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RV : Rv Living And Rv Boondocking Guide For Beginners: Discover Tips, Tricks And Space Hacks To Live Free And Happy In A Van, Car Or Any Other Motorhome … Living,Off the Grid)

by Alex Freeman

Start Your Journey Towards Road Travel Freedom Today.Get This Book On Rv Living and Rv Boondocking and Only Then Will You Experience The Off The Grid Lifestyle You’ve Always Wanted!

Many people agree with the assumption that choosing to â??live outside the box’ is a privilege only the young have the energy for. Not so! With the right choices and preparation, almost anyone who wants to live in an RV, experiencing the thrills of the open road and freedom that static living brings, can do just that.

This book hopes to widen your horizons, so if you are on the verge of making the decision, or you are simply looking to enrich your life, getting out of the rut of mowing the lawn every other weekend and cleaning the car, so as not to annoy the neighbors, it might be just what you need. Hopefully we will give you the push you have been waiting for, to jump out and experience the world – not just a tiny corner of it.

It helps if you have a touch of adventure about you and if you are the kind of individual who will always climb the final hill to see what’s on the other side, you may be the kind of person to take to RV living. However, you don’t have to be Bear Grylls to enjoy a life on the road, you don’t even have to have his survival skills. You do however, need to learn a few basic practical guidelines, and that’s what this book is all about.

Here Are of the things You will Learn from this Book:-

  • Why a life on the road is a great way to live
  • How to choose and maintain your vehicle
  • How to make the best of those spirit lifting trips away from the humdrum life you left behind
  • A detailed look at how you don’t have to give up any of the advantages of modern technology just because you are mobile
  • And lots of useful practical tips for sprucing up your RV and making it really feel like home!

But A Copy Today!

How long more are you going to delay enjoying the benefits and freedom that the RV life offers? The longer you delay the more you are missing! Be like many people nowadays who understand the infinite world of adventures of the RV life and who did not hesitate to make the jump towards a stress free life where each morning is a blessing to wake up and be surprise by a new environment! Go up the page and Get this book today!

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20 Things to Know about Ethiopia

by Dr. Alemayehu Midekisa

Congratulation and thank you for downloading the eBook “20 Things You Must Know About Ethiopia”.

Ethiopia has an astonishing assortment of staggering sights, from mountains like the Bale and Simien reaches, to the volcanic scene of the Danakil Depression, to the prolific Omo Valley. Going to Ethiopia is somewhat going home, as archeological researches and discoveries progressively connect this area with the introduction of people somewhere around two and three million years back.

Ethiopia is a nation rich in convention and has a rundown of extraordinary things to do in a generally little zone. It’s additionally developing increasingly and becoming prominent with explorers, as it’s a sheltered and moderate destination.

I guess you’re wondering “how could this be”. Never mind, after reading through this eBook you’ll convincingly come to the conclusion that it’s truly so. Suffice to say that this exceptional eBook is written in a clear tone and with such profoundity to convey all you need to know about this “wonderland” called Ethiopia.

You’ll never find any other books or source of information that contains depths of facts and knowledge all in one medium as this unique eBook.

Order your copy now!!!

Holiday Planning on an Extreme Budget

by Suzanne Rough

Finding a way to celebrate holidays and other occasions can be fun (even with unlimited funds). But, like most of the world today, we have to budget the best we can and create the rest. This book is packed full of tips and tricks to make any celebration a great lifetime memory on a limited budget.

New York: Travel Guide – Tips for Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping & Sports To Make The Most Out Of Your Trip (Dining, Travel Free Books, Food Places, Travel … New York City Travel Guide, Tourist Guide)

by Andy Anderson

Enjoy the Best that NYC Has to Offer!

Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Download Now!

Are you intrigued by the “Big Apple”? Are you planning a trip? Would you like to get the best deals on the most exciting NYC experiences?

If so, you must read New York Travel Guide: Tips for Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping & Sports to Make the Most Out of Your Trip. This book gives you a brief history of the city and explains how you can have a great time – even on a tight budget!

Download New York Travel Guide: Tips for Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping & Sports to Make the Most Out of Your Trip NOW to discover great deals on everything from the Fashion Museum of Technology to the Staten Island Ferry. You’ll even learn which neighborhoods suit you the best for exploring, history, and shopping!

This book explains your many lodging options in NYC – from hostels to famous hotels. You’ll learn how to find great meals, too. New York Travel Guide: Tips for Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping & Sports to Make The Most Out of Your Trip explains how to find great NYC cuisine at food trucks, dinner cruises, and fine dining restaurants. You’ll also learn how the New York Pass can help you save big on many aspects of your trip!

Get your copy of New York Travel Guide: Tips for Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping & Sports to Make The Most Out of Your Trip today, and start planning the trip of a lifetime!

You’ll be so glad you did!

ISTANBUL: NIGHTLIFE: The final insider´s guide written by locals in-the-know with the best tips for night entertainment

by Sarah Retter

What’s the dance club of the moment, the best place for a drink, the most romantic choice? You’ll find all that information you need in this ultimate Istanbul nightlife guide based on the recommendations of thousands of local night crawlers.

In this fundamental traveler’s guide for Istanbul, the city that never sleeps, you´ll find information about:

Comedy Clubs,
Dancing Clubs
Jazz Clubs
Happy Hours
Cocktail Lounges
The Live Music Haunts
Single Bars
Swinger Bars
Lesbian Bars
Wine Bars
Karaoke Bars
The Late Night Options
Exotic Food Restaurants
Local Food Restaurants
LGBT Scene
Strip Clubs

Download this book now to get the most out of your night!

Radtour: Deutschland per Bike (German Edition)

by Stefan Jahnke

Zwei Jugendliche machen sich auf, um Deutschland mit dem Fahrrad zu erkunden.
Die Zeit ist eine andere geworden – Deutschland befindet sich im Aufbruch. Nur wenige Monate sind nach der Wiedervereinigung vergangen. Dies macht diese Tour, die noch vor Wochen unmöglich gewesen wäre, für die Beiden zu etwas ganz Besonderem.
Sie lernen Menschen kennen, die selbstlos die Tour unterstützen und machen Erfahrungen mit einem sich völlig neu orientierenden Land.
Auf ihrer Route liegen alte und moderne, industrielle und landwirtschaftliche Gegenden und Orte. Sie besuchen Museen und Denkmäler, suchen Zeltplätze und finden Asylantenheime. Nicht immer gibt es etwas zu essen und auch finanziell stehen ihnen keine unendlichen Mittel zur Verfügung.
Aufgeben gibt es für sie nicht. Solange sich die Räder drehen und die Reifen etwas Luft haben, fahren sie bei jedem Wetter unbeirrt weiter.
Sie kommen ans Ziel, erfüllen sich einen Traum – und haben ein Erlebnis, das ihnen niemand mehr nehmen kannâ?¦ auch wenn sich die Welt weiter dreht.
Für Abrundung sorgen Tipps und Tricks rund um das Thema Fahrrad.

Temples, Tuk-tuks and Fried Fish Lips: Travels Around Asia

by Jason Smart

From the humidity of Bangkok and Hanoi to the tropical beaches of Bali and Borneo, Jason Smart sees what this vibrant and colourful continent has to offer.

Find out how he is startled by a giant lizard in Laos, and is wowed by the majesty of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. From the glitz of Macau to the horror of the Killing Fields, Jason tries to see as much of this amazing continent as possible. Along the way, he also chats with a sex tourist in Siem Reap, endures an embarrassing chafing-incident in Hong Kong and falls in love with a toilet seat in Tokyo.

Have you ever wondered what a broth made from a ball and socket joint tastes like? Or where you can find fried fish lips on a restaurant menu?

Temples, Tuk-tuks and Fried Fish Lips is a journey through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.

Jason Smart is a published author. As well as his books, he has had articles published in travel magazines. An intrepid traveller, Temples, Tuk-tuks and Fried Fish Lips is Jason Smart’s fourth full-length travel book. Find out more at

Other travel books by the same author:

The Red Quest
Flashpacking through Africa
The Balkan Odyssey
Panama City to Rio de Janeiro (Coming soon!)

Andalucia: Images Andalouses (Le Photon Voyageur t. 3) (French Edition)

by David J Martin

3e édition augmentée. Plus de 170 photos. Toutes les lumières ont rendez-vous dans la région la plus méridionale d’Europe continentale.
La région de Grenade est entourée par les montagnes de la Sierra Nevada. Cette cuvette fertile accueille la lumière du soir comme un invité de marque. Les poussières et les cirrus se mêlent pour la filtrer et peindre cette terre pour quelques instants magiques.
Entre les régions reculées et sauvages et les plaines très peuplées et cultivées, l’Andalousie offre tous les contrastes que l’on peut attendre d’un pays méditerranéen.
Ce livre contient 117 photos.

The Extensive Guide to Disney’s Magic Kingdom 2015 (The Extensive Guide to Walt Disney World)

PLEASE NOTE: Updates for this book stopped in July 2015, so some information might now be outdated. For the most updated info, please check “The Extensive Guide to Walt Disney World 2016,” available now, and the 2017 edition which will be on sale October 1.

The first edition of the Magic Kingdom Extensive Guide gives you a thorough guide to everything Magic Kingdom, from Anna and Elsa and LaFou’s Brew to turkey legs and 999 happy haunts. A big update was published on February 24 including updated park hours and the updated Disney ticket pricing.

Souda London Sumou (Japanese Edition)

by Pennylane


ã?·ã?ªã?¼ã?ºæ??çµ?章の第8巻ではã?­ã?³ã??ã?³ã§å?ã®å¦?婦ç??æ´»ã?ã¾ã ã¾ã ç¶?く現å?°ç³»ä¼?社でのã??ã??ã??ã??社ä¼?人ç??æ´»ã?ãã?てæ??æ¶?の海å¤?å¼?è¶?に7年住ã??だã?­ã?³ã??ã?³ã¨ã®å?¥ã??â?¦ã¨ç??ã??だくã?ã??でã?é?ã??ã?まã?!



ã?å¦?婦 in ã?­ã?³ã??ã?³ã??








Happy Days in Berlin (Happy Days in … 1) (German Edition)

by Bianka Minte-König




Zum Inhalt

Unbeschwerte Ferientage in Berlin! Kann es etwas Schöneres geben, als diese mit seiner Freundes-Clique zu erleben? Die Hauptstadt ist einfach groÃ?artig, macht SpaÃ? und hat auch ihre stillen Ecken für Romantiker und Verliebte. Ganz sicher ist Berlin einer der coolsten Orte der Welt, an dem man vieles entdecken kann – manchmal auch ganz neue Seiten an sich selbst. Kein Wunder, dass auch Mila plötzlich in Berlin total verliebt ist!

Und das sagen die Leser zur Reihe


“Packend und humorvoll erzählt!”

“Pfiffig, unterhaltsam und informativ!”

“Atmosphärisch, voller Humor und detailliert”

“Spritzige und peppige Hintergrundgeschichte”

“Reiseführer in schöner Geschichte für Teenager verpackt”

“Das nächste Mal wird uns dieses Buch auf jeden Fall mit nach Berlin begleiten.”

Zur Autorin

Bianka Minte-König ist die Tochter eines Berliner Buchhändlers und betrachtet ihre Heimatsstadt mit liebevollem Respekt. Mit ihren Jugendbuchbestsellern hat sie sich in die Herzen ihrer Fans geschrieben. Ihr eigenes Herz geht gerne auf Reisen und schlägt natürlich besonders stark für Berlin.

Blut, Schwei� und Hyänen: Unter Löwentötern. Leben in einem Massai-Dorf (German Edition)

by Kai Althoetmar

Blut, Schwei� und Hyänen. Unter Löwentötern. Leben in einem Massai-Dorf

Gewandet in ihre roten Tücher, wandern sie mit ihren Viehherden durch die Savannen Ostafrikas, um ihre Krale ziehen sie Dornenhecken zum Schutz gegen Raubtiere, Löwen jagen sie mit dem Speer – in das Bild vom stolzen Volk der Massai und ihrer jungen Krieger hat die Moderne jedoch längst Risse gefügt. Ã?berweidung, Aids und westlicher Lebensstil setzen den Traditionen der Massai zu.

Der Autor verbrachte Wochen in einem Massai-Dorf im Norden Tansanias und erlebte das Nebeneinander von Moderne und Tradition hautnah – beim Dorfschulunterricht, auf dem Viehmarkt, beim Bau eines Community Centers und bei einer Wilderei in Zeiten der Dürre.


– “Auf der Suche nach Kunta Kinte. In Juffure im westafrikanischen Gambia ist die Zeit der Sklaverei noch präsent” und Leseprobe aus “Malawi Secondary Road. Im Geisterwald von Nkhotakota”.

Auch als Taschenbuchausgabe zum Preis von 3,95 � erhältlich (versandkostenfrei).

Vom Autor auch erschienen: “Südafrika. Eine Welt in einem Land”, “Am Fluss der Elefanten. Auf Forschungsexpedition in der Zentralafrikanischen Republik”, “Sonne, Durst und Sterne. 90 Kilometer zu FuÃ? durch Namibias Fish River Canyon” sowie “Im Reich der wilden Tiere. Forscher und Artenschützer im Einsatz für die bedrohte Tierwelt”.

Alle Titel auch als Taschenbuchausgabe erhältlich (versandkostenfrei).

Ã?ber den Autor:

Kai Althoetmar, 1968 in Köln geboren und dort aufgewachsen, Absolvent der Kölner Journalistenschule und Diplom-Volkswirt sozialwissenschaftlicher Richtung, früher u.a. bei GEO, Deutscher Welle und Reuters tätig, lebt in einem Dorf bei Bad Münstereifel als hauptberuflicher freier Autor. In Namibia arbeitete er als Reporter bei der Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC).

Souda London Sumou (Japanese Edition)

by Pennylane



7å·»ã?ã??でã??ã?楽ã?みé ?ã?ã??ç?­ç·¨é??でã?!






ã??はã??ã?¢ã?¬ã ã£ã?




DIZIONARIO MEDICO PER I VIAGGIATORI: Italiano – Inglese (Italian Edition)

by Edita Ciglenecki

Questo dizionario italiano-inglese contiene più di 3000 termini medici, ed è stato concepito come un manuale compatto di facile comprensione di terminologia medica dall’orientamento nel tempo e spazio; gli accidenti, catastrofi e angoscia; parti del corpo umano; i sintomi, ferite e malattie; farmacia; istituzioni, procedure e cure di medicina ed esami medici, alla gravidanza e ostetricia.

PUTNI MEDICINSKI RJECNIK: Hrvatsko – Talijanski (Italian Edition)

by Edita Ciglenecki

Questo dizionario croato- italiano contiene piu di 3000 termini medici ed e stato concepito come un manuale compatto di facile comprensione di terminologia medica dall’orientamento nel tempo e spazio; gli accidenti, catastrofi e angoscia; parti del corpo umano; i sintomi, ferite e malattie; farmacia; istituzioni, procedure e cure di medicina ed esami medici, alla gravidanza e ostetricia.

Ovaj hrvatsko-talijanski rjecnik sadrzi preko 3000 medicinskih pojmova prikazanih na jednostavan i razumljiv nacin koji obuhvaca orijentaciju u prostoru i vremenu; nesrece, katastrofe i pogibeljne situacije; dijelove ljudskog tijela; ozljede, simptome i bolesti; ljekarnistvo; medicinske ustanove, njegu i postupke; dijagnostiku, te trudnocu i porodnistvo.

DIZIONARIO MEDICO PER I VIAGGIATORI: Italiano – Croato (Italian Edition)

by Edita Ciglenecki

Questo dizionario italiano-croato contiene piu di 3000 termini medici ed e stato concepito come un manuale compatto di facile comprensione di terminologia medica dall’orientamento nel tempo e spazio; gli accidenti, catastrofi e angoscia; parti del corpo umano; i sintomi, ferite e malattie; farmacia; istituzioni, procedure e cure di medicina ed esami medici, alla gravidanza e ostetricia.

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