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Siblings Without Rivalry: How to raise your children together for a peaceful, happy and loving life

by Brandi Rossi

You will love this highly effective parenting book! It has the best advice, from toddlers to teens!

   Siblings Without Rivalry is written by Brandi Rossi, a highly respected & popular parenting expert, who is a parent herself. She gives only her proven, highly effective strategies which have shown amazing results, time & time again to solve common parenting problems. She knows times change, especially with increasing numbers of working mothers, single parents, and A.D.H.D. diagnoses on the rise. This book gives the best advice for many different senarios. 
   The other parenting books out there are simply not as effective, one reason being because they are not up-to date and are behind our time.
   In this book, you will learn: 
  • How to stop the yelling, fighting & raise strong friends for life.
  • How to foster cooperation instead of competition between your children.
  • How to help your kids talk and listen to each other, developing empathy.
  • How to listen to your children to better understand what is going on behind the complaint or fight. 
  • How to help stregnthen team bonding through positive family activities.
  • How to cope with your child’s negative feelings such as anger, dissapointment, & frustration, then turn them into positive.
  • How to understand the difference between helpful & unhelpful talk, praise and discipline.
  • How to make it possible to experience the joys of their special relationship.
  • Foster a loving family culture which encourages laughter and minimizes fighting.
  • To teach each child about setting limits and establishing ground rules for their own relationships throughout their lives.
  • Help your kids form a close, lifelong sibling bond-as well as the relationship skills they will need for a peaceful life of healthy relationships and eventually their own family bonds.

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by Sylvia Perrini



One of the hardest things someone can live through is the loss of a child; after all, children are not supposed to die before their parents do. It goes against the natural order of things. Therefore, it is unimaginable that a mother, who had nurtured the child inside of her for nine months, would want to take the life of their own child or children. Unfortunately, this type of heinous act is something that has occurred worldwide multiple times over in history.
It has been reported that over two hundred mothers in the United States each year kill their own children. In fact, it is one of the leading causes of death for children under the age of four.
When a child dies at the hands of his or her own mother, it’s completely unexplainable. It’s hard for anyone to understand. By reading the cases of the mothers in this book, maybe someone, somewhere will recognize themselves or someone they know. Then they might be able to seek help and save this kind of senseless tragedy from ever happening again.

If you enjoy True stories, Real life crime books, Real life crime stories, True stories of crime and murder, True stories of real life experiences, Real life crime, Women who murder, Women who kill, Maternal filicide, True stories about mom’s who kill their kids then you should enjoy the true crime stories in this book.

My Best Friend’s Brother: Young Adult Contemporary Romance (My Bestfriend’s Brother Book 2)

by MJ Thompson

â??Funny â??Girl next door â??Light-hearted â??Inspiring â??Page Turner

“That’s right. I was in love with my bully.”

Having a best friend who has a cruel older brother is a recipe for disaster. It was double the trouble for Hope whose best friend had twins for older brothers who both loved creating a stir when they were kids.

Fast forward to a few years, Hope found herself in a summer where the twins came home from college. She can no longer simply hide in her house since the twins were determined to ask forgiveness from the girl they have been cruel to.

Will Hope ever reconcile with her bullies? Or will she be stuck harboring feelings for one of them? With over 12 Million reads on Wattpad, this young adult contemporary romance will take you in for a roller coaster ride.

Positive Adoption: A Memoir

by Kathleen Guire

This is the story of a girl born into a family who believed in justice and equality, but couldn’t find it for themselves. Instead, they followed the course of humanism and fell apart. The girl was a hurt child, reaping the consequences of someone else’s life choices. The pivotal turn in the story is the heart for adoption that grew out of her difficult beginning. She weaves her patchwork quilt narrative from the memoir of her healing and her children’s positive adoption.

RAMBLINGS of an Old Man

by Rev. Dr. John G.Pisarcik

As Christians we are faced with difficult social and religious issues daily. We can feel overwhelmed by all we are asked to do on any given day. These short chapters, allow the reader, to reflect on issues like: death, suffering, bullying, relationships, feeling alone, aging or what our purpose in life really is. See where faith leads you as you reflect on the chapter. In all things, give Praise to God!

The Art of Personal Relationship: How to Make Your Relationships Work with Love Languages and Conflict Resolution

by Lauri Calderon

Make Your Relationships Work Better

The most important thing in our lives in the long term is the quality of our personal relationships.

They are more important than our successes, hardships, circumstances, material wealth, places we own or visit. Having good, quality relationships increases our ability to cope – our resilience, our happiness. They also protect us from depression and the worst that life can pour on our heads.

Friendships and romantic relationships need to be nurtured, and not taken for granted. So we need to be aware of the need for give, as well as take, in our interpersonal relationships. We should strive not to argue, and learn to compromise and share responsibility for the best, the worst and everything in between.
Above all else, the healthy state to adopt is that of an open mind so we are available to embrace all of life’s many and varied situations.

This book will cover impportant advice and tips for building and making relationships work better:
– How to Improve Our Personal Relationships
– Treating People
– Building New Relationships
– Communicating
– Compromising
– Personal Relationship Tips

UM CORPO FORA DO LUGAR: Realismo Mágico da Literatura Brasileira (Portuguese Edition)

by Welington Almeida Pinto


* Narrative for Much Imagination

Conto de Welington Almeida Pinto, produzido numa linguagem especialmente para seu aparelho de mídia virtual. Leia e sensibilize com o papo de um jornalista e uma mulher incrivelmente fantástica da sociedade brasileira nos anos 1960 – esposa de um dos melhores amigos do rapaz -, que planeja romper seu casamento.

A narrativa se desenvolve numa conversa nervosa entre o jovem e Suzana, professora de literatura do ensino médio. A mola mestra do enredo gira em torno da crise vivida pelo casal, Suzana e José Renato, visivelmente descrentes com a relação matrimonial.

História curta, enxuta, que mescla realidade e ficção com a qual quem lê possa se identificar e transformá-la em um fabuloso palco de reflexões. Mexe com a emoção do leitor, principalmente, quando atento aos termos que revelam as intenções veladas dos personagens em crise. Com profundidade psicológica e palavras para suturar uma memória, o autor insere o leitor na mente de seus protagonistas, tornando-os indivíduos cumplices suas atitudes e raciocínios.

Enfim, todo bom texto, quando o enredo agrega dentro das palavras sabores inusitados, provoca alterações no corpo e na mente de quem lê. São histórias que o escritor conta para não serem esquecidas.

Obra baseada no olhar original e erudito do autor sobre temas que marcaram os anos 60. Como é enraizado na existência, ainda que ancorado no espaço do imaginário, é para a vida de todo dia. Dá vontade de ler? Então leia.


* Literatura Brasileira numa linguagem especial para iPhone, Tablet e Notebook. Baixe toda hora onde estiver, em qualquer lugar. Divirta-se a um clique.

Alzheimer’s? Over My Dead Body!: A Misdiagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease

by Jan Carol Duncan

Alzheimer’s disease is a tragic affliction that has probably stricken someone close to the reader. However, I have come to the conclusion that the diagnosis is given much too freely. I noticed how people admire medical professionals to such an extent that, in many cases, they ignore their own common sense. Although an opinion from a doctor is important, it is too easy to be intimidated by medical professionals. This story is one example of many.
Marilyn Russell was given a wrong and premature diagnosis that would have ruined her quality of life. With the help of family, she prevailed in proving the doctors wrong and lived many more fulfilling years.
Upon the writing of this book, there is no 100% approved, accurate means to diagnoses for Alzheimer’s disease until after death. Over 5 million people have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Almost 80 million baby boomers are now senior and there will be a dramatic increase in people diagnosed with the disease.
Researchers have been working furiously to find a way to diagnose Alzheimer’s with 100% accuracy while the patient is alive. A cure for Alzheimer’s is another story. In most cases, the Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis is not verified. I asked these doctors if Alzheimer’s disease was diagnosed, how many family members requested an autopsy following the death of an Alzheimer’s patient. Dr. Bruce Scaff MD-retired Dr. Scaff practiced in Bosque County for over 20 years, where the majority of the population is over 60yrs old. “In Bosque County, I have never known a family member request for a brain biopsy to confirm an Alzheimer’s diagnosis after death. The feeling is, don’t mess with Mom”
Dr. Donald Gloff MDâ??Retired Doctor Gloff has seen thousands of elderly patients in nursing homes in the 30 years he practiced in Bosque County. “A brain biopsy is rarely ever done to confirm the diagnosis. I’ve personally never known of any.”Dr. Robert Guzman MDâ??Dr Guzman has specialized in Geriatric Psychiatry for 20 years. “In my experience, a brain biopsy is not usually done. It’s hard enough dealing with the death. “This book is about the plight of a woman who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and the struggles of her daughter to get the proper attention of medical staff to correct the error. I write this book to provide evidence that maybe you or your loved one may not actually have Alzheimer’s disease. It could be something entirely differentâ?¦
Jan worked in a medical clinic for eight years and studied about Depression and Alzheimer’s disease extensively. Because of a personal experience with a close family member who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, she witnessed the struggles that a person experiences with the symptoms of dementia-type brain disorders. In addition, it was the many stories of people she met moved her to write this story:
It was a wintry, dun January night in 1993 when Marilyn tiptoed down the hall and ran out the door wearing merely her thin cotton nightgown and white tennis shoes. Panicked thoughts raced through her head, and icy fear twisted around her heart. She was running desperately for her life. Although exhausted after caring for her mother throughout the day, Johanna woke up abruptly after hearing the front screen door slam shut. “Oh no! My God, she’s gone out the door!” she said in a panic as she got up to chase after her mother. Marilyn Russell was a small, feeble woman as a result of osteoporosis, which had taken four inches off her height and left her only five feet tall. She often had problems walking and needed to use a cane, but she had forgotten about her four back fractures in the past few years and had no time to worry about finding the supporting frame. “I’ve got to go!” Marilyn pleaded to Johanna as her daughter carefully and lovingly guided her back into the warm house. It was a crisp night, and the cool air blew in Johanna’s golden hair.
“Go where?” Johanna interrogated. “I just have to go!”

Mommy’s Imaginary Friend: A Way to Talk to Young Children About Depression

by Jessika Allsop

“Mommy’s Imaginary Friend” is a children’s picture book written to help parents start the conversation about depression in a context children will better understand. This particular story focuses on a mother’s depression and its effect on her young son. In this book the mother’s depression is explained by the presence of her imaginary friend, Marvin, who is a goofy character that makes the Mom sad. “Mommy’s Imaginary Friend” talks about some of the outward signs of depression that even children notice. The story weaves fantasy, imagination, and real life issues into one adorable children’s book. For ages 2-6.

Proverbs on Etiquette (Home Hospitality)

by Ann Joseph

Scope of this work: “You may find this collection helpful as a source on proverbs for personal as well as in social situations. Kindly make use of this collection in your conversations, parties, networking etc. Remember…..this is a booklet NOT a book.Its content can be covered in less than an hour. Some of the readers suggested these booklets on proverbs as a candidate for motivational speeches too.” Ann Joseph

Author’s Top Picks:

Better a blush in the face than a spot in the heart. (English)

Who comes seldom is welcome. (Italian)

A civil denial is better than a rude grant. (English)

There must be a fence between good neighbors. (Norwegian)

There is no worse joke than a true one. (Spanish)

Journal Of Abuse: Entries 1-5 (Journal Entries)

by The White Rabbit

The Journal Of Abuse is not for the faint of heart. It’s true encounters of a flawed father and a adopted daughter. The abused victim finally shares her story in journal entries.

She is alone,confused and deeply scarred. Her faith is unable to save her. Only until she realizes that she has to save herself, will she be able to rekindle a safe and happy life. The victim, “The White Rabbit” will continue her journal entries as I, a writer, will bring them forward as short stories. This is for all those that never speak of abuse. The White Rabbit is finally able to tell the world. It’s a release from her bondage. A must read. Language and sexual content.

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Mon père, cet étranger (French Edition)

by François Marmain

Bonjour. Vous connaissez tous l’expression : « quand les parents boivent ce sont les enfants qui trinquent ! »Ici, pas question d’alcool.

Mais c’est bien vrai, quand les adultes ont des soucis, ce sont bien souvent les enfants qui en pâtissent.

Dans ce livre, Jack se confie, oubliant toute pudeur, se met à nu pour expliquer, raconter 10 ans de son histoire.

Un seul objectif : rendre ses deux garçons curieux, interrogatifs, quant à ce passé dont ils ont tous soufferts.

Inutile de chercher à qui la faute. Là n’est pas l’essentiel. Seuls le présent et le futur comptent pour avancer sans remord ni regret, dans la réconciliation et l’Amour…


Mieze Paula wandert aus (German Edition)

by Eva Siebenherz

Paula ist eine glückliche und zufriedene Katze. Sie lebt mit ihrer Menschenfamilie in einem idyllischen österreichischen Bergtal. Rings um das Haus breiten sich Wiesen und Wälder aus und die Luft ist rein und klar. Manchmal, wenn Paula in der Sonne liegt und ihr die Augen zufallen, träumt sie von früher. Dann streckt und dehnt sie sich und es fast ist es, als ob sie lächelt, weil es ihr heute so gut geht. Als Paula auf die Welt kam, schien ihr nur ein kurzes Leben bevorzustehen. Gemeinsam mit ihren Geschwistern wurde sie in eine Mülltonne geworfen und drohte zu verhungern. Die jungen Katzen wurden gerettet und ins Tierheim gebracht. Paula fand dort endlich Freunde und war deshalb gar nicht erfreut, als Anette und Jörg im Tierheim erschienen und sie mit nach Hause nahmen. Allmählich begann sich Paula aber bei Grete Hummel und Berthold Brösel und ihrer Familie, die in einem seltsamen dreieckigen Haus wohnten, wohlzufühlen. Eines Tages aber beschlossen Gerte Hummel und Berthold Brösel auszuwandern. Paula war ganz aufgeregt, schon wieder Veränderungen! Kinder und Katze wurden in einen Wohnwagen gepackt und die Fahrt in ein neues Leben begann. Paula erzählt von den gro�en und kleinen Abenteuern, die sie erlebte.

Love and Be Happy Box Set (4 in 1): Positive Ways to Spread Happiness and Relieve Stress for a Happy Life (Positive Thinking & Mindfulness)

by Bobbie Myers

Love and Be Happy Box Set (4 in 1) Positive Ways to Spread Happiness and Relieve Stress for a Happy Life

Get FOUR books for up to 60% off the price! With this bundle, you’ll receive:

  • Free Yourself from Negative Thinking
  • Acts of Random Kindness
  • Coping with the Difficult People in Your Life
  • Goodbye to Insecurity

In Free Yourself from Negative Thinking, you’ll learn 21 positive ways to stop worrying, relieve stress & be happy

In Acts of Random Kindness, you’ll learn to spread love and happiness with good deeds in 100 days

In Coping with the Difficult People in Your Life, you’ll get tips to positively react to their irritating behavior

In Goodbye to Insecurity, you’ll learn the best ways to dealing with jealousy and boosting self-esteem

Buy all four books today at up to 60% off the cover price!

Guilty Pleasures Box Set (5 in 1): Rekindling Your Relationship with Sex and Relationship Advice (Relationship and Sex Advice)

by Michael Hansen

Guilty Pleasures Box Set (5 in 1) Rekindling Your Relationship with Sex and Relationship Advice

Get FIVE books for up to 60% off the price! With this bundle, you’ll receive:

  • Marriage and Sex Taboos
  • The Joys of Sex
  • Sex Positions
  • Low Fat Soups and Stews
  • My Girl Comes First

In Marriage and Sex Taboos, you’ll learn things you do in the bedroom that nobody talks about

In The Joys of Sex, you’ll get relationship and sex advice for you and your wife and strengthen your bond

In Sex Positions, you’ll learn to expand your sex repertoire with great sex positions that will change your relationship

In Married Sex Life, you’ll learn to restore and rebuild lost intimacy and passion for a life long partnership

In My Girl Comes First, you’ll get a man’s guide to pleasuring a woman

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…..because you expect it of me.©: A single poem.

by Black-Sheep M.A.D.

Written in monologue, the poem conveys in details, the feelings

of a husband towards his wife as he interprets and reacts to

her changing moods one night.

It also reveals his often immaturity

and insecurity as he falls over every situation, but also highlights

his indepth thinking of life in the world around him.

The poem runs to 3790 words and was originally written in ’87.

Only a few changes were made from original context – May 2016.

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