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Hailuk: The Lost Prophecies

by Tyffeni Brianna N. Cooper

Second in the book line up, author Tyffeni produces a book of poetry that tells a story. One of a princess that left her home for love, and one of the humans she encountered along the way. Read the prophecies of love, and hardships that were predicted long before the princess incarnated on this planet in this book made exclusively for Kindle.

Symphony of Love

by Thaddeus Hutyra

Dedicating this anthology of poems to all my friends and people worldwide who appreciate love and friendship, freedom and peace. Together we form a great symphony of hearts who are united in bringing love back to our dearest Earth.

Yes, I am Charlie, we all are Charlie!

El Fénix Azul (Spanish Edition)

by Alejandro Monteagudo

Si pensabas que no se podía leer un blues ácido y sentir el sonido del alma rasgarseâ?¦ piensa otra vez. Lleno de imágenes y de una poesía trágicamente conmovedora “El Fénix Azul” es un libro nostálgico, desgarrador, con poemas cargados de sentimientos que van desde el amor a la melancolía, pasando por la burla del mundo y de uno mismo. En otras palabras, una selección de poemas de temática variada con el estilo personal y algo crudo de un autor sardónico y con un cariño infinito por las pequeñas ironías de la vida cotidiana.

Más información y textos de muestra aquí:


by S.E. McKenzie

‘BAIT’ is S.E. McKenzie’s fifty-third epic poem which explores the choice between being the worm or the fish.

The Gift of Light (Cyber Sonnet Card Book 101)

by Brian Randolph Wilson

The Gift of Light

A halo can be light or can be fire

But hearts courageous do not fear the flame

For good and hope and joy will not expire

When they are passion by another name

The endless winter night is dark and cold

The warmth of love is what we keep within

A spark of meaning arms could never hold

That waits for yuletide fires to begin

For when we wear the ring of sacred gold

We warm a world made cold by winters storm

The light of love we own but do not hold

We send it forth so others can be warm

A ring of light evokes a state of grace

Around your head so others see your face

Copyright: August 23, 2016.

Return to the Heart

by Marita Gale

Return to the Heart is songs people sing from their hearts as I express and share them through poetry, each one a masterpiece, unique and whole — their message to the universe . . . .

Return to the Heart takes place in one small corner of the universe, Sedona, Arizona, outside a coffee shop where locals and tourists (from all around the world) are drawn into a mystical, magical vortex-life setting sharing their stories.

Generative Force (Cyber Sonnet Card Book 117)

by Brian Randolph Wilson

Generative Force

Stop, perceive, and listen to the noise:

The endless crash of things we almost share.

The bees and trucks and laughing girls and boys,

The sound of life we miss that’s always there.

Then maybe, you can further train your ears,

And maybe catch a thing that’s truly rare.

For in between those sounds, a gap appears,

A quiet expectation, almost there.

And if your heart can make your mind believe:

There is a force arriving from that place.

A force of life that most do not perceive,

That sings the world her silent song of grace.

Hear that voice that shouts above the din,

And silently you’ll learn it shouts within.

Copyright 2016: Brian R. Wilson, All rights reserved.

Dark Land, White Light

by David Sam

This collection was originally self-published as a chapbook in April 1974 by David Anthony Sam. The poems were written between 1970 and 1973, when the author was 20 to 23 years old. Most are here printed exactly as they were in 1974, although the author has made a few minor edits in this second edition.

Love for the Father

by Marita Gale

“Love for the Father” is a collection of poems honoring men of all ages sharing their wisdom, courage and strength as well as the vulnerability and innocense of the boy inside them all.

I am honored to express and share their messages through these poems, each one a masterpiece, unique and whole.

Luck of the Irish (Cyber Sonnet Card Book 103)

by Brian Randolph Wilson

Luck of the Irish

Today there is a need for being green

But Ireland has been that way awhile

For in that land the shamrocked fields are seen

On verdant shores they call the Emerald Isle

A pot of gold at rainbows end awaits

And Blarneys kiss bestows the gift of gab

With bonnie lads and lassies for your mates

And all the luck your Leprechaun can nab

And when the Saints be praised we raise our mugs

As with one voice the joyful music starts

We thump each others backs with gifts and hugs

And all the world be Irish in our hearts

We chase the wisps though faerie tales unseen

Enraptured by that living gift of green

Copyright: August 23, 2016.

Star Bright (Cyber Sonnet Card Book 106)

by Brian Randolph Wilson

Star Bright

Theres something kind of wondrous in a star

That rises far above the winter night

That shines the light of heaven where we are

And in the darkness gives the gift of sight

Its not dispassion nor is it a flame

But rather it is beauty joy and love

For in its glow the world is not the same

It shines with goodness brought from God above

And though you walked the world in battered robe

It seems to me that you were still that star

You spoke of kindness human grace and hope

Divinity in space is what we are

I seen your wonder and I know your flame

The star that brightest has another name

Copyright: August 23, 2016.

The Son (Cyber Sonnet Card Book 106)

by Brian Randolph Wilson

The Son

O blessed Mary I once feared the dark

The loss of purpose and the loss of name

My heart was fire but it lacked a spark

An act of love to make my soul a flame

But now I am a beacon in the night

That love and hope and peace can still endure

Through worlds of darkness I can be the light

And show your goodness innocent and pure

For what are love and hope but simple faith

The faith that shadow only comes from light

That perfect sun that lives to conquer hate

And guide our spirits through the darkest night

O blessed Virgin How I seek and learn

There is no darkness when our spirits burn

Copyright: August 23, 2016.

The Dreidel of Peace (Cyber Sonnet Card Book 105)

by Brian Randolph Wilson

The Dreidel of Peace

Your more than just a simple spinning top

I think you are a metaphor for life

For no one knows which way your wheel will drop

In acts of love neutrality or strife

The reason that our people say Shalom

Is that it is the Jewish word for peace

For friends and family where you find a home

Its where you go when thoughts of anger cease

So celebrate the passing of the year

and show a world in fear that loves a flame

For only when we put away our fear

Can we expect that others do the same

Within the human soul is born a light

That shines eternal through our darkest night

Copyright: August 18, 2016.

The Hope of Eight (Cyber Sonnet Cards Book 108)

by Brian Randolph Wilson

The Hope of Eight

The human soul is born of faith and fire

We give the world the living gift of flame

The symbol of a light that wont expire

So in the dark our souls wont do the same

There is no light when hope and sparks die out

When meekly we bow down before our fate

But if in darkness we can give a shout

What once was one becomes the hope of eight

And sometimes in the darkness of the night

Our gift for light is greater than a sword

When multiplied by every human life

That simple faith becomes its own reward

Within the human soul there lies a spark

That joined together overcomes the dark

Copyright: August 23, 2016.

Memories in Clay, Dreams of Wolves

by David Sam

“Memories in Clay, Dreams of Wolves” gathers semi-autobiographical poetry about a boyhood and adult life lived in conversation with nature. In this volume, Sam describes a life shaped by his youth in Pennsylvania and Michigan and his journey by thumb through the Pacific Northwest. The imprint of these experiences molds his ecological holism and sense of the holiness of the commonplace and of all life.

All profits to the author from the sale of this book will be donated to the Germanna Community College Educational Foundation.

What other poets are saying about “Memories in Clay, Dreams of Wolves”:

“David Sam is a poet of deep identity with the natural world. In these intimate narratives of discovery and awe, the poems speak often with an almost breathless urgency, reminding us of the inexhaustible life within life, testaments to a unique sensitivity, in a boy and then a man. In journeys both actual and metaphorical, the self is not different than rivers or sunrise. â??I am made of water and wild air,’ one poem says. The lucky reader breathes deeply.”

– Allan Peterson, author of Fragile Acts and All the Lavish in Common

“David Anthony Sam’s poems are literally rooted in the earth, seeded in the rich, dark soil. Whether he’s writing about childhood or the rivers of Pennsylvania, these poems are filled with fields, mountains, lakes, snow and stars; they remind us that human life is found in the morning air, in the golden rays of the rising sun, in a bird’s call as dusk arrives. Memories in Clay, Dreams of Wolves is an impressive book that will transport you into the natural world where, as Sam writes, you will become â??forgetful and human again.'”

– David James, author of She Dances Like Mussolini, winner of the 2010 Next Generation Indie book award in poetry

All Roads Lead to the Sun

by Marita Gale

In the fall of 2011, with the help of many, Chae’s Coffee + officially opened its doors in Cottonwood, Arizona and began offering its space for Community, sharing and Love. In a short time that space began to fill with art, music, poetry and all the diversity of Life that accompanies such expression.

Marita Gale was one of the first artists to stake out a corner and begin offering her creations. Her poems delve directly into the same topic with a lyrical sense that naturally draws one into reading more and more while creating in the reader a deeper thirst for Truth.

In many ways, her art chronicles the growth and development of the coffee shop itself.

It was only a short matter of time before Marita had created enough material at Chae’s Coffee + to constitute an entire book. This is a collection of that material lovingly assembled by and presented in her own hand. I hope it infects you with Love as it did me.

Dave Belkiewitz

IN-VERSOS: Metáforas para el amor (Spanish Edition)

by Gian Paúl Prado Sánchez

Serie de poemas con diferente tenor y motivo, en el que cada escrito demuestra un estado de animo diferente.

La poesía tiene la gran particularidad que puedes transmitir a través de ella lo que sientes, sin necesidad de especificarlo entre sus líneas, quiero que sientas y no que lean a través de este poemario.



by Brian Randolph Wilson

Card Text: “Harmony”

I contemplate a world of endless night:

Where theres no solstice and no suns return.

The cold and steady dying of the light

And all the things our fading hope must burn.

Through mighty stones, we track the living sun:

The echo of our path across the sky.

For though the winter’s cold has just begun,

The spring is coming and tonight shows why.

So gather in our sacred blue and dance

The rhythm of the universal spheres.

The death of shadow gives our life a chance.

We celebrate the fact that we are here.

We chase the path of stars across the sky

The gift of fire so we need not die.

The Breath of Winter (Cyber Sonnet Card Book 104)

by Brian Randolph Wilson

The Breath of Winter

Your soul can breathe the silence from the night

Embrace and sculpt the very stuff of awe

To hope that shines with just your inner light

And captures vistas beautiful and raw

There is a glow that comes with just the stars

To crystallize those moments we reflect

On faces met our friends and who we are

So in the morning we do not forget

And lest we turn this vision to a dream

Let face and fingers feel again the cold

Remember air is innocent and clean

And forged with silence just might heal your soul

In perfect moments sacred and profound

The very air we breathe is holy ground

Copyright: August 23, 2016.

Poetry Sampler

by Brian Randolph Wilson

An introduction to my work. I strive for beauty and meaning and the sheer delight of the ear. I hope you are delighted.

Peace Be Heard Through Poetry

by Marita Gale

I am here to be a messenger of peace through each of these poems I have written. “Peace Be Heard” was inspired after I walked 120 miles iin 10 days from Sedona, Arizona to Prescott, Arizona and back to Sedona. I chose poems reflecting peace inspired by God, nature and people. May you feel this peace with each word and may Peace Be Heard through the world. Peace is here. There is nothing to fear.

My Man Loves Me

by Hensley Pink

A woman is overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from the man who is wooing her. She is confident that she is ‘really’ loved and decides to let everyone know. Her bold declarations strongly suggests that she is delighted to be shown love and is indeed willing to return same. The poems are expressive and depict powerful romantic expressions which are much suited to the situation. This anthology will be loved by many, and will be particularly loved by women who are romantic.

Eleven Reasons Why I Love You

by Marita Gale

Eleven Reasons Why I Love You is a collection of poems I have written inspired by a relationship I have with Michael Bennett as well as two poems Michael was inspired to write, When Angels Connect and Eleven Reasons Why I Love You. I met Michael in Sedona while dancing and our hearts connected in a moment of grace. These poems tell my story of dancing in and out of relationship with Michael. I realized when I was present our relationship blossomed and as soon as either one of us became consumed with fear, judgment or worry from the past as suggested in When Angels Connect our relationship collapsed. When I let go of my judgments, fear and pride, opened my heart and saw Michael in his true divine essence our relationship returned to the heart.

The truth of any relationship I believe is the divine essence that lives within us all. These poems helped me see and understand the divine essence in Michael and in myself. May they inspire those who read these poems to realize that yes “When angels connect can they outlast the fury of demons that arrive from the pastâ?¦” (When Angels Connect).

Eat, Pray & Love one woman’s journey. Eleven Reasons Why I Love You every woman’s journey.

Expressive Love: An Anthology of Authentic Love Poems

by Hensley Pink

â??Expressive Love’ is a unique anthology of love poems through which a man expresses himself in relation to his newly found girl. His mind is overly occupied with very strong, positive perceptions of her and cannot help but voice same. He views her in an interesting variety of ways and seemingly sees no negatives. He rides the waves of passion and is borne by the winds of hope. This girl must become his love, hence, all sentiments, whether true, constitute a means to an end.

These poems are suitable for poetry lessons re interpreting poems. There is much scope for interpretation and examination of the use of literary devices. The main focus of the anthology is to foster the appreciation of poetry as a meaningful tool for creativity of literary expressions and also enjoyment.

Fractals in Time

by Marita Gale

Fractals in Time is a collection of poems describing my personal journey of breaking free from old thoughts and realities, surrendering to the moment in front of me and moving with the flow of life as well as poems inspired by the beauty of the land in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada

Fractals in Time is the “Broken Glass” I saw and the “Heaven” and “Surrendering” I felt as I fasted in the Arizona desert for 20 days (10 days without food and water and 20 days without food).

Fractals in Time is Seven Deadly Sins — Pride, Gluttony, Wrath, Greed, Envy, Lust and Sloth.

Fractals in Time is Seven Rays of Light — Humility, Temperance, Patience, Charity, Kindness, Chastity and Diligence.

Fractals in Time is “Opening Up to All Possibilities.”

Poetry To Motivate And Inspire

by Nina Harling

Feeling a lack of motivation to get things done? Maybe you just cannot seem to find the energy to complete tasks and goals . You may need a little helpful boost and prod in the right direction. We all need this from time to time. ” Poetry To Motivate And Inspire ” May help to push you into a more positive frame of mind, and help you to get back on track.

Ar-té, Amor y Café.: ¿Sólo amigos?. (Spanish Edition)

by Paola Quiroga Olivares

Una historia de amor y crecimiento personal entre dos jóvenes universitarios. Pascuala una madre soltera, emprendedora y su pequeña hija, al igual que Julián, es ayudada por su familia y amigos, para lograr sus metas y encontrar su pasión. En un escenario que mezcla amor, arte, sabores, aromas, mensajes de texto y vivencias, inspiradas tanto por la vida del campo rodeado de tranquilidad, flores y viñedos. Como por la ciudad y sus deleites con té de rosas y café. Disfrutados en la tienda preferida de ambos, llamada “Ar-té”.

Un libro que posee romanticismo en su escritura. Expresa emociones que brillan con tal intensidad, que prácticamente se pueden palpar.

Una escritura con drama único, melancólico y juvenil. A ratos incomprendido por la pasión e inmadurez emocional de sus protagonistas. Y amado, por la fuerza, temperamento y tenacidad de estos, para atreverse a amar una y otra vez.

Ar-té, Amor y Café, es una historia relatada de forma dinámica, donde se expresan pensamientos de la relatora, protagonistas (Pascuala y Julián), y los sentimientos que presentan estos últimos. Haciendo que la lectura sea entretenida, rápida de leer e inspiradora.

Devaneios de um adicto (Vozes que a noite sepultou Livro 4) (Portuguese Edition)

by Geraldo Paiva

Nota Prévia

Hugo Laurentz Crane nasceu em 1959, no Porto, de pai americano e de mãe portuguesa. Iniciou estudos em engenharia civil que nunca chegou a terminar.

Caindo na dependência de drogas duras, veio a falecer de cancro, em 1992, também no Porto, com apenas 33 anos.

  Em 2012, o pintor Artur Bolt, de quem Crane era grande amigo, fez publicar a obra Devaneios de um fumador de haxixe, em que se expressam facetas diversas da personalidade do poeta. Foi também A. Bolt quem escreveu o posfácio da obra em questão.

Os presentes textos, que dão voz às vicissitudes do Vício, constituem o quarto tomo da Antologia Vozes que a noite sepultou, e são a continuação dos de Devaneios de um fumador de haxixe que não foram incluídos nessa edição.

G. A. P., 2011

Viajar tateando

Fui um dia até ao país da angústia – uma espécie de China tremulante cheia de castelos e areias a perder de vista. Desertos e mais desertos! (Uma viagem penosa na verdade. Pés e coração cobriram-me o rosto com perdigotos de tanto se queixarem.)

  Não encontrei lá nada de relevante. Quem fala de noite profunda, de trevas opacas e outras fanfarronices, apenas o faz para brilhar, para se tornar interessante.

  A única coisa que me lá aconteceu – além de uma tempestade de tédio que me encharcou dos pés à cabeça – foi uma negra flor de chuva ácida que me perfurou a língua.

  A partir daí, mudei-me para o outro lado da luz, escondendo-me nas suas costas.

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