Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 28 Aug 16

Rell and Jasmine: A Hood Love Story (re-edited)

by Randy Coxton

Rell’s dreams of a come-up are answered when Nigel the local plug grooms him to be the new boss .Along the way he meets Jasmine, a true rider watch as they take over the city and collect bodies along the way.

How to Read Music for Beginners

by Thiery Bisson

Have you ever wanted to quickly learn how to read music? Today you will begin to read How to Read Music. This book will have you on your way to reading all types of music for guitar and piano. How to Read Music: Beginner Fundamentals of Music and How to Read Musical Notation is written by the #1 Bestselling author Erich Andreas. Erich’s easy-to-understand teaching style has been known to get beginners on their way to mastering music reading. Inside the Book You Will Discover: – Everything to Reading Music – Musical Notation – Physics to Sound – Music theory for Beginners – Use the “Click to Look Inside” feature to check out the first few pages Scroll up and click on the “Buy Now” button to receive your How to Read Music book today

Guitar Chords – Diminished Chords

by Dan Lupo

72 Diminished Chords for the guitarist of any level.

Every page is designed specially to help you better understand each chord:

– Only 1 image per page makes it clear and easy to read.
– At least 6 different versions of each chord to help you master the neck.
– The scale from which each chord is derived is displayed at the top of each page.
– Root, 3rd, and 5th notes are labelled on each chart.

Ghost Buddies: Volume 1 – The Pullman Mystery

by Amarra Sarakova

Two Ghost Buddies! Solving Crimes! Can’t Help the Living, but They’re Having a Good Time!

– Volume 1 in a Series – – Contains Death and Profanity – – Short Read –

State of the Island

by D. Thomas

Recently returned to his hometown of Staten Island, Joey’s world begins to fall apart as he struggles with adulthood, addiction, and society. Told through the eyes of an emotionally and mentally disturbed young man, State of the Island is a dark and comedic outlook on life and all of its misfortunes.

Hairstyles August 2016

by Rachele Arena

HairStyles August 2016

Checkout the latest hottest celebrity hairstyles plus the top ten celebrity and men’s hairstyles.

30 Celebrity Hairstyles With Styling Tips

Shiny Hair Secrets

Top 10 Celebrity Hairstyles

Top 10 Men’s Hairstyles

How To Draw Amazing Manga – Fixed Layout Edition: (132 Pages: Full Colour: HD: Draw Anime) (How to Draw Comics & Manga Book 7)

by Stan Bendis Kutcher

*Approximately 132 Full Colour Pages*
***HD: Fixed Format (Comic Layout) Edition***

Take Note:
***This version is ideal for people who want to view full screen on their devices without needing to click***
– Constrains to your screen
– This version may also work on some other readers but it is recommended to click on the “Author’s Name” to view other options***

This book is Also Available in these Editions:
– Regular Edition
– Black & White Saver Edition
– High Definition (HD) Edition
– Trade Paperback (Printed Full Colour: 132 pages)
– Printed in a Bundle with “How to Draw Anatomy for Comics” (264 pages: Full Colour)

“How to Draw Amazing Manga” by Stan Bendis Kutcher is a book that focuses on the popular drawing methods of manga. By some definitions “Manga” is known as “Japanese comic art”, which is exactly what this book will be focusing on. In this “Anime-influenced” self-help book, the author explains in easy to follow, step-by-step methods to apply the following towards drawing manga:

* human anatomy vs. manga anatomy (the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands, expressions) * which materials to use * drawing basic shapes * using perspective * backgrounds and clothing principles * putting it all together * Much, MUCH more!

Chapter Overview:

Chapter 1 – Drawing Materials * Drawing Manga Eyes

Chapter 2 – Drawing The Nose * Drawing The Mouth * Drawing The Ears

Chapter 3 – Dynamic Manga Hair * Drawing The Complete Head * Facial Expressions

Chapter 4 – Drawing Hands * Body Proportion Basics * The Basics Of Clothing And Drapery

Chapter 5 – How Perspective Works * The Essence Of Backgrounds

Chapter 6 – Putting It All Together – Start To Finish

This introductory guide takes the reader from simplified first steps, right to the detailed construction of drawing manga.
Practical and easy to follow, these pages will help you to multiply your ability of “Drawing Amazing Manga”.

Digital Photography: 23 Expert Tips and Tricks for Impressive Digital Photography (digital photography, photography lighting, photography tips)

by Alonzo Malone

Whether you’re a completely green beginner with no idea where to begin or you’ve already got a closet full of state-of-the-art DSLR equipment, everybody wants to learn how to take better digital pictures these days! This guide is absolutely filled from cover to cover with useful tips that will teach you how to improve your photography skills from start to finish so you can start taking the shots of your dreams!

Among other great tips and techniques, you’ll learn:

  • How to avoid taking blurry pictures.
  • When to use the zoom and the flash.
  • What to do with your photos after you’ve taken them.
  • What are the causes of the most common problems in digital photography?

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by Werner Stejskal

Do you love flowers? They are so romantic and beautiful. I live in Perth, Western Australia. Many flowers in this book are Australian, others come from many countries all over the world.

The quotes are from the public domain. Please let me know if I infringe on any rights. This is an ebook and I can rectify it quickly.

Dear reader, I hope you will enjoy my collection. PLEASE review this book on Amazon. It really means very much to me when people appreciate my effort. Thank you!

Korea 1950s Book 5: 100 Color Photographs

100 Color Photos from 1950s Korea

Photoshop: From Beginner to Professional! Learn Photoshop In 8 Hours Or Less! (Adobe Photoshop CC, Step by Step Pictures, Adobe Photoshop, Digital Photography, Graphic Design)

by Chris Will


From Beginner to Professional! Learn Photoshop In 8 Hours Or Less! (Adobe Photoshop CC, Step by Step Pictures, Adobe Photoshop, Digital Photography, Graphic Design)

Photoshop is a tool that a lot of artists and scientists use, but the sheer amount of possibilities it offers has intimidated a lot of potential users. Once you go over the basics of this program, you will no longer be confused and discouraged by the icons, tabs and panels. Instead, you will learn to use all of these options to your advantage, through fun and simple explanations accompanied by screenshots.

“Adobe Photoshop – The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Photoshop CC” will provide you with fundamental knowledge of the basic functions and commands in this program. The guide covers the following topics:

ï?§ Interface

ï?§ Basic commands

ï?§ Layers

ï?§ Selections

ï?§ Colors

ï?§ Filters

ï?§ An exercise

Anyone who reads through this guide will have perfect command over the essential tools in Photoshop and hopefully, develop interest into further exploring the capabilities of this software.

Thieves Broad Day Light

by Durgesh Singh

When frustration goes beyon the limit

It brings a thriller suspens

Vikram is very emotional to this case

Thieves are unknown

Heartbeat (Cyber Sonnet Card Book 158)

by Brian Randolph Wilson


The inward breath that comes before the rhyme

The undiscovered song within my head

Re-imaging from different points in time

And all the words, I’d rather use instead

“I love you” is the promise, not a lie

The giving back, the dare to jump ahead

A snapshot made of what it means to try

And echoing of words inside my head

For every lyric screams the soul’s return

The counterpoint of rhythm, more than beat

The cadence in the words is how we learn

Our harmonies can always be complete

Perceive the score, it underlies the song

The heartbeat that you’re hearing, isn’t wrongâ??

Copyright: August 23, 2016.

Photography Guide Box Set: Beginner’s Guide To Photography With Simple Photography Tips On How to Capture Exquisite Photographs Like a Pro. An Introduction … for beginners, photography for dummies)

by Jacob Hill

BOOK #1: The Beginners Guide To Photography: Simple Tips & Tricks to Capture Exquisite Photographs Like a Pro

Nowadays, it is so very easy to freeze time, capture a moment and have it lasting forever. You see everyone on the streets and in their homes with their cameras, shooting away and saving their photographs and sharing them with the world.

Yet very few among them have the knowledge and skill to use the mystical tool called the camera to create exquisite photographs that not only freeze time but also tell a story. If making exquisite photographs like a pro is your desire, then you should look no more because this book has all you need to know if you want to be a cut above the rest.

Grab your copy now and start on your journey of excellence.

In this book, you will be introduced to:

  • All you will need to know to get you on the path of photographic excellence
  • All the steps and tricks that will take you from being a mere beginner to being an expert in the field of photography
  • Making exquisite photographs like a pro

BOOK #2: Capturing the Light: Simple tips on How to Better Use the Light in Photography

Ah amazingly! This book is a true guide for beginners and an ultimate guide for the photography professionals, covering the most significant factor of photography i.e. capturing light. The core theme of this book is realistic regarding light is the root factor in photography. In this enchanting book, you will find the tips that how to capture light within photography. The numerical measures have been given in the book about the adjustment of shutter, aperture, lens and light’s intensity.

The major notions that have been covered in this logistic book embraces:

  • Importance of capturing the light in photography
  • Capturing the light: Simple tips on how to better use the low light in photography
  • Fascinating tips on how to better use the sun light in photography
  • Enchanting tips on how to better use the light in the eyes while doing photography
  • Ethralling tips to capture astounding light

BOOK #3: The Magic of the Light: An Introduction Guide to Better Photography Lighting

The Magic of the Light, An Introductory Guide to Better Photography Lighting will show you how you can use light to your advantage. Taking you through a number of different scenarios, you will begin to understand how you can use natural and diffused light in order to help you take the perfect photograph.

This book also goes on to explain:

  • How to look for the right lighting kit
  • How to synchronize your lights
  • How to make use of the sun while it’s bright and fading
  • And how practicing can get you a little closer to taking a photograph you can be proud of

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

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Il Pianista di Ghiaccio (Italian Edition)

by Valentino Beoni

Il pianista fece la sua comparsa, in smoking nero, le scarpe lucide e nere, in tinta col colore dei suoi capelli, lisci e lucenti; era un uomo alto di corporatura media, le spalle grandi e le braccia lunghe. La sua entrata fu straordinaria: la platea si alzò in piedi come si alzano i cristiani al suono del campanello durante una messa, ma invece di recitare il padre nostro con le braccia aperte, alzarono le mani al soffitto e iniziarono ad applaudire con forza. Il pianista fece un inchino rapido e senza degnare il pubblico di un solo sguardo si sedette al pianoforte e con un gesto della mano fece cenno al direttore di cominciare. Valentin Smirnov non soffriva di ansia da prestazione: era talmente sicuro della sua eccellente preparazione che non ripassava mai nemmeno la settimana prima del concerto. La sua esecuzione era impeccabile, si diceva non avesse mai sbagliato una nota in dieci anni di carriera, e la sua tecnica virtuosa era perfetta. Poi l’incontro con Lucrezia e da quel giorno la sua vita non sarà più la stessa.

Mono x Mono (Hallo Japan! 3) (German Edition)


“Mono”= objekt, monochrom

“Hallo Japan!” ist ein Fotobuch von Japan. Ich hoffe, dass Sie schöne Landschaften mit diesem Buch zu genieÃ?en. Willkommen in Japan!

saiyaseigiburu-seigi (Japanese Edition)

by honnmyoueri


utsuriyukujikan (Japanese Edition)

by Teruko Kikuchi








Sexy Brazilian Women in High Heels: Beautiful Brazilian women in high heels (Sexy women in heels Book 2)

by Carlos M. Tadeu

My name is Carlos Tadeu from Brazil. I like to travel all over Brazil. And I met several beautiful women.

This ebook contains 26 photos of my Brazilian girlfriends. All beautiful women wearing high heels in Rio de Janeiro, Niteroi, Guarujá, Bahia. All models are 18+

Mandala Zauber: 20 Mandalas zum Ausmalen! (German Edition)

by Dorothea Chan

Dies ist mein neustes Mandala Buch. Ich hoffe, dass ihnen die Mandalas gefallen! Ich habe noch Landschafts-, Tier- und Blumenbilder aus meinem Buch â??Rocky Mountains 2016â?? hinzugefügt! Das Mandala â??Frecher Lukasâ?? wurde von meinem GroÃ?kind Lukas inspiriert. Das letzte Mal als er zu Besuch war, versteckte er mein Handy! Ich wünsche ihnen viel SpaÃ?!

Naughty babes in colors (Italian Edition)

by Mauro Aquilini

Secondo volume illustrato completamente a colori mediante l’ausilio del software Photoshop CS4.

Sexy pin un contemporanee.

Destinato al solo pubblico adulto.

46. pagine.

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