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Things You Cannot See in the Dark

by Lynn Renee

Colin was born on the greener side, the side where diamond chandeliers hang from vaulted ceilings and personal drivers wait at your beck and call. Christian, wealthy and a staple in the community-everyone knows Colin James and her family. She has everything she wants, everything she could ask for but one thing, so powerful so evocative, dare spoil her seemingly perfect life. A certain gift passed down from generations that haunt her every waking moment: visions.

Colin is struggling to grasp a hold on her prophetic visions that is threatening to ruin all that makes her happy. When she isn’t trying to decipher her visions, she has to tangle with the reality that her church may not be what it proclaims to be. Hidden skeletons and secrets unravel from beneath the bowels of her church and everything she learned and believed in seems to be shattering at her feet. As she stands in the middle of a tug of war between her faith and her morals, she turns to her only friend Vera in hopes she can give her some guidance. But when she realizes that Vera is also becoming someone she doesn’t recognize, she is left to question what really is right and wrong, real and a dream.

Then walks in Avery; the tall, intimidating and handsome only child of a modest family. He works for every piece of possession he has as there are no rolling green hills or white picket fences where he comes from. Getting straight A’s is as innate as his love for science. He’s the model student and child, his only flaw: he doesn’t believe in God. As a result, he is ostracized, bullied and made number one on Colin’s disgust list.

As Colin maneuvers through her own problems, she fights against the realization that the only person she can confide in is the one who she despises the most, the one who she was told to always stay away from because of his lack of belief.

These two people with seemingly different natures converge after unfortunate events to find out they are not as different as they thought. They explore that truth is beyond what the eyes can see or what they thought they believed.

Western Romance: Brides Of New Haven Series, Books 2-4 (Sweet Clean Historical Victorian Christian Pioneer Romance) (New Adult Inspirational Short Stories)

by Charity Phillips

Read About The Adventures Of Young Women Traveling West To Find A New Lease On Life And Love After The Civil War In Charity Phillips’ Historical Western Romance Series, Brides Of New Haven

Includes A BONUS Collection Of 25 Sweet Mail Order Bride Stories

New Haven, Connecticut – 1865

Book 2: Mail Order Bride Delia

For four women, the Civil War has sparked a bout of change within them that cannot be ignored. For Delia Hennessey, it has created a passion for life that will not be denied. It is the reason that she convinces three of her closest friends to join her in contacting men across the country who have placed advertisements for mail order brides, hoping to find the ones who would be a part of each young woman’s next great adventure.

They will not travel together, but Delia isn’t afraid. She has been awaiting a great change for what seems like her whole life, and now it is within her grasp. When she answers the ad of a wealthy landowner in Wyoming, she is positive that she has met the perfect man-but when she arrives, things are not all as they seem.

Can Delia survive this abrupt change of events? And if she does, will she be able to satisfy her lonely, aching heart?

Book 3: Mail Order Bride Catherine

Two of Catherine Stuart’s three friends have already left New Haven to find love and adventure as mail order brides out west. Young Catherine has found love, too, and she is eager to go out west to Nebraska to meet her betrothed. But have his letters truly prepared her for the man she has yet to meet?

Laura, the only friend of their quartet remaining in town suggests not, but Catherine is too excited to listen to reason. An exciting life is waiting for her, and she cannot be bothered to wait.

She finds that her friend had a woman’s intuition not to be ignored, but is it too late? If she walks away, will she ever find love again? Catherine doesn’t know for certain, but her heart craves something that only the west can give her-and she can no longer wait for it to find her.

Book 4: Mail Order Bride Laura

The Civil War has just ended, and as the men return home and reclaim their jobs, Laura Masterson has found herself unemployed-and worse, forever without the man she had loved with all her heart.

Laura’s loneliness is compounded by the fact that the three friends she relied on the most to hold her up through these dark times have already left New Haven to find love out on the frontier. The four young women had agreed to go out west in search of love and adventure as mail order brides, but Laura has yet to leave.

She is torn, because she has received letters suggesting that these men might not be all they claim to be. She also worries that she will never find a man who can replace her beloved Elias, so she begins to correspond with a rancher who seeks a marriage of convenience.

When she outstays her welcome in her sister’s home, she realizes that she cannot delay her journey any longer, and Laura must accept that her life is about to change drastically. She can only hope that it is for the better.

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Perfect for fans of the following genres: Mail Order Bride, Clean Romance, Western Romance, Historical Western Romance, Christian Romance, Clean and Wholesome Romance, Victorian Romance, Inspirational Romance, American Historical Brides Series, Pioneer Romance, Frontier Romance

Mail Order Bride: An Orphaned Baby for the Unsuspecting Bride (A Clean Western Historical Romance) (Mail Order Bride Short Stories Romance)

by Mary Miller

Will love help A Mail Order Bride overcome her worst fears?

In the late 19th century, Elizabeth Handel is left destitute and alone after her father and mother are killed. Elizabeth’s world completely disintegrates. Her father, a politician, ex-advisor to President Lincoln, leaves her with no security, no inheritance, no future.

With no other option, Elizabeth moves to Nevada to join a man looking for a bride. Her life on a farm after the glamor of a wealthy family makes Elizabeth feel she is destined to be miserable for the rest of her life.

Elizabeth used to have a gardener. A housekeeper. A buggy driver. A groundskeeper.

Now she, herself, is a farmhand.

The worst that could happen to her.

But Tyler is determined to change her mind about that. He sees past the haughtiness and selfishness to a delicate, fragile inner beauty.

So when tragedy strikes, Elizabeth must face an ever more daunting task.

Become the mother of an orphaned baby.

The newlyweds must both make a final decision. Will they stay together? Can he bring out in her the inner beauty he knows is there? Or is he making the biggest mistake of his life even trying?

This is a short-story romance with NO cliffhanger and includes various bonus stories at the end. Enjoy!

Tags: Mail Order Bride, Clean Romance, Western Romance, Historical Western Romance, Christian Romance

ROMANCE: CLEAN ROMANCE: Mail Order Desires (Sweet Inspirational Contemporary Romance) (New Adult Clean Fantasy Short Stories)

This 7-book romance collection includes:

Western Promise

The Love of a Rogue Duke

To Have and To Hold

The Honored Bride

The Reluctant Groom

The Westward Bride

The Betrothal

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Clean Romance: Ballerina (Inspirational Second Chance Love Inspired Romance) (Contemporary New Adult First Love Short Stories)

by Rachel J. Moore

Natalie Eden can’t imagine a day without dancing. She spins and whirls and tiptoes across wooden floors and stages without a second thought for the world around her. It’s her life and her world and she would do anything for the chance to be a professional ballerina. Almost anything.

Her dedication and devotion hasn’t gone unnoticed. Natalie’s biggest fan has always been her little sister, Brittany, and Natalie wouldn’t give the world for her sister’s adoration and endless love. So when a terrifying car accident shatters both sisters’ worlds and dreams, Natalie finds it difficult even to begin looking at her beloved ballet slippers.

She’s ready to relinquish her dancing until Cooper, the intern at their local hospital, urges her to pick up ballet once more. And slowly, with the help of Cooper, Natalie relearns to fall in love – both with herself, her dancing, and the boy who charmed her back onto the dance floor.

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TAGs: Ballet Romance, Inspirational Romance, Clean Inspirational Romance, Second Chance Romance, Christian Romance

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