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Mommy is Worried about My First Day at Preschool

by Sowjanya Venugopal

A soon to be preschooler learns all about school from Noah, the kindergartner. She in turn shares her excitement and knowledge about preschool with the readers.

The Last Jaguar

by Bruce Bradley


“Finally, after riding through the rain for nearly three hours, John Bowden pulled up. On their right, below them, the stream had swollen to more than twice its normal size. Bowden pointed ahead and slightly above them. Through the trees, Tom could just make out a portion of the slope of a roof. He nodded vigorously and the three men moved for-ward.

When they were fifty feet from the structure they stopped again. Lightning flashed. Tom looked at Bowden.

“What’s wrong?” he yelled.

“Something’s not right.” Bowden returned. “Someone’s living hereâ??or was until recently. Look at the woodpile and the yard. This place has been kept up!”

He was right. Brush and grass had been recently cut back from around the house. Wood stacked neatly alongside the house had not yet been darkened by weather. The axe was not in sight.

A window along one side of the cabin showed no sign of neglect. Curtains hung there, but no light came from the win-dow. No smoke came from the chimney.

The door was ajar. One of the hinges was broken.

Slowly, the men walked their horses through the rain. Lightning flashed again. The eerie feeling Tom had the night before came back to him. He shiveredâ??not only from the wet and cold, but also from something unknown.

Ten paces from the front porch, they stopped again. Bowden looked at Jesus. The Mexican nodded back. Taking his rifle from its scabbard, he got off his horse and walked to the house.

The first thing Jesus noticed was the buzzing of dozens of flies. Then he stepped onto the porch and the death-smell struck him. Pushing the broken door open with his rifle barrel, he peered inside. A moment later, gagging, he backed off the porch, his hand covering his nose and mouth.

“Mother of God!” he choked. “Amigos, it is bad.” He swallowed hard. “It is much bad!”

Tom glanced at John Bowden.

“Jaguar?” he asked Jesus.

“No, Senor Tom. It is not El Tigre.”

Together, Tom Allison and John Bowden dismounted. Handing their reins to Jesus, they moved forward. Bowden pulled a handkerchief from his coat, motioning for Tom to do the same.

The door was open; the way Jesus had left it. Inside, flies swarmed about. Even with their noses and mouths covered, the stench was almost too much for the two men.

The cabin had only one room. To the right of the door, under a crude table that was yet covered with a tablecloth, the body of a man lay in a heap. Covered in blood and gore, it looked as though the man’s head had been split with an axe. Blood had pooled around him, then seeped through the floor-boards of the cabin, leaving a rusty stain.

He had been the lucky one…”

It’s 1858–and the Sierra mining towns of Grass Valley and Nevada City are booming with gold.

Ranchers Tom Allison and John Bowden have a BIG problem–an enormous cat has begun to ravage their herds. The two men organize a hunt. but the hunt is cut short when they stumble onto a horrific scene of torture, rape and murder. The only clue left behind is a half-print of a moccasin, but that half-print is larger than any normal footprint.

Lorelei Crane, a young woman who works at the Morehouse Café in Grass Valley, has encountered the cat and has no fear of it. Warned of the clear danger it represents, she cannot resist the temptation to go back into the woods to see it again, ignoring the fact that a vicious killer is also in the area. When a young miner named Sean Palin sees her alone in the woods, he becomes furious with her and sparks fly…

Meanwhile, after five years of struggle, the Palin family–Richard, Anne and their two sons, Sean and Lyle–have found gold. Keeping that gold and getting it safely into town will be another matter entirely, for men are out to take it from them–and murder is just part of a day’s work for them.

Do I Need a Boyfriend

by Jessica Arnold

This is a story of two friends with a boyfriend dilemma. Monica’s friendship with April isn’t as fun as it used to be. April’s stressed out about her boyfriend. Monica thinks having a boyfriend is like a roller coaster. In this story, everyone has some growing up to do. Is anyone going to be honest?

Written and illustrated by sixteen-year-old Jessica Arnold when she was twelve, “Do I Need a Boyfriend” addresses the topic of dating from a young girl’s perspective. This story discusses the real pressures that even 11-13 year old girls face to fit in. Story and illustrations by Jessica Arnold, author of “Nobody Can Take My Happy Away” and “I am Good at Lots of Things.”

Edition 4 has been updated with new illustrations by Jessica Arnold.

Trials of a woman: victims of abuse

by Esther Samson

A Research work which highlights the challenges which confront women and young girls from different cultural Background worldwide.

Exploring stories on the exploitation of women on their journey to Europe in search of a safe haven.

The cries of women in the middle East and how they have been subjected to an intolerable way of life.

The dangers of child marriage and the reason why most parent especially in developing countries consent to the marriage of their female childeren at an early stage of life.

Also exploring the sufferings of women in Moldovia, the North- South Korean borders and how most of them have been lured into Prostitution due to poverty and lack of education.

The challenges of Indian women due to male preference.

Another challenge which confront women today is insecurity most time lead to anorexia.

Revealing true life stories of women who have suffered in one way of the other.

Giving possible Solutions which would help these victims during their time of healing.

The way Forward.

Anne und die roten Schuhe (German Edition)

Anne sitzt in der Stra�enbahn mit ihren neuen roten Lackschuhen. Diese wunderbaren Schuhe hat sie zum Anlass ihres ersten Museumsbesuchs von ihrer Mama geschenkt bekommen. Es waren die schönsten Schuhe im Geschäft gewesen und nun sind sie die schönsten in der Bahn, und bestimmt werden sie heute die schönsten im Museum sein. Sie sind zwar fürchterlich unbequem, aber von solch schönen Schuhen kann Anne nun wirklich nicht alles verlangen. Oder etwa doch?

Chloe’s Cookies

by Andrea Safrit

When Chloe decides to surprise Nana with some Birthday cookies, she ends up brightening up the day of everyone she meets along the way. And even though things don’t turn out exactly as she planned, both Chloe and Nana enjoy a very special day.

Diary of a Farting Ghast: An Unofficial Minecraft Diary

by M.T. Lott

Why does a ghast have such farting problems?

Read this book to find out how a Minecraft ghast learned about his farting issues and what he did about them.

Learn about how his friends reacted to his stink and what he did when he met the dreaded Herobrine.

This hilarious diary is great for fans of Minecraft and anyone interested in farts.

I guarantee it!

The Right Attitude to Life: Change Your Life

by Tom Spencer

We train our bodies so much, but why do we neglect our minds? This book delves into how our minds have weakened over time, and shows you how to strengthen it to face up to any adversity and conquer life! We are not put on this Earth to merely exist, but to maximise our potential! Let’s do it together!

Black Male Lives Matter: From a black males perspective

by zachary Turnage

A story about a young black males life and the racial profiling he has encountered in his life since he was an young adults.Explains that black lives do matter and how to some people that black lives really don’t matter. Also talks about who is going to protect the African American community from the persons that is suppose to protect them. How African Americans can slowly change this situation and sends a message to good Officers explaining their job and what they have to do or a war will break out.

Awakening: Book One (The VIth Element Series)

by Adele Rose

â??One person on their own may be able to save the world. But a team of friends, all working together, have a much greater chance of succeedingâ?¦providing that no-one succumbs to evil.’

Alex’s Checklist:

Being targeted by a ‘tangoed’ PSYCHOPATH: CHECK!

Having a relationship life that currently SUCKS: CHECK!

Experiencing an ‘AWAKENING’: CHECK! Wait…what?

Before Alexandra Raven’s â??AWAKENING’, her life could be summed up in one word – repetitive. Then, BOOM! In a pivotal moment, Alex finds out that she can control the element of water – something that she once thought was fictional and can’t believe her luck. However, is this gift a blessing or a curse? Alex is required to leave her old life behind, including her family and David – the boy who promised to stick by her no matter what and her best friend since she was five. What’s more, danger lurks in another dimension. This danger can only be destroyed through loyalty, perseverance and friendship and will turn Alex’s life, in more ways than one, upside down…


Kids Book: Jacob’s Secret (Kids Picture Book and Kids Book About Nature)

by Emily McLeod

Many years ago there was a small quiet village surrounded by mountains. It was a village of merchants. People used to sell animals like hens and pigs, spices like pepper and salt and fabrics that women made by hand. There also was a beautiful river where the animals liked to drink fresh water and where the kids of the village enjoyed playing around. But one day something strange happened, the beautiful river was running out of water, and the animals and plants would die. The kids were very worried, especially Jacob, who was always taking care of the environment. Suddenly an old man appeared and came with a solution to save the river and all the living things that surrounded it. But it was not an easy solution because Jacob would need to reveal a secret. A secret that had been in his family for decades and one which he promised not to say. Read this amazing kids picture book to find out whether Jacob revealed his family secret in order to protect the river and nature.

â??Kids Book: Jacob’s Secret (Kids Picture Book and Kids Book About Nature)’ is a delightful inspirational story for kids. A great kids book that can be read to those younger than 5, a read alone or with guidance book for kids age 5-8, or a read alone tale for kids 9-12 who are looking for a new sort of hero. Who doesn’t want to know about a fun loving 7 year old boy who is so committed to protecting the environment and Mother Nature?

This book is beautifully illustrated and designed to captivate the imagination of every child enjoying it.

A wonderful addition to any library, especially those collecting kids picture adventure books for the Kindle or picture books about nature.

This story is appropriate for reading to children anytime including at bedtime.

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