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George Washington: A Life From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

George Washington

George Washington, the first president of the United States, is much more than a monument on Mount Rushmore. Who was Washington, the general, president, and husband? He was first and foremost a man of impeccable honor which, despite military adversity and political wrangling, never abandoned him. The Founding Fathers who squabbled and competed amongst themselves did agree on one thing: only Washington could lead the country, first in the country’s military fight for freedom and then as the man charged with transforming thirteen individual states into a united country. But in his youth, George Washington did not intend to become the Father of his Country. As a younger son of a middling class Virginian, he intended to earn his living as a surveyor, and in that role, he was introduced to the vast potential of the country that would one day be a nation. But when the death of his older brother made him the heir to Mount Vernon, Washington ascended to leadership in the military, political and social spheres of Virginia and the United States.

Inside you will read about…

â?? The Washingtons of Virginia

â?? Europe Exports its Wars to the Colonies

â?? Washington at Mount Vernon

â?? An Englishman no Longer

â?? Washington at War

â?? The Father of His Country

â?? Return to Mount Vernon

As a member and later officer in the Virginia militia, he fought with the British army against the French as the two European powers struggled for control of the rich Ohio Valley. The British, who would refuse Washington a commission in their army, would later meet him in battle as the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, fighting for independence against the forces of King George III. As a political leader, he would become the architect of the American government. As the master of Mount Vernon, Washington’s marriage to the wealthy Martha Dandridge Custis placed him among the elite of the Virginia aristocracy. His integrity established a model for subsequent generations to emulate. That few have managed to match his achievements is an indication of his influence and character. Meet George Washington, the man, and discover the identity of this remarkable leader.

Diana The Abduction: Mystery Solved

by Rania Alammar

This book presents compelling evidence that the fate of Diana Princess of Wales was more terrifying than generally believed. What happened was a masterly designed plot to deceive all of us. The accident in the tunnel in 1997 still affects the hearts and the minds of the people. Why? Because the mystery was never resolved and the truth is an energy that is impossible to be settled if not unveiled and the lies were exposed.

After more than six years of research into the case of Princess Diana, using a number of investigative books, a totally new explanation is now offered.

Rania Alammar, a Saudi ex-journalist, shares her insights in the case from a completely new perspective. Her search for answers to many previously unanswered questions lead her to the conclusion that, contrary to the general belief that Diana died of her injuries, she was in fact, abducted.

Diana The Abduction discusses:

– Did Diana really die? Her medical condition was survivable.

– Was there a proper autopsy done on her corpse?

– Was it her corpse that was seen by several witnesses? And why were their testimonies inconsistent?

– Why did the Queen ignore the public and the media for six days after the arrival of the coffin in London?

– Why were there confused medical results and mixed samples after the body was autopsied in London for a second time?

– Also, what was the real role of Muhammad Al-Fayed in the whole story?

This book is the first of its kind in its way of displaying the facts which were investigated by several known writers and researchers.

Unearth these details to let the truth be known to yourself and for the sake of justice.


by Collins Smith

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Blood, Dragons and Lions: How Alienation and Science Led Me to Spiritual Enlightenment and Innovation

by Kin F. Kam

In this sagacious blend of memoir, modern history and science, the author reveals an immigrant story made arduous by a rare life-threatening illness.This powerful, sensitive book is a must for anyone who reflects deeply about the human condition and the world around us.

In the late 70’s life was tough for anyone growing up on a gritty council estate in the North of England. For ten-year-old Kin Kam, life was that much tougher.

From a shy Chinese boy in colonial Hong Kong to life as a scientist, inventor and entrepreneur, Blood, Dragons and Lions is the extraordinary story of the author’s battle to overcome life’s challenges in spite of living with a serious disabling condition.

Through protracted ill health, coupled with periods of religious and scientific introspection, Kin uncovers a new understanding about spirituality which radically frees his body and mind to realise greater inner peace and creative endeavours.

Revealing vivid insights into faith, identity and geopolitics across the cultures of East and West, Kin takes us on a thought-provoking journey through contemporary history and a personal growth odyssey from disadvantaged child facing-up to bullying and prejudice, to bold risk-taking entrepreneur twice appearing on BBC’s Dragons’ Den.

Uncompromisingly hard-hitting, yet warm and uplifting, Blood, Dragons and Lions entertains and enlightens in equal measure.

Girl from Baku

by Russell Bittner

A personal memoir of desperation, despair…and hope.

Amazonian Reast

by Bartek Menica

Just imagine: you are the last human on the Earth. But only you think that you are the only one. Wild jungles of the Amazonia hide lots of secrets that you have never knew some of them are too dangerous to know.

Amazonian Reast

by Norbert Barttan

Going through pages of the book you can see a detailed description of wild life and nature itself. But this time it appears only as a background of the story. The love of Amazonians can be both fragile and strong, beautiful and dangerousâ?¦

Amazonian Reast

by Rebeka Larson

Everything in this world is connected with each other: nature, technology, people.. Have you ever imagined that the butterfly effect does exist? Go through this insane story and you will see.

Amazonian Reast

by Mencer Loops

We don’t expect any fatalities or catastrophes in life, don’t we? But ever human thinks of it in different way. For some of us lost all the money will be a disaster, for some of us got lost one jungle will be an Armageddon. But sometimes such things will change our lifes in better way, so just sit in your couch and get ready for a big adventure with beautiful story of love and bloody fights.

Amazonian Reast

by Monika Versus

Fed up with life routine? Suffering from loneliness ? Go through pages of this book and you will that just one spontaneous decision, one unplanned acquaintance will change your life, but it’s depends.. Will it be good or bad changes – is up to you.

Missing and Mysterious – United Kingdom: 2016 Edition

by Peter Kennedy

This book includes the four books (The West Country, Wales, Scotland, England) produced of the United Kingdom so far with the plan of adding Ireland at a later date.

It looks at all the missing people I could map, Paranormal clusters and patterns in the United Kingdom. Some people disappear in areas without a trace and sighting occur of craft that can’t be identified with various paranormal phenomena that seem to be connected.

I also covered the theory work and connect with my own experience of inter-dimensional entities.understanding of dimensions and reality.

FOR GOD AND COUNTRY: Memories of A Diplomatic Security Service Special Agent

by Nick Mariano

The memories of a Diplomatic Security Service Special Agent and his thirty some years with the U.S. Department of State protecting people and facilities around the world.

Before & After: An Adoption Journey

by Bridget Balentine

Muffled at first beyond the doors, there is the constant barking of creatures begging to be noticed, to be heard, the way they would have cried for their mother when they were small. They are just as helpless now. And the primitive, protective instinct in you wants to answer their call and save every one of them.

But you know that you can’t do that.

You can’t save them all, but you will save one.

The Benjamin Gray Story

by Alan Gammon

A true and fascinating story about a man that was born in Littlehampton in 1810 who lived in a flint cottage that still stands in Church Street. The book follows his life and how he went to South Australia and eventually mapped out a new village in the heart of the Barker Hills and named it after his hometown.

Benjamin Gray is well documented in the Barker Hills near Adelaide. In 2009 our local press reported, â??He was a pioneer, and left a legacy for us of a relationship with another town that most of us do not even know we have’. Since the book was published it was discovered that it is the first to have ever been released in South Australia.

Benjamin Gray, after more than 150 years, I hope has now found his rightful place in the history of our town and for generations to come we can enjoy reading his story.

It is also available in a 40 page A5 paperback book. Signed copies are available on request at no extra charge.


This is an award-winning poem, written to commemorate International day of persons with disabilities.




DIARY ENTRIES AND MONOLOGUES TO SHARE WITH AUDITIONERS: Original and honest entries, which will grab your audience


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PERFECT WHEN YOU WANT TO RECITE A DIFFERENT KIND OF AUDITION. CHARACTER-DRIVEN AND INTERESTING. VERY EASY TO BREEZE THROUGH AND MEMORIZE. NATURAL EASY FLOWING LANGUAGE.These are like diary entries, which are very heartfelt, and interesting. They are reflections of struggles and tribulations. You can enjoy them as quick breezy reads, if you are not an actor or actress, Perspective from others is always enlightening to ourselves. Enjoy. I welcome your thoughts. Feel free to comment.

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