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Dying Days

by Armand Rosamilia

Sunny Florida, beautiful beaches, no traffic on A1A… Zombies roaming the dunes in search of the living… Darlene Bobich in a fight to survive, find food, safety and ammo for her Desert Eagle before its too late… the undead are coming to exterminate the human race…

Dying Days are upon us… The Undead Roam the Earth… Searching for the living in an apocalyptic wasteland

Now includes both “Darlene Bobich: Zombie Killer” and the first “Dying Days” zombie novellas in one release!

Gateway (Gateway Series Book 1)

by Brian Dorsey

Major Tyler Stone stands at the precipice of greatness. After years of faithful service to the Republic, everything seems to be coming togetherâ??a promotion, an engagement to a beautiful (and powerful) woman, and the restoration of his traditional family name promise to restore his family to its long lost place among Alpha Humana’s elite.

But his world suddenly begins to crumble when deceit and defeat bring him face to face with the enemyâ??an enemy that turns his perception of the galaxy on its ear, challenging his understanding of his civilization and his own identity.

Now Stone must choose between duty and honor as he struggles to understand the nature of the war the Humani have been waging for so many generations.

The Last Gay Man on Earth

by Dave Elliott Smith

Hundreds of years in the future, genetic engineering has effectively eliminated homosexuality from the face of planet Earth. However, one gay young man, Dale Cugger, has slipped through the cracks. With the older gay population of Earth dying out, Dale believes he is destined to be the last gay man on Earth. So he decides to join up with SEDA (Space Exploration and Discovery Agency), hoping to find other gay life in the universe. But what he finds is more than what he bargains for, when he learns the dark and sinister secret behind SEDA’s true mission in the universe. “The Last Gay Man on Earth” is about a man’s almost hopeless search for romance and what happens when he has to stand up for his principles against overwhelming odds.

Beams of Power: Book 1 – Galaxia Alia AIR

by Callie Bourde

Light Sculptor An’Ish Dy is on Jump Station Beta for her big break — a major concert starring Klonee singer, Quuee. She’s met dishy Commander Mazim Edun and things are going wellâ?¦ Until there’s a major construction accident.

Readers who love Tales of the Citadel, Terran Times Second Wave, and Mechanical Advantage will enjoy the unique universe of the Galaxia Alia, its resourceful females, and sexy males…

For EXCERPTS from upcoming AIR books, check out Callie’s website —

This novella is a complete stand alone in the world of Galaxia Alia AIR. The books in this series can be read in any order.

Shattered Focus (A Paranormal, Urban, Fantasy Novella) (Focus Series Book 3)

by Alex Bostwick

Shattered Focus, the third entry in the urban fantasy Focus series, continues the story set in a world of wizards, shapeshifters, and terrorist plots.

Weeks after the violent events of Shifting Focus, Nora and Rick continue their efforts to uncover the details of the plan to kill thousands of people. When Nora discovers that a fellow agent of Focus and casual friend has gone missing, she and Rick set out to find him. They get more than they bargained for however, as details of the genocidal plot come to light during their search. They must race against the clock to preserve the lives of their only real allies in a spectacular confrontation that reveals the true face of their enemy.

What happened to Nick Stone?

Who is the person responsible for planning the attack?

Will they be able to reach their destination in time to save the lives of their allies?

Buy Now and Find Out What Happens Next…

The Telepathic People: What is The Matter With You?

by Daniel Stangar

This book has a strong message. It will help you to see what is good in you and others. Take a look at the excerpt below to get a hint.

“Because we work and learn, we all make mistakes and we all do things for which we can be reprimanded. Those are also parts of our lives whether we want it or not. But there is no reason for anybody to suffer just because you are decent enough to regret some of your wrongdoings.”

Taken (Zaoni Book 1)

by Andre Walker

On her way home from work, nineteen-year-old Eliza is brutally abducted and taken to a faraway world. Soon she discovers that for Zaonians, feeling is a fatal crime. But her emotions are needed to create a cure, Will she let the aliens take her emotions away, or will she fight for her freedom?

Of Men and Vermin: A Short Story

by Randy Foster

In this dystopian tale of the near future, Walter’s life as a struggling exterminator seems to have hit a dead end. That is, until a new business prospect makes him an offer he can’t refuse … but will the job be too much to handle?

ROMANCE: Protected By The Soldier Bear: Paranormal BBW Shifter Romance (Werebear Military Shifter Short Stories)

by Serena Vale

Adeline Hensley is a girl on the run. On the run from her sleazy ex, her old life, and desperately running from the fear-riddled person she has become. Her quest for a way out lands her straight into harm’s way, and straight into the arms of a mysterious man who saves her and steals her heart all at the same time.

Jay Macintyre, tired of the overwhelming violence of war, decides to make the switch from Military man to Private Eye. His army background and his supernatural werebear abilities make him one of the best Private Investigators in the city. Little does he know that the missing woman he was hired to find is hiding more secrets than he could ever guess.

Jay ends up protecting the woman he was meant to hunt down, at the same time realizing that not all is what it seems. He finally found the girl, but will he lose his heart in the process?

Free Bonus Books Included!

WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content. It is intended for 18+ readers only!

Team: Silence

by Kirstin van Dyke

Four new superheroes…
One highly-skilled secret agent…
…are about to find out what it takesâ?? to be a team.

Not everyone can say they defeated an insane weapon smuggler, rescued a friend, and reformed a masked thief during summer break, but Kathy Allen can. And it’s the truth.

The first part of Kathy’s vacation has been unusual, to say the least, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She and her friends Aaron, Robert, and Linda are living a dream as superheroes. Almost.

Even though Kathy and her friends are superhumans – people born with unusual “gifts” – walking through walls, flying, and reading minds is only a part of being a superhero. Now, having formed an uneasy alliance with a man called Silence, who she first knew as her math teacher and then a dangerous enemy, Kathy is about to learn what it really takes to be a hero. And more importantly, what it takes to be a team of superheroes.

How hard could it be?

No Middle Ground (Spineward Sectors- Middleton’s Pride Book 1)

by Caleb Wachter

No Middle Ground is Book One of Four in the ongoing Middleton’s Pride military space opera series, set in the 14-books-and-counting Spineward Sectors universe written by the Wachter brothers, Luke Sky and Caleb.

When the Empire abandoned the Spineward Sectors to their own devices, it was left to an underappreciated few like lifelong military man Tyrone â??Tim’ Middleton and his crew of misfits aboard the aged Pride of Prometheus to keep their corner of the galaxy safe from forces which would tear it apart.

This action-packed, character-driven space opera series is full of ship battles, space marine slugfests, interstellar politics, and at fourteen total books already written in the universeâ??including four in this particular sub-seriesâ??this team of author brothers is just getting started on this epic saga.

Code Breakers: Beta

by Colin F. Barnes

Being human is no longer enough.

The fanatical Red Widows sweep destruction across the abandoned lands. Their aggression threatens to destroy the city Gerry had risked his life to save. Petal, the woman Gerry has come to love is dying. The despotic cabal, The Family, demand he brings her to them, but she’s missing, running from the Widows, searching for the truth of her origins before it’s too late.

When their paths cross, Petal and Gerry will hold the fate of humankind in their handsâ??if they can survive the malevolent digital entity that stalks them from the shadows.

Code Breakers: Beta is a post-apocalyptic, near-future thriller that will delight fans of The Matrix, Neuromancer, and Blade Runner.

Other books in The Code Breakers Series:

Start here at Book 1 for free: Alpha:



*Previously published as Assembly Code: Book 2 of The Techxorcist.*

Beyond the Vanishing Point

by Ray Cummings

When George Randolph first caught sight of Orena, he was astounded by its gleaming perfection. Here were hills and valleys, lakes and streams, glowing with the light of the most precious of metals. And, more astonishing than that, it was a world of miniature perfectionâ??an infinitely tiny universe within a golden atom!
But for Randolph it was also a world aglow with danger. Somewhere in its tiny vastness were the friends he had to rescue. Captives of a madman, they had been reduced to native Orena size; to return to Earth they needed the growth capsules Randolph was bringing them. It was up to Randolph to find themâ??and quicklyâ??for the longer they stayed tiny, the closer they came to passing BEYOND THE VANISHING POINT!

Up The Middle (Spineward Sectors- Middleton’s Pride Book 2)

by Caleb Wachter

After returning from an unexpectedly lengthy tour in Sectors 23 & 24, Captain Middleton and his crew discovered just how much had happened in their absence. Admiral Montagne, having dealt with the greatest pirate threat known to the Spineward Sectors in recent history, was less than enthusiastic about the circumstances surrounding the Pride of Prometheus’ return to headquarters.

However, given the sensitive â?? and potentially game-changing â?? nature of Middleton’s previous mission, the Pride of Prometheus’ Captain was ordered to complete that mission as quickly. But the state of the MSP’s human resources prompted Admiral Montagne to make a series of personnel transfers which could very well cripple the Pride’s ability to carry out her mission.

It will take some creative thinking to restock the ship with crew, deal with the battle damage she previously suffered, and get the ship back into fighting shape. But creative thinking is something which Middleton and his crew have become exceedingly good at, and before long the aged cruiser finds her bow pointed at the far side of Sector 24.

Unbeknownst to Middleton, interests with which he and crew recently became acquainted with have plans of their own for the Pride of Prometheus. Will Captain Middleton’s people be able to turn the tables on their adversaries yet again, or will the Pride of Prometheus finally show her age and falter?

With their backs to the wall, the Pride’s crew discovers that the simplest course is often best…which is why Middleton and his people hit their enemies hard, fast, and straight up the middle.

MRR: A Post-Apocalyptic Race through Time

by Timothy Freriks

It’s almost over.

Two hundred years after the apocalypse poisoned the atmosphere and almost ended humanity, the last remaining sanctuary is in danger of dying from lack of oxygen. Desperate measures require Mrr, a time scientist, to return in time to find a substance that will save the Dome.

At stake? The ultimate threat: extinction. Only Mrr can stop it. But Mrr finds himself in a bewildering new world and makes critical misjudgments that threaten to ruin, not save, the Dome. The urgency ramps up as mutants discover the Domers have been stealing their resources for years. The Mole People prepare to attack the Dome and take back what they feel is rightfully theirs. Alternately hilarious and deadly serious, this intense chase through time finally explodes in an unexpected climax that will blow your mind.

The Lost Collection

by Kirk McCall

Kirk McCall’s first collection of short stories. Get lost in stories about fast cars (“Super Sport”), vanity (“Doll Face”), the sixth sense (“A Certain Smell”), shared consciousness (“God Speed”), and six other tales sure to leave you wishing for more.

Last Words

by Jackson Lear

Dear all paranoid Internet conspiracy websites: explain to me what the hell is going on in this world. Yesterday I went to bed and everything was fine.

Now there are zombies.

The US is bombing everything in sight, the dead are talking back to people, and every time I try to head home I seem to end up going farther away than when I started!

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