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Harvester (Book 1, Harvester of Light Trilogy; Young Adult Dystopian Fiction)

by S.J. West

What price would you pay to live forever?

In a time when technology gives you the choice of trading in your humanity for immortality, war has broken out between those who have chosen eternal life, known as Harvesters, and the last bastion of humans who view death as a small price to pay to retain their immortal souls.

As one of the few remaining survivors of the war, Skye and her best friend Ash struggle to live in what’s left of a post-nuclear United States. They elude capture by the Harvesters and simply try to stay alive in a world gone mad. After years on the run together, Skye’s feelings for Ash develop into a love that is never openly reciprocated. Ash stoutly maintains his role as Skye’s guardian, never allowing his emotions to get in the way of keeping her protected.

Finding themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, Skye and Ash become embroiled in a struggle against two Harvesters who are torturing a young man named Jace. During the altercation to save themselves and Jace, Ash is mortally wounded. Skye begins to lose hope that she can save her friend until a mysterious woman appears out of nowhere. The woman instructs Skye to journey to the Southern Kingdom, a haven built by the surviving members of humanity, if she ever wants to be with Ash again.

“Our fates are in your hands. Don’t fail us,” the woman warns Skye before literally vanishing into thin air, taking Ash with her.

Desperate to be reunited with Ash, Skye and Jace begin their long trek towards the Southern Kingdom. Along the way, Skye unlocks a dark secret about her past, and discovers why Jace is so adamant that he knows her even though he has no memories about his own past. During the trials they face together along the way, Skye attempts to cope with her developing feelings for Jace. Feelings she never thought she would have for anyone but Ash.

Disclaimer: This is not another Harvester of Light series. I have simply revamped the covers.

Exact word count : 79, 560

Days of Our Future: Sequel to The Unforgotten Past

by Brianne Pryor

Caught between the duty of her social standing and the fear of what the outside world holds, eighteen-year-old LooAnne Nash finds herself facing the fallout of her family’s decisions when she decides to leave the protection of her illustrious uncle to further her education.

Still recovering from a broken heart, LooAnne is determined to shelter it from the dashing, yet reticent deputy of Dallas County.

But when she is dropped in the midst of unwanted relations, family secrets, and a world she thought she left behind, LooAnne must find a way to escape her past and protect her heart before it’s too late.

Days of Our Future is a riveting tale of new found love, broken relationships, and the strongest ties that bind.

Life at Sixty-Five Inches: My Thoughts and Stories

by Jonathan Neuschwander

I am Jonathan D. Neuschwander and I have lived a very interesting and unique life. Read about it in my first book, a toilet read. Each story is short enough that you may read a story or a chapter while sitting on the john and come back in a few hours and not miss a drop. If you use the bathroom, then this book is for you. Put down the paper and pick up Life at Sixty-Five Inches

The Ultimate SAT Vocabulary Guide

by Andrea Schiralli

Struggling to memorize thousands of SAT vocabulary words? Thanks to the innovative learning method used in our Ultimate SAT Vocabulary Guide, you’ll save immeasurable hours of precious study time. Our vocabulary words are organized according to synonyms so that you can memorize words in groups of similar definitionsâ??rendering vocabulary acquisition as painless as possible!

Bending Nature: A different kind of vampire novel

by Samantha Stone

Julie Sparks thinks life as a teen is difficult, but she didn’t realize just how bizarre life would be once three men in Armani suits storm into the museum where she works and try to steal Michael, a famous, winged statue. When one of the men starts to hurt Julie, the statue breaks apart, revealing a beautiful, pale teen. He rips them apart.

Despite how terrified Julie was with how easily Michael killed those men, she falls for his charm and beauty. More men come for Michael. The mystery turns into conspiracy. Julie is in too deep now. She must do everything in her power to not only save her friends and family, but the whole world.

“Set some time aside because you will not be able to put this one down”

Minecraft: Diary of Steve and the Wimpy Creeper – Book 2: Unofficial Minecraft Diary Books for Kids age 8 9 10 11 12 Teens Adventure Fan Fiction Series … – Fan Series – Steve and the Wimpy Creeper)

by Skeleton Steve

Love MINECRAFT? **Over 14,000 words of kid-friendly fun!**

This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game!

Cree the Creeper ran away!!

After book 1, when Steve introduced his new creeper friend, Cree, to his friends, they scared him away! Now, Steve is determined to find his new friend and bring him back home. But when the search for Cree leads him into a massive and dangerous underground dungeon, will Steve have the strength and resourcefulness to locate Cree and get out alive?

Love Minecraft adventure??

Read Book 2 of Steve and the Wimpy Creeper now!

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(Get free Minecraft goodies, tips, books, maps, skins, seeds, and more!)

Author’s Note: This is an unofficial Minecraft book. Minecraft is a registered trademark of, and owned by, Mojang AB, and its respective owners, which do not approve, endorse, sponsor, or authorize this book.

Minecraft®/TM & © 2009-2016 Mojang AB/Notch



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Little Girl, You Are Beautiful

by Dede Curry

This is to encourage little girls of color so they know that they are beautiful no matter what features they have. It will help to build self-confidence. A great book to just sit with your little girls and read before bed. Make sure they know it is alright to be and look different.

Magic Land: 20 Original Hand-Drawn Illustrations to Travel the World of Tales, Myths and Legends with Your Imagination (Relaxation & Creativity)

by Robin Hope

Coloring books aren’t a new trend, but the increasing popularity of adult coloring books may have you asking what on Earth is going on. While you may be tempted to think that this is a fast passing fad, you may be surprised to know that there are a vast number of benefits to be had from joining in on the adult coloring book trend.

Our exclusive adult coloring book shares just about everything you ever wanted to know about the budding adult coloring craze. In addition to learning more about the benefits of adult coloring, you will find unique and creative coloring pages so that you can try your hand at this new hobby!

Whether you are looking to understand the adult coloring “fad” or whether you are looking to understand just why you love this new trend so much, this book explains it all!

Inside you will find plenty of amazing adult coloring designs as well as explanation of some of the benefits of adult coloring including:

  • The increase of sociability
  • A reduction of stress and anxiety
  • An increase in focus
  • An increase in fine motor skills

After getting started on these unique patterns, you will find yourself spending more and more time enjoying the benefits of coloring!

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Apprentice Fool (Nobody’s Fool Quartet Book 1)

by Aldred Chase

When cruel Prince Dorian’s grain collector leaves the village of Mottle with so little grain that they face starvation over the coming winter, only thirteen year old Keth is prepared to do anything about it. His attempt to steal back the grain goes wrong, and he only escapes capture by joining a band of traveling players, as their apprentice fool.

The troupe is journeying towards the capital where rebels are plotting to overthrow Prince Dorian. As Keth works to develop his natural talent as a fool, he discovers he has an unwanted gift; he can see the terrifying wraiths that haunt the wounded land. Can Keth keep his audience laughing long enough to join the rebels and bring down the prince, or will the sinister wraiths get to him first?

Apprentice Fool is Book One in the Nobody’s Fool Quartet, a tale of comedy and adventure.

Tigress: A Short Story

by D. Marie Prokop

A mashup of superhero action/adventure and contemporary YA, this unusual short story contains unlikely heroes, bruised hearts, misfits, and spandex.


by America Selby


Forgiveness is something we all seek and need at some point in our life. It is a valuable gift that may be difficult to obtain from those who we have offended, and may be difficult for us to give to those who have offended us. However, forgiveness is completely necessary in order for us to move on with our lives, be freed from negativity, achieve peace of mind, and have true hope for the future. Just as God has forgiven us numerous times for the different wrongdoings we have done, big and small, we have to learn to ask for and give forgiveness to others.

Through prayer, we are best able to communicate with God our various feelings, and the requests that we have in our heart. Let these prayers help guide you and inspire you to attain the ultimate goal of forgiveness, and achieve true inner peace that only comes from being able to let go, and let God.


























Max und Moritz – Eine Bubengeschichte in sieben Streichen: Vollständige und kolorierte Fassung (Wilhelm Busch bei Null Papier 1) (German Edition)

by Wilhelm Busch

Ach, was muss man oft von bösen
Kindern hören oder lesen!
Wie zum Beispiel hier von diesen,
welche Max und Moritz hieÃ?en;

MAX UND MORITZ – Eine Bubengeschichte in sieben Streichen


Der Klassiker der deutschen Kinderbuchliteratur.

Mit interaktivem Menü und Anmerkungen zum Autor.

2. Auflage
Null Papier Verlag –

The Case of the Crafty Christmas Crooks (A Buckley and Bogey Cat Detective Caper) (Buckley and Bogey Cat Detective Caper2)

by Cindy Vincent

Buckley and Bogey, Cat Detectives, find their next case hits a little too close to home. Because someone has been breaking into houses and stealing all the Christmas presents! And the first two robberies even took place in their very own neighborhood. Holy Catnip! Of course, the boys leap in on all fours to investigate right away. Then it isn’t long before they realize they are dealing with some real criminal masterminds, since these burglars know exactly how to cover their tracks. Plus, the crooks have the whole town of St. Gertrude on edge and they’re threatening to ruin Christmas for everyone.

But figuring out the identity of the Christmas Crooks isn’t the only mystery around. After all, Buckley had just been adopted from the cat shelter this year, and this was the first he’d ever heard about Christmas. And he quickly finds out there is a lot to learn! From Christmas trees to Santa Claus, and jingle bells to the birth of baby Jesus, the real meaning of Christmas is a mystery to him. But he and Bogey can’t really enjoy any of it until the Christmas Crooks are caught. That’s because it becomes very clear, very quick â?? these Christmas Crooks have set their sights on the boys’ house, too! And the burglars are headed straight for their door. Holy Mackerel!

Cloud Quest

by Allie Little

Elizabella wants nothing more than to save her village from ruthless witch Gorgonia, but when she is chosen by the Oracle to embark on a quest to do just that, all she believes in will be tested.

In a moment of vengeance, Gorgonia casts a spell upon the clouds, plunging their village into peril. Join Elizabella and her brother Cato on a fantastic journey to thwart the witch who haunts them.

Can Elizabella save her village from the witch’s cruel spell and prove herself worthy of being chosen to do so?

A village under threat…

A dangerous quest…

And one young girl who must save them all!

Cloud Quest is a fantasy quest adventure story for 8-12 year olds.

Spires of Aurora

by Nathanial Covell

Welcome to Aurora: a medieval world plagued with ever-present lightning…
Cities and roads bristle with lightning spires for protection from charged skies. In thunderous, heart-stopping battles, metal shards are catapulted over enemy armies, summoning lightning from the clouds. Plants and creatures have evolved to use electricity for survival–an obsidian humanoid race, the inazuma, feed on lightning. And a few enlightened humans, an order of warrior monks, masters of electrical weaponry and physics, use it to fight and heal.
Shotoku is a naïve young warrior in this dangerous world. After killing his own brother, Shotoku vows never again to use his tremendous electromagnetic powers. But on the eve of invasion, as allies turn traitor and danger gnashes from all sides, can he hold his oath pure? Drawn to his virtue, an enemy warrior princess, Makiko, will help him find balance; and, when his principles falter, his roguish friend, Jirai, will deliver salvation. 
But in the end, only Shotoku can decide: Will he shatter his vow, unleash his chaotic power, and face the invaders alone? Or, by honoring his oath, will he gain the new allies that might help him save the world?

Der Struwwelpeter oder lustige Geschichten und drollige Bilder (HD): Optimiert für digitale Lesegeräte (HD) (Kinderbücher bei Null Papier) (German Edition)

by Heinrich Hoffmann

*** �berarbeitete Fassung in maximaler Auflösung (2048 � 1536 Pixel) ***

»Der Struwwelpeter« gilt noch vor Max und Moritz als das erfolgreichste deutsche Kinderbuch überhaupt und wurde in viele Sprachen übersetzt.

Im Jahr 1844 bemühte sich der Arzt Heinrich Hoffmann um ein Bilderbuch, das er seinem dreijährigen Sohn Carl zu Weihnachten schenken könne. Leider (oder zum Glück für den Leser) fand er nichts, was ihm für ein Kind in Carls Alter angemessen schien.

Hoffmann kaufe stattdessen ein leeres Schreibheft und entschied sich, selbst für seinen Sohn ein Bilderbuch zu zeichnen.

Das Urmanuskript ist im Germanischen Nationalmuseum ausgestellt. Schon bald nach der Erstauflage wurde das Kinderbuch in viel Sprachen übertragen. Auch Parodien oder politisierende Umdichtungen gab es schon früh. Das Thema Kindererziehung spaltete von Beginn an die Leserschaft und provozierte nachgradig einen kritischen Diskurs.

Bis zum Freiwerden des Urheberrechts 1925 erschienen schon mehr als überwältigende 540 Auflagen. Die klassische englische �bersetzung stammt von Mark Twain.

4. Auflage (Optimiert für digitale Lesegeräte (HD))
Null Papier Verlag

Invisible Justice (Justice Series Book 1)

by Kim Jewell

Book #1 in a series about teenagers that were tampered with as babies – injected with a combination of drugs that were designed to leave them with super abilities. Over time the teens start to find each other, form a team, and search for answers and the man who did this to them. Likened by readers to X-Men and Heroes, Invisible Justice is a contemporary take on teenage super heroes.

Sam Dixon is a fairly typical teenage boy – great parents, active school life, pesky sister – with a nice life. That is until it is turned upside down when he begins to experience crippling flashes of pain that take over his entire body. It doesn’t take him long to realize that these moments of burning torture are changing his body’s makeup and leaving behind extra abilities – heightened senses. His new sight, hearing, touch, taste and sense of smell give him powers beyond anything he thought possible.

A random meeting at the local hardware store connects Sam with another teen – Leesha Conway – who has also experienced similar flashes, and a very different but powerful ability – telekinesis. As they compare notes and try to make sense of what is physically happening to them, a mystery unfolds. Each clue they uncover brings more questions to the table, and thus begins the search for the person that is responsible for both the pain and the powers left with them.

Dr. Carl Blevins is the man they seek, the one who can give them all the answers. His medical education, combined with his special unit military training, has given him the knowledge he needs to play God with people’s lives. His goal is to create an army of super humans equipped to do his bidding.

Blevins’ past experimentation on adults – conducted in clinical trials during a military research project – ended in death and disaster. Not wanting to give up, he transferred his medical practice to obstetrics and, unbeknownst to the military officials that pulled the plug on the dangerous experiment, restarted his work on newborns. The combination of dormant drugs he administered in the neonatal unit was designed to kick in as each patient’s body matured fully, allowing them to realize their added potential.

As Sam and Leesha look for answers, they discover a list of other teens who could be just like them, and find two more to add to their research team. Lexi, Sam’s twin, experiences her series of flashes shortly after Sam’s are nearing the end – and finds her gift is the ability to make her body transparent. Clint, the fourth to join the team – and unaffected yet by any flashes – is mysteriously sent by the evil Dr. Blevins to help in the team’s efforts. Little do they know it has always been part of Blevins’ plan to reunite his kids to work together as a unit.

The four work together to uncover a number of professionals who aided in the medical experiment seventeen years ago, which leads the team on a cross-country trip to interview a pathologist that may have valuable information and ultimately lead them to Dr. Blevins. The teens combine their powers to search for the truth, which takes them down a dangerous journey, but one that is filled with new bonds of friendship and camaraderie.

Dagmarth: Escape from Palmar

by Joseph J. Miccolis

Many consider Dagmarth to be the center of all galaxies. It is the world where the greatest minds come together to pave the future with unprecedented technologies. Dagmarth is led by King Asmoph and Queen Jessa who assumed its throne in recent years. But prosperity and freedom can never live in peace, at least not for long. Asmoph and Jessa will soon be forced into refuge after a savage enemy leads a surprise attack on Dagmarth in the quiet of night with unsurmountable defeat. They will find safety on Palmar, far away in a galaxy that resembles their own. But everything about their life will change on Palmar. Their only source of hope to regain their world and familiar future will depend on a new prophecy. A prophecy that a young boy named Kodus will acquire a diamond cursed with ancient powers that can help restore the peace among the galaxies, or use it for the quest of rule. Dagmarth will soon discover that the hard part is not finding Kodus, but convincing him to fight for peace.

Children’s Book: I Wish I Were a Duck [Bedtime Stories for Kids]

by V Moua

Children’s Book: I Wish I Were a Duck

Bedtime Stories and Bird Books for Kids

The little red bird is at it again! Today, he has decided to fulfill his dream of becoming a duck. Not only does he quack like a duck, he even changes his appearance to resemble one. It’s obvious to the bird that there are many perks to being a duck. But will the little bird truly enjoy his new lifestyle or will he come to regret his decision? Read along as you and your child will once again enjoy the silly antics of this quirky bird!

This is a read aloud kids book and is easy to read. The target age range is for toddlers, preschool and young children.

I Wish I Were a Duck is a book that any child will love, especially at bedtime.

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The Colemans Book 3 The Knife

by Glenn Rogers

From The Colemans Book 3 The Knife

Caleb was shaving and Zack, sitting on the edge of his bed, was pulling on his moccasins when someone began pounding on their door.
“Open up, Senior Coleman. This is Constable Betancourt.”
The brothers looked at each other. It wasn’t yet seven in the morning.
“Open up, Senior,” the constable ordered again as he pounded even harder, his tone one of growing agitation.
“All right,” Caleb said. “Hold on.”
Caleb opened the door to see the Mexican constable standing between two men armed with shotguns.
“What can I do for you?” Caleb asked.
“Are you Caleb Coleman?”
“You know I am.”
“You are under arrest, Senior. You will come with me.”
Zack stepped up alongside his brother as Caleb asked, “What am I under arrest for?”
“The murder of Colonel Edmund Cabot.”
Zack’s mouth dropped open. Caleb hadn’t killed the Colonel. What kind of mix up could this be?
“I didn’t kill anybody,” Caleb said. “Least wise the Colonel. I intend to marry his daughter. Who here in Santa Fe doesn’t know that?”
“And who here in Santa Fe did not witness the fight you had with him yesterday? A brawl in the street. And who has not heard of the threat he made against you, and yours to him?”
“I didn’t threaten him. I just said he’d die trying. He said he was going to kill me and I said he’d die trying.”
“And he is dead, Senior. And your knife was found in his chest. This is your knife,” the constable said, producing an Arkansas toothpick with a white bone handle. There was still blood on the blade. “Is it not, Senior?”…
“Yes, that’s my knife,” Caleb said.

The Colemans saga continues in Book 3, The Kinfe. With Caleb in jail, sentenced to be hanged for a murder he did not commit, Zack is on his own in his quest to find the truth and save his brother.

Children’s picture books: THE CARING KNIGHT( + FREE BONUS PICTURE BOOK INSIDE ), Illustrated Picture Book for ages 2-8. Teaches your kid the value of … (Values and manners white collection)

by Efrat Haddi

Learn the important value of caring for your siblings,family and pets!

Fully illustrated eBook, for ages 2-8

** Amazon Prime Members can download this book for FREE **

” The Caring Knight ” tells the story of William, the son of a knight named Richard , who lived in a large castle in England many years ago.

“When I grow up,” William thought to himself. “I’ll be a good knight just like my father. I’ll know how to ride a horse and wield a sword better than anyone.”

The only problem was that William didn’t care about Storm, his horse, he didn’t care about Lucky, his dog and he didn’t care about Mary, his sister.

William’s Father teaches him that in order to be a true Knight and fulfill his destiny, he needs to take care of his family, his animals and the environment he lives in.

Author Efrat Haddi is taking young children on a journey with William while he learns a very important lesson.

” The Caring Knight ” helps to teach children an important social skill that can make home life happier and school more successful.

It also provides parents, teachers, and counselors with an entertaining way to teach children why they should take care of their family, their animals and the environment..

This well-written and inspiring story, delivers easy-to-digest education complemented by vibrant, delightful illustrations

This story may be ideal for reading to your kids at bedtime and enjoyable for the whole family as well! It is suitable as a read aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read book for older children.

Beat Down 3 – Badassaur!

by Michael S. Hunter

After yet another championship win, the world’s most awesome wrestler, Russell T. Goode, receives a letter from a fan on the other side of the world, asking for help. Russell and his friends must journey to the high Andes Mountains to save a mythical beast known as the Badassaur from Kurt Sniveller’s clutches. In their most daring adventure yet the gang will face peril they could never imagine, while Russell will come face to face with the secrets of his own mysterious past . . .

Beat Down 3 – The Badassaur is Michael S. Hunter’s most thrilling adventure yet.

Michael S. Hunter was born at the beginning of time and lives somewhere south of midnight in a quaint little town called Valhalla. There he spends his time crushing rocks with his bare hands and snapping trees in his fingers. Contact Michael at [email protected] or visit the blog at For information on future releases be sure to sign up to the mailing list at

Also by Michael S. Hunter –

Beat Down 1 – Clones
Beat Down 2 – The Heist
Beat Down 3 – Badassaur!
Beat Down 4 – The Sneevla

WBI 2: Witches Bureau Of Investigation 2 (WBI Series)

by Richard Capwell

Twins Nate and Herman Howe are back in this follow-up to WBI: Witches Bureau of Investigation. An ancient demon is running amok in Los Angeles trying to complete a complicated ritual that will give him solid form. He disables the Bureau but fails to account for Mrs. Weatherby and her network of retired witches, who are determined to stop him.

Alvin the Aardvark Feels Awkward (The ABC Animal Adventure Series Book 2)

by K. Young

An adorable and funny children’s picture book about a brave little aardvark and his first day at school.

Your children will love this beautifully illustrated rhyming picture book that teaches the importance of kindness to others during awkward moments like the first day of school. Ages 3-5

Alvin the Aardvark is book 1 in The ABC Animal Adventure Series.

Coming soon: Billy the Bear Has Trouble with his Hair

If you enjoyed Alvin the Aardvark check out… Daisy the Dog is Lazy

Find it here:

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