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Amazon Prime and Kindle Lending Library: 3 in 1. How to Get All Benefits from Amazon Prime Subscription (Amazon Prime, web services, kindle unlimited, … internet, digital media, echo Book 4)

by Anthony Weber

Amazon Prime and Kindle Lending Library

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3 in 1. How to Get All Benefits from Amazon Prime Subscription (Amazon Prime, web services, kindle unlimited, free TV)

Amazon Prime and Kindle Lending Library

Getting All Benefits From Your Prime Subscription

Enhance your knowledge and kill your time with fun with the bliss of Amazon. It is the site which is devoted to you. You can get many facilities over there with little or no cost. offers online dramas, TV shows, videos, games and much more with very low cost.

This book guides you through ways you can get subscribed to the astounding site of The book tells you the systematic procedure about how you can get subscribed with Amazon with little or no cost.

This book contains chapters on:

  • An introduction to Amazon Prime and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library
  • Enriching yourself with the golden services of
  • An educated guide to the Amazon Prime subscription

Amazon Prime and Kindle Lending Library

Kindle Unlimited: Get Your Money’s Worth from Amazon Prime (Free books, Free Movie, Prime Music, Free audio, Beginners Guide, Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime membership)

Have you ever considered signing up to Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited? Are you already a member of one of these schemes but want to learn how to make the most of your membership? If so then look no further than this book, which offers readers first-hand advice on the benefits and pitfalls of Amazon Prime, as well as a comprehensive guide to how to make the most of your membership.

In today’s age it can be a daunting prospect when faced with various different offers, subscriptions and devices to know which will provide the best value for money as well as deliver the most high quality service.

This book includes:

  • Introduction
  • The History of Amazon
  • An Overview of Amazon Prime
  • Amazon Instant Video
  • Prime Music
  • Kindle Unlimited
  • Conclusion

Amazon Prime and Kindle Lending Library

How to Get All Benefits from Amazon Prime Subscription (Amazon Prime, membership, kindle unlimited, lending library)

Considering upgrading to Amazon Prime but not sure what all it can offer and how to access the benefits? No worries! These are some of the frequently asked questions by people who are inquiring about the foreign feature known as Amazon Prime. It may come off as a bit difficult to function but upgrading to the Prime membership and accessing benefits, like free shipping and unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows, are really simple.

Here is a list of topics that will be discussed throughout this book that will allow future Prime members to understand how to access their Prime benefits through their Amazon account and what they are paying for exactly:

  • What is Amazon Prime?
  • What are all the benefits Amazon Prime has to offer?
  • How can customers access books from the Kindle Lending Library?
  • How is the Prime membership different from its competitors?
  • What are the limits of Amazon Prime?
  • What are the Pros of Amazon Prime?

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TEFL Lesson Plans: Samples, Strategies, Tools and Activities (ESL Teaching Series)

by Andrew William

TEFL Lesson Plans is a ready-made course manual for both current and new ESL teachers. The book is full of useful tips and strategies that will aid you in creating fun and engaging lesson plans to deliver effectively to your students. The aim of the book is to expand on what you will have learned on your TEFL course and to provide you with expert advice on preparing lesson plans for all age groups and abilities. All the information has been organised into a structured lesson plan to eliminate your preparation time, while still ensuring that your students are receiving a perfectly structured lesson.

AVAILABLE on your PC, MAC, smart phone, tablet, Kindle device or buy it on paperback.

The book covers quick exercises to larger-scale plans, and will equip you with the expertise needed to deliver lessons to your students that will enable them to become more proficient English speakers. If you are a new ESL/EFL teacher with limited knowledge of how to make compelling lesson plans, then this is a must have resource as it jam-packed with insights and exercises for you to implement in the classroom. Here is just a taste of what you will learn:

  • Easy to follow lesson plans
  • Implementing proved lesson plan models with easy-to-follow expert advice
  • Tried and tested topics for the classroom
  • Understanding the needs of your students
  • How to create lessons designed for students of all ages and abilities

Download your copy today and improve your knowledge and skills as an ESL teacher.

390 Speaking Topics with Sample Answers Q361-390 (480 Speaking Topics 30 Day Pack)

by LIKE Test Prep

This book contains
-30 Speaking Topics
-30 Sample Answers
-120 Useful Expressions
-120 Practice Questions & Answers

Great for
-ESL Learners
-High School Students
-Test Prep Students
-College Students

*”420 Speaking Topics” and “420 Writing Topics” cover the same topics.

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Speed Reading: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide – Master Speed Reading in less than 1 Hour & Become a Learning Machine!

by Edward Rupper

Debunk all the speed reading myths and unlock your true speed reading potential with the powerful information that lies within this book! 

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At long last, uncover the mysteries surrounding the technique of speed reading and learn its secret in no time!

Taking advantage of Speed Reading: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide Master Speed Reading in less than 1 Hour & Become a Learning Machine you will be able to: –


  • Learn to differentiate between various types of reader and identify yourself.
  • Understand and appreciate the plethora of benefits achievable through Speed Reading.
  • Get to know the best Speed Reading learning methodologies available on the planet!

Time is of the essence and there is none to waste! And that is exactly the reason why you need to get this book through your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone and start Speed Reading your way to victory, learning everything the world has to offer without wasting a single second!

Going through the pages of “Speed Reading: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide Master Speed Reading in less than 1 Hour & Become a Learning Machine” you will be able to expand your knowledge on topics such as:  

  • The whole concept of Speedreading, its history and how it became popular.
  • Benefits of Speed Reading ranging from enhanced memory and confidence to increased possibility of nailing jobs!
  • The different types of readers
  • How to practice Speed Reading using the most perfect and efficient methodologies 
  • Myths and controversies surrounding the topic of Speed Reading
  • Explore almost a dozen recipes to get a deep insight of this world!


Speed Reading: Ultimate Beginners Guide is available for Download Today!

Absorb the knowledge of every single book without wasting any time!

This is the only book you will ever need to master the secret arts of speed reading, in the proper way!

This is not a decision, making which you should spend more than just a second! The longer you delay the process, the more you will be missing out on some truly inspiring techniques of speed reading that will completely alter the outlook of your life!

Whether you are an absolute beginner or an already expert speed reader looking for some tips, this is the perfect guide book for you!

Perdidos en la ciudad – Lost in the City: Bilingual Short Stories in Spanish and English (Parallel Reading Books Book 2)

Book Description

Susana and Antonio Martin have won the lottery â?? nothing less than $500,000. That’s cool! The married couple is so happy. What would you do with that money? They’ve decided to make a journey across the Spanish-speaking world and are traveling with their little son Jaime, who is a naughty kid, by the way.

This family is going to get lost in places where they’ve never been before. And you know, in such situations, you are in trouble if you don’t speak the language of the locals. Thanks goodness Susana and Antonio do speak Spanish.

In this book, you’ll learn how to ask for and give directions in Spanish. It is especially useful if you are traveling to a Spanish-speaking country, or if you are taking a flight, as well as for making a reservation at a hotel. It contains several maps for you to see where the Martins get lost in their journey. It is fun!

Are you ready to learn some transportation vocabulary? I am ready. So, without further delay, let’s go with this adorable family on their trip around the Hispanic world.

Well, before going with the Martin family on their trip, let me explain you something about the Spanish language, just to put things in context.

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, only behind Mandarin Chinese. It is estimated it has around 500 million native speakers, though the truth is, that figure is pretty difficult to calculate.

Many countries have Spanish as the official language, and a few others speak it as a second language. Among the most well-known are Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, or Colombia, but the list goes on and on.

Antonio and Susana would have liked to visit all the Spanish-speaking countries, but in the end they have realized that it is a difficult challenge. So they’ve randomly selected a few only.

They want to keep their money for other uses. In the first place, they look forward to paying off their debt, the sooner the better. They have a mortgage which has been keeping them up at night for the last year.

Antonio wants to start up a software development business. On the other hand, Susana wishes to earn a Master’s degree in Finance in order to help Antonio manage his new company. Finally, the Martins will sign up their kid for a course of Argentine tango.

About My Series of Bilingual Short Stories

Thank you so much for picking this eBook! You see, I am writing a series of bilingual short stories in Spanish and English. My stories will help you get familiar with the Spanish language in a simple and enjoyable way. I cover everyday life situations by using a lot of dialogues.

So please, stop studying boring grammar rules from tiresome books â?? just look at how every single phrase is written in my eBooks. And start reading in Spanish today!

Don’t waste your time anymore. All paragraphs are translated into English, one by one, so that you don’t have to look up the words you don’t know in the dictionary. You don’t even have to turn to the next page in order to read the English translations.

Besides, my stories are interactive. You are invited to leave your comment below. Thank you! So, tell me, do you have any questions? What would you like next? I’ll do my best to write a new short story in Spanish considering your remarks.

For further information on new book releases sign up for my newsletter at

Effective English Teaching: Classroom Ideas for Years 4 – 8

by Toni Glasson

If you’re looking for ideas to help you to teach Language Arts/English more effectively, this is the book for you.

All of the ideas draw on approaches that have proven to be effective in the classroom, and the suggestions are adaptable for students in Years 4 – 8.

The first section addresses issues of general concern, and offers advice about how to deal with these issues in the English classroom. Topics covered include:

– providing effective feedback

– using technology to provide student feedback

– homework: yes or no?

– using peer feedback

– using evidence to improve your approach to teaching

– the power of words

– effective questioning

The next section focuses on the teaching of grammar. It covers:

– nouns

– adjectives

– verbs

– adverbs

– connectives

– sentence structure

Each chapter provides background information about the relevant part of speech, as well as ideas for teaching that part of speech in the context of students’ own writing and reading.

The third section deals with the teaching of reading. It provides information about

– pre-reading strategies and techniques

– the following while reading strategies

– determining one’s purpose in reading

– making connections

– reading difficult texts

– visualising

– after reading strategy: summarizing

– three-level comprehension guides as a way of improving comprehension

– the teaching of poetry

– visual literacy.

The final section relates to the teaching of writing. It covers these topics:

– analysing short persuasive texts

– direct and indirect speech

– I don’t know what to write about …

– beginnings and endings

– persuasive writing and adjectives

– narrative writing – ideas

– spelling and vocabulary

Australian Animals- Toddler Flashcards

by Dr Andy

Give your child a head start with flashcards for kids!

Kids love to learn and our job as parents is to make their learning fun and enjoyable. You will absolutely love the time spent with your child.

These cards were made for my own son and I started using them when he was 12 months old. Within weeks he had begun recognising the pictures and started repeating in one then two syllable words. It was so encouraging to see him learn. My friends who are also parents asked me to share my cards and methods with them so that they could teach their children. That’s why I’m sharing them with you today.

Simply have these cards available on your tablet or smartphone. That way your child can learn about their world through pictures, words and your voice- anytime and anywhere.

Six Steps to Flashcard Success:

1. Be enthusiastic and make it fun!

2. Show a card and say “(child’s name), what’s this?” Pause. Then say “this is a (name of picture)”

3. Spend only a few seconds on each card- children get bored quickly.

4. When your child starts naming the pictures, celebrate by giving them a hug and/or kiss.

5. Repetition is the mother of skill- flick through these pictures daily and whenever you have a chance e.g. waiting in line, travelling

6. Enjoy connecting with your child and watching their vocabulary explode!

I hope you enjoy sharing the learning experience with your child.

For more tools to teach your toddler visit us at

English-Italian: The Clothespin-La Molletta da Bucato short stories for beginners (English-Italian bilingual books, ESL dual language)

by Miley Smiley

English-Italian: “The Clothespin-La Molletta da Bucato” short stories for beginners

(English-Italian bilingual books, ESL dual language)

Sticky Steps To Creating Killer Presentations: 54 Tips To Design and Deliver A WOW Presentation – 2nd Edition 2016

by Jeff Tan

New and improved 2nd Edition is here! And with new tips included based on reader feedback.

Ever wonder how great presenters make their presentations so easy to understand, fully engaging, crystal clear, and just so â?¦ WoW?

And wouldn’t you love to transform yourself into one of these great presenters? Well, in this book, Sticky Steps to Creating Killer Presentations: 54 Tips to Design and Deliver a WOW Presentation, presentation expert Jeff Tan helps you to do exactly that.

What’s great about this quirky, fun, and easy to read HOW TO book is everything is broken into simple steps, and you’re guided through each step as you design your message to influence the audience, create the presentation material, and then how to deliver your presentation.

This means if you’re a complete novice, this book’s for you, and if you’re already a super confident presenter, this book’s also for you as it has tips and hints to give you that extra oomph.

And what happens when you follow all these steps? You influence your audience, that’s what! As a great side effect, there’s no more audience death by Powerpoint, and you leave them fully satisfied, empowered and inspired by your every word.

eigo ga nigatena anatahe: eigo girai no tame no eigo hissyuhou (Japanese Edition)

by Takenokoou



French-English: Deux Bananes Vertes-Two Green Bananas, Short Stories For Beginners (French English Bilingual children’s book) ESL dual language french english (French Edition)

by Miley Smiley

French-English: Deux Bananes Vertes-Two Green Bananas

Short Stories For Beginners

Bugger! Oh Dear! I Failed My Exams: What to do Next

by Cate Field

Practical, sometimes surprising advice to help pick yourself up following bad results. Cate Field writes in her quirky, simple to understand style and reaches out to all who are feeling despair. With experience drawn from years in the classroom, lecture halls and studios, Cate shares stories and offers help and guidance.




Are You Informed Sexually?

by Joy Esin

I had a SEXY body and other APPEARANCE every man could call for����. Many things where not well with ME.

When I read this text message from my phone, I was inspired to put the series of write-ups in a book form. Prior to this time I have had this desire to put these write ups in a form that can reach out to many people. I have a desire that is burning and a cry within me for this message to save many out there.

When children are two to three years old, lay the foundation for discussing sex by referring to genitalia by its scientific names if kids ask questions about the differences between males and females. Don’t call genitals by nicknames, while calling other body parts by their true names. This can cause kids to be ashamed and confused about their sexuality as they mature. If toddlers touch their genitals, tell them genitals are PRIVATE parts and shouldn’t be touched in public. Reprimanding them for exploring their bodies can make kids uncomfortable coming to you with sex questions as they grow up.
There are many misconceptions about sex that is ravaging our generation at large, some say bisexual, heterosexual, and homosexual is the answer of this quest. But not.
This book provides profound solutions to the biggest silent questions begging for answers of many youths in the world. It also retraces the issue of sex and redirects our esteem adults all over the world to the nature – accepted sexual life and also deviate from my current mistakes.

360 Speaking Topics with Sample Answers Q331-360 (360 Speaking Topics 30 Day Book 4)

by LIKE Test Prep

This book contains
-30 Speaking Topics
-30 Sample Answers
-120 Useful Expressions
-120 Practice Questions & Answers

Great for
-ESL Learners
-High School Students
-Test Prep Students
-College Students

*”360 Speaking Topics” and “360 Writing Topics” cover the same topics.

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The STAR Method: Self-Healing with Therapeutic Touch (The STAR Method: Self-Healing, Transformation, Awareness, and Realization Book 1)

by Parama K. Williams

– “The STAR Method is a valuable resource.” -Graduate Student, State University of New York

– “A wonderful way to deal with stress.” -Social Worker, New Jersey

I vividly remember the day one of my first-grade students, a boy diagnosed with childhood depression, came into my classroom with a sullen expression and announced, “I hate school.”

I empathized with this young boy’s feelings. As a full-time special education classroom teacher and consultant in public and private schools for over a decade, I had realized that the nation’s schools were highly stressful places. Outcomes that were measurable by filling in bubbles and marking checkboxes seemed to be paramount to everyone’s health and happiness.

One of the most notable features of being a schoolteacher was the high degree of stress that I observed in my colleagues and students. I discovered very little educational policy and scholarly research to support stress management training for teachers. I created The STAR Method to address a largely ignored aspect of educational policy: Schools should not be stressful places.

As a Certified Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher, I applied the techniques of The STAR Method for over a decade in my own classroom and in workshops for education professionals to help them reduce job-related stress. I received much positive feedback. As I dedicated myself to using The STAR Method in my own life, I experienced a profound personal transformation.

The STAR Method is a framework for radical reformâ??not just for educationâ??for life.

Module 1 will teach you practical, effective techniques:

– How to activate the healing power of your own hands by following three simple, guiding principles

– How to use therapeutic touch to reduce stress and achieve personal health and wellness

– How to use prayer, positive affirmations, and universal symbols for personal and planetary healing

The STAR Method offers safe techniques that are grounded in current research on stress management, quantum physics, and the benefits of prayer, positive affirmations, and therapeutic touch.

The STAR Method is a nonsectarian system designed for people of all ages, genders, faiths, and cultural backgrounds. As a complete system, The STAR Method will be presented in a series of seven modules designed to serve as a personal training manual.

By learning the tools and exercises featured in all seven modules of The STAR Method, your self-help toolbox will consist of a variety of stress management and relaxation techniques that are proven to be effective:

– therapeutic touch

– breathing exercises

– physical exercises

– prayer and positive affirmation

The techniques in The STAR Method can help you achieve personal success, health, and wellness in your life by reducing stress, activating relaxation, and supporting your ability to make meaningful, purpose-driven decisions.

The STAR Method goes beyond stress reduction and relaxation. The STAR Method is a tool for personal achievement, designed to help you transform your life. A transformation from within must find its expression in the outer world.

The STAR Method is a practical, complete system for self-healing, developing self-awareness, transforming your body and mind, and self-realization of your unique mission on Earthâ??the fulfillment of your highest potential. Only by realizing your personal mission can you be truly fulfilled, as your life is thereby filled with purpose, meaning, and joy.

Author Parama K. Williams, MA, CMT, CYT writes regularly on her blog (, where she provides intuitive “Life Readings” to help people discover their unique life’s mission.

Pedro la Rana y sus gafas de lectura!: Cuento para los ninos – Volumen 1 (Spanish Edition)

by Melanie Oosthuizen

En este libro de cuentos para niños pequeños, descubrirán por qué Pedro la Rana decide llevar su sombrero de fiesta color púrpura con una gran sonrisa en el país Lollie. Este libro es una herramienta de gran alcance y el método para enseñar a los niños de todas las edades, los valores básicos de la vida. Se llegan a conocer a los amigos de Pedro Rana, ver la importancia de la compasión, el amor, el respeto, el entusiasmo y se atreven a soñar! Ilustraciones ayudan al libro de cuentos cobran vida.

ikkagetudehensatijyuuappusurugakusyuukeikakuhou (Japanese Edition)

by tsutsumitomoki


æ?¬æ?¸ã¯ã??Kï½?ï½?ï½?ï½?ï½?æ?¬ã?ã®å?©ç?¹ã??ç??ã?ã?ã?ç«¯æ?«ä¸?でå??å¼·æ³?ã??ç´¹ä»?ã?ã??だã?でなくæ?¬æ?¸å??にè¨?è¼?ã?ã??てã?ã??URLã?ã??ã??å­¦ç¿?ã?·ã?¼ã??ã?ã??å®?é??にã??ã?¦ã?³ã?­ã?¼ã??ã?てï¼?印å?·ã?てï¼?é ?きã?ãã®å­¦ç¿?ã?·ã?¼ã??ã??使ってå?·ä½?ç??に学ç¿?è¨?ç?»ã®ç«?てæ?¹ã??ç´¹ä»?ã?ã??æ§?æ?ã«ãªã£ã¦ã?ã??まã?ã??


ï¼?ç« ã?ï¼?章ではã??å­¦ç¿?ã?·ã?¼ã??ã?ã??ä½?æ?ã?てé ?きã?å??å¼·è¨?ç?»ã®ç«?てæ?¹ã«ã¤ã?て紹ä»?ã?まã?




ã?»ï¼?ç« ã??ï¼?ã?¶æ??å¾?のã??ã?¹ã??でå?¨æ??ç§?の偏差å?¤ã??10 ä¸?ã?ã??


�な�偏差��10 ���なの��

ã?»ï¼?ç« ã??ï¼?å??の復ç¿?でå®?ç?ç??21 ï¼? â??93 ï¼? へ





ã?»ï¼?ç« ã??15 å??でできã??Dayï¼? ï¼·eekå­¦ç¿?è¨?ç?»æ³?



ã?»ï¼?ç« ã??å?é¨?ç??のã?æ?©ã¿è§£æ±ºï¼±ï¼? Aでé??中å??ï¼?å?è¶?(ã?¡ã?³ã?¿ã?«ç®¡ç?æ³?)




ã??ã?? ã?»ï¼±ï¼?ã?å??å¼·ã?è¾?ã?でã?ã??諦ã?ã¦ä½?ã??ã?ã??æ??ã?å?ºã?ã?くなã??まã?ã??


ã??ã??ã?»ï¼±ï¼?ã?ã??ã?¬ã??ã?»æ¼«ç?»ã?»ã?²ã?¼ã? ã®èª?æ??に負ã?てã?まã?まã?ã??ä½?ã?è?¯ã?æ?¹æ³?はã?ã??まã?ã??ã?ï¼?

Pierre le Grenouille et ses lunettes pour lire!: Conte pour les bambins – Volume 1 (French Edition)

by Melanie Oosthuizen

Dans ce livre de conte pour les bambins, vous découvrirez pourquoi Pierre le Grenouille décide de porter son chapeau violet de fête pourpre avec un grand sourire dans le pays Lollie. Ce livre est un outil puissant et méthode pour enseigner les bambins de tous âges les valeurs de base dans la vie. Vous allez faire la connaissance des amis de Pierre le Grenouille, voir l’importance de la compassion, l’amour, le respect, l’enthousiasme et l’audace de rêver! Les illustrations aident le livre de contes viennent à la vie.

The Student Teaching Experience: What I Learned, What You Need to Know, and What No One Tells You

by Gregory Chiakulas

This is the first book of its kind from someone who actually went through student teaching! Your undergraduate or graduate program can tell you how to make the grade and survive student teaching and a teaching career, but this book shares advice, suggestions, and insights you won’t find in any curriculum. It is a must-read for undergraduates thinking of majoring in education, adults thinking of making a career change, and even veteran teachers who are considering having a student teacher for the first time. You will get a new teacher’s perspective on teaching and education that will help you make the most out of your collaboration.

I am a certified high school science teacher holding a master’s in teaching, and I wrote this book to help you make an informed decision about whether to make an investment of your time and money in a career in education.

Protect your time, save money and truly decide if this is the right path for you.

Efficient Learning Box Set (5 in 1): Find Out these Great Speed Reading, Memory Training Techniques, Self-Improvement, Emotional Intelligence and Other Essential Tips and Hacks (I Want to Learn)

by Curtis Holt

Efficient Learning Box Set (5 in 1) Find Out these Great Speed Reading, Memory Training Techniques, Self-Improvement, Emotional Intelligence and Other Essential Tips and Hacks

Get FIVE books for up to 60% off the price! With this bundle, you’ll receive:

  • Speed Reading Made Easy
  • The Better Path to Self-Improvement
  • 5x Your Mind and Productivity
  • The Art of Emotional Intelligence
  • Speed Reading for Success

In Speed Reading Made Easy, you’ll learn Best Ways to Read Faster, Comprehend Better and Be More Productive

In The Better Path to Self-Improvement, you’ll Leave Your Old Life Behind and Start a New One

With 5x Your Mind and Productivity, you’ll get 30 Powerful Techniques to Boost Reading Speed and Memory That You Need to Learn Now

In The Art of Emotional Intelligence, you’ll learn How to Improve Emotional Intelligence in order to Hone Leadership Skills and Improve Communication

In Speed Reading for Success, you’ll learn How to Speed Read in Order to Absorb More Information than Ever Before!

Buy all five books today at up to 60% off the cover price!

Integral Synergistic Development, for everyone!: Health, Work and Behavior. The Holistic guide about Nutrition, Exercise, Personal Goals, Money, Personality and Sexuality.

by John North

Health, wealth and love?

Is what we use to ask for in christmas and new year, isn’t it?
Indeed, but in this book we go one step ahead and talk about:

  • Nutrition and Exercise.
  • Personal Goals and Money.
  • Personality and Sexuality.

Our goal? To able you to really take control on key areas of your life.
How? Without clichés, dogmas or lies.
In a practical way, nice and dynamically.

This book ultimately teaches you how to be happy. And it does in a way that allows you:

  • To improve your health, vital energy and youth.
  • To pursuit your dreams, your passions and personal goals and to accomplish them.
  • To understand how the money works and how to manage it.
  • To discover how to become happier, increase your wellness and to improve yourself in a psychological way.
  • To enhance your couple relationships and your ability to find your ideal partner.

The intention, after reading this book, is for you to have more tools to defend and significantly improve fundamental aspects of your life like your health, your banking account, your sentimental life and your wellness.
Nevertheless, there is so much more.
The key that makes this book a good resource is that is sustainable and its information is updated, speaking from the truth and the reality, with an easy speech and action-oriented so anyone can understand it very fast and start to apply it to change its life.

What’s inside each chapter?

  • Nutrition: Is not about diets, but weight loss, improve personal health and to prevent or control diseases via a sustainable life-style, without side effects, reboots, and breaking up with old myths and beliefs about our alimentation.
  • Exercise: It shows gym alternatives, and the most effective physical exercises (time-effort-benefit ratio) to gain muscle mass, resistance and cardiovascular capacity. Also is about how to maximize benefits via how and when exercise.
  • Goals: The book teaches you how to work to accomplish your dreams, to manage your motivation and to put it all in your favor to success. We even talk about the sense of life and how to do for each person to discover their passion and their own sense of life.
  • Money: Describes how works general economy (macro economy), methods to earn money, and what can you do to take control over your personal finances (micro economy).
  • Personality: It explains how to manage negative emotions and toxic relationships, and also what happiness is and how to enhance it.
  • Sexuality: It’s not about how to flirt, but how to really seduce in a sustainable way, so the next morning nobody has anything to regret. We teach you how the sentimental attraction works beyond the theory and a differentiation according to your sex, your sexuality, and the kind of people you want to attract.

But that is not all. We, finally, give to you the keys on how to keep learning, where to find more free information on subject, including a book that correlates all aspects treated on this book, mentioning their relation and deepening on how to get a greater happiness and wellness.

Are you anxious about learning and taking control over all of this?
We hope so. After all:
All men die.
Not all men live.
William Wallace.

Business School Survival – MBA: MBA Progam Stories and Jokes You Need To Survive And Thrive In Business School (BUSINESS SCHOOL MBA HOW TO PREPARE FOR AND SURVIVE AN MBA PROGRAM Book 1)

by William Pitts



Writer and MBA survivor William Pitts shares these brief funny poems about the writer’s block of business school essay questions, the need to look confident while you panic in interviews and the love-hate relationship with those MBA study group buddies.

As an MBA candidate or applicant to business school, perhaps these thoughts are familiar:

  • first semester Stats

  • so much math so little time

  • no essay questions?

  • Only someone who has been there, done that and survived Business School – MBA experience can write these insights.

These are the questions that go through a business school student’s mind and this book answers them:

“Should I be phony happy for my study buddy who got a job on Wall Street?” Or, “Those consulting interview questions â?? who knows and who cares?” If I don’t study on Saturday night, am I a slacker? The MBA student faces enough challenges, what with the in-class cold calling and other torture outlawed in civilized countries. And for the ambitious prospective business school student, I say this: Put the how to write business school essays book aside and learn from a business school graduate what awaits you.

Buy Your Book Now – You Need A Laugh Today

Jumping is my middle name (smiles for kids. homemade Book 10)

by Patricia Fuentes

Every day we learn more and more… imagine how fun can it be if we do it jumping without any stop!!!

Writing a Research Paper : A Guide to Academic Writing

by Kate John

Writing a research paper is one of the undertakings that every scholar worth his salt will undertake. The work ahead may seem daunting especially considering that the best research papers require a good amount of research, analysis and synthesis. However with this guide, you will receive excellent tips that will make the work much easier. You will learn;

How to choose the perfect research project that is interesting and will catapult you within your field

How to conduct your research so that your results are credible

How to present your findings in a cohesive and interesting way

How to make sure you meet everyone’s expectation of your research

With this guide you won’t need Good Luck to make sure you have the best research paper possible.

The Magical Blueberry Patch: Afraid of School

by Tara Michelle Fischer

Some very magical blueberries have washed up on the American shores. Where did they come from? A long time ago, as all Irish children know, tiny fairies created some magical blueberries. When eaten by tiny animals, they are magically able to speak to the tiny fairies. But you must be tiny to hear them speak. It is said that children can hear them too! So look for the magical blueberry patches and you just might get to hear their stories too!

“Afraid of School” is a story about a little hermit crab named Happy. Happy’s friend, Bubbles is afraid to start school. But Happy tells him that school is fun.

Go on an adventure with Happy as she describes what it is like to go to school. Written by a teacher, this story takes your child to school with Happy and Bubbles. The story helps children to become familar with some of the things that will happen at school. It is also written in a silly rhyming style that helps children to recognize site words. The story ends with Happy and Bubbles safely returning home on the school bus ready to tell Mommy about their day. All young children will enjoy “Afraid of School”, even if they already go to school. It is also great tool to help your child to tell you about their own school day.

Download free coloring pages that go with the story at
CreateSpace eStore:

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