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A Billion Gods and Goddesses: The Mythology Behind the Pipe Woman Chronicles

by Lynne Cantwell

More than forty deities, representative of sixteen pantheons from around the world, have found Their way into the twelve books and assorted short stories of the Pipe Woman Chronicles story cycle. In A Billion Gods and Goddesses: The Mythology Behind the Pipe Woman Chronicles, you will find additional information on each of the deities in this urban fantasy series, as well as a brief foundation in comparative mythology.

This second edition adds deities from the final two books in the Pipe Woman’s Legacy series, which had not yet been published when the first edition of this book went to press.

The gods and goddesses in the Pipe Woman Chronicles hail from Alaska to Mexico, and from Russia and Scandinavia to Ireland and Japan — with pantheons of several Native American tribes well represented.

A Billion Gods and Goddesses is meant to be a companion volume to the Pipe Woman Chronicles, but it also serves as a wide-ranging introduction to the subject of mythology. Anyone curious about what others believe will find something to interest them here.

Terrorism: History of Terrorism – Including: Holy Wars, Conspiracies, False Flags, and Cyber Warfare (Cyber Terrorism, Terror, Special Forces, Biological Terrorism, Cybersecurity Book 1)

by Michael Mansell

The Heart of Darkness: Terrorism Uncovered

Find Out How You Can Fight It!

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Feel helpless watching and reading about acts of Terror on the television?

History of Terrorism: From Holy Wars to Conspiracies, False Flags, and Cyber Warfare will unlock a new understanding of why terrorism exists and how we can stop it from happening in the future.

Our news feed is bombarded with news about terrorists, though we rarely stop long enough to understand what creates a terrorist and what terrorism's true purpose is. Go behind the headlines and take an intimate and personal look at the events, people and mindsets that have created today's modern terrorism landscape.

With detailed guidance, you'll journey step by step through some of history's most unforgettable acts of Terror. Unlike watching or reading the news, you will now emerge from these stories not feeling helpless, but with a deeper, more powerful understanding of the world around you along with an understanding of what it really takes to end this horrible world crisis.

Knowledge is power!

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Stoicism: Cure Stress, anger, panic, depression and anxiety with stoic philosophy (Practical Philosophy, Guide for beginners, Virtuous life, Happiness, practical stoicism)

by Poul West

Use stoic philosophy and wisdom to manage your everyday emotions!

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In todays society there will be demands and distractions coming from every direction at any time of the day. It can be hard to feel like you’re in control of anything and it can result in pure frustration.

But trust me, there is one thing you can control, and that’s YOU.

By adopting stoic philosophy you will learn what it really means to be in control and you will learn to accept and adapt to all the things you can’t control.

The modern society is a chaotic place and I would recommend

Here is a chunk from the subchapter “Conform to reality“:

“We often make travel plans assuming that there will be no traffic delays, assume that we won’t burn the risotto while making supper, or set off on a hike without thinking that it might rain. Yet we have enough past experience to know that these are far from sure-fire outcomes.

The Stoics advocate taking a very clear-eyed view of things. Stoicism is a realistic outlook, one that doesn’t try to fight against the laws of nature or the facts about the world. Attempting to make reality conform to our wishes and desires is futile. The only sensible thing to do is to conform our expectations to reality.

But this is not a philosophy of helplessness and powerlessness. Far from it. We should still strive to change the world for the better. In fact, one of the most famous Stoics, Marcus Aurelius, was the emperor of Rome, and he did not spend his tenure sitting on his hands waiting for the whole thing to blow by! The Stoics were men of action, they were doers. They did not give up their personal battles, their political quests, or their professional goalsâ??they simply approached them with realistic expectations.

We can try to effect change and work to improve things, but whether we succeed or not is out of our hands. It is up to us to eat better and exercise regularly so that we can stay healthy and fit, but it is beyond our control to guarantee that we won’t become ill or injured. We can hold political rallies, vote according to our conscience, and engage in consciousness-raising campaigns, but we should do so while always being aware that political and cultural tides can shift away from progress despite our best efforts. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do these thingsâ??this is not a philosophy of resignationâ??it just means that there is no sense in acting entirely shocked and surprised when things don’t pan out the way we wished. We should always remain aware that the outcomes are out of our control.

We should, in other words, not put up a pointless fight against reality, but strive to live in harmony with it.”

Here is what you’ll learn in this book:

Part 1: Introduction to Stoicism

  • The Historical Background
  • What Is Stoicism?

Part 2: The Seven Themes of Stoicism

  • Stoic Moral Philosophy
  • Recognize What Is Under Your Control
  • Conform to Reality
  • Understand Your Emotions
  • Freedom of the Will
  • Live Virtuously
  • Be Calm in the Face of Adversity
  • Make the Best of Any Situation

Part 3: Using Stoicism to Better Your Life

  • Expectations and Well-being
  • Social Anxiety
  • Fear of Death
  • Achieve Your Goals
  • Deal with Chaos
  • Fight Depression

Dodgy Millionaire Immigrants: Immigrants Against The State

An Amazing True Facts about Dodgy Immigrants, how they perform and hide their Dodges.

Dodges such as:

Misusing of Welfare States and Immigrant Rights

Claiming Fake Immigration Status

Fake Asylum & Benefit Claims

Fake Marriages

Dodgy Student Visa, Entrepreneur Visa

Dodgy Educational Institutes in developed countries

Claiming Benefits by deceiving

How they have been making millions by deceiving

And Much More…

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Ripped: A Memoir of Love, Steroids, and the Suicide of a Former Champion Bodybuilder

by Cristina Porietis

A memoir of the loss of her beloved husband Oscar to suicide at the age of 35. Cristina kept a diary for the year after his death in 2009. She hopes that sharing her experiences and Oscar’s life with others will provide some solace to others dealing with the loss of a love one to suicide.

Libros: Babelia, los mejores del año 2013 (Spanish Edition)

by El País

Babelia. Los libros del año… 2013

De la burbuja inmobiliaria a las redes sociales y de la Rusia de Putin a la tensión nacionalista en España, los mejores libros de 2013 -elegidos por medio centenar de críticos y periodistas culturales de EL PAÍS- se acercan a la actualidad tanto desde el ensayo como desde la narrativa.

En el ámbito de la literatura en español, autores consagrados como Rafael Chirbes y Antonio Muñoz Molina -cronistas de la crisis económica desde la ficción y la no ficción- conviven en la selección de Babelia con escritores noveles como César Rendueles y Jesús Carrasco, cuyos primeros libros fueron dos de las revelaciones de la temporada.

En cuanto a la literatura traducida, la lista recoge nombres ya clásicos de la narrativa contemporánea como Richard Ford, Jean Echenoz o Emmanuel Carrère y subraya la valía de la cuentista canadiense Alice Munro, último premio Nobel de Literatura.

Los libros de la semana
Cada sábado Babelia destaca un libro que, por su calidad o por su actualidad, puede interesar a cualquier lector. Novela, historia, poesía, ciencia o filosofía, todos los géneros tiene cabida en una sección pensada como sugerencia de lectura. Así, las nuevas obras de J.M. Coetzee, Ricardo Piglia, Julio Llamazares, Ana María Machado, John Le Carré, Hilary Mantel, Lara Moreno o Isaac Rosa ocuparon un espacio por el que también pasaron la biografía de Santiago Carrillo escrita por Paul Preston, el gran libro sobre la India de Patrick French o el revolucionario ensayo de Lawrence M. Krauss sobre el porvenir del cosmos: “Un universo de la nada”.

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