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The Illuminati: Empire of Money and Power — Volume 2

by John lee Brook

Volume 2 examines the Illuminati’s manipulation of world events: the Civil War, the Crimean War, The Holy Alliance and World War I, along with the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and many other world leaders.

The Case Against Casey Anthony Crucial Questions The World Wants Answered

by Gene Cooper

The Case Against Casey Anthony Crucial Questions The World Wants Answered is available on Kindle or you can download it to your computer with Amazon’s FREE Kindle application for PC.

The Case Against Casey Anthony is fascinating! Everybody wants to know the truth but I fear we will never truly know what really happened to poor little Caylee Anthony. Even if Casey stood up in court and cried, “Enough of this circus! I did it!” We couldn’t really believe her, could we? As the murder trial continues day after day, the case takes us on a wild ride of ups and downs, twists and turns. I am captivated! It seems that Caylee was so loved, so how did she end up thrown like trash into the woods? It simply does not make sense! I can’t wrap my mind around it, can you?

Tragedy has fallen upon this seemingly normal, successful American family and we all want answers. Follow me into this dark world as I ask all the crucial questions about the Casey Anthony Case the world wants answered!

Everything Smells Just Like Poke Salad

by Linda Swain Bethea

Born to a struggling farm family in the deepest of The Great Depression, Kathleen enjoys a colorful childhood, enhanced by her imagination, love of life, and the encouragement of her family.

She’s determined to build a better life for herself, getting herself into hilarious situations all along the way. Distinguishing herself in school and the community, she never takes her eyes off her goal.

Just as she’s about to get started, she meets Bill, the man who is going to help her on her way. Everything changes. And then changes again. The true story of a remarkable woman who will inspire you, make you laugh, and see life from a new perspective.

I Refused To Wipe Myself So My Mom Quit Her Job

by Brian Hatch

If you are reading this that means that you are thinking about buying it. Do you really want to spend your hard earned money on a book with a guy taking a shit on the front cover? For the same price you can get a really nice sandwich. Doesn’t that sound delicious? No? Okay. You’ve been warned. Buy the book. Enjoy all the gambling, sex, and drinking. Enjoy the near death experiences. Enjoy them you sick human being. Take pleasure in another person’s embarrassment.
PS- Thank you for buying this book and not a sandwich.

Tree: Memoirs of a Dominican Family

by Vivian Francisca

Like any Dominican person, I have memoirs of a peculiar family. This is only one of many.

I can see a tree most will never imagine once in a dream.

by Robert Hamilton

I can see something. Many people see different things. I see something very beautiful. Not a normal envisioned human.

Day One: autobiography of me

by Robert Hamilton

Autobiography of Robert B.Hamilton

Surrendering Into the Moment of Grace (A Woman’s 20 Day Fast in the Desert)

by Marita Gale

I moved to Sedona in November of 2009 guided by my inner voice and said I would prosper. I was afraid to receive this prosperity so I ran out of money. I was then guided to leave Sedona until I ran out of gas and to fast in the desert to learn to receive God’s grace. I left Sedona on January 31, 2010 and returned on February 23, 2010. This is my story of that fast through the journal I kept. I fasted for 10 days without food and water and 20 without food. God has a sense of humor for I ended back in Sedona to write this book that changed my life.

The Rape of Prague: Journal

by Martin Hugo Maximilian SCHREIBER

Martin Hugo Maximilian Schreiber (born 14 June 1946) is a Czech-American photographer. He is best known for his photography of female nudes, among them Madonna when she was a model struggling for being a dancer in 1979, and has been called the “Guru of Nude Photography.

Before being a worldwide famous photographer, Martin H.M. SCHREIBER is an immigrant from Prague. Nothing was simple in all his life. He had to be strong and harsh to survive, facing his being a foreigner, being different and attacked for that. He kept from this experience the strong desire to be versatile, down-to-earth, organised and a warrior. His story with Prague is like a love story : full of curiosity, nostalgia, missed dates, rejections, grief and hopes. Martin H.M. Schreiber met History too, being one of the witnesses of the events of 1989.

REAL: Living With Autoimmune

by Donna Weir

Memoir based on autoimmune disease, chronic illness, and depression…..As I sit here trying to think how to begin this next book, I ask myself, is this really worth writing? Will it help? What will it bring to the table for you? Will it be interesting enough for you to keep reading? Maybe, maybe not, but deep down I know I have to write it, because for some reason I am still here. Here. As in on this earth. Really, I am no different than any other person that suffers with chronic illness, depression, anxiety, autoimmune diseases. I’m not. My account is no dissimilar than those that have suffered and moved on from this world, but in writing it perhaps I can reach one soul that needs to learn that they aren’t alone. You really aren’t alone. We are many.. Trust me. You can pull up blogs and articles about folks with virtually the same situations as you and I and see that we are not alone, but even though reading their story and hearing their mantra to keep pushing, keep fighting, keep trying doesn’t help much does it? I know for me it doesn’t. I read blog after blog about people still fighting to survive the debilitating diseases that we have and how they are coping, what they are doing to manage and while it’s inspiring, it doesn’t bring me out of my depression. In fact, if anything it makes me worse. So writing this book, I’m not going to sugar coat anything. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that things will get better if you just change your meds, your attitude, etc.. I’m going to delve into it with you and let you know that I know just how you feel and that no amount of inspiration from someone who is fighting to survive makes your pain go away. I get it. I’m right there with you.

This book is my story, my words, my life. The one book I put out years ago only gave a brief glimpse into how this mess started and honestly, I was so jacked up on medication while writing it, it’s filled with grammatical errors. It’s horrid. I never went back to fix it because frankly, I don’t want to. It showed where I was mentally at that time and I was on this mission that I was going to get information and research out there for folks looking for answers. I did a really bad job of it, but I tried my best. Like I said, I was in the state of mind and medication that wasn’t working (but, I thought was) and I wrote it for my kids to read someday. So here I am four years later, dragging it all up again, but I don’t have that mission to help people fix their diseases. In fact, I can’t help anyone do that and this book isn’t about that anyway. It’s about the realness of these diseases and what they have done to me as a person and my life. So, if you are looking for a self-help book on autoimmune disease, don’t even think about buying this book as this will not be that for you. However, if you are looking to read about someone’s else’s issues and what has happened in their life, then read on. It’s interesting, I can promise you that.

Pink Slipped: A Love Story

by John Mumford

A love story. It sounds great. It’s right there in the title. What’s not to like? All warm and snuggly. It’ll be like sunshine and baby bunnies, or like being swept away in a tsunami of hugs and kisses. The same thing as rubbing the belly of a big fat Koala bear. Maybe. Seems reasonable. There is that reference to death, which is somewhat of a concern. But I don’t think I’d get too worked up about that. It was probably thrown in for dramatic effect, serving only as a counter-weight. Idiot writers pull crap like that all the time.
Twelve. That’s how many humans that have so far walked on the moon. Just so happens they were all American men of European descent. Forty-four. That’s how many people that have been President of the United States. All but one of those an American man of European ancestry. Coincidentally, this happens to be the demographic group into which I fall. Leaders of the free world, space travelers, I’m probably fortunate to be loosely aligned with this group. Of course American men of European ancestry have a bit of a checkered past. A fair amount of exploitation, land grabbing, raping and other assorted bad behavior can be found in the historical record. But for the sake of expediency and convenience, I’ll just say that I had nothing to do with any of that. It was all done by others, with whom I claim no kinship. In the enlightened here and now, you’d think being a member of this group might lead to economic good fortune.
A nice theory, which has completely unraveled. Instead, I find myself part of a much larger group comprised of all ethnicities and both genders. All three if you include the trans-gendered. My temporary demographic advantage now a distant memory. Just as well. I’m not a big fan of demographics anyway.
The coalition I am now a part of is made up of those who held jobs in this country, and watched on as they were sent to another country.
Twelve moon-walkers. Around twelve-million jobs have moon-walked out of the U.S. They just “Beat It”. Mine was one.
When you lose a valued job that you have been at for nearly two decades, you have quite a few thoughts on the topic. Most of them are contained here.
My guess is that most companies, after out-sourcing jobs, and in my case shutting down a plant, would rather that their former employees scatter to the four winds without a murmur of discontent.
This is a murmur.

Indien: Fotos meiner Reise zu Sathya Sai Baba an Weihnachten 2013! (German Edition)

by Dorothea Chan

Im Dezember 2013 nahm ich zum ersten Mal an den Weihnachtsfeierlichkeiten in Sathya Sai Babas Aschram in Puttaparthi teil! Mit diesem Buch können sie an meiner Reise teilnehmen! Ich flog mit der Lufthansa von Calgary nach Frankfurt und weiter nach Bangalore. In Bangalore folgte eine zweistündige Taxifahrt nach Puttaparthi nach kurzem Hotel Aufenthalt. Im Aschram nahm ich Fotos vom Buchladen und Einkaufszentrum auf. Es tummeln sich auch recht viele Affen im Aschram und ich hatte SpaÃ? sie zu fotografieren! Jeden Tag nahm ich das Rikscha Taxi und fuhr zu Dr. Raos Klinik für die ayurvedische Massage und Shirodhara (Behandlung mit Ã?l). Mehr Details finden sie in den Büchern: â??Meine Reise zu Swamiâ?? sowie â??Mein Lebensweg mit Swamiâ??. Ich hoffe, sie genieÃ?en diese Reise!

Andrew Jackson: History Brief (History Briefs)

by Robert Marshall

Andrew Jackson: History Brief

**This book will help you gain a quick understanding of one of the most important presidents in the history of the United States.**

Perhaps you need a quick brush up on the material you learned in your 8th grade US history class? Maybe you have recently found yourself interested in the charismatic figure that was Andrew Jackson? Are you taking a college course on the Age of Jackson? Is it possible you will be responsible for teaching this material yourself?

Andrew Jackson: History Brief has everything you need to know about his life and his presidenc!

In this quick read, you will gain a solid understanding of the following:

1.Andrew Jackson’s early life

2.His military career

3.His controversial marriage

4.The significance of his presidency

If you are in need of a solid introduction to the subject matter or are merely seeking to brush up on this important historical figure, Andrew Jackson: History Brief is bound to fulfill your needs.

***The Following Content Is Covered***

  • Jackson’s Early Life
  • Jackson the Fighter
  • Andrew and Rachel Jackson
  • Jackson’s Military Career
  • The Election of 1824
  • The Election of 1828
  • The Spoils System
  • The Peggy Eaton Affair
  • The Kitchen Cabinet
  • The Nullification Crisis
  • The Indian Removal Act
  • Jackson’s War on the Second Bank of the United States
  • Andrew Jackson’s Legacy

The Cockfighter’s Cat: Memoirs of a Dominican Family

by Vivian Francisca

Like any Dominican person, I have stories of a very peculiar family. This is only one of many.

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