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Endless Evil: An Alex Gray Novel (Pruitt County Mysteries Book 1)

by Amanda Feyerbend

*****ENTIRE SERIES ON SALE August 25-28!*****

Peaceful life in a small Georgia county is shattered when women’s bodies begin turning up on the side of the highway; the women raped and then strangled to death.

At first Detective Alex Gray does not realize these cases are related, but then Megan Crawford survives. Suspected of being an accomplice to a string of rapes in the past, Megan falls under suspicion again. Is she the key to solving this case, or is she part of the deception? With no evidence and no leads Alex must try everything he can to stop this killing spree, even if it means involving the one person who may be hiding secrets of her own.

Author’s Note:

Each book in The Pruitt County Mystery Series is a standalone novel. Although these books can be read individually, they are best enjoyed chronologically.

Pruitt County Mysteries:

1. Endless Evil

2. White River

3. The Last Cut

4. Cries in the Night

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The Babbling Brook Naked Poker Club – Book One

by Ann Warner

A painting worth millions, valuables gone missing, a game that is more than a game. And that’s only the beginning as an elderly widow befriends a young woman and tries to prevent her from making the same mistakes she has made.

Missing Angel

by Michelle Oaks

Irene s life was shattered when her daughter was stolen. She hasn’t given up hope or stopped looking for her despite the fact that it has now been almost forty years. Searching for her daughter puts her in the path of 2 monsters and nearly gets her killed-TWICE!

Praise for ‘Missing Angel’- “So much drama and highly intense scenes … this was just like riding a roller coaster.. I can’t wait till the book comes outâ?¦ all in all I give this book a A++”

You won’t believe it when you find out who took her daughter. Was it the neighbor? The serial killer? Or someone else?

Smoked Out: A David Wolf Thriller (David Wolf Mystery Thriller Series Book 6)

by Jeff Carson

With over a dozen mending bones and other injuries wreaking havoc on his body, along with a shredded spirit twisting his sanity, former sheriff David Wolf is in no shape for any sort of action. But when FBI surveillance units move into the valley and surround his house, it seems he’s about to have no choice.

Wolf quickly learns, however, things are not what they seem, and a trap has been set with him as the prey. If he wants to live long enough to bring justice for the only woman he’s ever loved and to see his son grow into a man, broken body or not, he must move, and move fast.

Picking up where Cold Lake left off, this exciting sixth installment of the David Wolf Mystery Thriller Series has Special Agent Kristen Luke of the FBI risking career and limb to help Wolf in a quest for the truthâ??a quest that will send them on an action packed adventure across the mountains of Colorado and back to Rocky Points for a deadly showdown that will reveal the answer to the one question Wolf desperately must know.

Broken Angels

by Russell Heath

She stares at her mother’s clumsy lettering on the envelope. Nine years. Nine years since she stepped over her mother’s drunken body and into a cold Alaska night running south, lost to her mother forever.

How did she find me? She hesitates, not wanting to open the envelope, knowing the letter inside will drag her home; back into the bleakness of a life with no exit.

Kris Gabriel, twenty-four, Alaska Native, and fierce like a wolverine, returns to Alaskaâ??to find her mother murdered; shot in the face by the double-barreled blast of a shotgun. Angry her mother is pushed around even in death, guilty she abandoned her in life, Kris only knows to fight. Relentlessly, she tracks a trail of pain, of lost love, of lives ripped apart by the frozen north’s unyielding law of survival, never suspecting it’s not what her mother would have wanted.

Never suspecting that she has far more at stake than finding her mother’s killer.

Broken Angels is fast-paced Alaskan noir filled with richly drawn characters struggling to survive in a hostile country where there are no second chances.

Stipulations and Complications (The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series Book 3)

by Becki Willis

Named Best Mystery Series of 2016 by the Association of Texas Authors.

Life comes with stipulations.
If you want to fit into last year’s swimsuit, you can’t eat ice cream and a Gennydoodle cookie after every meal.
If you want to go to Heaven, you can’t raise Hell on Saturday night and show up in the church pew on Sunday morning, hungover and reeking of cheap perfume.
And if you want your hundred-year-old mansion completely updated and remodeled for free, you have to sacrifice.
Stipulations, my child.
-Granny Bert Cessna

Now that Madison Reynolds has agreed to be part of a reality-television home remodeling show, she barely recognizes her own life. The show is an instant success, bringing cameras and reporters right to her doorstep, eager to chronicle her every move in the small Texas town.

With In a Pinch Temporary Services hovering on the thin line between prosperity and extinction, Madison takes on another quirky case, this one concerning a property dispute. Complications turn a simple mission into all-out danger, and once again Madison finds herself embroiled in an intriguing mystery.

Between her cantankerous grandmother, a moody teenage daughter, an ever-starving son, townspeople eager to grab their fifteen minutes of fame at her expense, and a mother-in-law appalled by her undignified foray into the public eye, Madison had her hands full, long before the skeleton was discovered. Now work is interrupted at the Big House, ghost stories abound, more secret passages have been unearthed, and someone is trying to scare her away from her new home.

What she needs is another session of Brash deCordova’s unique â??river therapy’â?¦ not to mention the kiss that eludes them with frustrating regularity.

What she gets is another round of stipulations and complications.

Here’s what readers are saying about this popular new amateur sleuth series that delivers clean romance, humor, and true-to-life characters in a small town setting, without sacrificing action-packed excitement and suspense.

“This is one of my new favorite authors. I can’t wait till the third book comes out.”

“I love this The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series and Stipulations and Complications is my favorite book so far!”

“I loved the book and can’t wait to read the next one in this series. I am not a big fan of mystery, but there is way more to this book than that alone. The mystery was excellent, but mostly I loved the part about small town life, families, and friends in The Sisters. There is so much to this book would be hard to put it all in this review and I just don’t like giving away any of the story. I will tell you this, however, it is about going home…who says you can’t go home again? A lot of humor and love of families and friends made this book very special. Thanks Becki.”

“This is not the kind of book that I would normally read, but it sounded good so I decided to give it a try. I am so glad that I did. From the very beginning I couldn’t put it down. The story flowed along and characters were so likeable. It was so wonderful to find an author who knows that you don’t need to use bad language and sex to sell a book. I would recommend this book to anyone young and old. Thank you Becki Willis.”

“I really love this series! Stipulations and Complications had the right amount of everything: mystery, romance, comedy and of course, a dead body.”

“Another hoorah for Becki Willis! I loved the setting of rural Texas and the characters. They were well developed and the story line kept me guessing until the last page. I look forward to learning more about the main characters past and future in the Sisters!”

“Once again the characters of The Sisters, Texas have won my heart. When the Stars Fall was even better than Chicken Scratch! I hope this series is intended to be a long one.”

Lunar Discovery: Let the Space Race Begin (Discovery Series Book 1)

by Salvador Mercer

Book two in the Discovery Series, RED HORIZON, is available now on pre-order, at a special price, for a limited time. Release date scheduled for August 27.

What lies on the dark side of the moon could change the course of humanity forever.

When a Chinese rover discovers an alien technology on the dark side of the moon, it is up to Richard ‘Rock’ Crandon and his NASA team of scientists and engineers to devise a way to return before the Chinese and Russians.

Forced to deal with bureaucratic oversight and a complex team of personalities, Rock Crandon pushes his team to their limits.

With pressure mounting, the world is pushed closer to conflict and war as the NASA team finds itself seriously behind in the newly initiated space race. The future of mankind, its ideological and technological advances are at stake, as the world’s super powers race to discover what lies on the dark side of the moon.

Who will get there first, and at what cost?


The space race continues in RED HORIZON.  Sign up for Salvador Mercer’s newsletter and find out more about the space race each month and the upcoming audiobook release of Lunar Discovery in September of 2016.

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Mystery : Cozy Mystery: The Missing successor (suspense, mystery, short reads) (short stories, murder, thriller)

by Athena Dorsey

A young woman with carrot red hair stormed into Amelia’s office. She had a smattering of freckles across her nose and her lips were pressed together in an angry line.

“They want to close down the orphanage and ruin everything Uncle Dell has worked for,” exclaimed the girl. “So where will they put the orphans? Out on the streets again?” She furrowed her brow as she pounded the desk with her fist. “We can’t let that happen.”

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