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Empower Yourself: A complete self defence system for women, teens, and families.

by Erin Cash

R.A.V.E.S. may be the only self defence system you will ever need. Written by an Australian woman with a policing background, it gives step by step photos and instructions to survive an attack: including sexual assault and kidnapping attempts, surviving strangulation and being attacked by a weapon.

R.A.V.E.S. is different because it acknowledges that most martial arts are outdated and male dominated, and does not protect the people in society who need it the most: women, teens, children, the disabled and disadvantaged in our society. R.A.V.E.S defence measures are supported by real life accounts of women and girls who have been attacked – busting myths about sexual assault and how to defend against it.

Erin Cash, R.A.V.E.S. founder, draws on 12 years law enforcement experience in areas such as sex crimes and public safety, combined with over 24 years mixed martial arts experience. Erin says, “Hollywood has brainwashed us to believe that attacks will happen a certain way. But the truth is that you are more likely to fight for your life against someone that you know or love; predatory attacks are more likely to occur early in the morning during the ‘witching hour’; and sometimes strategies like whispering in your attackers ear could save your life.”

If you want instructions that are simple and can be used at any age or level of fitness or mobility, you have to read this book. If you want a unique way of learning so you will remember what to do when you are under stress and fighting for your life, you have to read this book. If you have recently experienced an incident and are left searching for ways to regain your power – you have to read this book.

It is not just a self defence and personal protection system, it is a shift in consciousness to empower your mind and body. To transform you from a ‘good victim’ to a bad target. To empower you and your family. To ignite your fight.

The Witches’ Sabbath: A Study of an Ancient Ritual

by Eris Omen

A historical study of the Witches’ Sabbath

Table of Contents:

I. On the Witches’ Sabbath

II. On the Types of witches’ Sabbath

III. On the Anointing

IV. On the Witch’s Departure

V. On the Setting or Location of the Sabbath

VI. On the Participants in the Sabbath

VII. On the Opening of the Sabbath

VIII. On the Initiation’s Beginning

IX. On the Sabbath Baptism

X. On Gifts, the Inscription of the Name and Special Mark

XI. On the Sabbath Sacrifice

XII. On the Gifts of Familiars

XIII. On Feast and Revelry

XIV. On the Orgy

XV. On the Return Home and Demonic Obligations

XVI. Conclusion

Romance: Rebecca’s Curse (Clean Contemporary Inspirational Christian) (Wholesome Contemporary Fiction)

by Michel Brown

Rebecca is thrilled to help her best friend plan her wedding; that is until she meets the best man, Sean Cooper. Handsome, self-assured, and perfect – just like her ex-boyfriend, whose verbal abuse left its mark on her self-esteem. Cursed with average looks and average figure, Rebecca feels she doesn’t quite measure up. So she wears her overly bright clothes and hair accessories, as armor – counting the days until she no longer has to face Sean.

When Sean approaches his cousin, Andrew Barnes, with a business deal, he somehow finds himself roped into the role of best man. When he takes one look at Rebecca’s neon colored butterfly hairclips, he is certain Andrew is punishing him for turning his back on him when his first wife left him. He doesn’t have time for a frivolous wedding, and certainly no time for the equally frivolous Rebecca, but he needs this deal. So he bites his tongue and agrees to endure the torture. As the wedding planning throws the unlikely couple together, Sean begins to see the real Rebecca, the one underneath all of the colorful display.

Happiness: Change Your Life In 90 Days; Get Rid Of Stress, Anxiety And Depression (Mindfulness, Positive Thinking, Success, Habits)

by Tilep Mathan

Use These Powerful Strategies To Eliminate Stress, Anxiety and Depression Today!

This book has actionable information that will catapult your happiness levels to new heights by helping you to combat stress, anxiety and depression.

Instead, being stressed, depressed and anxious seems to be much more easier to become than being happy. In simple terms, happiness seems to be just too elusive for many of us. But why is it that some people still afford to smile, and jut be innately happy while others who by other people’s standards should be happier are not even close to being happy? I know you know that â??money cannot buy happiness’ so what’s the currency for being happy all the time?

Well, this book will show you how you can unleash all the happiness to illuminate your life. You will learn the science behind happiness so that you can tap into it along with lots of other useful strategies that you can incorporate into your life to achieve your lifelong desire of being happy.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Tapping Into The Science Of Happiness
  • Hormones And Your Happiness: Tapping Into Hormones For Instant Happiness
  • De-clutter Every Aspect Of Your Life
  • Loosen Up! You Don’t Have To Be Serious To Be Happy
  • Much, much more!

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Conversations with God Book 1

by Matthew Robert Payne

Imagine if you could hear God speak. Imagine if you could sit down and speak to God about a wide range of subjects that are helpful to the Christian faith and have him respond to you.

Matthew Robert Payne did exactly that over the course of a month. He sat down with the subjects covered in his previous book, “Jesus Speaking Today,” and asked God to open up about them. What follows is a number of intimate conversations with God.

God shares his heart with Matthew in a way that is raw, honest and candid. Peek inside the pages to see how God speaks to his friend who is interested in hearing his heart. Listen in on these conversations as God gets personal and emotional about the things that matter to him and that should ultimately matter to humanity.

It is Matthew’s hope that this book will encourage you to learn to hear from God for yourself and encourage you to journal what God says to you each day.

Peaceful Pleasure: An Amish Romance

by Dawna Winters

A Sweet, Clean Amish Romance

Emma Miller and Dylan Hilliard were raised in two different worlds.

Emma loves the peaceful pleasure and the quiet and solitude of her Amish village, while Dylan loves to be in the spotlight surrounded by other people and modern technology


When Dylan walks into Emma’s life, was it sheer coincidence, or was it the grace of God? She starts to question right from wrong as she explores the other world. His world.

At twenty-two, Emma has not yet experienced life or love. Dylan has experienced enough for the both of them.

Will she follow her heart or will she follow her instinct?

Bonus Story

Broken-Hearted Cowboy

Handsome as a gazelle, and ready for the evening with Belle.

Alec is a hometown boy, born and raised on his Wyoming acreage. He’s a rancher, but not just any rancher; his cattle farm is worth millions. He looks like someone fresh out a GQ magazine. He could have any woman he wants, and nobody tells him “no.” Nobody. His kisses alone left many women shaking in their boots.

He works the ranch from sunup to sundown; does he have time for a woman in his life?

Belle is the daughter of a preacher, and steaming hot. Wanting to deface the preacher’s daughter image, she does something out of the ordinary that she may regret. Will she be able to go through with what she planned, or will she be forever a “daddy’s girl?”

The 2-Hour Vacation: Let Go and Relax, Reduce Stress & Anxiety, Gain Inner Peace, and Happiness

by Sage Wilcox

Do You Wish You Had More Vacation Time?

Once you learn how to fit 2-hour vacations and regular leisure time into your life, you will be better at switching into a “vacation mindset” and become more efficient at relaxing. A lot of us work too much without taking enough time to recover. This is unfortunate because taking time off improves our health, relationships, and our thinking. Additionally, studies indicate that when we do return to work, after leisure time, we are more efficient and productive than we were before.

With this book:

– You’ll learn how to get into a vacation mindset.

– You’ll discover that the health benefits from 2-hour vacations are just as, if not more, important than one or two week long vacations.

– You’ll see that you don’t have to break the bank, or take a tropical vacation to relax.

– You’ll find many ideas to get your creative juices flowing and realize that the 2-hour vacation options are endless.

We all take vacations for various reasons, but almost none of them achieve the subconsciously desired result of being able to rejuvenate in a meaningful way. They are prefaced by the wrong notions and punctuated by false expectations. Most vacations are structured incorrectly from the start and usurp more vitality than imbue peace in the end. The typical vacationer returns home with great pictures, interesting souvenirs, and a hefty bill while what they really needed – what their soul really needed, was some time to still the madness.

A proper vacation does three things. It takes you away from the stresses and demands of your daily life; it gives your body time to heal and rejuvenate; and, it invigorates your mind by returning you to your natural rhythm.

The objective is to enjoy the effects of a vacation without actually going anywhere and the trick here involves a mind hack and we will walk you through it.

Let Go and Relax, Reduce Stress & Anxiety, Gain Inner Peace, and Happiness.

Sage Wilcox discovered the 2-hour vacation method after realizing that she and her husband hadn’t been on a “real” vacation in years. They asked themselves, “What would we do, in the next few hours, if we were on a “real” vacation?” And then they did it. They learned that 2-hour vacations are real vacations, and they’ve been reaping the benefits physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally, ever since.

Herbal Remedies from Nature

by Tim Whitman

Your guide to discovering natural herbal remedies for your everyday needs. The power of nature has been used to heal for thousands of years. Learn what you need to know and take advantage of the wealth of information available in this book. The information is the book is for informational purposes only and is not intended to prevent, cure, or diagnose any disease.

MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Complete 45 Book Mega Anthology (Western Romance Box Set)

by Christian Michael

45 MAIL ORDER BRIDE Short Stories in one Box Set!

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Take a journey with these brides as they head west in search of their true loves. Based in the 1800s during the wild wild west these women sacrifice everything to find a new life… a new life out west. When all hope seems lost they are rescued by handsome cowboys who are also looking for love… sometimes unexpectedly.

Widowed… Orphaned… Pregnant… Alone… These brides won’t stop at anything to find love.

All stories are clean westerns with a Christian theme.

Book 1 – Lover’s Escape

Book 2 – Cowboy Saves a Widow

Book 3 – Kidnapped Bride

Book 4 – A Widow’s Heart

Book 5 – My True Love

Book 6 – A Widow’s Love

Book 7 – Looking for Love

Book 8 – Alone and Pregnant

Book 9 – An Orphan Finds a Widow

Book 10 – The Christmas Orphan

Book 11 – A Rancher’s Love

Book 12 – Secret Baby

Book 13 – A Wanting Bride

Book 14 – Butler Love

Book 15 – Cowboy for Christmas

Book 16 – Desperate for Love

Book 17 – A Bride for a Cowboy

Book 18 – A Widow Finds a Rancher

Book 19 – A Cowboy’s Widow

Book 20 – Finding My Cowboy

Book 21 – Widow Finds Love

Book 22 – A Love Miracle

Book 23 – Finding My True Love

Book 24 – Winning Her Heart

Book 25 – Hannah’s Story

Book 26 – The Christmas Bride

Book 27 – A Journey to Him

Book 28 – Wandering Cowboy

Book 29 – The Christmas Miracle

Book 30 – Hope For a Widow

Book 31 – Runaway Love

Book 32 – Lost and Found

Book 33 – A Bride’s Journey

Book 34 – A Pregnant Bride

Book 35 – Love Never Fails

Book 36 – The Christmas Cowboy

Book 37 – Western Love

Book 38 – Love Unexpected

Book 39 – The Wondering Bride

Book 40 – Sisters Find Love for Christmas Book 1

Book 41 – Sisters Find Love for Christmas Book 2

Book 42 – The Cowboy’s Bride

Book 43 – Widowed and Pregnant

Book 44 – The Frontier Widow

Book 45 – Unwilling Father

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Clean Romance: Pleasure of Night (Time Travel Contemporary New Adult and College Amish Western Culture Romance) (Western Christian Collection Power of Love Billionaire Short Stories)

Get TWO clean amish and western culture short stories with a collection of 8 bonus clean romance stories inside!

Sail with Me -Clean Contemporary Romance

Sail with me is a clean, clever, romantic, adventure about a woman named Lindsey Grantham. Lindsey is a bright, beautiful, and successful thirty-eight-year-old woman, who’s managed to still look, and some may say behave, like a twenty-something.

Lindsey was born and bred in San Antonio, Texas and she is Southern fried sophistication at its best.

She has it all except for a husband and a baby. And approaching forty is making her a little crazy because she hears her biological clock tick-tick-ticking.

So, Lindsey is taking drastic measures to manipulate her online dating profile to make herself appear compatible with as many men as possible in the hopes that she’ll findâ??the one! The one man who will marry her, give her a baby and make her life complete.

This clever romantic comedy also has some emotionally charged topics for women and men. The drama gets really hot and heavy when Lindsey’s kidnapped by the Mexican drug cartelâ??Caliente! Lindsey gets rescued by U.S. Special Forces, DEA, and FBI, but not before a wild sailboat ride.

The World Outside -Amish and Biker Romance

Jessie, a heavily tattooed foul mouthed biker, is riding with his biker gang across the country as a bachelor’s send off for his friend who’s getting married. Jessie, himself, would never dream of settling down; he loves his lifestyle too much and a wife would complicate it.

The bikers meet with a little accident and some of the bikes need repairing. They stop by at the small Amish community of Middlefield and ask for a place to stay while they recuperate.â??

Rebekah had always lived a quiet life in her little Amish town until a year ago when she lost her parents. Now she feels as though her life has come to a standstill and she wants to break away; she needs a distraction. That’s when she meets the handsome biker staying in their little town for a few days.

Can two people from completely different worlds come together and give each other what they want and need?

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Green (volume 4) (The Green Journal Magicompendium)

by Maeve Dubois

The fourth issue of “Green,” a magicompendium of curious lore and more for Witches, Pagans, and other bright people. Volume 4 contains: Lightspeed or Bust!, Planting Power (an all-purpose Earth magic spell), Aromagic vs. Aromatherapy, Tranquility Teas (natural remedies for insomnia and stress), Herb Pillows, Cloud Cake & Rainbow Fruit, and a science fiction story called “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forest.”


by Riley Moreno


When Aaron Tanner’s car bursts through the Miller’s fence one night, Miriam is woken from her sleep to discover that the man she had met five years before had returned to her life, jolting her to a reality she was unwilling to face. Being born into the Amish way of life was one thing, but when Aaron wanted to be absorbed into the village only to marry her, Miriam could see nothing ahead but a story without a happy ending. As her world is torn apart, love springs through yet again, reminding us that true feelings can breach even the widest divide.

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Deep River (Broken Saints Book 1)

by Sherman Cox

Pastor Carter Harold II is ready to enter the later years of his life with a pastorate of a great church.

However his secretary and Head Deacon are attempting to overthrow his pastorate.

But Carter has a great decision to make. Will he give in to the scheme or stand firm with what he thinks is right?

Find out what happens when those who plot against the pastor find out that things don’t always go the way you plan.

Paul’s Letters To The Early Church (Christian Living Bible Study Series Book 2)

by Trina Bresser Matous

Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year – Bible Study

Let’s face it – reading the Bible can be a daunting task. Verses often require a great deal of study, prayer, and meditation in order to gain an adequate understanding. But don’t loose heart! God reveals His Word to those who earnestly seek Him (Jer. 29:13).

Paul’s Letters To The Early Church is designed to help you identify with and relate to the author. In this book you will read of the circumstances surrounding Paul’s writings, the setting, probable dates of origin, and his purpose for each letter. Certain sections are straightforward and easily understood. Other passages have been greatly debated over the centuries. But as you learn more about the history and purpose of each verse, you will find yourself growing in wisdom and knowledge.

Below are a few small group study recommendations.

  • Remember that God’s Word is called the Living Word because God continually reveals new insights. Your insights from a passage may be different someone else. This is okay.
  • Don’t be discouraged if your knowledge of the Bible and understanding of the text does not seem as comprehensive as someone else’s. God is pleased to reveal Himself anytime we open His Word.
  • Do be encouraged that as you continue to read, pieces will fit together, new understandings will surface and revelations will emerge.

Begin discovering the riches of the Bible with this chapter-by-chapter study series.

Intuition – Your Most Powerful Tool: How to Make Decisions You Won’t Regret

by Linda Johnson

Want to make better decisions?

Develop your intuition and notice how quickly you become more happy, healthy and wealthy. This simple program helps you understand the source of your intuition and strengthen this critical skill to be more successful at work, in relationships and at home.

The ebook comes with two free intuition meditations to help you access your intuition and take control of your life.

Romance: Clean Romance: Heart’s Confession (Contemporary Inspirational Christian Fiction) (New Adult Short Stories)

by Mary Heart

Nina faced a variety of challenges throughout her life.

Unable to conceive, her husband decides to leave her. Rather than seeking help from the support group her doctor had suggested, Nina chooses to spend her time looking for love online.

Shortly after her divorce, she picks up a new chat friend through social media. Patrick inevitably becomes Nina’s new online escape.

When Patrick suggests they meet, Nina is terrified. Feeling insecure as a result of her failed marriage, she questions whether the past will rear its ugly head again. Will it be another disaster, or will she find her #OnlineLove?

As a token of our appreciation we’ve included nine bonus short stories for your enjoyment.

Mail Order Bride Western: A Pregnant Bride: (A Clean Contemporary Inspirational Western Pregnancy Romance) (Women New Adult Short Stories)

by Nathan Adams

Left pregnant, widowed and alone, Lily found herself on a train ride to nowhere.

One new encounter opens up a whole new world of possibilities, of a future that might actually be a happy one, and this feeling becomes even stronger when a handsome man named Doss McKelvey enters her life. However, when his best friend decides that he wants Lily to be his and no one else’s, trouble starts brewing. And on top of it all, how will Lily reveal her sordid past to Doss and still remain in his heart?

What follows is a heart-warming story of those all too human characteristics: love, betrayal, succumbing to anger and finally, forgiveness.

Grab this new heart warming Western Mail Order Bride love story today!

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To be continued: A no end in sight series (Book 1)

by Bihiyia Sandiford

This series follows me on a supernatural journey as I speak with G-d threw signs, wonders and miracles. The series is updated whenever G-d leads me to add a new book. The purpose of this is to get readers in touch with G-d to understand his wants and his abilities. I add only what he tells me and leave the rest for interpretation. Grammatical errors may be found; but its not a grammer book its an ongoing testimony.

Thank you for reading (and sharing) …

Praises to the Most High

Porn Addiction: How to Quit Porn, Porn Addiction, Step-by-Step Easy Guide to Control Your Porn Addiction, Stop Watching Porn in 7 Days! (Porn Addiction, Improve Your Relations, Live Happier Life)

by John R. Cox

Use these useful tips and end your porn addiction 7 days!

This book has actionable steps and strategies on how to quit porn, improve your relationship with others and live a happy life.
Porn is very popular. In fact, it is so popular that porn related search terms account for over 30 percent of top searches on Google every single year. Think about it; in 2010 only, of the 1 million most popular sites by traffic around the world, about 4% (42,337) were porn/sex related! If Pornhub’s 2015 Year in Review is anything to go by, we are really a generation that consumes lots of porn be it video, text or images. Think about it; if one site can stream 4.4 billion hours of porn in a year (at 75GB of porn per second), you can bet that we really watch lots of porn. Unfortunately, just because the world over watches an average of 12 videos a year doesn’t mean that you are okay and there is nothing wrong about watching porn. The truth is that porn damages you as an individual as well as the society as a whole.
Like many people out there, you might have started exploring porn thinking you’re on top of things but over time, you’ve realized that you’ve totally lost control over your porn consumption. Feelings of guilt and shame engulf you knowing that your life is better off without porn. You want to quit this extremely negative behavior but you don’t know what to do or how to start your journey to recovery.

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by Riley Moreno


Let these writer’s take you inside the stories of Alpha Males, Russian Billionaire’s, BWWM Romance, Shifter and Scifi, Paranormal, Highlander, Pregnancy, Western, Short Stories and more!

A lot to list! There’s something here for everyone!

Cowboys do it better. These captivating books will take you in the middle of it and you will be smiling by the end of it.

WARNING: This eBook contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only!


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