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Memes: New Latest (With NO repeated Memes) Best Funny Memes XL Collection- (Funny Memes, Memes Plz, Memes And More, Memes Free Books, Memes Free, Memes For Kids, Best Memes 2016) (Part #1)

by Memes

I’m back guys! I’ve brought you my new latest (NOT repeated) and best Memes Collection!

The master of the Memes- Time is over for these crappy repeated memes books that are no less than garbage!

Throw those books away! I promise this is gonna be the best memes book ever. Read it till the end.

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ROMANCE: STEPBROTHER All That Time 2 (Romance Alpha Contemporary Billionaire Bad Boy Stepbrother) (BBW Young Taboo Alpha)


Summary – Molly wakes up in an empty bed, she goes to Jon’s room she kisses him awake. They tussle for a few minutes before he gets out of bed. Jon’s dad asks to talk to Molly and tries to defend him to her. She admits that she loves Jon and reassures him. Jon and Molly spend the day at home to make up for being away yesterday. When they’re alone in her room, Jon asks to hold her for the night. She wakes up with him still holding her. They agree to tell her mother that night. Molly has trouble confessing so Jon does, instead. Molly bursts into tears and her mother comforts and reassures her. That night, they discuss some of the worries Molly has. The next morning, her mother basically forces them out of the house. Molly’s best friend, Betsy, confronts her for ignoring her calls and texts. They make up and Jon and Molly go on their first date.

How To Win The Lottery 10 Out Of 10 Times, Everytime!!!: BEST SELLER!!!

by Money Inc

Richard Lustig a seven-time lottery grand prize winner says he’s been playing the lottery for about 25 years. He claims to play every day, but in the first few years, he says he was not winning very much. So Lustig decided to come up with a method, which he claims has helped him win seven grand prizes, including his last jackpot of $98,000 two-and-a-half years ago. “The research is not that easy, it takes some time. Anything in life that’s worth having takes time,” Game Guide: Tips & Tricks To Becoming A Kick*ss BIG DADDY and DOMINATE the playground

by Mr.

If you’re sturggling with getting to be the BIGGEST, then this game guide will teach you the BEST tactics to DOMINATE the playground & BEAT the competition!


SLITHER.IO GAME GUIDE: Tips & Tricks To Becoming A Kick*ss BIG DADDY and DOMINATE  the playground! began off as a fun and benevolent web program diversion that made exhausted office specialists glad for whatever length of time that they could sneak some play in. When it made it to iOS, it was a wonder of amazing magnitude.

The objective of is to end up the greatest worm of the day by eating the pixelated stays of your adversaries. Make different snakes crash into your body to make them blast, then eat their remaining parts to develop longer. The longest snake on the server turns into the top snake of the leaderboard

The player that breaks the record of the day for the longest snake gets the chance to leave a message on the screen that everybody in the whole world playing the amusement needs to see.  In case you’re experiencing difficulty getting to the fundamental site or the amusement won’t keep running for whatever reasons, there are different spots you can likewise get to this diversion, as Poki where you can play slitherio for nothing.

Click The Orange Button & Grab Your Copy Now To Dominate Slither.Io Free Game with some hacks and tricks!

Busted Flush

by Brad Smith

“A tight, lively package, assembled with conviction and genuine suspense.” â?? The Toronto Star

Stuck with a wife he doesn’t like and a job that he hates, Dock Bass could use some good news.

So when he learns that he’s inherited an ancient house from a deceased relative he never knew existed, he is ready to make a move.

He quickly discovers a newfound solace in tearing it down to its elegant, pre-Civil War foundations, but in stripping away the drywall and lathe, he discovers a doorway in the rock face.

Behind it, Dock stumbles upon a treasure trove of Civil War memorabilia squirreled away in an old root cellar, including pictures and possibly even a recording of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg.

However, it’s not long before Dock’s discovery brings him more attention and press than he can bear.

As the onslaught of collectors, history buffs, and media hounds descends – including an easy-on-the-eyes television reporter – Dock needs every stubborn and independent bone in his body to fight of the hustlers and scam artists.

When the opportunists start crawling out of the woodwork, will there be anyone left that Dock can trust?

Or will he end up losing everything once more?

Praise for Brad Smith

“With dialogue that crackles like musket fire, Brad Smith’s novel is true to Gettysburg’s heroic past and madcap present, and a deliciously entertaining tale of uncivil war over the legacy of America’s greatest conflict” â?? Tony Horowitz, author of Confederates In the Attic

“Hugely enjoyable.” â?? Michael Redhill, The Globe and Mall (Toronto)

“[A] witty new satire.” â?? The Denver Post

Brad Smith is the author of Busted Flush, All Hat, and One-Eyed Jacks, which was nominated for the Dashiell Hammett Prize and the Arthur Ellis Award. He lives in a farmhouse near Dunnville, Ontario.

Cloning the Devil: The Guilt of Mediocrity

by Jok U. Lair

Jok U. Lair’s topic is fascism, its hotbeds, and its implications, including criminality and moral hazard. In his family saga, the author identifies the German Gemütlichkeit (coziness) as one of the cauldrons of Hitlerism and modern times’ emergence of neo-fascism. He acquaints us with protagonists of three generations of German families from the Roaring Twenties in Berlin until today. Numerous bourgeois philistines, regular citizens, and self-proclaimed artists of questionable caliber populate the author’s ninety-one anecdotal episodes. The occurrences the author describes unmask fascism not only as the subtle sublimation of psychic derailments but also as the externalization of incestuous narcissism. His thesis is: Wherever xenophobic ideas emerge from the shit of the bulwark mentality of the harmful mediocrity of feel-thinking, hypertrophic inclusions paired with extreme tendencies of exclusion are prone to discarding into violence. Jok U. Lair drags the skeletons out of the closets of the cozy homes of a handful of German families. The revelations are as shocking as they are typical for the hidden fascism among German people from all walks of life. Suicide as a gratuitous act is by far the least immoral escape from taking responsibility for one’s life. The moral balances of the characters with whom the author acquaints us are a shame, to say the least. The allusiveness of the pen name paired with the book’s title and subtitle laced with innuendo, mirror the sarcastic and cynical attitude with which the author distances himself from the mostly weird content of this challenging book. The ninety-one anecdotal episodes complemented by a handful of poems and an appendix of high political topicality do not let the reader breathe calmly. They do not allow him or her to enjoy the flow of the language. Worse than that, they forbid them to evade being fascinated or, at least, captured by the unfolding of perverse sexual, political, and artistic preferences. The obscene biases of the petty bourgeois, the stereotypical members of fascist societies, are ubiquitous. The staccato of ninety-one pieces of literature will exhaust the reader, will challenge her or him to oppose. The chain of episodes, covering almost one hundred years of German history, held together by the red thread of incest and narcissism, the igniter and combustion agents of fascism and violence, keep the reader busy to follow the questionable characters through the decades of disasters of horrible dimensions. The reader will have to endure Jok U. Lair’s defying attitude and his self-torturing, masochistic lust, and intellectual desire for witnessing the decline and fall of societies and the morbidity of the decay and decomposition of his anti-heroes.

Life at Sixty-Five Inches

by Jonathan Neuschwander

I am Jonathan D. Neuschwander and I have lived a very interesting and unique life. Read about it in my first book, a toilet read. Each story is short enough that you may read a story or a chapter while sitting on the john and come back in a few hours and not miss a drop. If you use the bathroom, then this book is for you. Put down the paper and pick up Life at Sixty-Five Inches.

Romantic as Hell – Tales of Woe, Tips of Woo: An Illustrated Guide for the Romantically Challenged (Comedy, Humor, Short Stories)

by Rodney Lacroix

FINALIST – 2016 IAN Book of the Year Awards

From the bestselling author of Things Go Wrong for Me and Perhaps I’ve Said Too Much…

In this hilarious, heartfelt and surprisingly useful book, bestselling humor author and comedian Rodney Lacroix opens up about his failed romantic endeavors and – more importantly – how you can avoid the same hysterically bad (and sometimes wince-inducing/dry-heave generating) mistakes.

Let’s face it. Everyone can use a little help in the dating and love departments. It just so happens that sometimes such help comes in the form of a hysterical book that has a cover showing a teddy bear riddled with arrows and the word “Hell” in the title.

Written in Rodney’s trademarked comedic style, Romantic As Hell gives some great relationship advice like:

– Why shouldn’t I give a feral cat as a token of my affection?
– Why you’re not fooling anyone with that “free back massage any time” coupon.
– Which “romantic getaways” should you avoid, and which one may result in having your own shoes thrown at you?
– Why doesn’t my man wear his Pinocchio thong?
– How can we keep the spark alive while parenting in a house with four children who are all busy annoying the crap out of us?

Each hilarious story is punctuated with amazing illustrations that transform the book into a highly entertaining feast for the eyes, as well.

Forming a relationship is hard. Keeping a relationship is harder. But adding romance into that relationship? Well, that can be a real bitch, can’t it?

Whether you’re trying to find a mate, already dating, trying to keep your marriage fresh or just looking for some new ideas, Romantic As Hell – Tales of Woe, Tips of Woo by award-winning humor author Rodney Lacroix has got your situation covered and is here to save the day.

Rodney Lacroix knows two things: comedy and romance. As “A Guide for the Romantically Challenged,” he puts them together in a package that is sure to give the audience some unique concepts and perspectives on affection, and a whole lot of side-splitting laughter.

Empathy Cinema

by C.A. Huggins

No… Not Another Slavery Movie!

Every year, Hollywood pumps out more and more slavery movies into the theater. And they prove to be the easiest way for African-American actors, actresses, and directors to get invited to awards shows.

Empathy Cinema tells the tale of a man who checks out the latest slavery movie and stumbles along more than he bargained for.

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