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Home Ranch (Montana Saga Book 4)

by Dave Lloyd

The last novel in the Montana Saga, Home Ranch, continues the family saga into the 1960s where Toby’s son, Matthew, struggles to build a ranch, pursuing his father’s dream. He passes on his love of the land, courage, and strong will to survive to his son, Gable, who endures the horrors of the Korean War to find his own destiny.

Gable survives the horrific battles of the Korean War, only to come home to unexpected danger on his own Montana ranch.
Home Ranch can be read as a stand alone novel, or enjoyed as book four of the Montana Saga.

Insane But Not Crazy: Combat Medic – My Mind Matters

by Carl R. ToersBijns

Updated and amended to add a little more information – A mini Ebook designed to give insight on trauma and its effects. This is a combined short story version of Shade of Darkness and Change in Winds versions published to bring an awareness to what has happened inside the war veteran’s head for the benefit of veterans who have difficulties expressing what or how they feel; for the families who live, deal and help veterans cope with their individual lives and also those people who want to understand the Vietnam War psychological effects a little bit better from the eyes and ears as well as his own mind related to being a combat medic in this horrific war.

The consequences of this war and all the other wars fought on foreign soil will never be forgotten. Not because of the strange alienation of being in a different time zone, culture or political environment, but because of the trail of tears in leaves behind. Suffering is a mild word to describe what happens to a man or woman exposed to the brutalities of a war. A refusal to accept the normalcy of a war is not uncommon and takes courage. The ability to survive such trauma is often not without a great cost.

This war changed how we fought. The strategies are not discussed here but the tactics, the events and the impacts of such actions on a person’s mind, spirit, energy or even the various stages of confusion, frustration and anger are thoroughly brought to the light based on real-life experiences and not through some scientific surveys or tests done by the VA or other government funded groups that edited and filtered the truth for many years because of how this war impacted our minds –

In the end, my mind and your mind matters – no matter what the government thinks, our lives are just as important as those other groups of special needs people who get help for their sufferings of the past due to trauma inflicted or caused by someone who vicariously ordered a man-made hell. The last chapter is about survivor’s guilt – an experience that is everlasting and deep and disturbingly real. Something that can impact anyone, not just in war time but in any trauma related event that alters the life of someone involved.

Quando o mundo se perdeu (Portuguese Edition)

by Lívia Cavalheiro

O mundo se perde de várias formas. E uma dessas formas é a guerra.
(conto distópico)

Terror en la Isla de Ranre: Terror en la Isla de Ranre (Spanish Edition)

by Jesus Novillo Moreno

mil soldados Japoneses se adentraron en su huida de los Britanicos en unos Manglares donde la oscuridad de la noche y unos ojos que observaban su retirada sembraron el terror y el instinto de supervivencia.

The Long Patrol: World War II Novel

by Chris Glatte

During the bloody battle for Guadalcanal, one Army unit’s mission to infiltrate enemy lines to arm and train a guerilla force of natives goes horribly wrong.

The 164th Army Division has come to reinforce the beleaguered 1st Marine Division, which has been fighting the Japanese for months. It will be the Division’s first combat test, as well as its bloodiest.

The fighting has come to a standstill with neither side giving ground. The 164th is desperate to break the stalemate and the mounting casualties.

Their possible solution comes in the form of a British Coast Watcher. Thomas Welch offers to take a small unit into the jungle to meet up with a force of natives to instigate a guerilla war against the Japanese rear.

A unit from Able Company is selected for the job. Each man’s been battle-tested, defending Henderson field from hordes of attacking Japanese. The mission goes badly from the outset and the unit is cutoff and desperate to continue their mission.

As the battle for Guadalcanal rages on, their mission changes. As more men fall, the likelihood of completing it is slipping away. Alone and hurt, they find themselves as the only soldiers able to deliver victory from the jaws of defeat.

VIKTOR: One man. One mission. One goal.

by Derrick Ireland

Out of the ruins of Leningrad crawled a young boy. Orphaned by the Nazi destruction of his home, the boy vowed to himself that one day he would grow to protect Russia from all her enemies, to never allow the Motherland to be threatened again.

True to his word, General Spartak has risen to become the most powerful soldier in Russia, a living legend. But the orphan’s grip on power is threatened, his aged body kept alive only by the fire in his soul.

President Dimitri Gregev is only too aware of the troublesome General, a thorn in his side, an obstacle that needs to be removed so that he can govern Russia only as he sees fit. Newly installed after the sudden death of his predecessor, Gregev’s main concern is acquiring as much wealth for himself as quickly as possible, with the Russian people being the least of his concerns. Utterly corrupt, but with devious cunning, he realises appeasing the West in all things will only aid him in his endeavours. But the Soviet old guard are watching, waiting.

Major Viktor Rostov has been picked by Spartak to lead the fight, to be the tip of the spear when he strikes. Just as the General, the Spetsnaz Major, the most decorated soldier serving in the Russian Army, is motivated only by the desire to serve and protect his country, at whatever the cost.

Half a world away, MI6 agent Tom Hailey is also serving his country, fighting the Pakistani Taliban. Ridiculously unfit, socially inept and always happy to cause offence, the middle aged British Intelligence operative does not fit the description most people would attribute to a secret agent. But Tom’s super analytical brain more than makes up for his shortcomings. Together with his chaperone, CIA agent Lucy Stone, Tom stumbles across the plot that General Spartak is preparing.

As Viktor sets out on his mission, and as Tom and Lucy try to find out what the mysterious “Reaper” is, those in the West desperately try to catch up.

Just as his Russian contemporary, President Baden is new to power. But, unlike Dimitri Gregev, America’s new Commander in Chief is all too aware of the burden he holds, the burden he now carries as his country’s guardian. Soon, as the brave Russian Major faces those in the West trying to stop him, led by Lucy and Tom, the American President will realise that to protect those he governs, he will have to adopt the merciless approach of the orphaned General.

As the plan of the Soviet old guard becomes clear, and as Viktor wages a relentless onslaught against those trying to stop him, the battle will rage. Armed with a 21st Century cyber-weapon, together with a hideous creation stolen from Nazi scientists, the seemingly unstoppable Major is determined to succeed in his mission. Not in the desert or the jungle, but on the streets of New York City.

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