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by Edmund Jorgensen

Andrew Wrangles has a decision to make. His best friend Sothum, a philosophical and financial genius, has just died and left him a choice in his will: ten million dollars or a sealed envelope.

Andrew’s wife Cheryl doesn’t see this as much of a choice. She wants Andrew to take the ten million, and what little patience she has for his speculating about what might be worth more than the money is wearing thin very quickly.

But as Andrew digs deeper into the secret life of the mind that Sothum lived, he finds a new mystery behind every clue. Does the envelope contain the fate of a vanished mutual friend? A breakthrough that could secure Andrew a place in the history of philosophy? Or is Sothum just playing a final private joke at his friend’s expense?

In order to make his decision, Andrew must ultimately confront some questions he has long avoided: about the true nature of his long friendship with Sothum; about the choices he has made (or refused to make) in his own life; and–perhaps–about the limits of the human mind itself.

Saving Kayla: A Chilling Thriller

by Jessica Evans

Only love can rebuild a life that’s been broken.

Kayla grew up with an abusive father. His death frees her from terror, and at age 15, her mother remarries … and Kayla’s new stepbrother, Chase, becomes her strength. He’s always in control, always knows what to do. And he’s a constant, forbidden temptation.

When they reach adulthood, the attraction between them can no longer be denied. But their all-too-brief bliss is shattered when Kayla learns that her father is alive — and hunting her. Terrified for herself and Chase, Kayla takes the only action she can think of to keep them both safe — she runs.

Chase is devastated when she disappears. When he finally finds her, he’s stunned to discover she’s become an MMA fighter – and furious at the secret she’s kept from him. Can Kayla and Chase learn how to trust enough to build a life together? And can they deal with her father once and for all?

***Author’s note:***

Saving Kayla is a standalone romance with a HEA and no cliffhanger. Recommended for mature readers due to explicit content.

This was previously called Broken by the same author.

Literary e-clectic: The Change

by Adam J. Williams

The Literary e-clectic is a quarterly magazine that every issue is the same, only different. Each quarter has a different theme that the stories adhere to. This issue’s theme is The Change.
Adam J. Williams’ The Metamorphosis of Billie Gregor is about a woman that is focusing on her increased sexual desire instead of dealing with other changes in her life.
Arik Skot Williams’ Fruit and Labor, goes inside the head of a sinister citrus seller.
Newdigate Ausley’s Single Occupancy is story about loneliness and depression that reads like a lyrical poem.
Beau Hulgan’s Someone Else’s Fingers, Someone Else’s Toes is about a man dealing with changing technology after a car accident.
C.N. Coats’ Fireflies is punch in the gut story about a boy that needs to get away from his difficult family life.
At The Literary e-clectic, we don’t care if the stories are fiction or non-fiction or what type of genre that they may fall into. What we care about is having good stories.

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