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The Fulton Parks Scholarship Fund

by L.G. Siller

Fulton Parks, IV has grown up in privilege, but feels imprisoned in what he calls “The Big House.” His dreams of escape are dashed when he is “sentenced” to a prestigious university by his domineering father. Reluctantly, he leaves his beloved, but eccentric aunt and his wayward girlfriend. Even as his own world spins out of control Fulton tries to save the women in his life and ultimately is brought to a reckoning. Set in the urban sprawl of Houston in the late 1970’s, Fulton’s story is an irreverent and suspenseful journey filled with an odd group of misfits who help him overcome his personal demons. Funny and sad, ,The Fulton Parks Scholarship Fund unravels the lies of the Parks family and shows us how letting go of our own family myths can set us free.

El fantasma de Camila (Spanish Edition)

by Ayelén Fernandez Esker

Camila tiene ganas de llorar pero no llora. Camila necesita gritar pero se aguanta. Camila se siente sola pero no se queja. Camila va buscando su camino en un mundo al que llegó en desventaja.

Esta es la historia de una niña en estado de emergencia, una niña que aprenderá de los golpes que no ha podido esquivar, en medio de esa montaña rusa en la que se convirtió su vida a partir de la orfandad.

Camila intentará salvarse el pellejo a lo largo de los años, en medio de un mundo hostil que la ignora por completo. A pesar de los pronósticos adversos, ella seguirá de pie, danzando constantemente entre la luz y la oscuridad, entre la vida y la muerte.

ROMANCE: Daughters of the Church 2 book Collection: Amish Short Stories

by Love Obsession Books

Get 2 books of Amish romance adventures in this exciting new collection along with several free bonus books. Some of the free books might be intended for mature readers.

In this collection you will find:

The Bishop’s Daughter’s Romance

A schoolgirl crush couldn’t be more than that, right? Well, for Ruth it might be God’s plan.

There’s a pull for each of them, whether they realize it or not there is something that is pushing them together. At first Ruth thought it was just her wanting to spend time with him, but Jacob feels it too. The only issue is that he has a secret and he’s not sure she will ever be able to accept it. If he tells her the truth he’s going to risk losing her, and being kicked out of the community.

Is that a risk he’s willing to take if he truly believes it’s God’s plan?

The Minister’s Daughter’s Secret Love

No one is happy about the fact that an outsider is doing work on the church but when Anna needs his help she has to admit she’s glad Brad is there for her.

Brad is just as surprised as everyone else when an Amish man asks him to come do some work at the church, but he’s not going to turn down the job offer. When he sees Anna he knows that she’s not going to be good for him- he just doesn’t expect her to end up pregnant!

Anna has a choice to make, and she has no clue what the right choice is. She can leave her family to raise a child, she can marry a man she doesn’t love, or well- the other option doesn’t work.

What she doesn’t realize is that Brad has his own plan.

WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand alone romance with an HEA. This ebook or bonus books attached may contain mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

Regency Romance: Dancing With a Duke (Historical Arranged Marriage Romance) (19th Century Victorian Romance)

by Sarah Thorn

Regency Romance

A Governess. A Duke. A Masquerade Ball.

Isabella’s failed family means she has to take employment as a governess at the home of the widower Duke of Tregony. Shy, lacking in confidence and ashamed of her body, she hides under layer upon layer of baggy garments. Tormented by her love for the Duke, she takes comfort in romantic fiction, Jane Austin.

The Duke’s sister organizes a ball to find him a bride. Can a striking red gown and a masque transform the governess into a lady that turns heads? The Duke seems determined to choose a lady of his standing so Isabella will need to seduceâ?¦ and dance with the Duke.

WARNING: Contains a dashing Duke who readily takes his clothes off in front of a lady. This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only. It is a short-story romance with NO cliffhanger and includes 4 steamy bonus books. Enjoy!

An Accident Waiting to Happen

by Adrian White

“Extraordinarily engaging and sensitive, wringing one’s emotions.” (Sarah Broadhurst, The Bookseller)

A young woman disappears. Her partner Gregory, under suspicion of having done her harm, is left to care for her son Tomas from a previous relationship. The race is on for Gregory to find the woman he loves before the police take Tomas away. How far would you go to protect the ones you love?

What others are saying about

An Accident Waiting to Happen

Adrian White’s debut is irresistible . . . it’s like life.

Afric Hamilton, Irish Examiner

If you were to judge a book by its cover, you might think An Accident Waiting to Happen is a touchy-feely boy’s book in the Tony Parsons/Nick Hornby tradition. However, appearances can be deceptive and this is a rather unpleasant book with a remarkably unsympathetic narrator. Dark, unsettling – and definitely not touchy-feely.

Anna Carey, Image Magazine

A tough subject, desertion, handled with compelling simplicity as a father and son cope alone in a rough world. Extraordinarily engaging and sensitive, wringing one’s emotions.

Sarah Broadhurst, The Bookseller

His novel mixes gripping sections with an internal monologue filled with anxiety, confusion and weakness. Disturbing and sometimes irresistible, this is a story that will find a responsive audience in the growing ranks of dispossessed fathers.

Lucille Redmond, Irish Independent

White offers a porthole on the male dilemma – the pressure to plumb his emotions and articulate them, the quandary of a sense of alienation from his environment. His unflinching honesty, coupled with an accessible writing style, produce an assured debut.

Martina Devlin, Dublin Evening Herald

About the Author

Adrian White is an English writer who has lived with his family in Ireland for over twenty-five years. An Accident Waiting to Happen was first published by Penguin Books, as was his second novel, Where the Rain Gets In. Both are now available as ebooks. His third novel is called Dancing to the End of Love and is published by Black & White Publishing of Edinburgh.

Romance: Regency Romance: In Bed With a Duke (Historical Regency Romance Duke) (Rake Arranged Marriage Short Stories)

by Sarah Thorn

Regency Romance

A Duke. A War Hero. A Woman with an Appetite

Sophia, a beautiful young lady, has just been married off in a loveless match, and, on their wedding night, her husband cannot satisfy her. After he is sent off to war with France, she decides to throw a ball to choose a lover. And so she starts a passionate affair with a married man, a powerful and handsome Duke.

When the novelty wears off and her husband returns, she finds she knew precious little about feelings, marriage and men. To end the affair, she will need to scheme and be resourceful. The Duke, her lover, is a powerful man and could destroy her husbandâ?¦ even if he is a Waterloo hero.

WARNING: Contains a most fashionable ball with 150 single young men as the guests of honor. This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only. It is a short-story romance with NO cliffhanger and includes 4 steamy bonus books. Enjoy!

KING (MC Biker Club/ Bad Boy Romance)

by Vanessa Kinney

Is he the real threat … or her only hope?

Camilla James is a successful artist in the Pacific Northwest. She’s done her best to forget the tumultuous love affair that scarred her youth â?¦ but the past is about to hunt her down.

“King” Arthur Stone — the man who broke her heart, the ex she moved across country to escape — is opening a garage right in her neighborhood. As if that weren’t bad enough, he’s as sexy as ever. One smile from him is enough to get her engine revving.

But Camilla won’t give in, no matter how much she wants him. Someone’s stalking her, and she’s certain King is responsible.

But what if she’s wrong?

Could the man she keeps trying to send away be her only protection from the danger lurking in the shadows?

King is a full-length MC romance with no cliffhangers and a HEA. For readers 18+ only due to mature themes, violence, and explicit content.


by Scavinold

“Subtle, complex…brilliant!””Definitely worth reading.”Another work from a new and exciting artist. Ponder it at length…
Theseus, so named by the three old cons that take him under their wing in the old deserted prison, treads that blurred line between good and bad, love and hate, right and wrong, madness and sanity.  A tale of ultimate loss, love, and choice. A magnificent journey.

Il regno segreto (1907) serie WERDENSTEIN ep. 1 di 6 (Collana: Romanzi a puntate) (Italian Edition)

by Carmen Margherita Di Giglio


Primo episodio: Il regno segreto.

Una figura femminile eccezionale, fuori dalle regole del proprio tempo
Un genio nella creatività e nella dissolutezza

GERMANIA 1907-1938. Da moglie e madre sottomessa e infelice, Helèna von Waldenburg si trasforma in donna forte e trasgressiva. Ã? lei “il genio”, la creatrice di Werdenstein, fra le cui mani tutto sembra fiorire. Donna d’affari audace e ambiziosa, eterna rivale del marito, il gelido opportunista Heinrich von Rosenberg, ufficiale dell’esercito tedesco, Helèna è anche madre di Philipp (il tragico duca de “Lo scrigno di Ossian”), su cui riversa tutto il suo amore: amore assoluto, amore disarmante, amore profondo e totalizzante… ma non amore materno. Dietro le mura dorate del castello di Werdenstein si nasconde, infatti, un inconfessabile segreto: l’ultimo tabù dell’umanità, da sempre tenuto sepolto agli occhi delle folle, innominabile e intoccabile anche ai nostri giorni…
Attraverso una scrittura raffinata e intensa che non risparmia nulla al lettore, passando dai toni della saga familiare a quelli del giallo e del romanzo storico-politico, l’autrice delinea il ritratto di una società decadente – quella che dalla Germania di Guglielmo II condurrà alla follia del Terzo Reich â?? e apre uno squarcio sul tema delle contraddizioni esistenziali, delle degenerazioni erotiche che sottostanno all’ideologia nazista e su alcune delle tematiche più scottanti dell’umanità: l’incesto madre-figlio, l’innocenza e la colpa, l’eterno femminino e l’esistenza di Dio.

Dopo un’applaudita carriera nella lirica, si è dedicata alla scrittura e oggi i suoi romanzi, ricchi di mistero, esoterismo, passione ed eros, affascinano i lettori. Alcuni fra i suoi titoli sono saliti in cima ai bestseller di Amazon: i romanzi “Lo scrigno di Ossian” e “Werdenstein” (entrambi #1 ebook Bestseller Amazon 2014-2015 nelle categorie Azione e avventura e Miti saghe e leggende) e il thriller “La contessa di Calle” (ebook Bestseller Amazon 2014-2015 in Narrativa storica e Horror). Carmen ha tradotto e pubblicato per Nemo Editrice: La chiave d’oro di Emmet Fox, Il metodo scientifico per diventare ricchi di W. D. Wattles, La porta segreta del successo e Il magico sentiero dell’intuizione di Florence Scovel Shinn, prima edizione in Italia (2014), ognuno dei quali si è collocato nei top 10 ebook bestseller di Amazon per il self-help e il raggiungimento del successo. Altre sue pubblicazioni: La porta alchemica (poemetto esoterico) e Sogno di una notte di pieno inverno (racconto mistery), entrambi illustrati con le immagini di William Blake. Vive a Milano. Maggiori notizie sulla sua attività letteraria e artistica sono disponibili sul sito:

Werdenstein ebook è suddiviso in 6 episodi:
1- Il regno segreto
2- Il mistero dell’abate Alexander
3- La duchessa
4- Il crepuscolo della dea
5- Notte dei Lunghi Coltelli
6- Lo scrigno

Frankie Jones

by J. R. Klein

Frankie Jones is searching for somethingâ??something elusive.

Abandoned as an infant by his father, orphaned after his mother died when he was a child, Frankie grows up tough, edgy, and street smart. The quintessential self-made man, he lives life to the fullest.

Frankie becomes a journalist, hoping to be the next great American writer. While in Boston, he meets Mercedes Brewster. Refined, sophisticated, and from a prominent New England family, she is the complete opposite of Frankie. He can’t help falling for her, but can he keep his wanderlust in check?

Yet, it is the American Dream that Frankie seeks more than anything. Get the career. Get the success. And most importantly, get the girl. In California, Frankie becomes friends with Owen Brookes. Gutsy, brazen, and at times reckless, Owen is Frankie’s alter ego. It is Owen who challenges Frankie’s belief in the American Dream. Will either of them achieve what they want? What must they give up in pursuit? Some lessons you learn the hard way, but it is how you react in the face of adversity that ultimately matters. Frankie Jones is a rich tapestry of hope, love, friendship, and betrayalâ??a story of life itself.

La trilogia di Sofia (Italian Edition)

by Francesco Casali

Fino a che punto la mente umana può spingersi per affrontare il dolore?
Sofia e Francesco: due anime unite da un trauma.

Sofia, presente nei tre racconti che compongono la trilogia, tocca le corde più profonde dell’animo, con i suoi sdoppiamenti e le sue ricomposizioni.
Un dramma umano che colpisce il cuore che palpita per il destino di un’anima divisa tra amore e morte. La protagonista è lo spunto fervido per affrontare il tema del lutto e degli affetti familiari, delle relazioni parentali e della genitorialità, in una trilogia dalla storia complessa e contraddittoria, sospesa tra romanzo e saggio.
Sofia è il personaggio attraverso il quale l’autore si mette a nudo, svestendo i panni di educatore e svelando con ardimento le sue parti più intime e fragili, analizzando quel che resta dopo un trauma come la mancanza degli affetti più cari.

La trilogia comprende
– Sofia (contenuto in “Niente da nascondere” – Koi Press – 2012)
– Les galets dans le lac (contenuto in “Quello che resta” – Koi Press – 2013)
– La strada verso casa (inedito)

Fiction Collection 2 (BookExpress) (Italian Edition)

by AA.VV

Cosa sono i BookExpress?
Noi di Lettere Animate ci siamo prefissati l’obiettivo della diffusione e dello sviluppo del settore digitale. Vogliamo, attraverso le nostre conoscenze, riuscire a rendere la lettura digitale fruibile dal maggior numero di persone possibili.
Ecco perché nascono i BookExpress che sono delle raccolte di “metà” libri selezionati per genere.
In che senso metà libri? Nel senso che in questo volume sono presenti 5 libri divisi perfettamente a metà (o quasi) fruibili gratuitamente dal lettore. Dopo aver letto metà libro il lettore potrà così decidere se acquistare la seconda parte o no.
Ci sembra un modo comodo e intelligente per evitare acquisti non graditi o per valutare in piena libertà la bontà di un libro.

In questo Volume:
Verso Carola
Le barriere soffolte
Magnitudo apparente
Angeli bastardi

Buona Lettura!

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