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Prepper’s Pantry: 25 Tips on How to Build a 12 Month Food Supply in 90 Days (Prepper’s Pantry, Prepper’s Pantry books, Urban Survival Pantry)

by Virginia Tran

This book is an essential guide to preparing a pantry in just 90 days that will keep you and your family supplied with food and water over a 12 month period. Divided into 25 clear and easy-to-follow tips, it gives you detailed and practical advice on which types of foods to store, how you should preserve your food, where to source it and how you should storing it.

This guide also takes you through the important topic of how to establish and organize the physical space of your pantry. It deals with how to make sure your pantry is well-located, secure and is able to keep your food in the right conditions.

It is crucial that you use your store in the correct way. This means making sure you know what is in the pantry and when you should use it. This guide deals with keeping an accurate inventory, successfully rotating your stock and phasing your store so that no food is wasted.

Many people like to preserve and store their own food, and this guide includes a chapter on how to can your own food. Water is vital for any prepper serious about surviving a disaster and this book tells you how to build up your own water supply and how to safely store your own water.

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I’d Rather be Right than Politically Correct

by Kenneth Edward Barnes

Is it the “blind leading the blind” when it comes to being politically correct, or are many Americans just stupid? Do the politicians know what is right or wrong? Do they have a greater moral character than the rest of us? Who decides what is correct?

On June 10 of this year, 2016, I published an e-book titled “What in the World is Wrong?” In it, I made a prediction that in America, “Islamic terrorists would kill gays,” and “there will be much bloodshed.” I knew it would happen someday, but I didn’t expect it would happen less than 48 hours later. For days, the news media covered the event in Orlando, Florida. I had no idea when or where it would happen but I knew it was just a matter of time before it did. How did I know this?

I knew it would happen because of my studies into biblical prophecies and how God views things.

That is why I have put this book together. I have written many books that explain what is happening and what will happen. This book is a collection of excerpts from several of my books. I write about the most controversial issues that we face today: abortion, gun control, gay rights, homosexual marriage, illegal immigration and others. How do we know what is right or wrong?

Why do I write on topics that cause people to argue and fight? I am 65-years-old as I write this. I will not be in this world for many more years. I want to leave something behind that might help people to know what is right. I want a better world for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Yes, I am already a great grandfather.

In the past year, I have given away over 4,200 e-books as free downloads on Amazon. I do it to get people to read my writings. Most of my books have a five star rating. A few of the more controversial books have a lower rating, but that is to be expected. In fact, in my book “A Rude Awakening” I tell the reader that they will probably be angry with some of the things I say. The book is about a “secret rapture”. I knew some would be angry because many preachers have been lying to them or deceiving them because the “preachers” are themselves deceived. A deceived person does not realize they are deceived, otherwise, they wouldn’t be! When I first began searching for some biblical truths I became angry as I discovered that the truth went against what I had long believed. Then, however, I realized what I had read was the truth and I had asked for it.

I grew up near where Abraham Lincoln grew up. He lived at the head waters of Little Pigeon Creek as a boy. I lived downstream and was born along its banks. I have always admired Lincoln and mention him in my books, “Life on Pigeon Creek” and “Madam President.” He was a man that did not care if he was politically correct, he just wanted to do what was right, as do I.

Strategy on Diplomatic Matters: Conflict Resolution

by Esther Samson

A modest piece which examines the role of diplomats in foreign policy formulation and implementation, and conflict prevention, Management and Resolution, highlighting the challenges that confront them, with particular reference to Henry Kissinger and how his diplomatic methods of Detent and shuttle diplomacy would have probably made a positive Impact in present conflicts worldwide.

Taking Freedom Personally

by Russell Madden

A 1400 word essay examining the fact that too many defenders of liberty treat freedom like an abstract, intellectual game. But protecting freedom and rights is not something to be ignored when the formal debate is over. “Having a beer” with someone who wants to bully and rob you via the government is not a case of admirable “toleration.”

When it is my life, my body, my property, I take very personally any attempt by anyone to violate the sanctity of my existence. My life belongs to me and only to me. I can no more separate my right to liberty from my right to life than I could divorce my mind from my brain. It gets no more personal than that.

EMP Survival: The Ultimate EMP Survival Guide! How to Survive Electromagnetic Pulse. Plan, Protect and Prepare for Grid Down Scenario (SHTF, Prepper)

by James Will

EMP Survival

The Ultimate EMP Survival Guide! How to Survive Electromagnetic Pulse. Plan, Protect and Prepare for Grid Down Scenario (SHTF, Prepper)

Are you concerned that our society is at risk of an EMP attack?

Want to know how you can prepare in case the grid goes down?

If these are things you’re concerned about then this is the book for you. EMP attack scenarios are more likely to occur than most people think. If for some reason our grid goes down you’ll need to be prepped and have a survival plan set in place. In this book I’ll discuss what you’ll need to do now to get ready, along with what items you’ll want to keep in your stockpile, and what items you’ll want to barter with.

Inside You Will Learn:

– EMP Scenarios & Your Electronics

– EMP Prepper’s Checklist

– 40 Items You’ll Want to Stockpile

– 15 Items Perfect for Bartering

– How to Survive Long Term Living off The Grid

– 10 Skills You Need to Start Mastering Now!

– EMP Vehicles Plans

– And Much More

As you can see there’s a lot of things to do in order to get you and your family prepared. Don’t be caught off guard. Be one of the few who’ve taken the time to form an off grid EMP Survival plan in advance.

Don’t Delay.

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Evolución, la perdición del hombre y algo más… (Spanish Edition)



– Por desgracia vivimos en un mundo en el que el ser humano con el paso del tiempo está dejando una mala huella e imborrable en éste, pues nunca nos paramos un periodo de tiempo suficiente o aunque éste fuera bastante limitado para poder regenerar el mal que le estamos haciendo, nuestro estilo de vida es tan egocéntrico que éste mínimo espacio de tiempo lo pasamos siempre por alto, hay ciertas personas que quieren que así sea, y así es, buena parte de éste problema viene también por nuestro consumismo compulsivo el cual estos individuos nos han sabido y nos saben vender a menudo muy bien, hay muchas cosas que conocemos sobre nosotros mismos, peroâ?¦ ¿y las que no conocemos?, yo creo que nos sorprenderemos más de uno sobre lo capaces que somos de pensar y a continuación hacer, sólo tenemos que proyectar nuestro pensamiento desde otra perspectiva o nivel y proceder en ello, y yo me pregunto, ¿seremos las personas comunes y sencillas capaces algún día de ganar la partida o seguiremos perdiendo los de siempre?, sólo os pido un minuto para pensarlo, por favor pensadlo detenidamente. Gracias.

– F.F.D.

Frequency: Harness the power of human Frequency and change your life forever (frequency, law of attraction, frequencies, vibrations)

by Ray Abel

Control, Master and Utilize Human Frequency. Harness the power and change your life forever.

A brief yet detailed look into the world of human Frequency!

Today only, get this book for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $5.99.

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover…

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for downloading the book, Frequency for healing, intuition and confidence. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to harness the power of human frequency. Human frequency basically influences almost every aspect of our lives. We are constantly vibrating at a particular frequency. This frequency is highly controllable if you become more aware of it. If we learn how to control or leverage our frequency, we could potentially see dramatic changes in our daily living. This book will teach you all that you need to know about our human frequency. The main focus of this book is on yourself! It teaches you how to control yourself so that you can connect to the universal vibration. This has major benefits when it comes to using techniques such as the Law of Attraction. Frequency can also aid in healing and just being a better version of yourself. It takes a really deep thinker to explore the possibilities of topics such as this. It shows that you want to go beyond what is commonly known to everyone. Therefore, I’m glad that you have interest in this book. Explore it further to benefit from what it can offer you.

Here Is A Preview Of What You will Learn…

  • What is human frequency?
  • The need and importance of frequency
  • How to combine frequency with other aspects
  • Frequency and the universal vibration
  • Tools to focus yourself and harness the power of frequency
  • Taking control of yourself

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Understanding the Dangers of Social Media

by Jennifer Hamilton

A few years ago, an online social network was a revolutionary concept and now sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and countless others have come to invade the lives of many by defining our daily practices of communication.

This well-informed eBook is endorsed with thorough research and reflects upon how frequent use of social media has a predominantly detrimental impact on teenagers and their safety.

By reading, you will learn;

– What IS social media and why society is so dependent upon it

– How social media influences the way we perceive ourselves and others

– The dangers of online bullying and it’s enduring consequences

– Why it is of the utmost importance to keep information private while online

– How social media can become as addictive as a drug

– How social media has become a readily available platform for sexually exploitative content

– How and why parents should monitor their child’s use of social media

Two Women of the Apocalypse

by Will Clark

A nuclear arms pact with Iran; Muslims slaughtering innocents, especially Christians, throughout the Middle East and Africa; terrorists spreading their evil throughout civilized society; Islamic radicals spreading fear wherever they appear: these are many of the things taking place today. Many in our civilized and humane world don’t understand why and how these horrific events could happen. As amazing as it might seem to people not familiar with the Bible, all these events are clearly detailed and finitely explained in the Bible, particularly in the Book of Revelation.

Most are not aware that those letters to the Seven Churches in Asia, specifically mentioned in Revelation, are not just to the Seven Churches. In fact, those letters serve two purposes. First, those letters are to all churches, then and now; more importantly for now. Second, those letters are the table of contents for the remaining parts of Revelation. They introduce the main parts that will be discussed in Revelation. Then, as each chapter advances, the information is expanded to offer more finite details.

For example, the first letter to Ephesus says that two main concerns will be discussed in the following chapters. First are things regarding the Nicolaitanes; described as fornicators who will tarnish the end times when accepted as normal by society. Second, is to beware of false apostles who are not truthful. Later, coded words suggest this refers to Mohammed. The letter to Smyrna repeats this warning, only to beware of those who claim to be Jews, but are not. Again, this incorporates Mohammad and the total of Islam. Islam claims to be descended from Ishmael; which is false.

Then the letter to Pergamos mentions Balac and Balaam. By interpreting this further in the Bible, this is coded as eating food sacrificed to idols; again a Muslim activity. The letter to Thyatira lists three things pointing to Islam. First is a prophetess named Jezebel who will teach and seduce followers to fornication and to eat food sacrificed to idols. The prophetess is later interpreted to be a prophet; again pointing to Mohammed. In the letter to Sardis he cautions again about listening to those who claim to be Jews, but are not. Again, saying that the greatest peril faced at the end times are the perils created by the beast.

Revelation explains that this great end times battle, the Battle of Armageddon, will be fought by two women. One is decoded and identified in Chapter 12 as being protected for awhile by â??two wings of a great eagle.’ This woman is clearly revealed as Christianity. The other woman is decoded in Chapter 17 as being drunken from the blood of the saints and from the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. This description can be for none other than the Islamic religion.

The main admonition to all the churches and throughout the whole of Revelation is to listen to what’s taking place, â??He that hath an ear,’ and be prepared for the great tribulation. This book also decodes Revelation to explain what happens during and after the Battle of Armageddon.

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