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Photography: BOX SET 3 IN 1 The Complete Extensive Guide On Photography For Beginners + Photography Hacks + Digital Photography #1 (Photography, Digital … Photography Hacks , Digital Photography,)

by R. McWolfshire

DISCOVER:: The Complete Extensive Guide On Photography For Beginners + Photography Hacks + Digital Photography #1

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Photography – BOX SET 3 IN 1 is your Complete Extensive Guide On Photography For Beginners + Photography Hacks + Digital Photography


This book will help the reader, with a basic understanding of photography principles and then more advanced, technical-natured fundamentals. All of these will assist you in taking better photos that give depth to the landscapes, life to the nature and emotion to the people in your pictures.


Book that will go over some of the photography elements, but it will also go over the camera elements as well. Doing this will help you really get the most out of your ability to take pictures, and from this, you’ll get even better.


This book will be going over some beginner tips that will make things better for you, and things that can be the difference between a great picture, and one that is dull and boring.

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The Devil Wears Diamonds


Nicci will be anything in life that she needs to be… as long as the price is right. The only thing she refuses to be is a damsel in distress. Youthful curiosity revealed that men are more valuable as dead husbands. The master plan and blueprint for her life that she has laid out on her crystal table doesn’t include fear. She’s not even afraid of the deadliest weapon: karma. Nicci never waits for a window of opportunity; she knocks a wall down and creates her own. She lives by one rule and one rule only: if you can’t join â??em, BEAT â??EM…Until she accidentally on purpose tastes a gulp of kryptoniteâ??love. Detrek makes her forget all about her blueprint on her crystal table. For the first time in life, Nicci only desires to be happyâ?¦ for free. Will Detrek make her change her ways forever? Can Nicci turn away from her evil ways? Is this love for real, or is it just another scheme in her blueprint?

Alfred hichcock and pasc and all masters of mystery and suspense

by pascal talbot

Alfred hichcock and and pasc is all the masters of mystery and suspense agatha christie novel and movies and many others from 19th

and 20 th century new book by author pascal talbot

j k rowling and pasc harry potter a phenomenom

by pascal talbot

j k rowling and pasc harry potter is the story of novels movie play over a span of 1997 2016

my most sales sucess to date pascal talbot author

Your Man When I Was: Simplified EASY Picture CHORDS: EASY Piano Pop Music

by Bo Miles

Learn how to write your own hit pop song 1 song at a time. This song is based off of the changes to the hit song “When I Was Your Man”. This song is broken into 4 EASY parts to get you playing and creating your own HIT using the proven system of picture chords. Picture chords gives you the visual foundation that is the secret of the TOP musicians.

L’Uomo Vogue’s Top 25 Male Models Of All Time

by Ricardo Mezzano

L’Uomo Vogue has selected the top 25 male models of all time.

The list includes: Brian Buzzini, Tony Ward, Tyson Ballou, Walter Schupfer, Lars Burmeister, Brett Salisbury, Sean O’Pry, Michael Bergin and more.

See who the number one model of all time is on this historic list.

Steampunk Drawing Box Set 5-in-1: Steampunk Drawing 2 books, Steampunk Animals, Steampunk Dogs, Steampunk Cats

by Jeffrey Stains

This is a BOX SET of the best drawing books of STEAMPUNK from Jeffrey Stains. You will find amazing drawings of various subjects with easy to follow instructions how to draw them.

If you are interested in showing your expertise in this new and happening genre, this Box Set is the right place to start. Steampunk drawings are versatile in nature. You can draw anything and everything from a butterfly to a mansion. All you need to have is passion for the genre and of course some imagination. These eBooks take you through the basics in steampunk drawings, so you get on to a rousing start in the steampunk genre and get in touch with your past and future. Enjoy your steampunk drawings with our amazing drawings and easy-to-follow steps!

Here is a preview of what you’ll find in STEAMPUNK Drawing Box Set 5-in- 1:

  • STEAMPUNK: Drawing Amazing Steampunk Figures
  • STEAMPUNK: Learn How to Draw Amazing Steampunk Figures
  • Steampunk Cats Drawing: A Completely New Form of Cats
  • STEAMPUNK ANIMALS: Sketching Steampunk Animals with Creative Steampunk Drawings!
  • STEAMPUNK DOGS Drawing: Unleash Your Imagination with Creative Steampunk Dogs

Confessions of a teen: A MOMENT IN A DAY IN A LIFE: Relating to the world


These diary/journal entries explore situations and relationships. Everyone is trying to find a way to make sense of the world.These can be used for auditioning. They are unique and they are full of character. SHOW UP AT YOUR AUDITION READY TO GET THE PART. GIVE THEM NO CHOICE! PERFORM AN ORIGINAL PIECE, AND MAKE IT YOUR OWN. BE DRAMATIC WITH ONE OF THESE CHARACTERIZATIONS. They are EASY TO MEMORIZE, because the wording is completely natural. GREAT THEATRICS can be incorporated.

Beneath the willows: The Legend of Jake Masterson (Jake Masterson The Man,The Myth,The Legend. Book 1)


Ride alongside Jake Masterson on his harsh journey through 1880″s Texas. Witness the events that will lead him to become one of the most dangerous men of his time. Follow Jake down a trail of revenge, murder and survival in the old west as he carves out his place in history.

Les Omnibus, Opus 2: Piano Solo (Bisel Classics Book 255)

by Charles Valentin Alkan

Visibly impressed by the new institution of the horse-drawn carriages that made public transport in the Paris of the 1830’s so much more enticing, the 15 year old star pianist Charles Valentin Alkan composed his â??Op. 2, Les Omnibus’. The carefully planned increase in dynamics and the choice of tempo, as well as technical sophistications like glissandi and chromatics with a good portion of almost improvisatory freedom help us to envision the “Dames Blanches”. Not just a stepping stone for the aspiring virtuoso, the brilliant concerto-variations are bound to enrich every ambitious venue by their charming program.
Sichtlich beeindruckt von der neuen Institution, den Pferde-Omnibussen, die die Fortbewegung im Paris der 1830er Jahre erleichterten, schrieb der 15 Jahre junge Star-Pianist Charles Valentin Alkan seine â??Op. 2, Les Omnibus’. Sorgfältig vorgezeichnete dynamische Steigerung, Tempowahl und technische Raffinessen wie Glissandi und Chromatik, mit einer gehörigen Portion an nahezu improvisatorischer Freiheit lassen das Bild der “Dames Blanches” vor dem inneren Auge wieder auferstehen. Die brillanten Konzert-Variationen sind nicht nur ein Prüfstein für jeden angehenden Virtuosen, sie stellen durch ihr reizvolles Programmeine Bereicherung für jedes ambitionierte Event dar.

The Two Position Guitar Scale System: Exotic Scales and Modes

by Graham Tippett

Have you ever wanted to incorporate Exotic Scales and Modes into your guitar playing but been put off by the daunting scale patterns? The solution is here. This eBook features 18 of the most common exotic scales and modes plus the tried and tested 2 Position System which means you’ll only ever have to learn 2 scale patterns per scale instead of the usual 7 or more.

This is a fully functional guide to incorporating Exotic Scales and Modes into your playing, not just a book of scale patterns.

You’ll learn:

â?? How to incorporate exotic scales into your playing quickly and easily

â?? How to use base scales to create a solid foundation for other scales

â?? How to practice to get results fast and;

â?? How to add exotic flavors to common chord progressions with the quick-reference guide.


â?? How to create your own exotic chord progressions from any exotic scale or mode without using theory.

You’ll be amazed at how beautifully simple it is!

JESUS CHRIST IN PAINTINGS: GREAT ART FOR A GREAT MAN: Masterpieces of art depicting the life and passion of Jesus Christ

The great works of of art depicting in beautiful paintings the life and passion of Jesus Christ to browse and enjoy for your visual pleasure with no distracting text to read.

Now you can have your own mobile museum!

Many of the paintings have close ups to magnify the beautiful details that deserve greater attention.

You will be able to enjoy the following masterpieces in your Netbook, Tablet or Smart phone:

St Anne with the Christ child by La Tour
Stoning of Christ by Pascher
Study for Christ child by Salviati
Study for the head of Jesus Christ by Barocci
The age of Augustus, the Birth of Christ by Gerome
The baptism of Christ by Elsheimer
The baptism of Christ by Veronese
The Betrayal of Christ by Sasseti
The burial of Christ by Greco
The Christ by Holbein
The Christ child with flowers by Dolci
The dead Christ supported by an angel by Bellini
The dead Christ supported by two angels by Bellini
The death of Christ with Angels by Manet
The mocking of Christ by Groux
The passion of Christ by Memling
The three Magi adoring Jesus Christ by Unknown
The Yellow Christ by Gauguin
Three women at the empty grave of Christ by Unknown
Transfiguration of Christ by Angelico
Transfiguration of Christ by Raffaelli
Transfiguration of Christ, Detail by Angelico
Twelve year old Christ in the templeby Mary Psalter
Undressing Christ by Greco
Weeping Christ by Baldung
Weeping Christ by Dyck
Weeping for Christ [] by Duerer
Weeping for Christ by Duerer
Adoration of the Christ Child by Kalkar
Angels weeping over the dead Christ by Guercino
Ascension of Christ by Unknown
Baptism of Christ by David
Baptism of Christ by Francesca
Baptism of Christ by Grebber
Baptism of Christ by Parmaiggani
Baptism of Christ by Patinier
Baptism of Christ by Verrochio
Baptism of Christ by Weyden
Betrayal by Judasby Nerio
Betrayal of Christ by Strelitzas
Birth of Christ by Angelico
Birth of Christ by Bouts
Birth of Christ by Campin
Birth of Christ by Christus
Birth of Christ by Duerer
Birth of Christ by Schonegaur
Birth of Christ by Weyden
Burying of Christ by Roldan
By the grace of God by Greco
Capture of Christ by Angelico
Capture of Christ by Francken
Capture of Christ by Kalkan
Christ [] by Rembrandt
Christ among the doctors by Luini
Christ and Buddha by Ranson
Christ and Caiphus by Giotto
Christ and Maria Magdalena by Bronzino
Christ and Maria Magdalena detail by Bronzino
Christ and St John by Bellini
Christ and the adulteress by Boulogne

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