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The Camino Ingles: 6 days (or less) to Santiago

by Susan Jagannath

Do you think you are too old, too young, or not fit enough for an adventure?

Banish that thought!

Do you want to trek the famous 500 mile/800 km Camino Frances in Spain, but don’t have 30+ days for that trek? Or are you terrified of the required fitness, research, and planning?

The Camino Ingles is the answer!

Walking the Camino was a goal of mine last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. I had never even walked five miles, I’m not a gym junkie but I wanted to walk the Camino to prove to myself that I could achieve a goal. But, I didn’t have the time for 500 miles, then, I heard of the Camino Ingles. The shorter time and distance of the Camino Ingles was the clincher, and I set out on a quieter, less travelled and less well documented walk through Spain. And to my surprise, I succeeded.

This book helps you to set a practical goal and achieve it, by showing you exactly how to:

  • Walk the Camino Ingles, an ancient route as old as the Camino Frances
  • Prepare your mind, body and feet to enjoy the long walk
  • Pack and what to discard to travel light
  • Plan your travel and arrival in Spain in the shortest time
  • Decide on strategies to overcome obstacles
  • Find the medieval way posts for an authentic experience
  • What to eat and where to eat it to enjoy the food of Spain
  • Book, or not book your bed for a good nights’ rest
  • Get your Compostela in Santiago
  • Find more information if you really want it

Follow this book to complete a real pilgrimage trek in only 6 days, there is enough detail to guide you each day. Go on, what’s stopping you? It’s only one step at a time!

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Warrior Health: A Boxing Coach’s views on Diet, Strength, and Wellbeing

by Mick Franklin

A Boxing Coach provides his opinions on nutrition, strength training and general wellbeing for boxers and martial artists.

Mick Franklin is an oil rig Medic and a boxing coach under the streetfighter John Nawn. Here in this e-book Mick shares his training knowledge so that the reader can not only correct poor health but can easily learn to become healthy and strong. The knowledge in this book has been well received by the streetfighters who have read it. This could be exactly what you need to improve your own training.

Winning football betting with Lucky 7: 7 KEYS to Winning Sports Betting

by David Heart

Do you love NFL betting but you are sick of losing?

Like most of us, do you simply lack the time to do the research yourself to make gig winning picks?

Well, join us for our book Winning Football Betting in which we share with you some of the best tactics and strategies that can help you go from loser to winner (well at least with your football betting – we can’t work miracles, you know)

Winning Football Betting with Lucky 7 — the resource you need before the next football season!

Don’t Be A Crazy Ass Parent: A Book of My Blogs (Parents 1)

by La Shawn Wells

Read the actual stories comprised over the last 20 years about real situations and experiences with parents of youth athletes who tend to believe their child is better than they are. The author also shares his blog post from the past couple of years that speak to the issues of parenting the elite student athlete.

Bass Fishing: The Complete Guide To Easy Catching Largemouth Bass! – Learn Amazing Bass Fishing Tips, Tricks And Strategies (Fishing Guide, Freshwater Fishing, Fishing Tackle)

by Tim Butler


The Complete Guide To Easy Catching Largemouth Bass! – Learn Amazing Bass Fishing Tips, Tricks And Strategies

Developing your Bass Fishing ability is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other; just take it a step at a time. Whether you are resting near the banks of a river trying your luck with a worm dangling from a cane pole, or outfitted with cutting edge gear in an expensive speed boat with the right kind of information you can be a successful bass fisherman. In this book we will cover all of the best approaches to bass fishing.

Learn how to use the right kind of bait, fishing lures, rods, and reels, as well as developing your understanding of saltwater and freshwater fish. This book will help you learn to drastically improve your tenacity as a fisherman while having a good time in the process. Find out why bass fishing has went from a local pastime to one of the biggest international sports of all time! Bass fishing is now on the cutting edge of all fishing development, dictating the design of lures, lines and reels. Buy this guide and get in on the ground floor of fishing!

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Running Tips

by Brayden Kulesza

This book is full of running tips to help you no mater what distance your running.

Marathon Training Guide

by Brayden Kulesza

This training guide will show you tons of tips on running and a 30 day schedule to help you run your fastest marathon possible.

Bodibuilding supplements: Sport

by Jarden Demonir

Among the most widely used are vitamins, protein, branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), glutamine, essential fatty acids, meal replacement products, creatine, weight loss products and testosterone boosters.

Half Marathon Training Guide

by Brayden Kulesza

This Half Marathon Training Guide has a 30 day running schedule and lots of tips so you can run your fastest half marathon possible.

10K Training Guide

by Brayden Kulesza

This is a 10K Training Guide Full of tips and a 30 day Schedule to help you run the fastest 10K possible.

5K Training Guide

by Brayden Kulesza

This 5K Training Guide Includes tons of running tips and a 30 day schedule. This book will help you if you just starting out of already running. This would be a great book if you are running cross country.

Do not be late

by Andrew Gults

… Sometimes palaces built on peat … peat and has a habit of burn … do not be late!

– Why? – Anna thought: – Because no one kidney he could live, but without a heart – hardly …

Wilderness Navigation for Dummies Book 2: Advanced Navigation Methods Map Reading, GPS and Compass Use: (How to Navigate in the Wilderness) (Survival Guide)

by Steven Gray

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, read it to the end and see “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter after the conclusion.

Wilderness Navigation for Dummies Book 2

Advanced Navigation Methods – Map Reading, GPS and Compass Use

Have you learned all there is to know about basic wilderness navigation? If you have already finished going through our first navigation book, Navigate in the Wilderness (Without a Compass), you are ready for a greater challenge.

No one likes getting lost, and even the best navigators find themselves in tricky situations. The difference between those people, and your average traveler, is the information of how to navigate in difficult terrain. You can learn just that, with the information contained in this book.

What you will find in this book:

  • Advanced map reading techniques, including a range of new methods for finding your bearing, even when you’re nowhere near notable features or man-made structures.
  • The use of topographical maps.
  • How to interpret topographical features of the land, instead of relying on paths and linear features.
  • How to bring a GPS device into your hiking set up. This one’s particularly handy for those who have never used such a tool.
  • The most important factors in planning your route.
  • Advanced techniques for getting the most accurate compass readings, and how to avoid incorrect ones.

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The story of two brothers

by Andrew Gults

I Inc. Creator of the universe. My brother Osh. This reduction on behalf of Error, or Error. He destroyer of the universe. We are opposites. Here I decided to describe excerpts from our lives. Interested? Then go here.

On the other side

by Donny Chill

Welcome to the Academy

Tempting, is not it? So I thought I, Mara, not yet arrived in the Academy itself. And then it began a … magic, battles, missing artifacts awakened gods, light and dark, talking cats, Astral … too unclear? Well, sit back, I’ll tell you everything from the beginning. All it’s interesting to hear about Ragnarok?

Emerald Tears

by Donny Chill

How long can you go? How much can you make new acquaintances? How many times can fall in love! Where will the end of this road is lifelong.

Children of the Gods and the old man in the body of the NPC

by Donny Chill

This manuscript offers an amazing journey with his fontaziee on which you providut our hero and where they reach the end of Kanz.

gain weight: Training

by Deni Askaba


Who is there in the dark!

by Angelica Weiss

Someone walks up to you on the heels of you who want to eile better than you? Dark forces that have long since in our world, and they are buying souls. Who can stop them! Who can give a call!

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