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Bigger the Secrets: Greater the Passion (Contemporary Adult Romance Suspense Thriller)

by Laura Jane Hermanson

��❤Contemporary Adult Romance Filled with Extreme Suspense and Thrills❤��
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â?Main Themeâ? The lead character Mellony Triplett, is a girl who grows up in San Diego and becomes a young supermodel while transitioning into a full time college student at SDSU. Ultimately, Mellony reaches the age that she becomes a professional sex therapist–the most sought after in her field. She meets the perfect man who has everything,and by worldly standards, he is everything. However, when it comes to sex and love, though, he is a mess. Therefore,Mellony makes it her number one mission in life, to fix him.
�Triggering Theme� Sevan Blanc is the lead male character. His best friend got killed by the police. He uses his vast access to wealth and power to exact revenge on everyone that he feels is guilty of murdering his best friend.In doing so, Sevan orders video recorded murders of his enemies. Because Sevan shows those sick & twisted videos to his new girlfriend, Mellony, she finds herself in an awkward position because she must choose between keeping his secrets and alerting the authorities. Mellony knows that Sevan is deeply in love with her, and she is falling for him now. What will she do?
Laura Jane Hermanson’s “Bigger the Secrets” is such a tale of unbelievable love &loyalty plus secrets of narcissism that it spent over 400 hours on Amazon Kindle Scout’s Hot & Trending between May 11 & June 10, 2016. There are several reasons why:
❦The novel’s setting is beautiful San Diego’s beaches, Gaslamp District, SDSU, local military and more. A San Diego girl falls hard for a tall, handsome and ridiculously rich business man. Ironically, murder binds them together. Journey with them as they explore deep secrets, great passion, thrills & suspense.
❦Although the novel is about a lead character from San Diego, early within the plot, the novel favorably casts a young black athlete who was racially profiled & murdered.His untimely & senseless death triggers every event of suspense &thrills, while at the same time, it inspires all contemporary romantic events which follow. Most insights of police brutality actually come from a black man who worked in law enforcement & knows firsthand the racial tensions which are forever churning underneath the surface. The fact is, although my source has a BS in Criminal Justice, he has been racially profiled several times himself.
❦The novel was deliberately written with an extra heavy dose of suspense; this is a provocative contemporary romance, which is designed to entertain an open-minded and forward thinking audience just like all other books on the market within its genre. However, unlike all the other books out there, “Bigger the Secrets” is designed to attract and hold the attention of both women and men alike.
❦”Bigger the Secrets”is steeped in a heavy dose of good old fashion diversity. There’s a mother-in-law who hails from Northern China & a father-in-law who is a native son of France. Thus, the novel positively features such stories about the Great Wall, China’s fascinating silk & amazing places & food, etc.,plus French business and fashion success.
❦Hot topics: adult romance,sexology, voyeurism, desires of a super model, rich men, drama, unthinkable romance mysteries and romance suspense.

Happy Hippo: A Silly Rhyming Picture Book for Kids

by Gerald Hawksley

Another silly rhyming picture book for children from Gerald Hawksley!

Do you know a happy hippo?
I don’t suppose you do.
Here’s a book about a happy hippo –
I made it just for you!

Join Happy Hippo as he has happy thoughts all day (they pop into his head, and then they float away!).

A positive bedtime or anytime rhyming picture book for kids.
Think happy hippo thoughts!

Soap Making: A Step-By-Step Beginner’s Guide on Organic Homemade Soap Recipes for Skin Care (Make Soap 365 Days a Year and Proven Techniques that Help … It Look Smooth, Comfortable, and Young A)

by Shea Hendricks

The soaps, shampoos, and household cleaning products that you use are often loaded with chemicals…

How can you be sure that you won’t end up suffering from the harmful chemicals that these products can bring to your body? You use them every day, and what’s more horrifying is that you might be allergic to them without even knowing it. After reading this book, not only will you be able to make many different types of soaps, but you will be a lot more knowledgeable about skin care and what each ingredient does to your body.

Let’s get you started on a healthy lifestyle with the soap you make yourself! This book is perfect for beginners. You will find tons of recipes for every kind of soap imaginable. These products are healthy and easy to make and use. This is a step-by-step guide that leaves nothing unsaid about soap making. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge about soap or beauty products to be able to create your own soap from this book.

I’ll teach you about the ingredients, the equipment, the methods, as well as some tips and tricks. No matter how cool looking you want your soap to be, you’ll be able to achieve your perfect soap from my lessons. Your soap won’t just be healthy to your skin, but good decorations to your house as well.

Whether you want to make money selling your own brand of homemade soap someday, use it in your household, or give it as a personalized gift, this book is just for you! It’s the most informative book you’ll ever find on the topic of soap making.

9 Things You’ll Learn from “Soap Making”

1) How soap benefits you

2) How the soap making process works

3) Types of Oils and Their Properties

4) Types of Fragrances and Their Properties

5) Soap Making Equipment

6) Soap Making Methods

7) How to Tweak your Soap

8) Melt and Pour Recipes

9) Cold Process Recipes

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Let Slip The Princesses of War: The Princess Company, Book 1

by David Schenck

These Fairy-Tale Princesses aren’t for the kids!

The Princess and the Pea has a drinking problem but she’s deadly with a six-gun, Cinderella has a flaming sword and a rodent infestation, and Rapunzel has cut off her hair to make a lethal whip and has a very foul-mouth.

The Wicked Queen has almost won. Only Snow White’s kingdom still stands. She has gathered together Princesses from all the defeated kingdoms to form the Princess Company. These Princesses have thrown off their fine clothes (well, not Cinderella) and strapped on their armor. They form the last line of defense for millions.

Now our three heroines set off on a mission deep into enemy territory to rescue Beauty (no longer asleep) and obtain a secret weapon that could turn the tide of the war!

****NOTE**** This book has a lot of strong language (the word f*** shows up, on average, more than once a page), occasional bloody violence and, aside from the title, absolutely no connection with Shakespeare. Be advised. Read responsibly!

Burn This! (A 300 Moons Book)

by Tasha Black

Johnny Lazarus is a rockstar who’s used to getting what he wants. Money. Fame. Women. You name it.

Until a coolheaded nurse makes this cocky dragon shifter burnâ?¦

From USA Today bestselling author Tasha Black:

Johnny has a dark secret, and the spell that helped him keep it in check all these years is about to wear off. As his control begins to slip, the famous guitarist finds the perfect place to weather the storm. And it looks like his plan to keep to himself just might work… until he meets Neve.

Neve Whittaker is known as the Angel of Malibu to the people whose lives she’s helped to recover. When bad-boy rockstar Johnny Lazarus shows up, she sees him as just one more challenge. But she soon learns there’s more to Johnny than meets the eye. As she struggles to unravel the mystery surrounding her newest patient, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to the handsome stranger. Now she’s torn between her need to help him, and her primal desires. And if she’s not careful, she might end up losing more than her heart.

When things heat up, can Johnny and Neve overcome their inner demons in time to save each other, or will they both end up getting burned?

Grab your copy today to find out!

Burn This! is a steamy standalone paranormal romance!

One magical spell.

Four shifter siblings with a debt to pay.

300 moons.

Vegan: The Essential Vegan Diet Cookbook That Includes Delicious Slow Cooker Recipes (Dairy Free – How to Live Better by Eating Healthy Everyday 365 Days A Year)

by Hannah Parkes

This vegan book will provide all the information you need to become vegan today. The book includes all the information regarding the benefits of a vegan diet, nutritional information and delicious recipes. With this book, you can began your vegan journey knowing you will have a healthy, nutritious and delicious diet that causes harm to no animals.

This book will teach you:

1) What a vegan diet is

2) Why so many people, from celebrities to athletes choose a vegan diet

3) Why being a vegan is good for you

4) Why being a vegan is good for animals

5) Why being a vegan is good for the planet

6) How to eat a healthy vegan diet with all the nutritional benefits your body requires

7) How to cook vegan food in a slow cooker

8) What supplements you might need

9) Vegan store cupboard essentials

10) Foods to replace dairy items

11) A guide to equipment required

12) A guide to eating out

13) How to replace meat and dairy with healthy and simple alternatives

14) Plenty of simple recipes to create health tasty food quickly and easily from breakfast to beverages

15) Several slow cooker recipes so you can load up the slow cooker and get on with your day

16) Plus lots more

So start reading this book and make a journey to a healthier and happier you in the knowledge that no animals will be harmed on your behalf and the planet will be better off, too.

Join the millions of people worldwide who enjoy the ethical, environmental and health benefits of a plant-based vegan diet.

Sweet Bear O’ Mine (Wild Harts: Rockstar Shifters Book 1)

by Lily Cahill

Jax Hart knows exactly what his smile can do to women. As the lead guitarist of Wild Harts, Jax has taken advantage of everything his smoking looks, rockstar fame, and raw talent have given him. But that’s before he sees her in the front row–his fated mate. He’d left Montana behind hoping to rid himself of shifter lore and clan power struggles, but he can’t deny what he’s feeling â?¦ or what his bear is demanding. Now, he just has to convince Tiff Anderson they’re soulmates before his band hits the road. And before a danger from his past comes back to exact revenge.

Tiff Anderson wouldn’t have even gone to see Wild Harts if her best friend hadn’t dragged her. But she has to admit, the Hart brothers are hotâ??especially sexy guitarist Jax. Despite an instant connection, Tiff can’t forget Jax’s reputation. Is she just one more woman in a string of broken hearts he leaves behind? Rumors are swirling, obscuring the real dangerâ??a threat that lurks in plain sight, waiting for the perfect moment to destroy Jax and Tiff’s love for good.

Together, Jax and Tiff can conquer anything in their way â?¦ but only if they can look past the lies and learn to trust each other.

The Hart brothers have set the music world on fire since their debut album dropped. They’ve relished the rockstar lifestyle â?¦ and all the perks that come with it. But these four alpha brothers are more than just rockstars. The Hart brothers are bear shifters, and each one of them has a curvy mate fated just for them â?¦ if they can look beyond the limelight. Can they find a way to tame their rockstar personas and satisfy the bears lurking inside? True happiness and wild success awaits, but only if these ladies can find a way into their Hart.

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