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Territorio mapuche (Spanish Edition)

by Fernando Claudín

Con la conquista de Chile como telón de fondo, una hermosa mapuche y el hijo de Valdivia viven a escondidas su historia de amor imposible y son raptados por el mítico universo mapuche, poblado de criaturas fantásticas, para dirimir el enésimo enfrentamiento entre las fuerzas del bien y del mal.

ROMANCE: HISTORICAL ROMANCE: The Secretive Duchess (Regency Pregnancy Second Chance Romance) (Widow Duke Duchess Romance)

by Amy Field

Love in the nineteenth century, an age filled with restrictive norms demanding decorum and adherence to tradition, sometimes demanded the ultimate in bravery and perseverance to triumph. This is what this story is about.

When Jane Parker hears the news of her beloved husband’s death on the battlefield, her world falls apart. Lonely and in mourning, she keeps to herself except for walks in the country lanes. It’s during one such walk where she meets the dashing Henry, and it’s not long before he accompanies her regularly on her walks.

But this inappropriate behavious soon leads to rumours, and knowing looks feom the staff. On top of it Pendleton’s mother is insisting he marries and starts producing heirs.

To add to this, Jane discovers a secret that opens up an impossible chasm between her and Henry. She has no option but to send the confused and upset Henry away.

But then one day, on a walk on his own down a country lane, Henry comes across a strange note stuck to a fencepole, bearing his name on itâ?¦

Download this riveting and inspiring regency romance story of honor, love and hope among the aristocracy during the glory days of England!

******* Includes 900 pages of additional stories from the publisher’s library for you to enjoy! ****

Menage: BIKERS AND BILLIONAIRES (Alpha Male Threesome Romance Collection) (New Adult Contemporary Threesome Short Stories)

There’s a first time for everythingâ?¦

Enjoy six tales of bikers who aren’t afraid to share and billionaires that will make sure you do as you’re told. This collection is a treat for anyone who likes a strong man, no matter what side of the tracks they play on.







This eBook contains a collection of short stories with bonus stories added for your enjoyment.

WARNING! This ebook contains super hot and explicit scenes and is intended for adult readers only! Discretion is advised!

Siren’s Song

by Simone MacRoy

Gabriel Winslow is handsome, recently inherited, and very bored. When he moves back to his Virginia family estate he expects a dull, tedious lifeâ??but instead chances on a beautiful water nymph swimming in the river. Whoever the naked beauty is, she’s just the diversion he needs and he’ll do whatever it takes to find and win her.

Fiona Grant has wiled away another dull summer with little to do but embroider, gossip, and sneak away to the river for a swim in the altogether. When a stranger interrupts one such swim, she’s mortified, intriguedâ?¦and intensely attracted to him.

They are drawn together by a magnetic chemistry neither can deny, but their passionate bliss is short-lived when a scheming liar with a penchant for trouble does anything she can to drive them apart. To rid himself of the one woman he hates, Gabriel must risk everything, including the one woman he cannot live withoutâ?¦.

Bartleby, the Scrivener

by Herman Melville

Academics hail it as the beginning of modernism, but to readers around the worldâ??even those daunted by Moby-Dickâ??Bartleby the Scrivener is simply one of the most absorbing and moving novellas ever. Set in the mid-19th century on New York City’s Wall Street, it was also, perhaps, Herman Melville’s most prescient story: what if a young man caught up in the rat race of commerce finally just said, “I would prefer not to”?

Bellarion the Fortunate

by Rafael Sabatini

Set against a backdrop of pre-Renaissance Italy, convent-bred orphan Bellarion is sidetracked almost immediately upon setting out on a journey from the monastery at Cigliano to study at Pavia. The adventure and practical lessons he finds along the way replace the further education he craves.

Romance: Bad Boy Pregnancy Romance: BARE BACK WITH THE MMA FIGHTER (Alpha Male Athlete Contemporary Romance)


He knew it was a long shot, but he was determined to get to herâ?¦

At 18, Beth and Liam don’t know much about the world, but they know one thing for sure: they love each other, and that love is stronger than anything. They might be young, but they’re sure that they’ll be together forever. Even if she goes to college and he stays home to help his drunk, woman-hating father run the family business, they’ll end up together.

Except things don’t always go as planned, and when Liam breaks up with Beth for reasons he thinks are selfless, it creates a rift between them that can never be filled. For five years, they long for each other, neither finding anything to replace the love they once had They’re both resigned to living their lives loveless and alone when fate throws them together at Liam’s MMA match, and all those old feelings and promises are reignited. But can Beth trust Liam not to break her heart again? Can Liam prove that he’s worth another chance? Will love win out in the end – or are some loves doomed from the start?

This story is a 9400 word novelette and this eBook contains bonus romance stories for your enjoyment.

WARNING! This ebook contains super hot scenes that are explicit and don’t leave much to the imagination. ADULTS ONLY! Discretion is advised!

Romance: Menage: FIRST TIME TRADE (Alpha Male Threesome Romance) (New Adult Contemporary Threesome Short Stories)

by Kalena Lyons

They were starting to think that they’d been missing outâ?¦

After entertaining the notion over several weeks, Emma and Benjamin find what they’re looking for on a website and set up a date to meet with a gorgeous African American couple visiting from out of town who are looking for a good time. They’re experienced and ready to share!

Neither Emma nor Benjamin had been with anyone other than his or her spouse in ten years! Could they actually go through with it?

This is a short story with added bonus stories included.

WARNING! This eBook contains super hot and explicit scenes and is intended for adult readers only! Discretion is advised!

Novellas #11: The M.E. Problem, Queen Terry, Castle Janssens, My Second Family

by Dennis N. Del Prince

Novellas #11 is one of a series of books that tell more than one hundred unrelated stories about people in challenging situations. The M.E. Problem relates how the use of human brains in mechanical bodies did not turn out to be a perfect situation in Earth’s space pioneering program. In Queen Terry, the King of Norway decides to enhance his claim to the throne by marrying an unwilling princess. When his plan fails, he stoops to an even more diabolical strategy. There is a secret hidden in Castle Janssens that a mother and daughter discover. It is of great value. As they learn more about it, they must decide whether they will share it with others. My Second Family tells the story of a World War Two pilot who crash lands in China He is rescued by an unlikely duo. Then the three of them must embark on an trek to reach safety and freedom. Plus, there is a bonus short story entitled The Accelerator, about a machine that can speed the growth of babies. But there is a flaw in the process that brings about a sad outcome.

MAIL ORDER BRIDE: INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE: The Rancher’s Brave Bride (Clean Historical Wounded Heroine 20th Century Billionaire Romance) (Babies Christian Western Romance)

by Faith Crawford

An orphan travels West to meet a lonely widower and his child. Will they find each other’s heart in this new wild world?

Theresa Doe never knew her parents. Abandoned on the day she was born, all she has ever known is life in the orphanage with the Sisters of Holy Mercy. For seventeen years she’s lived with hunger and cold, her faith the only thing to sustain her. But now a lonely widower out west has put out a call for a wife and Theresa has been chosen to go to him.

Henry Forth is a restrained and taciturn rancher in the Colorado Territories. He has struggled to build his ranch into a success and is in need of a woman to be his wife, the lady of his house, and a mother to his three-year-old child.

Theresa now must travel from her home in Pennsylvania to the wild west of the Colorado Territories, to live with the quiet Mr. Forth. In the shadow of the Rocky Mountains there is no law. Bandits lurk in the forests and danger waits on the horizon.

In this strange and dangerous place Theresa must transform from an orphan to a wife, even though she has no knowledge of married life.

NOTE: This book includes bonus stories.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 16,000-word stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers.


by Mark Andrew

Set in the turbulent twilight of the reign of the Mughal Emperor of India, Jalaluddin Akbar, Jalendu tells the story of the socially awkward, but politically important young Prince Adinath and Jali, a handsome, spiritually inclined farm boy who becomes his bodyguard. Their unlikely friendship and love changes the fate of the empire.

The small kingdom of Vindhyagarh sits in the Vindhya foothills between Prince Salim, the rebellious son of the emperor and self-declared Sultan of Ilahabad (present day Allahabad) and his powerful Bundela Rajput ally, Maharaja Vir Singh Deo of Orchha. But Salim in truth is no rebel. He is loyal to the power behind the throne, the women of the imperial household.

The court nobility, led by the emperor’s vizier Abul Fazl, see their power evaporating as the emperor seems powerless to oppose the wishes of the empresses or to act against his disobedient eldest son. They fear that when Salim become emperor, they will be reduced to mere servants. Abul Fazl vows that Salim will never sit on the imperial throne.

Rana Jayaram of Vindhyagarh wants peace, but his efforts to ensure it draw his kingdom into a very dangerous political game. His youngest son has rarely left the palace because of illness and spends his time reading ancient Sanskrit texts, drawing and composing poetry. His only friends are his brother’s widow and his old tutor. Jayaram sees a chance to extract his kingdom from danger by an alliance with the influential Kachwahas. An alliance by the marriage of Prince Adinath to a Kachwaha princess would not only tie Vindhyagarh to a Rajput house more loyal to the empire but into the imperial family itself.

But there is one other person Adinath calls a friend, even though they have barely met. Jali is a mysteriously beautiful young recruit to the reserve of the Vindhyagarh Guard. When Adinath is invited to attend the imperial court at the great red fort in Agra, an invitation that cannot be declined, it is Jali he asks to accompany him as his bodyguard.

But there is great danger in Agra for Adinath. Jayaram has negotiated a secret treaty between Prince Salim and his father’s greatest enemy, Maharana Amar of Mewar. Adinath held hostage in Agra would force his father to reveal the existence of the treaty, a treaty that would be seen as treason by the emperor and plunge the empire into civil war.

Romance: Inspirational Romance Collection Box Set – A Touch Of Love (Clean and Wholesome Inspirational Feel Good Romance) (Contemporary Sweet First Love Second Chance Romance)

Collection of 8 Clean Inspirational Romance Stories

Enjoy over 80,000 words of 8 clean Inspirational Romance plus 12 bonus stories!

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– Ray of Hope
– Prayerfully Yours
– Satin
– Journey Back Home
– Love Endures All
– Hopeful Heart
– Escape to Paradise
– Ghostwriter
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City Of Rah (Saga Of The Rah Book 3)

by Susan Shepherd

The third book of the Saga Of The Rah series finds beautiful boy-god, Rah, in Babylon, amongst the enemies of his master, Rush The Assassin. Rah, approaching the city on horseback, is taken into the Palace by Princess Ephtheta herself when her caravan discovers him just outside the gates, having fled his master once again. Delighted by his cat-like beauty, Princess Ephtheta adopts Rah, a new addition to her collection of exotic pets, and keeps him a secret from her father until a message from the Assassin himself demands his return. “Your darkest nightmare has yet to be dreamt. For I will take a bone from your body for each day you keep the boy from him, beginning with today. Then I will take what you love first and second: first, your daughter Ephtheta, and second, Babylon. All of the armies of Syria will not protect you. Return him, or face hell itself.”

The Ordeal Of Elspeth (Of Love and Arrangement Book 2)

by Alice Lockley

Elspeth Brinkhurst is the daughter of one of the most notorious criminals in 1840’s England, but he is a man with money and power, and she is as all people in his life are, a means to an end. She is beleaguered by her father, his mistress, and her father’s friends, whose intent for Elspeth is less than welcome.

When Elspeth makes a grave error in a bid to take charge her own life, the consequences ripple out, and Elspeth finds herself in an untenable situation. Her actions lead her to be outcast and just another of her father’s pawns.

When Elspeth meets the giant Henry Whiston, her life changes, and he appears to be the way out of her father’s machinations and that of his friend, the terrifying Captain Grifton. Making that choice, and defying her father incurs not only his wrath, but also of her father’s mistress, a woman as cruel as her father.

Her struggle leads to love, disappointment, a terrible series of events, and the path to hope and family.

This the second in a series of standalone novels charting the lives of strong and determined men and women, and though each book is its own story, they are best read in order.

Legends and Myths From Wales – North-eastern Wales

by Graham Watkins

Sixteen Welsh Legends and Myths from North-eastern Wales.

Wales is a land filled with mythology. Every breathtaking valley, towering mountain, shimmering lake and magical castle has a mythical tale to entertain and enchant you. The Welsh, like other Celtic races, love to tell stories. From before the time of the Mabinogion and the Black Book of Carmarthen they have passed dark winter nights telling Welsh fables, fairy tales and legends. Discover….

  • The strange story of Queen Nest, the Bishop and the ring.
  • Why the greedy innkeeper and his wife couldn’t stop dancing.
  • A monument to a mad king that was never completed but can be seen from miles away.
  • Discover the Devil Dog of Marchwiel and how they chased a farmer home from the tavern.

  • These are just some of the Welsh Legends and Myths you will find in these pages but there’s more….

  • Learn the legend of Saint Chwyfan’s Cross, a story of vikings, treasure and greed.
  • Why Saint Winefride’s pool is visited by pilgrims from around the world and her shrine is littered with discarded crutches.
  • The fate of the Lonely Lighthouse Keeper of Talacre and why a wierd moaning staute guards the lighthouse.
  • The reason the Grey Lady of Ruthin still wanders the castle’s rooms.
  • Why Robert Llwyd Hari played a perculiar game of cards with a stranger on a bridge.
  • How Shon Ap Robert met the Angelystor of Llangernyw and his sad fate.
  • And why The Princess of Rhuddlan, a foolish vain girl, was tricked by the devil.

    The folklore of Wales and its history are interwoven with myths and legends that cross the centuries. Some are based on factual events, others have mythical roots, but all are entertaining.

    Download the eBook today and delight in these magical Welsh legends.

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