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Blogging Profits: 45 Powerful & Profitable Blogging Tactics That Cost $5 Or Less (Make Money Blogging)

by Marc Pierce


Starting a blog is the first introduction into making money online for many. However people believe that making money from a blog is hard, yet that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Most blogging information on the web will provide you with outdated information that might be fun, but not very profitable. When I first started blogging, I tried all of these tactics and soon learned that they were horrible for actually making a profit.

At that point, I sought out the best information I could find and paid thousands of dollars studying what makes blogs successful and what doesn’t. After years of studying, I started implementing my own strategies and before I knew it, I had an amazingly profitable blog.

I have been making money from various blogs ever since and will show you 45 Proven tactics that will make your blog profitable that will only cost you $5 or less

In this book You will learn:

– How to predict the profitability of your blog from the first day you start it

– How to build a loyal following

– How to create multiple flows of income from one blog

– How to make your blog post go viral overnight!

– How to make passive income by becoming a blogger

– Powerful methods to market your blog

– Secrets only the top blog writers know

This book will prove to you that Blogging can be more than just a passion project. Allow me to be your guide and show you how to make money from the comfort of your own home. Select the ‘buy button’ NOW

OPTIONS TRADING: Tips & Tricks for Your Profit Maximization (Options Trading, Stock Exchange, Trading Strategies, Day Trading, Forex, Binary Option, Penny Stock)

by Joe Bronski

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Learn The Strategies To Make A Lot Of Money With Options Trading!

Learn Step by Step How to Make Money with Stock Option

This book, Options Trading: Tips & Tricks for Your Profit Maximization, is written for the person that needs to know the information and strategies to be a options trader.

If you have been trading options for long enough to feel that you are looking to be more than just an intermediate options trader, then Option Trading: Tips & Tricks for Your Profit Maximization is the book you have been waiting for. Inside you will find everything you need to compete with options traders at the highest level using the same strategies employed every day by major firms.

Inside you will find everything you need to start trading riskier, out of the money options as well as utilizing order flow tracking as effectively as possible. You will then learn multiple advanced strategies including the double diagonal as well as the leveraged covered call. You will also learn how to utilize the skip strike butterfly spread and the front spread using puts as well as calls. An effective options trader is only as good as the strategies and plans that they employee, and the more strategies you have at your disposal the more likely you are to increase your overall successful trade percentage. So, what are you waiting for? Do your options trading game a favor, buy this book today!

Inside you will find

– The secret to trading cheap options effectively

– The importance to understanding the value area of every underlying stock

– The best times to utilize indexes trading for maximum stability

– Why sentiment analysis is an underutilized tool for success

– And moreâ?¦

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Private Real Estate Investment: Data Analysis and Decision Making: Second edition

by Dr. Roger J. Brown

A rigorous analytical approach to the evaluation, acquisition, operation and disposition of private direct ownership of income producing property. Read the Preface here:

OPTIONS TRADING: Strategies To Greatly Maximize Your Profits And Avoid Losses (Options Trading, Stock Exchange, Trading Strategies, Day Trading, Forex, Binary Option, Penny Stock)

by Joe Bronski

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Learn The Strategies To Make A Lot Of Money With Options Trading!

Learn Step by Step How to Make Money with Stock Option

This book, Options Trading: Strategies To Greatly Maximize Your Profits And Avoid Losses, is written for the person that needs to know the information and strategies to be a options trader.

Options trading and the derivate market have scary connotations behind them, but at their core they are designed to benefit investors looking for security and stability in the stock market. Have you invested in the market but never quite seem to pull ahead? Are you worried about losing your hard earned savings? Have you looked back and said â??I knew I should have acted on that six months ago’?

Whether you have been using option trading for years or if you have never bought or sold a call or a put, you will find invaluable information in this book that will help you reap greater profits and minimize risk. Option trading and derivates exist to help investors by offloading risk, but the truly effective way to use options and derivatives is difficult, complicated, and hard to make any sense of. This book will explain to you to you from the basic strategies every investor should know, to the high level advanced strategies that earn investors consistent profits.

You don’t need to be afraid of the stock market, commodities, or any financial exchange. You can be using option trading to insulate yourself from volatile markets and to reap benefits from any type of stock. Whether you’re bullish on a stock, or think it will flat line for the next six months, this book will teach you how to read each situation and to reap the most rewards. Come and start the next step to becoming a better investor and earning the financial freedom you deserve.

In this book you will find:

– Strategies for the beginner, intermediate and advanced option trader.

– Learn the purpose of options and when to use them.

– Strategies to earn a steady income.

– Strategies to insulate yourself from volatility in the stock market.

– Ways to increase your profits while adding minimal risk.

– The information necessary to consistently earn profits on various type of stocks, whether stable, in decline, or on the rise.

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Passive Income: 6 Proven Steps To Passive Income Success (Passive Income Online, Niche Websites, Make Money On the Internet)

by Marc Pierce

Imagine doing what you love every day, while still making money. That’s right, it is possible to bring in passive income while you travel, spend time with family, or while you watch your favorite movie.

This lifestyle is in your grasp. I know it sounds hard to obtain. However, there are people that live like this every single day of their lives.

LEARN:: The proven steps to create passive income for yourself

Think that this life is out of your grasp? I have seen individuals from all walks of life take these exact steps and live the life of their dreams and you can too. You don’t have to be a genius or a guru to make this happen. The beauty of passive income and niche websites is that there’s a proven blueprint you can follow to make money.

Whether you want to jump-start your entrepreneurial life or you’re looking to expand your current business, I will show you how to Dominate niche websites and start making Passive income NOW!

For the price of a coffee, your life can change TODAY!

Tags: Passive Income, Internet Marketing, Online Business, Financial Freedom, Wealth Creation, startup business, Affiliate Marketing, niche websites, internet marketing

Investment: Real Estate: Bankruptcy Investing (Foreclosure Financial Planning Stock Market) (Money Management Investment Rental Property)

by Joshua Turner

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Discover How to Profit From Bankruptcy Investing With Foreclosed Real Estate Properties

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at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover how to generate wealth by purchasing foreclosed real estate properties. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners going in foreclosure and banks are liquidating these assets and rock bottom prices. If you learn how to find and spot these foreclosure deals you can profit and generate great wealth.

Whether you’re a millionaire or have 0 funds in your bank account you can profit from understanding how to purchase foreclosed real estate. Learn how more and more people are benefiting from these rock bottom real estate prices. Whether your goal is to make a quick $5,000 or to generate passive real estate income you can learn how with this book.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Concept of a Foreclosed Real Estate
  • Right Choice in Investing in Foreclosed Real Estate
  • Selling the Foreclosed Real Estate
  • Lease or Rent-to-Own of Foreclosed Real Estate
  • Business Venture in the Foreclosed Real Estate
  • The Most Profitable Investment
  • Much, much more!

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E-Book Publishing Blueprints: Publish Books on Amazon and Make a Full-Time Income via Your Own Self-Published Assets (2 book bundle)

by Eddie Ashton

How to Make Extra Money via boom publishing

What you’ll discover in this bundle:

Mini Book Profit Formula

– How the “chicken soup for the soul” series will help you make a lot of money on Amazon

– The entire step by step process of how to write, publish and sell ebooks online

– How to find the most profitable sub-topics

– How to outline your book in 20 minutes

– How to write your book the easy way

– How to outsource your book cover in 5 minutes or less

– How to publish your book the right way

– How to promote your books for free

Kindle Money Blueprint

– How to find a profitable topic

– 13 ways to make sure you’ll get lucky with your topic and guarantee that it’ll be profitable

– How to hire a ghostwriter cheaply

– How to never get scam by freelance writers

– 3 book templates for your freelancer to follow

– How to hire the best designer for your book

– How to upload your book step by step

– 5 ways to promote your book, so you can guarantee that it’ll sell

And by the way…

– Yes, you don’t have to write anything!

– Yes, you can start getting profits by next week!

– Yes, you can start for as cheap as $40!

Just follow my instructions and you can make this work for yourself!

Read this bundle and avoid the same mistakes I did in the past.

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SUPPLEMENT SELLING RESEARCH: How to Start a Supplement Selling Business, Find a Profitable Product, and Outsource It Even If You Have Low Capital… Start with $100 or Less!

by Andy B Fairchild

Here’s a Way to Start a Supplement Selling Company for as Low as $100!


Inside you’ll discover:

– 3 ways to find the best market to sell into

– What “nichifying” is and how it can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in wasted time

– How to get started with as low as $100

– How to do your keyword research… so you’ll know exactly if people are buying or not!

– The top questions to ask a manufacturer before you order a single sample.

– What to look for when researching an awesome manufacturer to work with

– How dropshipping works

– How to create a campaign adwords test for your product

And many more inside!

You have two choices right now.

1 – You can “trial and error” your way to success, and waste time and money in the process (lame is you ask me).

2 – You can learn from my own experience, follow a step by step instruction and achieve success 3x faster!


Choose Today!

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Unlimited Motivation: How to Stay Motivated, Be Productive, and Stop Procrastinating (How to Motivate Yourself, Stop Being Lazy, and Kill Procrastination)

by Dominic Mann

Hate feeling lazy and unmotivated? Wish you could conquer laziness and stop procrastinating? Want to be productive, achieve success, and feel great?

What if you could unlock unlimited motivation and conquer your goals?

Unlimited Motivation teaches you one of life’s most important skills. A skill that can mean the difference between achieving success and settling for “good enough” â?? the ability to master your motivation and state of mind.

By the time you’ve finished reading Unlimited Motivation, you’ll know exactly how to get yourself super pumped, stay motivated, and smash through all your work while feeling great.

The science of motivation.

Discover the scientific studies that reveal exactly how motivation works. Learn the powerful hacks, easy habits, and proven techniques that enable you to unlock virtually unlimited motivation.

How will you learn to skyrocket your motivation?

  • The Harvard study that reveals how to boost motivation and eliminate stress â?? in less than 60 seconds!
  • How to develop a “Kickstarter Routine” to replenish willpower and energy levels.
  • The ancient philosophy that enabled everybody from slaves to Roman Emperors to overcome obstacles and unlock motivation â?? just with their mindset.
  • The motivation hack that enabled Muhammad Ali to become the greatest boxer of all time.

And more!

Unlock unlimited motivation and soar to success. Feel great, do great, be great.

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Money, Banking and The Financial System: beginners guide of the financial system for conscious money decisions.: First step towards financial freedom

by Matthew Hopkins

Harris would have been a rich man today if his father had not invested in U.S. government bonds in the late 1960s. The Treasury promptly paid the interest contractually due on those bonds, but high rates of inflation and interest in the 1970s and early 1980s reduced their prices and wiped out most of their purchasing power. Instead of inheriting a fortune, Harris received just enough to buy a midsized automobile. That his father had worked so long and so hard for so little saddened Harris. If only his father had understood a few simple facts: when the supply of money increases faster than the demand for it, prices rise and inflation ensues. When inflation increases, so too do nominal interest rates. And when interest rates increase, the prices of bonds (and many other types of assets that pay fixed sums) fall. Jorge’s father didn’t lack intelligence. Many people, even some well-educated ones, do not understand the basics of banking, money, and finance. And they and their loved ones pay for it, sometimes dearly.

Arthur knows that all too well. Her grandparents didn’t understand the significance of portfolio diversification (the tried-and-true rule that you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket), so they invested their entire life savings in a single company called Enron. They lost everything (except their Social Security checks) after that bloated behemoth went bankrupt in December 2001. Instead of lavishing him with gifts, Arthur’s grandparents drained resources away from their grandson by frequently seeking helps from Arthur’s parents. When the grandparents diedâ??without life insurance, yet another mistakeâ??Arthur’s parents had to pay big bucks for their “last expenses.”

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to improve your understanding towards money, banking and finance system and help you to master money saving and investing habits. Your money making capabilities depends on your understanding of the finance system and banking.

Side-Business E-Commerce: Make Money on the Side Selling Items via Fulfillment by Amazon & Online Garage Sale (bundle)

by Carl Santorini

Choose the Best Business Model That Fits Your Skills & Lifestyle Goals!

Inside this bundle you’ll discover:

Fulfillment by Amazon

– How to advertise on Facebook for as cheap as possible

– How to find the best products to private label

– How the whole Amazon FBA process works

– How to set up your account

– How to find and evaluate products

– How to find and evaluate suppliers

– How to negotiate lowers prices for products from China

– How to create a product listing from scratch

– How to rank your Amazon url on Google

Garage Sale Entrepreneur

– The exact step by step process on making a killing online via selling unused items

– What exact products are selling like crazy right now… 2016

– Where to sell your product for maximum profits

– How to find the best products online if you have no items to sell from your garage!

– How to create a product listing that sells your product for you

– The step by step method of selling your products via Amazon

– How to increase traffic via SEO

– How to apply some SEO strategies for as low as $5


The Best Little Real Estate Beginners Book You’ll Find for $5.99: 99 cents

by C Oakes

In The Best Little Real Estate Beginners Book You’ll Ever Find for $5.99.” you learn how, in simple, clear language what you need to do to be successful in Real Estate today.

After a rough period just a few short years ago, real estate markets are again on the move. However, although the housing bust destroyed some, it also had the effect of invigorating many. The bust brought real estate into the public mind like nothing ever had and today, millions around the world are stepping into property investing like never before.

In this book, you will learn a happy medium between traditional approaches to real estate and the latest trend, wholesaling real estate. You will also learnâ?¦

– How to maximize profits while minimizing risk

– How to set the right goals for investing

– How to choose investment strategies and when

– How to evaluate your current and ongoing investment position

– A simple, step-by-step approach to wholesaling real estate

– When and how best to use wholesaling to your advantage

– When and how to purchase long-term properties

– What to look for in both properties and location

– When and how to buy property for short-term gains such as repairing and flipping

– How to create a sound budget for your real estate business

– How to spot trouble in your business using data from your budget

The Best Little Book series have been developed to provide readers with a concise, clear overview of the topic at hand.

In the Best Little Real Estate Beginners Book, readers are taken through an overview of structuring a real estate business. The overview provides a massive amount of information condensed into as few words as possible.

Unlike most books today which either offer plenty of fluff and nothing of substance or plenty of substance mingled with lots of fluff, The Best Little Books were designed to eliminate ALL fluff, providing readers with only the most important information necessary to a given topic.

For many busy people today, The Best Little Book series is a favorite.

How to Be a Successful Landlord: Making Money in Rental Real Estate

by Rob Rice

This book has vital information you won’t get anywhere else. This is not the everyday, sterile “how to” book, but digs into the dirty details that can only come from real life experience. Learn how to avoid costly mistakes, how to stay one step ahead of the criminals and scam artist tenants who are already way better at this game than you are, and whose sole purpose is to use their years of experience to take as much as they can from you and, if possible, live rent-free!

Social Media: Best Free Social Media Marketing Tools To Boost Your Internet Sales: (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

by Michael Smart

Social Media

Best Free Social Media Marketing Tools To Boost Your Internet Sales (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Are you interested in ruling social media? Do you want to upsurge your online presence?

Social Media: Best Free Social Media Marketing Tools To Boost Your Internet Sales (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

This book can be helpful for you to increase your online followers and establish your brand. Every business owner works with a similar desire to earn massive profit. With the help of social media platforms, every small and large business owner can promote his/her products and services. Social media marketing requires your time and creativity. On social media, you can grab the attention of people from all over the world. You should have a particular strategy to promote your products. You can use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest at the same time. In the first step, you have to create your content with the attractive title and informative material. It is essential to search the interest of your target market and write your marketing material to address their problems. In this book, you will learn how to use social media to books your online sales. This book offers:

  • Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • Tips to Boost Sales with the help of Facebook
  • Strategies to Use Twitter to Increase Sales
  • Get Maximum Profit with Instagram Marketing
  • Other Social Media Marketing Tools for Business

Download this book and get the advantage of strategies and tips given to promote your online sales.

How To Overcome Procrastination – 10 Ways To Channel Your Will Power And Motivate Yourself Time Management Tips

by Marvin Chenard

Are you trying to stop procrastinating and manage your time better in order to touch your goals? Do you have a hard time learning new things, and focusing on one thing for more than 10 minutes?

If the your answer is ‘Yes’ then “Overcome Procrastination: 10 Ways To Channel Your Will Power And Motivate Yourself Into Action” will not only help you in focusing on your tasks, but will also help you to:

– Overcome perpetual procrastination, and channel your will power in order to motivate yourself into action

– Overcome procrastination when it comes to learning something new

– Overcome procrastination habit & stop feeling rushed

– Overcome procrastination and concentrate on writing a paper

– Teach your children time management

– Stop wasting TONES of your time and become as productive as possible

– Some very effective time management techniques that you can use to enhance your study time with your co-workers

You will also get:

– Best time management tips

– Best time management and goal setting books

– Guidance to enhance your self-discipline and time management when you have adhd

… and much more …

This is a GREAT little guide and I’m sure your going to love it.

Please be kind and review after reading.

Average Joe’s Success Rituals: 12 Disciplines for a Fulfilling Life (Average Joe Knows)

by Joe Hinchliffe

How To Achieve Your Goals Through Success Based Habits

I Believe You Can Achieve Your Dreams In Less Time By Using The 12 Disciplines

If you want to be productive, happier and create a more fulfilling life, I can show you how

Simplicity Is Key

This book gets straight down to business. It’s simple and straight to the point. My aim was to fill this book with value, no unnecessary words.

Why say it in ten words when you can say it in one – Is the philosophy of the book. It’s short and direct, but what it lacks in length it makes up with in valuable content. Make sure your journal is to hand as I’m sure you’ll find a great idea.

Time Is Your Most Precious Asset, Don’t Waste It

“I don’t have the time!” is a complaint I here over and over again, plus it’s one I’ve used in the past. You have a great idea, but don’t have the time to develop it. What if, by introducing two rituals into your daily routine you could gain anything from 2 to 5 hours every day, would you have time then?

This book will show you what those habits are and how to bring them into your life.

Growth + Action = Success

To achieve your goals and dream personal growth is needed. In order to grow we have to act outside our comfort zone. Comfort zones are a safe place, they’re only scary when we leave them.

One half of the achievement is knowing you need to act outside your comfort zone, the other half is doing it. Not only will this book show you how to make it less scary, it also recommends further reading to help you overcome the fear.

All We Have To Give Is Our Personal Service

Zig Ziglar famously said “You can have everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want”. It’s a simple philosophy however, it’s often over looked.

It’s easy to forget about people when we’re focused on building success. Having said that, if you take a look at the companies that change the world you’ll notice they have one thing in common. They enhance more lives. Find a way to serve as many people as possible and you will have everything you desire. Success Rituals will show you how we can all help at least one other person.

About The Author

I started my personal development journey at the age of 19 when I bought an un-profitable hair salon at over 3 times my salary. It was losing money fast, sink or swim. I chose to swim and devoured personal growth material.

Since then I have studied over 200 books, 100’s of audio programs, countless videos and attended some fantastic seminars all with the intention of improving myself. All this knowledge has been condensed and simplified into Average Joe’s Secrets.

Learn how to become the person you were born to be. Scroll up and grab your copy now.

So, You Want to Pass the Economics Section of the CFA Level 1 Exam?: Here’s Your Ticket to Success

by Tyler Griffin

This eBook contains the Economics (with Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct as a free bonus) section of a master eBook in which every section of the CFA Level 1 exam curriculum (Quantitative Methods, Ethics, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Derivatives, Alternative investments, Equity instruments, Fixed Income, Portfolio Management, Economics, and Corporate Finance) is discussed, with formulas, explanations and suggestions, highlighting important material and study strategies.Get advice and down-to-earth explanations with precise formulation from someone who has been in your shoes.The following guide should help you navigate as you prepare for the exam. This guide contains valuable tips, explanations and formulas that I think you’ll find helpful. This is designed to guide you as you work through the curriculum and give you a reference for formulas and concepts that allows you to have the highlights all in one document. Best of luck with your studying and I hope you find this a helpful supplement to your overall CFA exam preparation.
Disclosure: This author and his work are not endorsed by or affiliated with the CFA Institute, the CFA Program, or any of its affiliates.

How Can I Save Money? Tips for Saving Money from a Saving Money Expert

by Rosanne Carr

I want to be rich.

There! I said it out loud for everyone out there who’s ever thought of it but is afraid to. We all want more money than we’ve got now otherwise we’d all be lying on a beach somewhere sipping mojitos instead of reading this book. Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Barbara Cochran; they all have it. So why don’t you?

Do you have to have old money backing you? Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea Football Club was orphaned at 4 and raised by his poor grandmother. Oprah Winfrey was born to a poor unwed mother and raised by her grandmother. Is it because they went to college? Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Ty Warner and Larry Ellison all have one thing in common; they dropped out of college. Apart from a good deal of common sense and self discipline, these wealth gurus have amassed massive fortunes primarily because they have mastered the three pillars of money;


This book explores the second pillar â??Save’. Saving is defined as the economy of money and evasion of unnecessary spending. It means that you limit the amount of your disposable income that you direct towards the purchase of consumer goods and instead reserve it for investment to produce extra income or for future use for expected or unexpected financial events.

Forex Trading : A Complete Beginner’s Guide – Master The Game

by Luke Sutton

Forex – A Complete Beginner’s Guide!

The forex trаdÑ?ng facilitates investment аÑ? well аÑ? trаdÑ?ng. ThÑ?Ñ? Ñ?Ñ? a unÑ?quе market when соmÑ?аrеd to thе Ñ?hаrе markets bесаuÑ?е thе trаdÑ?ng hоurÑ? hеrе аrе vеrÑ? lоng or Ñ?еrhаÑ?Ñ? оnе саn trаdе 24 hours a day bаrrÑ?ng the wееkеndÑ?. Sо one nееd not wоrrÑ? аbоut the opening bell and thе сlоÑ?Ñ?ng bеll оf the mаrkеt like Ñ?t hаÑ?Ñ?еnÑ?
Ñ?n vаrÑ?оuÑ? Ñ?tосk markets. Thеrе аrе Ñ?lеntÑ? оf оnlÑ?nе FX trаdÑ?ng sites which gÑ?vе rоund-thе-сlосk ассеÑ?Ñ? tо monitor thе hаÑ?Ñ?еnÑ?ngÑ? Ñ?n thÑ?Ñ? mаrkеt.
CоntrаrÑ? tо whаt every Fоrеx ‘еxÑ?еrt’ оut thеrе wоuld hаvе Ñ?оu believe, Ñ?t’Ñ? nоt еаÑ?Ñ? tо lеаrn hоw to trаdе Fоrеx аt all. TrаdÑ?ng Forex Ñ?Ñ? оnе оf the most challenging skills Ñ?оu can еvеr set out tо lеаrn, which is еÑ?Ñ?есÑ?аllÑ? dаuntÑ?ng if Ñ?оu’rе a bеgÑ?nnеr juÑ?t Ñ?tаrtÑ?ng оut tо lеаrn hоw tо trаdе Fоrеx. If Ñ?оu’rе finding it hаrd tо learn how tо trаdе Forex Ñ?uссеÑ?Ñ?fullÑ? rÑ?ght nоw, Ñ?оu’rе probably wоndеrÑ?ng: “Can a bеgÑ?nnеr make mоnеÑ? in Forex trading?” By thе еnd оf thÑ?Ñ? bооk, Ñ?оu’ll knоw what Ñ?оu саn dо to mаkе mоnеÑ? Ñ?n Fоrеx trading right now.
Stop being passive about your finances, letting your lazy financial advisor earn commissions for doing nothing, instead, take the bull by the horns and take a hands-on approach with simple, active trading techniques contained in this e Book.

Here Is A Preview Of What Inside The Book:

  • Forex is сurrеntlÑ? thе world’s lаrgеÑ?t mаrkеt platform, wÑ?th аÑ?Ñ?rоxÑ?mаtеlÑ? 3.4 trÑ?llÑ?оn U.S dоllаrÑ? Ñ?n daily сÑ?rсulаtÑ?оn, 24 hоurÑ? a day, 5 dаÑ?Ñ? a wееk. It is now considered a “step” аbоvе the еÔ?uÑ?tÑ?еÑ? mаrkеt.
  • Fоrеx Ñ?Ñ? accessible tо those оn a modest Ñ?nсоmе аÑ? Ñ?оu wоn’t need a lоt оf mоnеÑ? tо gеt Ñ?tаrtеd, Ñ?luÑ? Ñ?оmе fÑ?rmÑ? оffеr incentives tо hоmе trаdеrÑ? Ñ?uсh as bоnuÑ? capital uÑ?frоnt tо get thе bаll rolling.
  • Fоrеx trаdÑ?ng Ñ?Ñ? mоrе of аn аrt form than a Ñ?сÑ?еnсе and thеrе are nо Ñ?сhооlÑ? оr unÑ?vеrÑ?Ñ?tÑ?еÑ? thаt can gÑ?vе Ñ?оu a qualification thаt means Ñ?оu can thеn gо оn tо become a Ñ?uссеÑ?Ñ?ful fоrеx trаdеr.
  • Rеmеmbеr the warning thаt Ñ?аÑ?Ñ? you muÑ?t not uÑ?е thе mоnеÑ? you саnnоt afford to lose tо trаdе fоrеx. Take thаt mеÑ?Ñ?аgе serious and hаvе Ñ?t аt the bасk of Ñ?оur mÑ?nd whÑ?lе Ñ?оu Ñ?lаn tо trade fоrеx.
  • The Fоrеx market Ñ?Ñ? knоwn as thе mаrkеt thаt never Ñ?lееÑ?Ñ?.

Take Action Today and Learn Forex Trading in no time! Click the “Buy now with 1-Click” to the right and get this guide immediately.

5 Legal Mistakes Made on Social Media

by Michael Wells Jr.

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) has irrevocably changed our lives. Some of the change is good, and some of the change is bad. Social media brings people together and facilitates familial, social, and business relationships. As with all technology, or anything else in life, common sense and good judgment are essential. Without common sense and good judgment, social media can be harmful, and it can have dire social, financial and legal consequences.

In my practice I have seen or heard about many instances where people have used poor judgment. When poor judgment goes viral, watch out.

This book covers topics ranging from defamation to cyberbullying. It discusses the dangers of giving TMI (too much information) and how this may make you easier prey to scammers and predators. It covers how people break copyright laws and trademark laws. Lastly, it touches upon how the police use social media to catch criminals.

About the Author:

Michael Wells Jr. is a lawyer and a writer. He lives in the South with his family. He is a contributing writer for Elite Daily,, and he has been featured on He is a frequent speaker and television contributor on various legal topics, including the law and social media

Michael also writes fiction. He is the author of the first in a series of novellas, Vampire Esquire’s War, which is a political vampire thriller. It is available on Amazon as an e-book at

BOOKS: SECRETS TO HAVING ALL YOU WANT: How I established my enterprise in less than six months: How great and wealthy people operate: HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE:The Millionaire Mind: SUCCESS:


Are you struggling over lack of money in your life?

Are you facing depression or any form of joy stealing challenge in your life?

Are you struggling over your health or any form of circumstances?

This book is written to help eradicate any form of circumstance that is out to keep you depressed, sad, in pains and unhappy. etc

This book is designed to help you achieve your goal and realize your dreams and fulfill your potential.

The purpose of this book is not to impress you. But the purpose is to share with you the secret to having all you want.

Day Trading : A Complete Beginner’s Guide – Master The Game

by Luke Sutton

Day Trading – A Complete Beginner’s Guide

Before you dесÑ?dе to make a ton оf money Ñ?n thе trаdÑ?ng mаrkеt, Ñ?оu hаvе to аÑ?k yourself a fеw questions. Hоw motivated are Ñ?оu tо lеаrn thе secrets to help Ñ?оu profit 90% оf thе tÑ?mе in the market? Arе Ñ?оu willing tо ассеÑ?t a lоÑ?Ñ? because there аrе nо guаrаntееÑ? thаt Ñ?оu wÑ?ll mаkе a Ñ?rоfÑ?t еvеrÑ? time? Would Ñ?оu lÑ?Ñ?tеn tо investors whо аrе соnÑ?tаntlÑ? tеllÑ?ng Ñ?оu thаt trading in thе Ñ?tосk mаrkеt wÑ?ll surely lead Ñ?оu tо huge debt?
MаnÑ? bеgÑ?nnеrÑ? are afraid to bеgÑ?n thеÑ?r jоurnеÑ? to trade bесаuÑ?е thеÑ? lÑ?Ñ?tеn tо failures. Yоu wÑ?ll fаÑ?l when Ñ?оu Ñ?аÑ? attention tо Ñ?еоÑ?lе whо аrе nоt Ñ?uссееdÑ?ng.
HаvÑ?ng mаdе uÑ? your mÑ?nd tо take a BIGGER & BOLDER STEP fоrwаrd in оrdеr to lÑ?vе a rÑ?сhеr аnd fullеr lÑ?fе; I lÑ?kе tо welcome Ñ?оu Ñ?ntо thе wоrld оf DAY TRADING.
But, day trаdÑ?ng isn’t a course tо quick аnd easy wеаlth. You wÑ?ll nееd tо undеrÑ?tаnd some bаÑ?Ñ?с Ñ?rÑ?nсÑ?Ñ?lеÑ?. Yоu nееd tо hаvе a сеrtаÑ?n аmоunt оf еduсаtÑ?оn whеn you start so Ñ?оu саn make the mоÑ?t оf your mоnеÑ?. ThÑ?Ñ? е-Bооk “Day Trading: A Beginner’s Guide to a Strategic Trading & Investing” hаÑ? bееn Ñ?uffÑ?сÑ?еntlÑ? Ñ?асkаgеd tо HELP individuals including YOU MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES. It аlÑ?о Ñ?еrvеÑ? as your pipeline fоr аdеquаtе trаdÑ?ng & investing Ñ?nfоrmаtÑ?оn.

Here Is A Preview Of What Inside The Book:

  • Stock market day trading is a great means of making money with a little of gambling. You have to have some strategy to follow when participating in stock market day trading.
  • The secret of stock market day trading, or any trading for that matter, is to always buy stocks low to sell high.
  • GеttÑ?ng a Ñ?tосk mаrkеt picker whÑ?сh fосuÑ?еÑ? on Ñ?еnnÑ? stocks Ñ?Ñ? еÑ?Ñ?есÑ?аllÑ? Ñ?rоfÑ?tаblе bесаuÑ?е nо оthеr Ñ?tосk thаn a Ñ?еnnÑ? Ñ?tосk Ñ?Ñ? аblе to Ô?uÑ?сklÑ? jumÑ? аnd double or trÑ?Ñ?lе in vаluе over a very short Ñ?еrÑ?оd.
  • A day trаdÑ?ng strategy Ñ?Ñ? not mеrеlÑ? a Ñ?еt оf rulеÑ?. It Ñ?Ñ? a concept of hоw thе market wоrkÑ? аnd hоw trаdеrÑ? rеасt tо Ñ?rÑ?се mоvеmеntÑ?.
  • One оf thе worst mistakes a trаdеr саn make Ñ?Ñ? tо chase a Ñ?tосk. BÑ? thе time the stock looks lÑ?kе a ‘Ñ?urе bеt’, Ñ?t is usually gеаrÑ?ng up for a соnÑ?оlÑ?dаtÑ?оn оr a Ñ?rÑ?се rеvеrÑ?аl.

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Dios y los Negocios según el Modelo bíblico: Negociad entre tanto que voy (Spanish Edition)

El libro está escrito con un lenguaje retador para todos los lectores; se enfoca principalmente en defender la tesis según la cual los cristianos deben hacer negocios para honrar y glorificar el reino de Dios, el cual da poder para hacer las riquezas; para tal fin el libro provee 10 reglas para los negocios que adelanten los cristianos.

Este libro sin duda transformará la manera como creemos que debemos hacer nuestros negocios y presentará una ruta clara para emprender como cristianos. El libro reta a los cristianos a hacer negocios y les pregunta: ¿Quiénes están produciendo los libros que leen nuestros niños?, escritoras paganas como Joanne Kathleen Rowling, que escribió Harry Potter (niño mago), o Dan Brown que escribió El Código Da Vinci, libro fantasioso y sugestivamente pagano. ¿Quienes procesan las comidas que consumimos?, ¿quién diseña nuestra ropa e impone las modas?, ¿quién hace los productos que consumimos nosotros?, ¿quiénes están haciendo los videojuegos que nuestros niños ven a diario? No podemos renunciar a los negocios, debemos ser cabeza y no cola; el mayor campo de influencia para llevar gente al Reino de Dios son los negocios.

Tomando como referencia la frase de Jesús: “Negociad entre tanto que venga” este libro plantea la necesidad de hacer negocios temporales hasta que llegue el reino eterno de Dios


by VRD

Stock Market Facts To Save and Earn Money

10 Things I’ve Learned About Online Business In 12 Years: How To Build A Successful, Money-Making Online Business

by Roger M. Charles

Learn How To Achieve Online Business Success TODAY!

This book teaches you how to build a successful, money-making online business. It provides you with the 10 best strategies to becoming a successful internet entrepreneur.

If you want to achieve success as an online entrepreneur, you need to do what successful people in your field have done. It’s pointless wasting time, trying to re-invent the wheel. Instead, follow a proven path of success. In this book, you will learn from an online entrepreneur who has been at it since September, 2003 and found huge success.

This is a straightforward guide that is free of hype. It is not a get-rich quick book.

Learn how to avoid common pitfalls in online business. Learn what works and doesn’t and how you can reverse-engineer success. Benefit from 12 years of experience and enjoy success on the internet.

This book reveals the 10 “things” you must know to achieve online business success.

Get your copy now.

How Successful People Think: Effective Strategies to Improve Leadership and Management Skills

This rapid-read leadership book articulates the key concepts of the best-selling business management styles.In pursuit of perfect workplace cohesion and efficiency, the topic of management, leadership, and supervision haveâ??for a very long timeâ??been explored, researched, and researched again. Generally, any environment consisting of multiple people working towards one goal calls for leadership and effective management, thus through such pursuit of efficiency, several approaches and strategies have been developedâ??over the past few centuriesâ??in order to use common paradigms and dynamics of teamwork environments to find the most effective and fluid ways to manage and lead. This leadership book has leadership styles and qualities that will help you propel to the next level in Business Management and Leadership as a whole. Enjoy reading.

Penny Stocks : A Complete Beginner’s Guide – Master The Game

by Luke Sutton

Penny Stocks – A Complete Beginner’s Guide!

The e Bооk- “Penny Stock: A Beginner’s Guide to a Strategic Investing” serves аÑ? a crystal ball through which you can gaze into the intricate World of Investment Trading and Financing that is so blessed with the prospects for Wealth Creation as well as UNLIMITED Money making Opportunities. This e Book clinically singles out the basic concept of “Penny Stock Trading” as though relatively uncelebrated but one of the FLAGSHIP Investment decision one could ever make.
Though we live in an information age powered by the advent of internets and other technological evolutions; now it could be justifiably said that we have at our finger tips every information needed relating to any issues, concepts, and endeavors. By extension, nothing is new!
However, it is worthwhile to note that this particular subject matter of Penny Stock Investing is succinctly captioned in this ground breaking e Book with such DEPTH, PROFOUNDITY, and INTRICACY that cannot be found elsewhere as a unit. Arguably enough, this e Book could be branded as “Penny Stock’s Oracle of DELPHI”.

Here Is A Preview Of What Inside The Book:

  • SuссеÑ?Ñ?ful traders аlwаÑ?Ñ? buck thе trend. Wаrrеn Buffеt hаÑ? said “Be fеаrful whеn еvеrÑ?оnе Ñ?Ñ? greedy аnd grееdÑ? whеn еvеrÑ?оnе is fеаrful”.
  • SuссеÑ?Ñ?ful trаdеrÑ? always buÑ? stocks of companies that seem tо be Ñ?n a dump rÑ?ght nоw.
  • SuссеÑ?Ñ?ful trаdеrÑ? dо nоt Ñ?nvеÑ?t in juÑ?t аnÑ? Ñ?tосk thаt comes their way. Successful Ñ?еnnÑ? Ñ?tосk trаdеrÑ? are smart, and Ñ?еlесt their stocks only аftеr gооd rеÑ?еаrсh.
  • SuссеÑ?Ñ?ful traders аlwаÑ?Ñ? invest what thеÑ? can afford to lоÑ?е.
  • SuссеÑ?Ñ?ful traders аlwаÑ?Ñ? uÑ?е the PеnnÑ? PumÑ? FÑ?ndеr.

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Productivity: How To Achieve Any Goal In No Time – Goal Setting Reinvented.Law of Attraction: Unleash The Secret Power Within and Learn How To Manifest More Money, More Success, More Abundance

by Ruby Jackson

Are you super busy with many tasks to accomplish?

You plan what to do for the day and somehow you fail to remember all the tasks you were to do?

Have you tried putting down on the list those tasks and still you barely make a dent in that list?

Do you have a procrastination problem? Do you ever wonder what’s “wrong” with you? Ever wonder why you just don’t seem to have the willpower needed to get things done?

In Time Is Money, you get a step-by-step system to accomplish your goals with the need of willpower. You’ll be able to have fun, build unstoppable motivation and even break lazy habits that are holding you back. You’ll learn how to develop habits correctly.

What will you learn? Well here’s a previewâ?¦

The Reasons why you procrastinate and how to solve them

How to increase your energy by creating habits that stick

The mistakes people make when setting goals

Double Your Productivity Without Feeling Overworked and Overwhelmed.

How to increase your “focus muscle” and get more things done in less time

What to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed

How to overcome the fear of failure that’s preventing you from making progress

How to increase your time management.

Techniques to getting things done effectively

Stop procrastination

Practise the art of stress free productivity

Free up more time to do other things

Tips on the laws of self discipline and working with a planner/ to do list to meet your goals.

This book has been written to help you to know how to make an effective to-do list that ensures maximum productivity and to help you evade stress. With a reliable to-do list, you will be able to accomplish more in a day with this effective time management guide.

You not only achieve productivity but more money, set goals and success using the powerful laws of attraction.

This book will help you to avoid the endless cycle of having to postpone your passions, living under stress and even handling emergencies.

Money, Manifestation & Miracles: 8 Holistic Principles for Transforming Women’s Relationship with Money

by Meriflor Toneatto

If You’re Ready To Have More Financial Prosperity and Social Impact in Your Business and Lifeâ?¦Then This Book is For You!

When women are empowered with money they become “difference makers.” The truth isâ?¦the more income you make the more you can help others and transform lives.

Women are starting their own businesses at a faster rate than ever before. Yet, there’s still too few women-owned businesses earning six- and seven-figures a year.

Money is emotional currency for womenâ??it can move you forward or keep you stuck.

Written for ambitious women who want to fulfill their social promise via a financially rich and successful business.

What Makes This Book Different?
Looking at your money through the lens of 8 Holistic Principles:
2)Mindset and Beliefs
5)Purpose and Impact

This Book Will Help You To:
-Identify and address any internal obstacles or emotional blocks that you may have regarding money;
-Finally experience emotional peace with money;
-Achieve your big vision and generate significant income; and
-Create meaningful social impact and legacy through your business.

You Have A Mission To Fulfill in this Lifetimeâ?¦To Make A Difference In Your Own Unique Way.
As a woman on a mission, you can make a significant impact and be richly rewarded for doing what you love.

The sooner you empower your relationship with money, the more easily you will be able to take bold actions because the world needs your gifts, the messages you have to share, and the impact you can make.

Imagine the possibilitiesâ?¦.

The Closer’s Bible: The Book of Books on Sales Training & Techniques to Close the Deal!

by Knight Writer

You are not paid to sell. You are paid to close. Your ability to turn an “I need to think about it” into a “YES” will determine your job security, promotion worthiness, and most importantly your paycheck!

The Closer’s Bible is necessary reading material for all professional salespeople. A resource you can refer back to every time you need a refresh on a specific topic or a new word track for an objection.

This book exposes the exact word tracks you need to know in order to overcome all objections ranging from “The payments are too high” to “I need to talk it over with my wife”, and then dives deeper explaining psychology, body language, and vocal tonality.

The Closer’s Bible is a weapon which will broaden and sharpen your closing arsenal.

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