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Western Mail Order Bride:Josephine: (A Clean Women Inspirational Historical Western Romance) (New Adult Short Stories)

by Samuel Grace

There is no better time for a heart warming clean love story than Valentine’s Day. It is 1890, and a brave woman heads West to save her world from tumbling into despair.

Samuel Grace Walker cherishes everything about her Virginian life; her dearest brother, her home, her farm, and her land. But when all she loves is threatened to be taken from her, Josephine agrees to give into marrying a ruthless coal miner. But at the last second, she frees herself from his grasp. Seeking refuge and security, Josephine puts out an ad to become a mail-order bride.

Warren Cooper is a preacher turned Texas cattle rancher. Feeling the need to build his family, Warren responds to an ad from Josephine, when she is at her lowest point. But how will he react when he has to fight for Josephine’s hand? When Josephine’s past meets her present, battles of honesty and trust and doing the right thing become something both husband and wife must face together.

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Mail Order Bride Western: Eliza’s Baby Dilemma: (A Clean Inspirational Baby Cowboy Western Contemporary Romance) (New Adult Women Short Stories)

by Nathan Adams

Eliza always assumed the God Lord would magically bring her life partner her way, but after years of reality she finally realized her days as an eligible young woman are numbered.

In desperation, she decides to venture out West and and become a Mail Order Bride.

However, on her way to her new life with the man of her dreams, things go terribly wrong, and she ends up with someone else’s abandoned child!

Will her husband-to-be understand the situation, or will she be shown the door before she was even given the opportunity to have a taste of marital bliss? And, will Eliza ever find the baby’s real mother again?

Dive into this heart-warming Christian romance and find out!

Please Note: This download includes Short Stories.

Amish Friends Knitting Circle Episode 1 ~ Planting Time (A Short Story Serial) (Amish Friends Knitting Circle: Smicksburg Tales 2)

by Karen Anna Vogel

Readers have spoken: They want their serial novel, broken into episodes, back!
So, we’ve listened.
Amish Friends Knitting Circle is a serial novel, episodes coming out every 3 weeks. Published first in 2012, readers liked the “old-fashioned Victorian feel”, awaiting each new visit to Granny’s knitting circle. Readers weren’t overwhelmed with a 30 page segment, as opposed to a 300 page novel.
If you’d like to read the complete series, set from summer to autumn, showing barn raisings, work frolics, apple butter made in copper kettles and more, can purchase Amish Friends Knitting Circle: Smicksburg Tales 2 now.
If you’re hooked on continuing short story serials, you can affordably buy them in episodes again.
Join Granny Weaver as she invites her friends from the Smicksburg Baptist Church to a summer circle to knit for charity. Will her Amish knitting circle snap if spun with English friends? Granny’s believes they can be knit together for a worthy cause: knitting hats, gloves and scarves to the growing homeless population.
So Granny invites:
~Colleen, a young woman living at Forget-Me-Not Manor, a refuge for homeless mothers. ~Janice, a burnt out pastor’s wife…or a women going through the change of life.
~Marge, a new neighbor learning to live off-the-grid, whose husband fears her new-found faith.
~Suzy, who will teach knitting with needles, but is distressed over her aging dog’s health.
Granny does many “casting off” prayers that her English friends will bond with Ella, Ruth, Lizzie, Lavina, Maryann, and Fannie, and not unravel the knitting circle she holds so dear.

WESTERN: The Only Promise: Western Mail Order Bride Historical Romance (BBW Pregnancy Short Stories)

by Vienna Ashwood

Mail Order Brides Historical Romance

** Standalone **

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A cowboy with dark secretsâ?¦

An ex-outlaw who made his fortune in blood money now has everything he ever thought he wanted, and yet still, he’s unhappy. Determined to fulfill the dream life he always wanted, he sends out for a mail order bride.

â?¦and a girl with an even darker past.

When she gets there, she is immediately struck by his opulent wealth, especially in the middle of such a small, ramshackle town. Desperate to escape her father’s evil plot to sell her to a whore house, she finds a way to escape the terror awaiting her by any means she can. Even if it means marrying a man she’d never met before.

Everything is going great until her past catches up with her and she realizes her wealthy, charming husband is hiding dark secrets. They both must find a way to escape their pasts before they can look toward a future, together.


Sexual Shifter – A Shifter Romance, Vampire Romance, Paranormal Romance, Holiday Romance, Shapeshifter, Vampire Romantic, Supernatural Romance, Conspiracy Love Anthology – XXX Adult Romance Novels

by Lady Aingealicia

‘..she traced across the scars that were on his body. His lips sent electricity down her spine as she reacted to his hands and body that was against hers.

He moved his hands down to her full bottom and caressed the cheeks. Moving back up to her small waist, his hands wrapped around and held her close as he kissed her like she had never been kissed before..’

This is a romantic collection only suitable for adults.

Tags: Shifter, Shapeshifter, short stories, collection, Werewolf, Fantasy, Romance

Western Mail Order Bride: Caroline: (A Clean Inspirational Cowboy Western Romance) (New Adult Women Short Stories)

by Samuel Grace

Caroline O’Leary is trapped in a world filled with conformity, where a marriage of love is considered impractical and foolish

She grew up in the lap of luxury in Chicago on the shores of Lake Michigan. Though she has had many suitors asking for her hand in marriage, she has refused all of them. She longs for something better, something real. Her father wants her to marry well and marry a man of his choosing to take over his business. She wants true love, not a marriage of convenience!

Elliot Reynolds is a passionate and good man from South Dakota. There is something about his letters that capture Caroline’s heart beyond anything she can compare, but he hardly meets the approval of Caroline’s father. When she receives a proposal, she impulsively says yes and heads out to an unknown place to marry she only knows from words on pages.

Will her future truly turn out as God intends or will Caroline be caught up in the differences between her old life and her new one?

Meant For Montana (Rocky Mountain Mail Order Brides Book 2)

by Clara Church

Katherine arrives in Montana Territory only to discover that her fiancé has been killed in a tragic mining accident. With no money and nowhere to call home, Katherine takes the first job she can find at the local saloon. But her fate soon changes when a wealthy rancher takes a bite of her grandmother’s highly-praised biscuits.

After the passing of his wife, Chester has refused to open his heart to anyone. Except Katherine. She is the spitting image of the woman he once loved so dearly, but Chester can’t afford to let his heart be broken again. But with two young sons to care for, Chester can’t deny that Katherine is just what he needs.

When a band of killers threatens everything they hold dear, Chester and Katherine must fight to survive. But will their love survive too?

Christian Romance: Prayerfully Yours (Clean Sweet Second Chance Contemporary Love Inspired Romance) (Women’s Fiction First Love Amish Short Stories)

by Rachel J. Moore

Macy Lark and her family have lived on their farm for as long as any of them can remember, patiently growing as one with the land and their animals. And Macy wouldn’t have it any other way. But there is one thing missing in their lives: the presence of a man. Having lost her father as a young child, Macy has always grown up without having a strong man to guide her, to serve as her father her on earth while her Heavenly Father looks down from above.

And, ever faithful to his children, God provides. His provision came in the form of eighteen-year-old Adam Engels. When three of Macy’s sisters suddenly fall ill, Adam brings them all comfort in more ways than one, and, enchanted by the strong, Godly man, Macy finds herself drawn closer and closer to him.

But they had not anticipated God throwing them another curveball, one that would leave the tiny, determined family in absolute shambles, scrabbling to find their footing in a world that was suddenly collapsing down on them.

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Full Moon at Midnight: parts 1 and 2 (Covenant of the Watchers)

by David Amburgey

Victor, a Watcher Angel on his first assignment to earth, must follow and protect a young lady that he has grown to greatly love, Tiffany. He has two rules: 1, never infringe upon her free will choice, and 2, never, ever, reveal yourslf to those of whom you protect.

Tiffany, a teenager who makes a bad choice that begins with a simple lie. Or is it really so simple? The snowball effect of trouble threatens to entrap her and threatens her life. Can Victor act in time to save her, or will she fall to the forces of darkness that have captured her?

Then, later, as Victor is forced with a difficult choice to remain in the form he that has taken and die, or return to another realm, risking losing Tiffany forever.

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