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Whiskey Kisses (3:AM Kisses Book 4)

by Addison Moore

Izzy Sawyer has always been the it girl. She believes she’s the last person on earth who deserves a happily ever after. Holt Edwards has always been the player that women voluntarily fall to their knees for.


Whiskey Kisses (3:AM Kisses 4) Romantic Comedy First base never felt so good!

From the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author, Addison Moore…Cosmopolitan Magazine calls Addison’s books…easy, frothy fun!

***3:AM Kisses – The USA Today Bestseller!***

When it comes to love, Holt doesn’t believe in fairytale endings.Once Izzy dives back into the dating pool, Holt is right there, ready and willing to offer tips and tricks to get her through an entire army of blind dates–starting with a bone-melting demonstration on how to deliver mouthwatering kisses.

One thing leads to whiskey and Izzy is starting to think happily ever after doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Holt is starting to rethink his stance on fairytale endings.But Izzy has a secret that has turned her world upside down. Holt has a secret of his own that cost him far more than he ever bargained for.

Sometimes life doesn’t give you the happily ever after. Sometimes it’s best to leave fairytale endings on the bookshelf where they belong.Izzy can’t stop thinking about Holt.Holt can’t seem to quit his favorite new addiction–Izzy.

The mercury is rising–secrets are percolating–and their lust for one another is just about to detonate.

Izzy needs just one more hit of Holt and his late night Whiskey kisses, but deep down she knows that will never be enough. She wants all of him–every bone-melting kiss he has to offer.

Izzy wants Holt.

Holt worships Izzy.

Summer in Hollow Brook just heated up.

Sparks are flying.

Together Izzy and Holt are unstoppably electric.

Original publication date May 12, 2014

Falling Fast, Contemporary Romance (Last Frontier Lodge Novels Book 4)

by J.H. Croix

A steamy, full-length, standalone romance with a guaranteed HEA from Amazon Bestselling author J.H. Croix – FALLING FAST! If you like spicy romance with hot, alpha men and strong women, you’ll love this series!

Welcome to the bestselling Last Frontier Lodge series – a sexy and steamy contemporary romance series set against the wilderness and beauty of small-town Alaska!

Ginger Sanders believes in love and happily-ever-after for everyone. Except her. At thirty, she’s already been married and divorced. She’s bright, brash, beautiful, and very practical. So practical that she’s boxed her broken heart up and put it away for safekeeping after her young marriage fell apart and shattered her belief that love was possible for her. Busy making sure all of her friends find love, she’s completely thrown off guard when she falls at the feet of a ski godâ??literally.

Cam Nash is the ski god in questionâ??a man of near physical perfection and sexy enough to melt the snow on every mountain nearby. Cam took a job at Last Frontier Lodge in the wilds of Alaska to escape the painful memories of his brother’s death. Skiing has always helped clear his mind, so he’s hoping he can ski enough to forget. The last thing on his mind is a relationship of any kind. Until Ginger takes a tumble in the snow and lands at his feet. Her spark burns so bright, he can’t look away.

Two people who aren’t looking for love find themselves falling fast and hard. Passion fans the flames hotter and hotter, while Ginger and Cam stumble in the face of their feelings. Can Ginger believe in possibilities again? Can Cam allow himself to find happiness?

*All novels in this series are full-length standalone novels with an HEA.

The Rock Child: An Adventure of the Heart (American Dreamers Book 4)

by Win Blevins

“Win Blevins-that master yarn-spinner-has done it again with The Rock Child. A wonderfully wild one which you don’t want to miss.” â?? Tony Hillerman. Packed with drama, adventure, humor, the lore of American Indians and Tibetan Buddhists, plus unforgettable characters, this book is a dazzling tour de force and a deeply moving story.

An unlikely trio comprised of the Shoshone Indian Asie, a Tibetan nun, and Sir Richard Burtonâ??the famous soldier and explorerâ??flees from the Utah Territory to California in 1862. The Destroying Angel of the Mormon Church, Porter Rockwell, pursues them relentlessly.

The journey is jam-packed with unforgettable incidents and colorful characters, including a fledgling journalist named Mark Twain. In the end Asie discovers why he was named the Rock Child, what it means to be a man of color in America, what spiritual path will nurture him, who his people are, and the strength of love.


“Blevins, whose book Stone Song fictionalized the life of the legendary Crazy Horse, has stated his aim is to write â??mythic novels of the American West.’ He meets that goal in The Rock Child. The voices shift between an Indian-Anglo musical savant; Sun Moon, a virginal Tibetan nun shanghaied into American prostitution; and Sir Richard Burton, real-life explorer, linguist, and Arabian Nights translator.

“Joining Burton in rescuing Asie and Sun Moon from a dreadful fate is Mark Twain, a comedic catalyst that surprisingly few historical novelists have thought to exploit. Like Twain, Burton is well drawn. He’s a cultivated, Sean Connery-type sinner who feels badly about his appetites, and the picaresque passages told from his perspective enliven this ambitious narrative.” â?? Library Journal

“A colorful novel set among the Mormons in 1862, featuring such real folks as Sam Clemens, Sir Richard Burton, Brigham Young, and Porter Rockwell, by the author of Stone Song, Win Blevins.

“Half-Indian Asie Taylor, a musical prodigy who has been accepted into the Church of the Latter-day Saints, drowns when his delivery wagon is overturned in a flash flood. He experiences an out-of-body experience, returns to life, and is amazed to see the scarred but beautiful face of Sun Moon above him. Sun is a Tibetan Buddhist nun who was kidnapped in Asia and shipped to America to be sold into prostitution. Tarim, the tavernkeeper who bought her, expects to resell her for a hefty sum.

“When Porter Rockwell, a Mormon known as the Destroying Angel (he seeks out and kills enemies of the church) buys Sun Moon, he attempts to satisfy his lust. Frustrated by his inability to do so, he disfigures her face. Sun Moon flees and falls in with Asie, who has decided to go in search of his origins and the meaning of his Shoshone name, Rock Child. Meanwhile, Rockwell is in pursuit of Sun Moon, determined to kill herâ??and anyone who gets in his way.

“Tibetan-speaking Sir Richard Burton, a brilliant opium addict, is in Salt Lake City to persuade Brigham Young to form a separate Western Confederacy. Burton saves Asie and Sun Moon from Rockwell and joins their quest. For a while, Brigham Young gives them sanctuary from Rockwell, though Rockwell later follows the trio to San Francisco.

“The climax would satisfy the Buddha himself as his teachings resoundingly bring the murderous Rockwell to heel. The historical detail serves a charming treasure.” â?? Kirkus Reviews

“â??Life is a flabbergaster,’ says Asie Taylor, hero of Win Blevins’s The Rock Child, a story that will flabbergast every reader who opens it. This is a rich, funny, fascinating, meaningful, and memorable novel from the author of that incredible masterpiece about Crazy Horse, Stone Song.” â??Rocky Mountain News

“Win Blevins displays an antic imagination, not only in mingling actual and invented characters, but in melding gritty action-adventure with metaphysical musings.” â?? Dale Wasserman, author of Man of La Mancha


by Sinclair Lewis

Babbitt, first published in 1922, is a novel by Sinclair Lewis. Largely a satire of American culture, society, and behavior, it critiques the vacuity of middle-class American life and its pressure toward conformity. An immediate and controversial bestseller, Babbitt was influential in the decision to award Lewis the Nobel Prize in literature in 1930.

Five a Day: Short Stories and Flash Fiction

by Colette Coen

Five a Day is a collection of finely crafted short stories and flash fiction by Colette Coen â?? winner of the Waterstones Crime in the City Short Story Competition 2012. The stories, often told in the first person range from the autobiographical title story, to an old woman talking to her son about their Christmas plans.

El AMO DE LA PLANTACION (Spanish Edition)

by Carmen Saint Omer

El amo de la plantación relata las vivencias de una joven negra sometida a los crueles juegos mentales del marido de su madre. Al que ella llama “El amo”. Su vida transcurre en una de las tantas plantaciones modernas que están repartidas por todo el mundo. La joven, sin identidad sin nombre. Tendrá que encontrar la fuerza para liberarse de la demencia, el asesinato.Y luchar por su vida, en un mundo lleno constante peligro. Abandonando lo único que conoce, el sometimiento a un ser despiadado. Para buscar su propia libertad y recuperar su identidad.

Jane Eyre Gets Real

by Annabelle Troy

Jane Eyre wakes up to find herself in contemporary NYC, as part of a reality TV show. Other contestants include Heidi, Sherlock Holmes, David Copperfield, Dorian Gray, Alice in Wonderland, Hester Prynne, Emma Bovary and Mr. Darcy. To return “home”, she must convince enough people to read her novel. But, with a brand new career and a romance with Jack, the show’s intriguing production assistant, she might decide to just stay in modern times.

A Guide to First Contact (Mandat Culturel Book 1)

by Terence Park

A Guide to First Contact deconstructs unrelated narratives from the future, the present and the past, fitting them together so that they drip feed through the larger design. Gradually a grand mosaic develops. Links between the protagonist and the various other entities are established. Machinations, both human and alien take shape. What are their motives? the reader isn’t forced to a decision. The protagonist remains an enigma.


Brent has a problem. He doesn’t fit. The woman he fancies heads up a research team. They’re busy looking into genetics and the history of man. But the story doesn’t start there; long, long ago, in the late pleistocene was just when aliens were planning the next phase in Earth’s development.

Back in the present day, Brent’s long-time buddy, Watcher, bails him out again. Brent keeps flunking the College of Life. He could win awards for being hapless. The thing is, his best buddy, Watcher, is into stuff like conspiracies. Be careful Brent or you’ll be hung out to dry.

Forty years later, the West has collapsed and the apocalypse in full swing. What happened? Earth was contacted by aliens. Lots of things were triggered. No one has worked out what to do with the undying flesh of the undead. Xenogens are raging out of control. Catch one and you degenerate into a dangerous, sub-human brute. The problem with dangerous, sub-human brutes is they’re xenogen carriers so most cities are abandoned as unsafe; they’ve become Former Urban Areas – FUA for short. Former Urban Area One (ex New York) is crawling with them. Triste prowls its streets. There’s always work for a mercenary

Watch out Triste; something wicked is coming.

Of course heroes never listen. Triste meets Shoe. Shoe’s on the run. They stumble upon an abandoned research lab and they find old records – of life before the apocalypse; but will they work out what went wrong? Do they want to? Shoe has got dark secrets; she knows more about xenogens than she lets on. There are other things she can’t tell Triste.

First contact, hot alien women, degenerative mutants, gore, undead, Pax Francophone, the death of the West (all worked out), Lovecraftian themes with added philosophical musing for ballast.


Guide takes the reader on a journey from the beginning of mankind to the outer reaches of the solar system, and into a post apocalyptic future. The relentless urge to explore and expand results in the discovery of a terrible secret. There are some things it’s better not to know.
We aren’t alone.
There is a plan.
Humanity become chaff, cast to the wind.

Multiple story lines.
Sufi themes.


Guide was originally designed in a nonlinear fashion. Previous editions compromised this
by imposing a linear structure. In this 4th edition, the Interlogs are positioned closer to where they were designed to go.

L’uomo nero (Italian Edition)

by Luigi Sorrenti

Dall’autore di “Immagina i corvi” e “L’accordo del diavolo”

Un misterioso e inafferrabile serial killer, soprannominato dalla stampa l’Uomo Nero, colpisce all’interno delle stazioni della metropolitana di Roma, seminando il panico fra la popolazione. Il primo delitto avviene la vigilia di Natale, l’ultimo la vigilia di Pasqua, nel mezzo tre mesi di assoluta follia in cui l’intera città sembra precipitare.
Roma ancora una volta nella sua storia si trova a rivivere l’eterno conflitto fra bene e male, fra lo splendore di una città millenaria e il miasma pestilenziale della barbarie umana, fra la sua grandezza e le sue secolari miserie.

Nel pentagramma liquido dei pensieri (Spin Off) (Italian Edition)

by Eléna Italiano

Questo è lo spin off di Saudade

Cuori ribelli, fragili, in burrasca, in risacca, personalità complesse e spigolose, narcise, intolleranti, inadeguate, arrendevoli a tratti e, a tratti, ostinatamente determinate animano le pagine di Saudade, romanzo sperimentale di un’autrice non nuova nel panorama editoriale contemporaneo.
Una scommessa di stile che ripudia il prosaico pur muovendosi all’interno di esso. Una storia d’amore laconicamente carnale tinta di un misticismo duro a morire. Personaggi ombra, polimorfi, accostandosi a quelli principali, da una più spiccata tendenza integralista, mostreranno, tra le pieghe dei loro temperamenti â?? come in un gioco di contrasti â?? il chiaroscuro dei plissettati emozionali. Sarà impossibile lasciarli andare via, correndo il rischio che vengano insabbiati dalla memoria come conchiglie viandanti sul fondale del mare. Chi leggerà Saudade non potrà più prescindere da questa narrazione e, avidamente, vorrà leggerne il prosieguo.

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