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JOCKEYS AND JEWELS (Romantic Mystery) (Racetrack Romance Book 1)

by Bev Pettersen


National Readers Choice Award Finalist

Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® Finalist

“Jockeys and Jewels is a sparkling jewel of a romance–clever, entertaining, and touching.” –Julianne MacLean, USA Today Bestselling Author”

“Bev Pettersen is firmly on my must-buy list. Her books sweep you away to the world of Thoroughbred racing, and her cast of jockeys, horse trainers, and grooms are lovable and unforgettable. These books were page turners. When I finished each of them, I wanted more.” – Hope Ramsay, USA Today Bestselling Author of Home At Last Chance.

Ex-cop Kurt MacKinnon resents leaving his training stable to dive back into undercover work. He’s seen enough sordidness to last a lifetime. But when his former partner is murdered, Kurt ships his third-string Thoroughbreds to the backwater track where his partner was last seen alive. He intends to make someone pay, even if the killer turns out to be a talented rider with a smoking hot body and a disarming smile.

Julie West is chasing a big win, struggling to boost her reputation and propel her into the elite jockey ranks. There’s no time for love, but she’d have to be blind and maybe dead not to notice the magnetic new trainer in town. With her talent for handling problem horses, she agrees to work for MacKinnon, never suspecting she’s already a person of interest–and it’s not because of her riding skills.

Kurt never expected his contrary colt to flourish under Julie’s feminine touch nor for his own cynical heart to soften. But when his investigation tightens around the truth, his deceit thrusts them squarely into the killing field.


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ROMANCE: BURNING DESIRE (romance, bad boy, alpha male, BBW, motorcycle, military, biker) (Military Biker Contemporary Romance Book 1)

by Jenny Blue

Falling in love with her wasn’t part of the mission…

Six years ago, while a member of US Delta Special Elite Force, I was assigned to infiltrate the camp of Don Silverio Salvador, the famous head of a drug cartel and the middleman between Colombian and American drug lords.

I gained the position as the bodyguard of the Don’s only daughter, Cinta Salvador. At first I was never interested in the young woman…she was only part of my secret mission. I just needed her to stay close to the don even if it meant marrying her.

Two days before our wedding, the mission was compromised and I was pulled out. I left without saying goodbye. I tried not to regret. But, when Cinta was reportedly killed in the crossfire while she flee from the Colombian cartel, I regretted leaving her. I had promised to protect her forever. But, it was a lie. I failed her and let her die alone, without her knowing my real identity.

After I was relieved from the force, I became the president of Centurion Bikers, the most respected and feared outlaw motorcycle club in Massachussets. I was also known to have a burning desire for thick, creamy, full-bosomed women — and the name Cinta.

For the next six years, my denial that I fell in love with Cinta haunted me. I became obsessed with her memory and searched for her in every woman I met that vaguely resembles her. Still, no one was enough for me.

When a certain Maite Granja came to ask for some protection for her and her family, I found myself looking at the splitting image of the only woman I had ever loved…but how could it be? She had died 6 years ago.

Maite willingly submitted herself to me. She pretended to be Cinta whenever I missed her. She learned to love everything I did to her. She hoped that the bad boy biker inside me would see who she really was…

This Biker Romance is intended for a mature audience only: sexy hot scenes included!
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MMF Bisexual Romance: Three’s a Charm

by Maxene Novak

Edward is happily married, with a great career, a beautiful wifeâ?¦and a secret. Years ago, he had a night he will never forgetâ??with another man. When the opportunity arises again, how will he reconcile his desire to be faithful with his other, deeper desires?

Love Unexpected (Navy Love Series Book 2)

by JC Santo

Sometimes the unexpected things in life turn out to be the most worthwhile.

Tegan Daniels is a twenty-one year old college student and a hopeless romantic. She knows her prince charming will eventually find her one day. Someone must be playing a warped joke on her when he comes into her life; Her perfect man with one huge character flaw—he despises love.

Charles Reed has never been a commitment type of man, except when it comes to his loyalty to the U.S. Navy. When a close friend’s sister moves to town he starts doubting his phobia of relationships. What he doesn’t expect is for her innocence to make him question everything in his life and from his past.

He never anticipated a girl like her would come into his life. She never thought she’d have to convince her dream man to give them a shot.

Sometimes the things we want most, require the most fighting for. Love is something unwanted by him and something desired by her; Neither expect to fall for the other.

Will this unexpected love end in their happily ever after?

Rattled: The Baxter Boys #1 (The Baxter Boys ~ Rattled)

by Jane Charles

She enters the tattoo shop with an envelope full of memories and a heart filled with longing. What she leaves with is more than she dreamed of, and it just might be the first step to healing the wounds of the past.

Rattled is a short story and was originally published in the anthology “Forget Me Not: Charity Anthology Supporting Alzheimer’s and Brain Health”

*** Recommended for adult readers only due to adult language.

The Shade of Devotion (Promo): Promotional Novel

by Dawnell Jacobs

After her mother suddenly commits suicide, Yasmin and her brother Kaleb are left in an insurmountable situation. Desperately, trying to keep her family together, she places her faith in the only man willing to help her, an illegal immigrant with a dark past named Nisay. In exchange for her hand in marriage and a green card, he promises to help her restore her family and mend her heart. Yet, Yaz is reluctant to fully devote herself to a man she knows nothing about despite Nisay’s romantic gestures. Her self-destructive nature causes her to make a decision that ultimately hurts them both and endangers their arrangement. To Yasmin, devotion is just a matter of shade, and the only color that matters is green.

DRAGON SHIFTER SHORT STORY: PARANORMAL ROMANCE: Aroused By The Fire Of My Dragon (Shapeshifter Science Fiction Novella) (New Adult Contemporary College Romance)

by Rebecca Elyon


21-year-old blonde Aina grew up being passed around from foster home to foster home. Not only does she believe that love’s a farce, the very mention of the L-word upsets her.

Centuries-old dragon Darse believes in love but doesn’t have the time to seek it out. He’s got a war with the evil Pragmatic Clans to wage and a fey to catch if he wants to save his friend.

Darse’s hunt for the illusive fey leads the brutally handsome shifter into the guise of Darren Gallegos: a billionaire bachelor seeking a young, beautiful, blue-eyed woman to be his wife. In reality, he’s looking for a fey that doesn’t yet realize what she is.

And Aina is that fey.

Soon both of them learn that they have more to offer one another than expectedâ?¦

This is a standalone short story.b>

WARNING: This ebook contains hot sex scenes, naughty words, intense action and paranormal mysteries, intended for 18+ readers only.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a paranormal romance short story collection with an HEA. This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

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