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From the Beginning: The Old World

by Timna Kurtz

When culture is washed away, humans become as wild as the wildest nature

Sometime soon, in the very near future, water rises and covers the entire earth, erasing humanity and its infrastructure. A small group of survivors manages to find shelter on a small mountaintop that remained exposed despite the flood. Here, forced to withstand avalanches, injuries and famine, as well as the excruciating pain of loss and bereavement, they must create a life for themselves and invent humanity from the beginning. As unexpected bonds and loaded relationships are formed, the constant rustle of the descending water levels continues its alarming hum. And above all, hovers a horrible prophecy threatening to come trueâ?¦

Lust, danger and human instinct come together in a realistic fantasy, packed with action, romance and suspense.

Grace, a beautiful and charismatic woman, slowly takes her place as a leader of the group and the founder of its old-new way of living. From the â??sacred cave’ at the top of their â??island’, to the foot of the shoreline, where the tribe dwells, she must steer her new and impossible community out of doom and into a hoped-for future. This calamity also offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start all over again. Will they be wise enough to take the advantage, or will their past have a stronger hold?

An exciting adventure-packed piece of literary fiction that will grab you from the very first page!

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Sin City Sucubbus: A Dabbler Novel

by C.S Anderson

Robert Jones is what is known as a Dabbler, half human and half Wizard trying to survive amongst the throngs of supernatural beings that call Vegas home. When the Succubus steps off of the bus onto the Las Vegas Strip he finds himself on the run and tangled up in a magical plot that will shake his world to the core..

Awakening – Book of Fire (Blood Heritage 1)

by Krista Gray-Fee

Some of us are born with silver spoons and good luck to spare while others pull the short straw. Amber’s life has never been easy, her father drinks too much and her mother died when she was young.

The streets of Seattle are more home to her than the house she grew up in ever could be. An exotic dancer with the heart of a ballerina, Amber steals hearts with her combination of innocence and strength.

A twisted combination of dreams and nightmares, her world is a tangled web of seduction, betrayal, power and lies. There is a power growing within her that threatens to consume her, and some are willing to kill to control it.

Her connection to ancient mysteries and modern monsters is a tiny tangled thread she must follow in order to survive. There is no rest for the wicked and people around her are dying to find out what the prophecy of the blood lines really means.

Is Amber an angel sent to save the world from the end of days, or the catalyst that will bring on the destruction of us all?

The first in the Blood Heritage Trilogy: Awakening will open your mind and tantalize your senses. This erotic exploration of the supernatural, spiritual and seductive will leave you breathless.

This Blood: (The Grace Allen Series Book 1)

by Alisha Basso

When Grace Allen discovers a valuable ring in a gutter, she thinks it’s her lucky day, but, fate has other ideas. Now, Grace finds herself not only the keeper of tremendous power, but the only person in the world able to wield it.

Seth McPhee is a monster on the hunt and his prey has never been more seductive. While Grace’s powers will ensure his leadership in the underworld, her beauty will make her captivity a pleasure.

Rushing to the rescue is Lucian, a man who is more than he seems. Will he prove to be the white knight that he claims, or is he just another beautiful monster?

Battling fantastic creatures as well as her raging libido, Grace’s resolve is tested. Will she succumb to a life of lavish entrapment, or escape for an uncertain freedom?
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THIS CURSE-The Grace Allen Series Book 2
THIS TIME – The Grace Allen Series Book 3
Coming soon: THIS NIGHT – The final installment of The Grace Allen Series

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