Free war Kindle books for 29 Aug 16

The Fiery Trial (The Second Civil War Book 2)

by Adam Yoshida

Is the United States headed towards a Second Civil War?

In “A House Divided”, Adam Yoshida laid out how current political trends might lead to a Second Civil War. In “The Fiery Trial”, the war actually begins.

It’s the Makers versus the Takers as an over-reaching Federal Government abuses the Constitution to attempt to maintain the power of the establishment and keep the dollars flowing to the welfare state at all costs. In their quest to maintain their power, there is no rule that the powers-that-be will not flout and break, no line that they will not cross.

Faced with this, defenders of liberty are left with a stark choice: will they passively accept the death of freedom in America (and ultimately in the world)? If not, how far will they they go in order to defend the Constitution?

Filled with political intrigue, subterfuge, and battles between armies and wits, “The Fiery Trial” is a timely warning of an all-too-possible future.

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