Free fantasy Kindle books for 28 Aug 16

Blood Tree: Silver Edition

by Scarlett Dawn

***This is the Blood Tree box set. It contains Kenna and Juliet’s stories. There is also an exclusive bonus short story featuring Susan!***

Where there is Dark, there is Light.

The two halves make a whole.

Or do they battle for dominance?


Kenna Julius is your average teenage girl. She has a bossy mom, a new boyfriend in school, and she never dreams of enchanted lands or fairy tale castles.

She lives in the real world.

Or so she thought…


Juliet Julius watched her daughter grow into a fierce young woman. She protected her. She guarded her. She sacrificed all she had to give.

Now it’s Juliet’s turn to live.

But she may have a sinister problem of her own…


Susan Julius has loved one man her entire life. He’s brilliant, strong, and powerful. And he has never given her any indication he feels the same way.

Though, situations are about to change.

One will be deadly. The other will awaken desire…

The Shadow Seekers

by Christopher Hwang

There’s a reason why humanity has survived the threat of vampires, werewolves, and other nasty monsters. It’s because they’re afraid of us.

Angry, scared, and riled up humans can create Darkfallow, creatures born from negative emotions. These shadow beasts cannot be permanently destroyed, except by people born with the gift of Weaving, the Shadow Seekers. There is a lot of negativity in the world, and the last thing other monsters want to do is help create more competition.

With the help of wizards, allied supernatural beings, and massive wards, the Seekers have mostly contained the threat of rampaging Darkfallow, and the modern world has no idea these creatures and their exterminators exist.

Enter Shadow Seeker Mark Chiang and Certified Wizard Ren Rodriguez. These two geeks have sat their asses down watching TV and playing video games all day while they got paid to guard the entire Los Angeles metropolis. They take the meaning of guard to be eating, sleeping, and playing while occasionally smiting the odd Darkfallow that manages to form under the area’s ward. It’s the equivalent of a cozy, easy paper-pushing government job, but they’re about to realize how unprepared they are when the system breaks down.

Written in Stone (Elsewhere in the Otherwhens Book 1)

by Glen James Lewis

A hilarious fantasy adventure suitable for young adult humans and up. NOT suitable for cave trolls or goblins.

This is the trade of a troll, told in fairy tales in our world and instruction manuals in theirs: Trolls toll bridges. But Brian Trollton doesn’t want to live under a bridge out in the middle of the swamp he calls home. He wants to live somewhere with clean running water for a start, and wallpaper might be nice too.

Luckily, the far-off city of Marlowe is a place with lots of wallpaper and water that you can actually see the bottom of. However, it’s also a city whose paltry police force is facing a mysterious murderer of great power. There is evil magic in the air and quite possibly written within the very stone of the city itself.

They could probably use the help of a troll, come to think of it.

Shifting Focus (A Paranormal, Urban, Fantasy Novella) (Focus Series Book 2)

by Alex Bostwick

Shifting Focus, the second entry in the urban fantasy Focus series, continues the story of a world of wizards, shapeshifters, and terrorist plots.

For centuries, the organization of wizards known as Focus has had a simple goal: help humanity in any way they can. Set in contemporary America, Shifting Focus follows the story of Nora Tress, wizard of Focus. When she meets a mysterious stranger who tells her that her organization actually plans to end the lives of thousands, Nora faces a harsh reality of deception, intrigue, and dangerous confrontations. With countless lives on the line, Nora and her new companion must figure out a way to stop an event that will change the world forever.

Fans of The Dresden Files will love the humor and action in this novella, a story of intrigue, magic, and espionage.

Can Nora trust the strangerĂ¢?? or anybody?

Can they uncover the truth about a rogue faction of Focus?

Will Nora be able to do anything to stop their plan?

Buy Now and Find Out What Happens Next…

The Dark Fae Series: Book 1

by Ella Price

As a young werewolf Scarlett never felt like she fit in. She couldn’t shift like a werewolf, not even on the full moon. She blames her weakness on the fact she is a half breed, part werewolf and part human. She moves with her mother and her mother’s new mate, Dominic, to the town of Luna. Scarlett fears she won’t fit in and that her secret will be discovered. She befriends Eli, the pack leaders son, and Ricky his best friend. Scarlett soon finds herself falling for Ricky. She begins to discover who she is, and more importantly what she really is as she tries to find her place in the new pack.

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