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How to Survive an RV Show…and Make it a Great Experience

by John Huggins

Would you like to attend an RV show and make the most of your precious time? Then this booklet is for you. We discuss strategies for before, during and after the show. We show you what to look for in an RV besides the glitz. We include a list of RV shows around the country with live links to their websites. We also include a Towing Glossary to decode the alphabet soup of acronyms for tow weights and measures. After reading and implementing our show strategies, you won’t ever come home from a show and wonder what you saw.

Flamengo x Atlético-MG: Brasileirão 2016/1º Turno (Campanha do Clube de Regatas do Flamengo no Campeonato Brasileiro 2016 Série A Livro 14) (Portuguese Edition)

by r. morel

A Editora 99cents traz a campanha do Clube de Regatas do Flamengo na Série A do Campeonato Brasileiro 2016 jogo a jogo. Serão 38 textos sobre os acontecimentos das 38 rodadas. Os destaques, os lances, os personagens, as histórias, os instantes decisivos de cada partida. No volume 14, a vitória contra o Clube Atlético Mineiro.



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La mia gara con te (Crystal Vol. 1) (Italian Edition)

by Sonia Gimor

Luca, trent’anni, dopo aver vinto le olimpiadi invernali, decide di ritirarsi dalla sua brillante carriera nel pattinaggio artistico. Poco dopo incontra una giovane pattinatrice, Giulia, e con lei inizierà la sua esperienza di allenatore.
La ragazza però non è una pattinatrice qualsiasi e Luca se ne renderà conto molto presto.
I due protagonisti si troveranno a fare i conti con la forte attrazione reciproca, con il rischio derivante da una relazione tra loro e con un passato che porterà a galla delle situazioni che pensavano entrambi passate per sempre.

���so di non esserti indifferente. Lo vedo da come mi guardi, sai?��
â?¹â?¹Perché, come ti guardo?â?ºâ?º il cuore di Giulia rimbalzava all’interno della cassa toracica e non c’era modo di fermarlo.
Luca sorrise e si avvicinò ulteriormente, facendo quasi sfiorare i loro nasi: â?¹â?¹Con interesse. Un interesse adulto, da donna. Non certo da bambinaâ?¦ Dio, ma davvero non senti la tensione che c’è tra noi? Sono sicuro che la percepisci anche tu. Ora però vai a dormire, prima che questa conversazione diventi pericolosa. Domani ti aspetta una lunga giornata di allenamento.â?ºâ?º

“La mia gara con te” è la prima parte di una duologia, seguirà il capitolo finale “La mia vita con te”.

Who Is The Better NBA Basketball Player Off All Time? LeBron James, Kobe Bryant Or Michael Jordan? NBA Basketball Star Comparison (basketball talk)

by Stephan Bball

LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, 3 of the NBA’s best players ever. Always getting compared to each other. So who actually is the best basketball player ever? Who and who is better at this moment. Kobe and Michael get compared to each other more often because they have the same kind of play but does this mean Kobe is better than LeBron is? Or is LeBron even better than both of them? Or is Kobe actually the best? Right now LeBron just got his second straight ring but still has less than Kobe and Michael. So who of these three actually is the best? The answer is right in this book!

Nothing Down: The Short Baseball Life of Homer Newbody

by Mike Reuther

Homer Newbody lived to play baseball.
A nobody from nowhere given little chance to ever play Major League Baseball, he was taught not only how to pitch, but to respect the game, by a uncle who dies before ever seeing Homer play professionally,
When he gets his chance to pitch for the New York Yankees after long years in the minors, Homer seems to have everything he wants.
He has little idea of what forces he will come up against when he makes it known that he is willing to play for nothing. In a baseball era dripping with big money, steroids, scandals and overall cynicism, many wonder if Homer is for real.
A New York Progress sportswriter named Leslie Shamback, for one, isn’t sure what to make of this small town guy with the simple values. But when she delves a little deeper into his past she finds more than she bargained for, including possibly love.
Homer’s troubles are hardly relegated to Leslie and the rest of the jaded New York media. Much of the baseball fraternity does not take kindly to Homer. Of his teammates, Tom “The Tracer” Traber, a highly paid veteran pitcher, makes it clear that Homer has no business blowing his horn about ballplayers owing their hearts and their souls to a game. To Tracer, baseball is a business a player has every God-given right to make as much money from as he can.
Homer is well-loved and embraced by a great segment of a baseball-loving America too, including a fan base, Homer’s Old Town Nine. This group, which gains a national following, shows up regularly in ballparks wearing crossed out dollars signs on their baseball jerseys.
Homer was thrust into the spotlight after tossing two consecutive no-hitters in this first two Major League starts. While not seeking the spotlight, his down-home persona is a refreshing escape in a sport awash with problems.
As the team fights for a division title, Homer finds himself coping with the pressure of winning not only at the Major League level, but in New York, the baseball capital. But Homer plugs on, despite the press; a scandal of sorts from his past; scraps with teammates and opponents; romance and heartbreak; a search for a wayward father; his arrest in the idyllic village of Cooperstown, N.Y., the home of baseball’s Hall of Fame; and finally, a near-career-ending injury. At the end of the season he’s faced with his biggest foe of all: his own mortality.
This is a story about one man’s passion and his perseverance against outside forces lining up to tilt his baseball world upside down. Baseball, the national pastime, has never seen the likes of Homer Newbody, who brings a child-like enthusiasm to the game difficult for many to swallow. His time in the game is short, but one that will live on in the annals of baseball.

Hanging out the Washing

by David Price

The other day, I met the Captain of the Malawi Skydiving team, and if that picture conjures up an image of a big, strong, young man with a daredevil gleam in his eye, you’re in for a surprise.

The captain’s name is Ingrid Elisabeth Price. She’s a slim 5ft 5in brunette and the mother of three children. She’s got that gleam in her eye, though, whenever she starts talking about parachuting. I asked her what made her want to do it.”

‘It was when we lived in Pirbright, Surrey. My husband, Gordon was stationed there with the Grenadier Guards as a Paratrooper. I was hanging out the washing when I heard the engines of an aeroplane stop overhead. I looked up and saw three tiny figures falling spread-eagled through the sky before they opened their parachutes and drifted down. I thought, â??That’s what I want to do.’

Her husband Gordon persuaded the Army into letting her tag onto an army free-fall course at Netherhavon. The first woman ever to do the course and graduated as a fully-fledged skydiver.

When her husband was posted to Malawi to help train the Malawian armed forces she started up a parachute club and became its chief instructor.

During her time in Malawi, Ingrid trekked down to South Africa and passed a very rugged test to become the first woman in Africa to hold a ‘D’ licence – the laurels of the parachuting world

She captained the Malawi team to several international meets and completed a number of ‘link up’s as well as night jumps and on one occasion made a decent from over 18000 feet.

‘The important thing to me is free falling – it’s something I can’t explain, but every jump is different, it’s always exciting.’

The story of Ingrid’s achievements, in the Skydiving world, is even more remarkable, when she tells of her survival from the ‘horrors’ she suffered during the fall of Berlin in 1945 when, at the age of 15, she became separated from her family and fell victim to the savagery of the advancing Soviet Army during the final battle for Berlin.

Ingrid’s story is a triumph of survival and achievement which began one day when she looked up whilst â??Hanging out the Washing.’

FROM GLORY DAYS – Successful Transitions of Professional Detroit Athletes

by Kurt A. David

Detroit is one of the best professional sports cities in America. Finding a metropolitan area that rivals the nearly 300 combined years and twenty-two collective championships would be difficult. With a multitude of years and a multitude of championships come numerous athletes who have played in this great sports town.

“FROM GLORY DAYS” chronicles twenty of these athletes, many of whom have All-Star, Hall of Fame, or Championship status. Follow along as five athletes from each of Detroit’s four major professional sports franchises share their personal stories of struggle and success as they’ve transitioned from their final playing days to normal, everyday lives. Get a personal glimpse as these athletes journey from the pinnancle of their athletic careers, through the emotional and financial reality of departing from their craft. You won’t find another book like this one that captures this transition, as told directly from the athletes themselves.

21 Extremely Simple Basketball Shooting Tips And Also Some Basketball Shooting Drills (basketball training)

by Stephan Bball

Basketball tips, drills and moves

Tired at sitting at the bench? Tired of missing shots? Do you want to become the best basketball player you can be?
Than you should read on!

You get tips in basketball which will make you a better player instantly.
21 Extremely simple basketball shooting tips and also a few Great Basketball Shooting Drills!

Buy now before the price get’s up!

Get Up and RUN

by Alan Seel

The aim of this book is to spur you on to get up and run. Especially if you have never ran before. Sometimes it is good to force yourself up to make the effort. Many think about running but never get up off their couch to actually see what it is like.

For some once the idea of being able to exercise and run and perhaps get fitter hits them, then they get the motivation and the first step is to realise that they have got to get up and make a start. No one needs to be told how to get up and make the effort, so it really is just a case of getting the running gear on and getting out there.

This book will detail very simply the steps required to start to run. It is up to each person to motivate themselves and a good way is to go out and run to start the day off. This might not suit everyone and programs can be devised easily to set the best times for doing your running.

Many may think that they only have to put minimal effort in and run without much thought to get themselves started on their running journey, but it requires a bit more dedication than that, so to get up and run for fun might be ok initially, but is not what the whole picture is for anyone wishing to really progress in running.

By reading this book you will be given everything that you need to start running from the point of never having ran before to being a runner who can start out and run for half an hour without stopping.

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