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Mad Woman

by Kat Savage

Author of Learning to Speak, Kat Savage, returns with Mad Woman which is comprised of 40 pieces that capture her stream on conscious, her confessions, and her strange thoughts. In Mad Woman, she bears it all and embraces her madness driven by loneliness and disappointment.

Liebevoll: Was wirklich zählt (German Edition)

by Alexander Weigand Schoenherr

Alles was wirklich zählt auf unserer schönen Erde, ist die Liebe. Nichts und damit meine ich wirklich gar nichts kann wichtiger sein im Leben als die Liebe in ihren ganzen Facetten. Vom Schöpfer war es so gedacht, dass jeder hier auf LIEBE macht.

Big Love Songs

by Vaughan Gunson

“Big Love Songs is a sequence of poems on the theme of love and desire. The book has its origins in reading some Renaissance poets writing about love. There was an elegance and restraint I enjoyed. Another influence is all the albums of love and heartbreak I’ve listened to over the years, from Bob Dylan to Taylor Swift. One thing that Dylan does that I had in mind when writing was his slipperiness when it came to the love object â?? is the “you” he’s singing about a woman, a friend, a child, God, an ideal, or his muse? I wanted that same ambiguity. I hope people will get something out of this collection. The aim was to convey some emotional truth about our experiences of love and desire.”

Alistair Paterson, poet, editor and New Zealand Order of Merit recipient, describes the book as “an extremely enjoyable collection, full of poems which intensely lyrical, sensual and moving.”

chivalry is bleeding

what is this book about? love, sex, passion, obsession, elation, frustration, masturbation, et cetera.

‘your poetry is a mix of humor and realism and funk and funny. it’s love & lust on acid. i both hated it and loved it & immediately wanted to read it all again from the beginning. appropriate for writing on the steamy bathroom mirror & howling beneath a bedroom window. these poems gave me all the feels.’

that’s the first review, courtesy of @xosm on twitter. thank you sweetie.

I’d also like to thank these lovely ladies, without whom this collection would not be the same, if even existing at all:

@cuntysmurf (if she didn’t change it again)
cake. cakey baby, where are you?
@hellcat_jesi (if not deactivated)
@ ok that’s enough. if you’re not on the list, go cry into a sock or something. wait, not that one. i wrote a love poem about it for a reason, and that’s why it’s crusty.

speaking of love, what exactly is it?

love is a rusty pair of vice grips, squeezing your testicles. a horrible, unique, stomach turning bit of euphoria. a freeze frame of a snuff film and the smell of lilacs in the spring.

experience it in all its glory, then orgasm and fall asleep, get up the next morning and go to work because sorry folks, love don’t pay the bills. buying this book at only three bucks won’t pay my bills either, but it couldn’t hurt…

Belief in a Star (Cyber Sonnet Card Book 107)

by Matrix Argentum

Belief in a Star

Lift up a candle toward the nighttime sky

The fires halo might eclipse the stars

But blow it out and when lights echo dies

The stars are there like good things always are

Your soul can be a candle or a flame

Or like those wondrous fireballs of light

A stellar furnace called by other name

Your perfect beacon shining through the night

So live your life as if you were a star

Send joy and goodness out into the night

Make every day the best of what you are

Send forth the love your heart gives off as light

Behold the fire show the world your flame

When good and light and hope become your name

The heart that bleeds: A look into a Poet’s heart.

“The heart that bleeds” is a work of love by the self published Author, Reganhia Wright. Twenty heart felt poems that weave tales of Love, Desire, Passion, Death, Lust, Longing, Depression, Infidelity and finally Acceptance.

It tells the story of Reganhia’s journey from a tormented heart to wanting to become glimpses of the woman she catches in the mirror. It takes the reader on an exhilarating journey, from the passion of a lover’s kiss to the heartbreak of starting over. She opens the world to her vulnerability, while expressing the deepest and darkest parts of a poet’s soul. Welcome….

The poet hopes to leave the echo of her words engraved on the chambers of your heart and seared into the membranes of your soul, while your brain grips her words like a love long child who has returned home. The author seeks to illustrate through her writing that no matter what the human heart goes through on this journey called life, we all live to breathe again.

Poems from a Mad Monkey

by K. Martin Gardner

A collection of sonnet haikus, a format invented by the author. Sixty-three poems which will knock your socks off, make you think, and maybe want to drink.

Ð?омеÑ?ик (Russian Edition)

by Ð?ван СеÑ?геевиÑ? ТÑ?Ñ?генев

Ð?оэма Ð?вана СеÑ?геевиÑ?а ТÑ?Ñ?генева (1818â??1883), впеÑ?вÑ?е опÑ?бликованная в 1846 годÑ?.

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