjacker who wants to stay hiddenâ??even if it means the cute mindreader in his Latin class is forever out of his reach. He locks and unlocks minds for a ruthless mindjacker Clan in exchange for protection and the chance to have a normal life with his parents and little sister. But when a girl he doesn’t know reveals the existence of mindjackers to the world, Zeph is forced to make a choice: unlockâ??and ultimately destroyâ??the mind of a young jacker changelingâ?¦ or turn his back on everyone he loves.

The Locksmith is a novella (11000 words or 44 pages), a companion story to the Mindjack Saga (Zeph’s POV), a young adult science fiction series. There are three novels in the original Mindjack trilogy, five novellas that accompany the series, and plans for another trilogy in the works.


Mindjack Saga – Open Minds, Closed Hearts, Free Souls

Mindjack Origins novellas – Mind Games, The Handler, The Scribe, Keeper, The Locksmith

(see the boxed set, Mindjack Short Story Collection, for bonus content)

The Apocalypse Knows My Name

by David Orrom

Two years ago, the world died, and everything changed. One young boy has become a young man. A man who has to survive. The United States of America is now The Fallen States. Government is a long lost idea, Humanity would be a good one.

The Staircase

by Cassidy Ward

More important than anything in Ralph’s life is the relationship between this particular building and an imperceptible tear in space-time running the length of the interior emergency staircase.

Nine out of ten doctors agree that taking the stairs whenever possible will have a positive impact on your health and well-being, I’m suggesting there may be other variables to consider.

Blacksalt Slayer (The Permadeath Legacy Book 1)

by Jeff Sproul

Fortune Favors the bold, but one man’s greed sets him down a path for which there can be no escape.

Eden was built as the perfect fantasy reality. Instead of being a means of entertainment for its players, it became a world where the rich extort the poor to fight and die for their own amusement.

As a pawn, your life is your own. But death in the game doesn’t mean you reload and start over. When you die in Eden, you die in the real world. Sometimes survival comes at the cost of another’s life.

What will you leave behind when the only certainty in life is your death?

This is a novella-sized episode in The Permadeath Legacy Series.

The Manhattan Sandbox: If not us in this life, then maybe the next

by R.D. Miller

In the pursuit of the ultimate simulation program, a group of scientists created The Manhattan Sandbox, a simulation tool able to accurately predict the future of Manhattan. It was supposed to be an exact copy of the city and its residents, situated in a duplicated dimension, joined to the real world by only a single door. But upon creating the dimension, hacks created coding errors, resulting in the duplicate world becoming ruled by extreme laws and having to face monster-sized animals and cannibalism. When Airay’s boyfriend dies in The Manhattan Sandbox, she ventures into the real world in search of the original resident in whose liking he was created. But her journey is not without obstacles and heartbreak.

Dawn of Flame

by Stanley Weinbaum

After a worldwide plague breaks civilization, Joaquin Smith and his sister build an empire up the Mississippi Valley. Who would be brave or foolish enough to stand in their way? Who but a young backwoodsman named Hull Tarvish?

The Gospel of Matthias: The Luna Chronicles Trilogy

by Philip Wik

Science Fiction Epic on the Extremes of Religion and Science

The Luna Chronicles Trilogy

A Brain in the Vat, Global Extinction, and The War of the Hybrids

The Gospel of Matthias is a science fiction epic with diverse characters on a vast stage of time, distance, and imagination.

The great themes of science, love, coming-of-age, and courage unfold in a world of brains in vat, global extinction from a comet, animal-human hybrids, time travel, interstellar and time travel, religious cultists, and mad scientists.

The fanaticism of mass movements is the greatest problem of our times. It becomes an especially potent problem when it is fused with religion or science. The Gospel of Matthias explores the twilight and the tension between faith and fanaticism and science and scientism.

The Book of Matthias is the omnibus version of The Luna Chronicles, with three related novels.

Here are the books from this trilogy.

Book One: A Brain in the Vat

A new religious cult is sweeping the nation. Tom, a Chicago reporter, is investigating the church for its terrorist ties. The worship of the goddess Luna is attracting Julie, his girl friend. Intrigue in Asia and the Middle East that threatens to plunge the world into another world war entangles them. Their curiosity eventually leads Tom and Julie to a laboratory where Dr. James Evans curates living heads in glass jars.

Book Two: Global Extinction

The church is now facing the greatest challenge of its existence along with the rest of the world. A comet the size of the moon will destroy the Earth in a month. Global Extinction is the story of Julie and her fifteen year-old daughter Selene as they travel from Michigan to Washington, D.C., confronting along the way rape, cannibalism, child sacrifice, and radiation poisoning.

Book Three: The War of the Hybrids

It’s the year 2026 with moon colonies and space travel. Julie is now the leader of the moon cult and her daughter Selene is a twenty-five year old West Point graduate. Evans’ research has taken a dark turn with animal-human hybrids. These hybrids are exterminating humanity. The final world war has reached its climax in space and on Earth.

“The Gospel of Matthias has everything: thrills, action, love, horror, coming-of-age, satire, and science fantasy. Written with the feeling of a poet and the vision of an architect, this epic has strong characterization, a well-developed plot, and relishes the romance of ideas. It’s a story that connects with us. The fears and passions of Julie and Selene on their life’s journey become our fears and passions.”

REHO: A Science Fiction Novel (The Hegemon Wars Book 2)

by D. L. Denham

Reho, a young, survival-hardened man, searches for redemption in the Blastlands of Usona. Haunted by his past, he must uncover the truth about his origins while thrown headfirst into a war that will not only alter his future, but the future of all humankind.

“REHO is an Instant Post-Apocalyptic Classic.” Nicholas Sansbury Smith, best-selling author of the ORBS Series

Ice Scream Zombie: SOS Zombie Apocalypse – Book Two

by Summer Falls

Downtrodden ice cream seller Melissa Maglio is having a less-than-stellar day. Not only has she buried her mother, but she’s received a wedding proposal during the zombie apocalypse and her soon-to-be fiancé has gone missingâ?¦

Melissa is desperate to find them, but first she must deal with two teenage zombies who have made it their mission to destroy her.

Can love save the day or will the undead put the bite on Melissa’s dreams of happiness?

Warning: This action-packed title contains zombie apocalypse romance, graphic language, lesbian sex, and horny flesh-eaters!

Novelette approximately = 8,500 words


by E.L. Stone

In the future death duels are legal, and so are reality shows where lives are at stake. Women of the Sword is one of the most popular shows in the world, and its host, lady Catarina, is a well known celebrity and the most feared duelist in the country. This season she once again takes care of eight young ladies, seven of whom will die in the end. After five months of hard training the best duelist will be pronounced the winner.

Remains of Urth (Book 1)

by Jennifer Martucci

The authors of the hit post-apocalyptic series Planet Urth> invite you to return to Urth…
Long ago, my kind ruled the planet. But that was before the war. Before everything changed.
Now we are almost extinct and nearly every species alive seeks to destroy us.
Keeping my family and myself alive is a daily battle. Desperately trying to stave off hunger and waiting for the day we are found.
But this is the only life I know. It’s all I’ve ever known. I know it’s only a matter of time until we are all gone.
But I will keep fighting to live and keep those I love safe in a world where we don’t belong.
This is what it means to be part of a species that is hunted. A species that is hated.
This is what it means to be human.

Two hundred years into the future, human beings are an endangered species. Seventeen year old Lucas struggles daily to keep his family safe, hidden deep in the woods.
His camp is discovered by the species that rules the planet, a species known as Urthmen. Most inhabitants of the camp are slaughtered, leaving only the young. Imprisoned by Urthmen and thrust into an arena, Lucas and his family are forced to fight for their lives in a whole new way. Will they perish or will they survive and escape to the remains of a hostile planet, the remains of Urth? Find out in this riveting first installment of the Remains of Urth series…

Red Denver: A Science Fiction Novella (The Hegemon Wars Book 1)

by D. L. Denham

Red Denver, one of several successful communities in Usona, post-Blast America, has thrived because of OldWorld machinery and a strong community government. With his past behind him, Reho has made a new life for himself in Red Denver. Until Soapy, a local crime boss, starts a chain of events that leads to a climatic final face-off between Reho and one of the genetically-modified warbeasts designed by the Hegemons–an alien race determined to see humankind go extinct.

Under the Whelming Tide (Return to Earth)

by Ken Pelham

Daneeth struggles to save her husband’s life in his trial for heresy, just as their space-faring human culture attempts to fulfill its destiny, the promised return to the mythical planet Earth.

A short story from Return to Earth.


Q – What is Return to Earth?

A – In Return to Earth, ten authors unite to interpret how humankind would react to the arrival of extraterrestrials who happen to be human. The stories range in setting from recent history to far future.

This is the second project by the Alvarium Experiment, a consortium of accomplished and award-

winning authors.

Q – Where should a reader start when selecting a short story to read in Return to Earth?

A – Each story is self-contained and can be read in any order. The reader is free to select any of the stories at random to begin their experience. The book description will explain the setting for each particular story.

About the Author…

Ken Pelham’s debut novel, BRIGANDS KEY, won the 2009 Royal Palm Literary Award, was published in hardcover in 2012, in softcover in 2014, and in audiobook in 2015. The prequel, PLACE OF FEAR, a 2012 first-place winner of the Royal Palm, was released in 2013. His nonfiction book, OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND: A WRITER’S GUIDE TO MASTERING VIEWPOINT, was named the RPLA 2015 Published Book of the Year.

He grew up in the small South Florida town of Immokalee, and lives with his wife, Laura, in Maitland, Florida. A member of the International Thriller Writers and the Florida Writers Association, writing keeps him off the streets and out of trouble, although he’s sometimes spotted cycling, fishing, or scuba diving, seldom simultaneously.

Cimmerian City (Cimmerian Series Duology Book 1)

by Rae Lori

The future lies in the hands of the dying…

She lost the love of her life. 

She lost her family. 

Now she will lose the only thing left in her possession: her life.

Raven Blackheart is a young student who chooses death after her boyfriend is killed in front of her one night. She awakens to a world at war. No longer human, she is now a pawn in a game of power between corporations and pharmaceutical companies. A new race exists alongside humans; Dracins. Lethal creatures that are children of the side effects from 20th-century pharmaceuticals.

Earth is quickly becoming a wasteland and the vice president to the biggest corporation in the western hemisphere holds the key to Raven’s future.

The problem? The price may be higher than she is willing to pay.

A Sci-Fi Futuristic Thriller of the Future

Warped Clarity

by Illya Vasquez

This story follows a character named Yonous as he explores how humanity’s pseudo environment distorts our perception of nature, diluting our organic harmony within it, and consequently allowing us to objectify and exploit the earth for our social benefit.

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