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Charisma: Unshackle your True Charismatic Self and Improve your Social and People Skills. Be a More Confident, Charming, and Charismatic Person (Psyched … Your Mind and Regain Your Life Book 7)

by Sammy Parker

Believe it or not, most people do not consider themselves charismatic while they know people who are. It’s also true that people are born to be charismatic, but the fact is, you can work on this as a skill and become more charming, likeable, attractive, confident, and build rapport with anyone you’d like.

“Charisma: Unshackle your True Charismatic Self and Improve your Social and People Skills” is a definitive guide that will make any self proclaimed ‘awkward’ person into a more social and alluring individual. 

As a child, teenager, and even during my young adult life, I wasn’t that person people would refer to as having ‘personality.’ Rather, I was a nerd; a geek that loved reading books, and uncomfortable when it came to meeting other people. However, being a nerd paid off and I’ve noticed specific attributes that most charismatic people have. With thorough research, I’ve written this book to explain the whole process of becoming charismatic. 

In this book, you will learn:

  • The science and qualities that make a person charismatic
  • Specific reasons why being charismatic is essential in your self-development
  • Overcoming being shy and developing self-confidence
  • A guide in becoming more welcoming in meeting new people
  • Strengthening your social and people skills
  • Building rapport and continuing to maintaining a strong connection with those you love
  • Simple ways to build your self-esteem

These topics are just the tip of the iceberg that will help you become more charismatic. This book is educational, but importantly, it is also inspirational as it will truly help you become more likable and develop your true personality as human and social creature.

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Emotional Intelligence Box Set: 47 Tips and Suggestions on How to Increase Emotional Intelligence Plus 20 Ways to Overcoming Insecurity by Learning about … intelligence, overcoming insecurity)

by Joshua Walker

BOOK #1: Emotional Intelligence: 29 Steps to Higher EQ: Gain Skils to Perceive, Understand, and Respond to the Emotions of Others

Emotional Intelligence is not a new concept. Popularly known as EQ, it has surpassed the more traditional IQ or intelligence quotient, in your dealings with other people. Clever people are great, but they are not always very nice people. This is the main reason that investing in your EQ is very important, more so than even a high IQ!

You will learn the following important aspects:

  • You will be shown what exactly emotional intelligence is
  • You will learn how to develop your EQ
  • You will be talked through 29 ways that you can help build yours EQ
  • Why EQ Is Important

BOOK #2: Emotional Intelligence: Great Tips and Suggestions on How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence and Take Control of Your Life

Emotional Intelligence: Great Tips and Suggestions is a book that examines the history and impact of Emotional Intelligence on our daily lives. Whether it be at home, at work, or as a leadership tool, there are ways to fine tune your Emotional Intelligence to become healthier and to take back control of your emotional life.

This book provides:

  • Real time tools to help you take control of literally every aspect of your life through increasing your Emotional Intelligence.
  • What Is Emotional Intelligence?
  • EQ Professional Application
  • EQ Personal Application

BOOK #3: Insecurity: Overcome Your Insecurity by Learning about Self Respect, Self Love, and How to Embrace Yourself

Showing love, respect and embracing who you are is a key foundation to being happy. Everyone has insecurities and everyone at some time or another has wanted to change something about themselves. It is important to value yourself, with all the changes in life we often lose focus of who we are and just try to get along. The only person who can improve anything in your life is you, whether it be your financial situation, social circle or figure. Life is ever evolving and so are people and their personalities, there will definitely be times in life when you need a little bit of reinforcement and support, and for those you can look back at these words.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Defining Love – What it Means to The Self
  • Learning to Love Yourself – Tips, Methods and Goals
  • Respecting Yourself – Why Confidence and Self Esteem are so important
  • Learning To Embrace your Flaws – Working to Alleviate Social Stresses
  • Finding Your Place and Discovering Your Passion – Why Self Fulfilment is crucial to happiness
  • How and why to care for others

BOOK #4: Insecurity: 20 Ways to Overcome Insecure Behavior. Break the Chains That Hold You Back and Start Treating Yourself With Acceptance and Generosity

Insecurity is a crippling mental state that keeps many from living a life of contentment and fulfillment. When someone struggle with feelings of low worth and low self-esteem, they will always be at the mercy of their thoughts, feeling that they are unworthy. Unworthy of success, love, happiness, and anything that is worthwhile and brings joy and peace.

The book deals with such topics as:

  • Don’t Let Your Past Take Your Future Hostage
  • Your Biggest Mistake – Giving In To The Fear of Making Mistakes
  • Embrace Change Before It Strangles You
  • The Pitfalls of Comparison
  • When Opportunity Knocks, Answer The Door
  • Use Fear As a Doormat and a Springboard
  • Trust Your Instinctâ?¦or Not!

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