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Signposts to the Stars: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Learning the Night Sky and Exploring the Constellations

by Richard J. Bartlett

Aimed at absolute beginners, this book will help you to locate and learn the constellations using the brightest stars of Ursa Major and Orion as signposts.

More than that, the book also details:

*Key astronomical terms and phrases

*The brightest stars and constellations for each season

*The myths and legends of the stars

*Fascinating stars, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies, many of which can be seen with just your eyes or binoculars

*An introduction to the planets, comets and meteor showers

If you’ve ever stopped and stared at the stars but didn’t know where to begin, these signposts will get you started on your journey!

Praise for other books by Richard J. Bartlett:

“Would recommend, nicely laid out and easy to follow sky guide. Sensible and clear advice. I have a small scope and this books helped me enjoy it much more.” by Dan M., on January 30, 2016 reviewing “Easy Things to See With a Small Telescope”

“This is my third book from Mr. Bartlett and this one is as good as the others. I recommend it to all the beginners in my astronomy club.” By Darren C. Bly on August 15, 2015 reviewing “2016: The Night Sky Sights”

“Lots of wonderful information. A great reference guide and easy to follow. Every star gazer should have one with them” – By janine on November 18, 2015 reviewing “2015 An Astronomical Year”

“This is a superb book, well laid out and easy to follow even if you are a complete novice or keen astronomer.” by mr Fletcher on October 26, 2014 reviewing “The Astronomical Almanac, 2015-2019”

Meditation: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for Meditation: How to Relieve Stress, Depression, and Fear to Achieve Inner Peace, Fulfillment, and Lasting … beginners, anxiety, meditation techniques)

by Lee Douglas

Discover The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for Meditation: How to Relieve Stress, Depression, and Fear to Achieve Inner Peace, Fulfillment, and Lasting Happiness.

Have you ever thought about cleaning your mind? You know, taking it out and rinsing under water until you get rid of the clutter that overloads you? Have you ever wished you had the power to simply switch your brain off? Do you long for calmness?

No, we can neither give our mind a shower, nor there is a switch that can stop it from overthinking, so that we can put our focus solely on the things we do at given moments. But we can surely train our mind to do so.

Wait before you put your kindles down, thinking how this is one of the many books who promote the path of enlightenment and getting in touch with the spiritual. For you to instill stillness in your mind so that you become stress-free and relaxed, it doesn’t matter if you are a religious person or a skeptic. This is not a book about Buddha. This is a book about you becoming aware and happy.

Meditation promotes stillness, awareness and happiness. I will not lie to you and tell you that to achieve such a balanced state of mind is easy, because it is most definitely not. Just like every sportsperson needs a great trainer, you will need someone to guide you and show you how to practice this technique, as well. Fortunately, you have come to the right place.

From explaining exactly what meditation is and what isn’t, to teaching you how to train your mind and how to know if you are on the right track to becoming aware, while overcoming all of the obstacles that get in your way, this book will help you put the stress, fear and anxiety behind you. A person who meditates cannot be neither depressed nor have mixed emotions. Those who meditate live in the present – calm and with sharp senses.

Let this book show you how to stop living on autopilot; let it help you find the peace within you that can bring the lasting happiness in your life.

Here Is The Overview Of The Lessons You Will Learn

  • Understanding Meditation
  • Why Should You Meditate
  • How Will It Help You
  • Different forms of Meditation
  • Learning How to Meditate
  • How to Deal With Obstacles
  • And Much More..
  • Download the book now achieve Inner Peace, Fulfillment, and Lasting Happiness.

Take charge and get rid of those stress, body pains, and depression!

Riding on a thought

by Matthew Lanoie

This book may change your view of yourself and the universe you live in. Combining a little writing, some illustrations, and a few scientific facts and ideas to give a simple explanation to what life is and how it is being used.

How to Buy A Smartphone | For 2016 & Beyond: A Smartphone Buying Guide for Everyone

by Vikrant Mane

If you want to buy a Smartphone that best reflects your needs & provides maximum value for your hard earned money, look no further. This book explains various Smartphone components in a very simple language with real-world examples so that you can make great Smartphone Buying decisions with authority. Each component is explained in its simplest form, so without prior technical knowledge, you can know everything there is to know from the world of Smartphones available today. We all want to buy Products that provide great value, Products that we feel are tailored to our needs and requirements. Hence this book will help you buy the Best Smartphone for You. This book also reveals some of the marketing gimmicks and tricks that Smartphone manufacturers try to impose on Consumers.

Coping with Breast or Colon Cancer

by Dr. B. K. Winters

Breast and Colon cancers do not mean an end to life if you know the symptoms and have the proper treatment. Here are the symptoms and what you can do to save your life or the life of another loved one. Learn about cancer and follow your doctor’s advise.

How To Think Like a Doctor

by Michael Mangold MD

How to Think Like a Doctor describes how a physician thinks. Whether you are a Medical Assistant student, a nursing student, a pre-med student, a new medical student, or even going into health care administration, you will benefit from discovering the process of how an M.D. or D.O. views any particular patient encounter and arrives at a diagnosis. The Diagnosis is key and ties together all of the other elements of the encounter so that a Plan can be formed to make the patient better. Improvement in health is why doctors do what they do and now you can gain an insight into that thought process.

Even if you are not a health care student or provider, How to Think Like a Doctor will make you a more knowledgeable patient. My best patients are those who become experts about their own bodies and their own medical and health issues. In addition to diseases, doctors address pain issues, mental health issues, dietary concerns, and even societal ills. Some physicians strive to make healthy people even better. So if you fall into any of these categories, you will benefit from this book.

General Relativity Has Been Wrong Since The Beginning

by Gatot Soedarto

Einstein’s proving method for his hypothesis of general relativity : deflection of light by the Sun, is not scientific and deeply wrong. Einstein ignored ‘the space and time’ (celestial sphere), ignored three dimensional positions of celestial bodies, and ignored the light refraction: astronomical refraction and terrestrial refraction, when he proposed the proving method for general relativity.

The most famously experiment in a total solar eclipse of 1919, actually was error. This experiment is made based on belief, or a case of knowing the result they wanted to get.

If a scientist conveys a theory and at the same time shows its proving method, however after being examined it is found out that his proposed proving method is proven to be unable to be performed due to not being scientific, then automatically such proposed theory prematurely falls by itself. And the test cannot be carried out by other methods not as requested by the theory founder, since it is reasonably assumed that such proving is made based on belief.

Einstein’s General Relativity has been wrong since the beginning.

Release Me From My Darkness: Understanding and Overcoming Depression

by Anne Wolski

Are you often irritable, tired, emotionally fragile, or just plain drowning in a sea of emotional issues? Don’t worry…you are far from alone. These feelings, while they may seem overbearing at the moment, are common and can be resolved quite simply.

The purpose of this book is to give you, the reader, a basic knowledge of the history of this disease and the variety of treatment options available.

How to Make Him Fall in Love With You: Six Easy Steps to Make Him Fall in Love

by James Kipton

If you want to take things to the next level with the guy you’ve been dating, and make him fall head over heels in love with you, then this book is a must read!

Today only, get this incredibly useful guide for only $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Keep in mind, a woman can do certain things in a relationship that actually make the difference between an engagement ring and a bad breakup. Now, while most guys won’t admit it, the details that we will discuss really can make them fall head over heels in love with a woman. Of course you won’t get a complete stranger to fall in love with you like this, but if you’re dating a guy who’s already expressed some interest in you, it will definitely help him see you in a lovable light and not want to let you go. These steps can help anyone give their man that final push from possibly falling in love to being in love and wanting to further cement their relationship into the future. Before we get started, I’d like to note that I’m not suggesting that you manipulate the guy you’re dating in any way. Taking time to be honest with him and showing him every side of your personality is important. None of the recommendations in this ebook will suggest that you change any aspect of your natural-born personality. On the contrary, I’ll explain how to show him that you are a perfect match for him exactly as you are. Let’s get started!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Be Honest and Be Yourself
  • Show Him You Enjoy Life
  • Listen and Learn
  • Good Flirting and Bad Flirting
  • How Your Appearance Factors In
  • The Power of Touch
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Multilingual Dictionary of Medical Emergencies: English French Spanish Italian Croatian

by Edita Ciglenecki


The audience for this dictionary includes medical professionals working in multilingual environments, global health professionals in tourist areas, professionals in public health, humanitarian medicine, emergency disaster management, rescue teams and frequent travellers disposed to any kind of danger or health risk and therefore in the need of medical assistance while in a foreign country. In emergency situations even small misunderstandings can lead to the loss of valuable time and consequently lives, therefore this dictionary is created in very practical time-saving and easy-to-understand way for both medical professionals and their patients. Instead of one classical A to Z alphabetical order, it consists of several topics where terms regarding each topic are organized alphabetically. The topics start from very basic subjects of numbers and orientation and proceed with terminology concerning accidents and disasters, parts of the human body, injuries, symptoms and diseases, pharmacy, medical facilities, medical procedures, diagnostics, pregnancy and obstetrics.

Consisting of over 3000 medical terms in five languages, this book is a valuable tool for medical students on exchange programs and can serve as a basic medical dictionary for translators who are not medical specialists.


Pratique et facile a consulter, ce dictionnaire medical propose plus de 3000 termes medicaux en francais, anglais, espagnol, italien et croate, couvrant l’essentiel de la pratique medicale: orientation dans le temps et dans l’espace; les types des accidents, catastrophes et detresse; parties du corps humain; les symptomes, blessures et maladies; pharmacie; etablissements medicaux, procedures et soins; examens medicaux, grossesse et obstetrique.


Este diccionario medico espanol-ingles- frances-italiano-croata, proporciona de forma breve, clara y suficiente unos 3000 terminos medicos que cubren orientacion en el tiempo y espacio; accidentes y catastrofes; partes del cuerpo humano; sintomas, heridas y enfermedades; farmacia; facilidades medicas, procedimientos y asistencia medica; examenes medicos; embarazo y obstetricia.


Questo dizionario contiene piu di 3000 termini medici in italiano, inglese, francese, spagnolo e croato ed e stato concepito come un manuale compatto di facile comprensione di terminologia medica dall’orientamento nel tempo e spazio; gli accidenti, catastrofi e angoscia; parti del corpo umano; i sintomi, ferite e malattie; farmacia; istituzioni, procedure e cure di medicina ed esami medici, alla gravidanza e ostetricia.


Ovaj rjecnik sastoji se od preko 3000 medicinskih pojmova na hrvatskom, engleskom, francuskom, spanjolskom i talijanskom jeziku, prikazanih na jednostavan i razumljiv nacin koji obuhvaca orijentaciju u prostoru i vremenu; nesrece, katastrofe i pogibeljne situacije; dijelove ljudskog tijela; ozljede, simptome i bolesti; ljekarnistvo; medicinske ustanove, njegu i postupke; dijagnostiku te trudnocu i porodnistvo.

Crystal Healing For Beginners: How Crystal Healing Stones Bring Healing Energy To Your Health, Wealth, Spirit, Emotions and Soul

by Amy Maia Parker

How to Use Crystal Healing Energy For Your Health, Wealth, Spirit, Emotions and Soul

You’re about to discover the healing energy of crystals and their huge possibilities.

You will learn the mayor types of crystals and their healing application, which crystal boosts your intuition, aids to remember dreams, brings love, loyalty, self-confidence and courage, cleans the heart, lungs, lymphs and breast, utilized for weight loss, stimulates earning money and keeping it, balances the Yin and Yang, helps with psychic awareness, heals kidneys, liver, bladder and stomach and much more.

And you will discover the best ways to prepare a crystal by physical and spiritual cleansing and activating.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn

  • The Essentials of crystals and their healing energy
  • 48 different types of crystals and their healing crystal meaning
  • More than 380 different conditions and their healing crystals
  • How to clean your crystel
  • How to charge and activate your crystal
  • How to program your crystal to do a certain job for you
  • and much more …

40º Rugientes, 50º Furiosos, 60º Aulladores.: Paranoia por asistencia gravitatoria. (Spanish Edition)

by G.G.Melies

Ficción náutica con ligeros toques de existencialismo y humor que podría convertirse dependiendo de la imaginación del lector, en cierta clase de ciencia ficción a partir de capítulos avanzados, debido a las similitudes y paralelismos que mantiene el genético espíritu de exploración humano a lo largo de la historia, y que se repite en nuevas fronteras y escenarios.

Inspirada en el libro de 1864 de Julio Verne “Las aventuras del Capitán Hatteras”, algo de Agatha Christie, y la hazaña en solitario del navegante argentino Vito Dumas, quien recorriera en 1942 “La ruta imposible” la de “Los cuarenta bramadores”, en una embarcación de 9,55 mts. de eslora y 3,30 de manga, el Lehg II, la novela centra su historia en Lara y Julio, una pareja recién casada que busca escapar del agobio de la tecnología y lo masivo de la vida moderna, y se embarca en el año 2213 rumbo a Cabo de Hornos en un viaje temático ambientado en 1933, hacia una luna de miel de aventura en una vieja goleta de madera histórica botada en ese mismo año llamada Destino.

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