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Tales From the Creator’s Crypt

by Kangaroo Jill

Welcome to the all new Paranormal, Crime, Mystery and drama series straight through the eyes and full on accounts of current twenty year old Kangaroo author, soon to be Kangaroo, Lena Jill Lorenzen aka “Miss Joey”, where you experience at least most of the current world today truthfully between her eyes; along with at least one or two fiction elements on the side.

WEREWOLF ROMANCE: Savory Shifter (Steamy Shifter Romance Collection) (Paranormal New Adult Fantasy Short Stories)

Savory shifters you can’t resist!

A collection of werewolf shifters and bear shifters for your enjoyment. Be sure

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This special collection includes 5 books inside. 160,000 words inside!

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Dark Humor

by James Straka

Gary Banner lost his job, has a wife and daughter that hate him, and is on the edge of insanity. The only thing that brings Gary any joy is performing as a clown at children’s birthday parties. But when Gary’s wife demands a divorce, the clown doesn’t react the way she intended.

A twisted tale that targets a common phobia for most people – clowns. Dark Humor gives a disturbing look inside a man who is truly losing his mind. With his horn in one hand and a knife in the other, there is no telling what this clown will do when pushed to the edge.

Sin Lieth at the Door

by D. J. Moore

When Cain murdered his brother Abel, God placed a mark upon Cain lest any finding him should kill him. According to Mormon folklore, the mark God placed upon Cain made him look hairy and ape-like. Since no one can kill him, Cain still wonders the earth to this day in the form of Bigfoot. A group camping in the woods is about to have a terrifying encounter with the First Murderer involving an unidentified body, a hidden cave, and a scroll written in a forgotten language. By the end of their adventure, Cain may claim another victim.


by Anthony Cowley


Every generation throws up someone remarkable. Hero or villain, their name will survive when they have long-departed their earth-bond and passed into the annals of history. Such a man was Tomasz Bosko.

Rescued from certain death as an infant and reared amongst a pagan community, the foundling is destined to realise an extraordinary potential and to fashion a revolt against an incursion by a religion which threatens the Goral’s way of life.

Whatever the personal cost, Tomasz Bosko determines to perpetuate the beliefs and freedom of those people to whom he owes his life.

The countdown years to end the first millennium were also to herald the prospect of radical change for the population of a disjointed Silesia. It was during this period that Piotr Gorski, self-styled head of the Polen, an otherwise nondescript man, would emerge from his position of relative obscurity and attempt to forge the squabbling factions into a fledgling nation. If successful, he would further realise his personal ambition in becoming overarching ruler to this divided people. His position, at the onset to this plan, lacked substance.

Deeming it necessary to bolster his claim, and to overcome this perceived stumbling block, he orchestrated a â??marriage of convenience’ to Natalia, a mature woman of rank from a neighbouring principality. Reluctantly, Gorski is drawn into acceptance of her family’s terms for this proposed union. Ardent proponents of the Catholic religion, their demand is for the gradual imposition of their faith on the predominantly-pagan communities of Silesia.

The mystic, Ewa Slezsko, has been blessed with an inherent gift. Her visions have shown confrontation to be inevitable. The outcome of such a conflict was too far into the future for her to see with any real clarity and, if she had, would have envisaged the possibility of an upstart who would present a very real challenge to both men.

Web of Life

by Gary Holland

     Beneath the world wide web that we all use everyday there are layers that the average person can not get into. Known as the deep web, the shadow web or the dark web. As we said most of us can not get there, nor should we! Upon recieving information Cleveland based F.B.I. special agents Schwarts and O’Brien are tasked with going deep into the internet and They must find four young computer geeks and stop them from their gruesome plans.

Passion for the Bear: Combo Deal (Volume 1 & 2): White Spirit Bear Romance (Bear Shifter) (Paranormal Romance) (Suspense) (Steamy Romance) (Shifters Book 4)

by Michelle Hart


Passion for the Bear 1White Spirit Bear Romance

Passion for the Bear 2White Spirit Bear Romance

Passion for the Bear 1

Reeling from grief, Amanda takes a vacation to her parents’ mountainside cabin in the woods outside of Seattle, Washington. While in town, she meets a handsome young man named Dylan, but he has a deep secret.

One night, out on a date, Amanda finds out that Dylan can shape shift into a bear, but not just any bear. He shifts into a super rare and powerful White Spirit Kermode Bear. This is also the same night that she reveals to Dylan that she’s a virgin.

She also learns that a local clan of Rival bear shifters are committed to stopping the white spirit bears from expanding their territory. After a few days, she finds herself right in the middle of the conflict.

Amanda is faced with a choice. She can stay out of the fight and lose Dylan forever, or she can fight with him and maybe lose something of her own.

Content Warning: A Hot Shifter Romance with explicit love scenes and naughty language.

Passion for the Bear 2

Amanda and Dylan have now been together for two months. Amanda is still trying to get used to the fact that Dylan is a not only just a bear shifter, but is actually a rare White Spirit Kermode bear.

They’re getting ready to go on a ski vacation to Whistler Mountain and one day, during a very “steamy” session over the phone, Dylan tells Amanda that he loves her. Amanda does not reciprocate but after some awkwardness, things get back to normal.

On their ski trip, they encounter a mysterious man named Jase who is actually Dylan’s long lost brother and also a White Spirit Bear. They learn that there is a curse on the White Spirit Bears and that the only way to break it is for Jase and Dylan to reunite with their other lost brother. If they do not break the curse, the Spirit Bear will fade into extinction.

But only one person knows where that brother is, and that person has been kidnapped by poachers. They set out to save Edgar, the shifter that has the information about Jase and Dylan’s brother.

At the end of the story, Amanda must decide if she’s ready to tell Dylan that she’s in love with him. Will she tell him?

Content Warning: A Hot Shifter Romance with explicit love scenes and naughty language.

Special Bonus From Valentino Publishing

Alpha Lion Mate:Lion Shifter Romance

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