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Fire Stick: The Ultimate Amazon Fire Stick User Guide To TV, Movies, Apps, Games & Much More! Plus Advanced Tips And Tricks! (Streaming Devices, Amazon … TV Stick User Guide, How To Use Fire Stick)

by Matthew Rivera


The Ultimate Amazon Fire Stick User Guide To TV, Movies, Apps, Games & Much More! Plus Advanced Tips And Tricks!

By having read this guide you will know everything you want to know about the Amazon Firestick. This informative and concise eBook covers everything from how to set-up your Amazon Firestick device to the best apps to download, secret tips and tricks and more.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Setting Up,
  • Menu’s & Settings,
  • Recommended Apps,
  • Hidden Tips.

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Create Your Own Operating System: Build, deploy, and test your very own operating systems for the Internet of Things and other devices

by Lucus Darnell

Have you ever wanted to build your own operating system, but didn’t know where to begin? Then this book is for you! In this book, the author explains everything you need to know from getting and installing the necessary tools to writing, compiling, deploying, and testing your very own operating system. By the time you are done you will have an operating system to call your own. And, don’t worry about destroying your existing hardware and software environment as everything in this book is written with the intention of running in a virtualized environment. However, should you choose to do so, the author also explains how to deploy and test your new OS on bare-metal hardware as well.

The first few chapters give a brief overview of how modern day computers work. In these chapters you will (re)learn everything from memory allocation, stacks, and bootloaders to low-level machine code and programming languages. After that, you will jump into downloading and installing the tools you will use for building your very own operating system. Here you will learn how to develop a bootloader and kernel just like modern day computers rely on for operating. The last few chapters will explain how to deploy and test your operating system as well as how to expand your OS to do more and even how to cross-compile your shiny new operating system for other devices such as the Raspberry Pi.

To give an idea of what you can find in this book, below is the Table of Contents.

0x01 OS Basics

0x02 Intro to Machine Code

0x03 Intro to the Assembly Programming Language

0x04 Into to the C Programming Language

0x05 Getting Started

– Installing VirtualBox

– Installing Linux

– Installing GNOME

– Preparing CentOS and the VM

– Troubleshooting VirtualBox Guest Additions

– Preparing the Development Environment

0x06 Bootstrapping with the Bootloader

– Creating the Entry Point


– Compiling the Entry Point

0x07 Welcome to the Kernel

0x08 Putting it all Together

0x09 Testing Your Operating System

0x0A Starting Your Architecture Library

– Expanding the Console

0x0B Expanding Your OS

0x0C Cross-Compiling for Other Architectures

– Create a Custom Cross-Compiler

– Porting for the Raspberry Pi

– Testing on Physical Hardware





IP Subnetting: IP Subnetting Made Easy (CCNA, Networking, IT Security, ITSM, Ip Subnetting)

IP Subnetting: IP Subnetting Guide


You can read this book on your Kindle device, smart phone, tablet, mac or PC!!

EVERYTHING you need to know about IP subnetting is in this book

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What you should be aware of
  • How to save time
  • Useful tips
  • Tricks you won’t learn anywhere else
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today! Bonus at the end of the book!


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Big Data, MapReduce, Hadoop, and Spark with Python: Master Big Data Analytics and Data Wrangling with MapReduce Fundamentals using Hadoop, Spark, and Python

by LazyProgrammer

What’s the big deal with big data?

It was recently reported in the Wall Street Journal that the government is collecting so much data on its citizens that they can’t even use it effectively.

A few “unicorns” have popped up in the past decade or so, promising to help solve the big data problems that billion dollar corporations and the people running your country can’t.

It goes without saying that programming with frameworks that can do big data processing is a highly-coveted skill.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, which have garnered increased attention (and fear-mongering) in recent years, mainly due to the rise of deep learning, are completely dependent on data to learn.

The more data the algorithm learns from, the smarter it can become. The problem is, the amount of data we collect has outpaced gains in CPU performance. Therefore, scalable methods for processing data are needed.

In the early 2000s, Google invented MapReduce, a framework to systematically and methodically process big data in a scalable way by distributing the work across multiple machines.

Later, the technology was adopted into an open-source framework called Hadoop, and then Spark emerged as a new big data framework which addressed some problems with MapReduce.

In this book we will cover all 3 – the fundamental MapReduce paradigm, how to program with Hadoop, and how to program with Spark.

Advance your Career

If Spark is a better version of MapReduce, why are we even talking about it?

Good question!

Corporations, being slow-moving entities, are often still using Hadoop due to historical reasons. Just search for “big data” and “Hadoop” on LinkedIn and you will see that there are a large number of high-salary openings for developers who know how to use Hadoop.

In addition to giving you deeper insight into how big data processing works, learning about the fundamentals of MapReduce and Hadoop first will help you really appreciate how much easier Spark is to work with.

Any startup or technical engineering team will appreciate a solid background with all of these technologies. Many will require you to know all of them, so that you can help maintain and patch their existing systems, and build newer and more efficient systems that improve the performance and robustness of the old systems.

Amazingly, all the technologies we discuss in this book can be downloaded and installed for FREE. That means all you need to invest after purchasing this book is your effort and your time. The only prerequisites are that you are comfortable with Python coding and the command line shell. For the machine learning chapter you’ll want to be familiar with using machine learning libraries.

BONUS: At the end of this book, I’ll show you a super simple way to train a deep neural network on Spark with the classic MNIST dataset. It will demonstrate how easy it is to apply deep learning to big data.

Learn D3.js Simple Way: Learn How to Work With D3 Javascript Libraries in Step-by-Step and Most Simple Manner With Lots of Hands-On Examples

by Nuno Correia

D3.js is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. D3 helps you bring data to life using HTML,SVG and CSS.

D3 stands for Data Driven Documents and is currently the number one choice for web-based analytics and visualization projects when it comes to interactivity, flexibility and features.

D3.js is open source and have a huge set of powerful libraries to take advantage from. The possibility with D3 are endless but the main challenge for learning D3 is it’s steep learning curve. The book contents and shared repositories links in the it are designed in such a way that it provides a step-by-step and hands-on methodology to get a solid grasp on the concept and get working knowledge of the technology.

All the major elements and functionalities one might use in D3 projects are covered and explained very well, so reader will have no problem in implementing the learning into practice.

There is also a working data visualization project which is explained in this book and build from scratch with D3.js.

Basic and Advance concepts are covered in a logical sequence, so students will know why a concept is required and when to use it in visualization or analytics project.

The book not only covers the libraries, elements and features but also provides knowledge and understanding of when to use them so students can make the transition from a newcomer in D3.js development to professional with ease in less time.

Combo Guide to Professional E-commerce Selling: 2 Ways to Start Your Own E-commerce Store… Facebook Marketing & Teespring Selling

by Sean Levis

Follow this Combo 2 in 1 Commerce Bundle to Start a Business Today!

What you’ll get inside:

– How to get started in this business for as low as $5!
– How to find the best trending topics to target
– How to find products to sell online
– The 4 step criteria to follow when choosing a product to promote
– How to create a shopify store from scratch
– How to set up your product line and write a compelling listing
– How to run a Facebook Ad from scratch
– How to go from zero to whatever your income goal is…fast!

– How to find the best niches to target.. STEP BY STEP!
– How to make sure that your tshirt will sell even before you design one!
– Where to find the best designers at the best price
– How to properly set up a campaign for maximum sales conversion
– How to advertise on Facebook for as low as $5
– When to cut your ads and move on and when to expand your campaign
– What to do after you cut your ads and what to do to expand your ad campaign
– How to create a product listing that turns visitors into buyers!

Download your copy and start your business literally 60 minutes from now!

Amazon Web Services: Overview of Security Processes (AWS Whitepaper)

by Amazon Web Services

June 2016

This document is intended to answer questions such as “How does AWS help me ensure my data are secure?” Specifically, AWS physical and operational security processes are described for network and infrastructure under AWS’ management, as well as service-specific security implementations.

WordPress: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Professional Looking Website from Scratch! (WordPress, WordPress For Beginners, WordPress Guide)

by Steven Jones


The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Professional Looking Website from Scratch!

In this book, WordPress: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Professional Looking Website from Scratch! You will discover the easy way to take your website from concept to reality.

This book will guide you through all the steps that you need to take in a simple and easy to follow instructions. From a simple blog to a business webpage, you will learn everything that you need to know to get your website started today.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • How to choose a name for your website
  • How to register your domain name
  • How to a find a reliable company to host your website
  • Choosing a theme and customizing it
  • Step by Step guide to Creating a website using WordPress
  • Plug ins that can make your website function faster and better

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9 SEO TIPS 2016: Top 9 Actionable SEO Tips That Will Rank Your Website Faster In Google

by Red Michaels

Boost Your SEO and Finally See Actual Results!

inside you’ll learn:
– The best kind of backlink and how to choose a powerful one
– How to not over optimized
– How to mobile optimized your website… so you don’t get eaten by competition this year
– How to structure your backlinking process
– How to set up WordPress for maximum seo optimization
– When should you use seo backlinking softwares

Download, Start Learning & Follow These Action Tips Today!

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Bücher erstellen mit CreateSpace (German Edition)

Alles was Sie wissen müssen um in kürzester Zeit selbst Print-on Demand Taschenbücher bei CreateSpace zu erstellen.

Pok̩mon GO Handbuch: Der inoffizielle Guide zu Pok̩mon GO РDeutsch (Pokemon GO, Pok̩mon, Virtual Reality, Game Guide, Anleitung, Hacks, Tipps und Tricks, Android, iOS) (German Edition)

by Paul Petersen

Pokémon GO Handbuch: Der inoffizielle Guide zu Pokémon GO

Tipps und Trick rund um Pokémon Go

Die fünfte aktualisierte Ausgabe! Jetzt neu mit den besten Pokémon zur Arena Verteidigung!

Du bist geradezu Pokémon Süchtig? Dann ist dieser Game Guide gerade zu perfekt für dich! Er hilft dir sich in der Virtuellen Welt zurechtzufinden und der absolute Pokémon Meister zu werden.

Darum wird dir dieser Guide helfen:

  • Du erfährst alle Basics rund um Pokémon GO
  • Dir werden echte Profi Tipps verraten
  • Dir werden zahlreiche Easter Eggs erklärt unteranderem Pickachu als Starter-Pokémon und deine Wunsch Evoli Entwicklung
  • Dir wird erklärt wo du Legendäre Pokémon fängst
  • Der Guide wird ständig aktualisiert und bleibt somit auf dem neusten Stand
  • Der Guide wird dir viel Zeit und Ã?rger ersparen

Starte durch und Investiere in deine Pokémon Bildung!

Denn du willst der aller beste sein, wie keiner vor dir war!

Du willst sie alle Fangen!

Es gibt keinen Grund länger zu warten! Hol dir das Buch jetzt!

Das eBook kannst du auf deinem Kindle, Smartphone oder Computer lesen. Es ist also immer verfügbar auch auf deinen aufregenden Pokémon Abenteuern!

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