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Shitty Beijing Bike

by Will Ruff

In 1974 two farmers digging a well outside of Xi’an, China, discovered a clay statue and a pot, that historians later learned belonged to China’s first Emperor. The site they discovered was the second pit of his mausoleum, and is one of the most interesting finds of the 20th century.

The excavation of China’s first emperor’s tomb has been ongoing for 40 years as the world’s fascination with the Terracotta Warrior Museum has grown. Shitty Beijing Bike tells the story of a group of researchers vying for the inside scoop on the tomb’s excavation as each source they investigate indicates there’s much more going on at the Museum than the excavation of historical relics.

The Raw First Edition is the first draft of the manuscript as written by the author in 2013 and 2014. It is being made available for a limited release to allow readers of the book early access to the story, and contains a special page of acknowledgments recognizing the many wonderful people who read and supported the project throughout its inception.

A Taboo Billionaire Love: An Amish Fiction Romance

by Elaine Young

Warning!: This book contains FREE BONUS BOOKS as a thank you for ordering.

A Taboo Billionaire Love

Chelsea Adler has never known anything but the peaceful, quiet beauty of her Amish upbringing. At her best friend Agnes’ insistence she reluctantly agrees to a trip for Rumspringa and finds herself in the heart of San Francisco trailing Agnes who is determined to soak up as much as she can. But clubbing, shopping, and city life doesn’t suit Chelsea who longs to return to her simple life, until a chance encounter with a handsome stranger makes her think twice.

Blake Bradshaw, listed as one of the most eligible and wealthiest bachelors is accustomed to a jet setting, high society life. Surrounded by brash, money hungry girls, Chelsea blows into his life like a refreshing breath of fresh air. As they fall for each other they wonder if their love is strong enough to overcome the differences in their life, or will his money and the security of her Amish world drive them apart?

Warning: This book is a clean romance but the other free books attached may contain scenes not suitable for children under 18.

ROMANCE: Working for the Billionaire Shifter: A Paranormal Mail Order Bride Short Story

by Elaine Young

Warning!: This book contains FREE BONUS BOOKS as a thank you for ordering. It also contains steamy romance scenes sure to entice you!

Working for the Billionaire Shifter

Melina knows she needs money, and fast. It’s the only thing that makes her apply for a job she finds in the newspaper. When she meets Josh she knows there is something about him. She just can’t tell if it’s a good or a bad something.

Josh knows he needs to find a woman who can help him. When he finds Melina he doesn’t realize why he feels the pull to her- until he sees a picture of his family’s house in her photo album. Maybe them meeting wasn’t just by chance. Maybe, for a cursed man, fate isn’t such a crazy idea, but will being around him kill Melina? And most of all, will he be able to take that risk.

WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand alone romance with an HEA. This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

Romance: Regency Romance: The Rake’s Fake Marriage (Historical Regency Romance Duke) (Rake Arranged Marriage Short Stories)

by Sarah Thorn

A young widow. A dashing rake. And an indecent proposal.

Lady Adele Vaughan is a young widow. As her new status permits, she may now finally enjoy the freedom she has longed for her whole life and she vows never to marry again. Sometimes, she feels lonely, but that is the price to pay for being her own woman. But little does she know that her peaceful existence will be shattered by her late husband’s secret past.

Nicholas Geraghty is the son of an Earl. A philanderer, his only use for women, is to enjoy them in his bed. If he must marry, then it will only be when it is time to produce an heir. But now, he is under pressure to take a bride, or he stands to be disinherited.

Adele meets Nicolas one evening at a ball. She finds him frightfully handsome, but his manners and treatment of women are despicable. He offers her a business proposal, and at first, she does not suspect that his motives are less than chivalrous. But once his hand is revealed, she takes full advantage of him in return. Now her most pressing challenge is not to fall in loveâ?¦

WARNING: This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only. It is a short story with NO cliff-hanger and contains 4 steamy bonus stories!

Romance: Regency Romance: The Time We Kissed (Historical Regency Romance Duke) (Rake Arranged Marriage Short Stories)

by Sarah Thorn


Modern-day Jemima lives in another world, another time. The daughter of a Duke who doesn’t care about history, she takes it upon herself to find out about her family’s past. Of all the paintings hanging on the walls of her ancestral home, Allerton Castle, she finds one particularly intriguing. A portrait of a woman called Lucy. She feels a connection with her, no least because they look alike. An expert tells Jemima that Lucy was a tragic figure who was condemned to a life as a spinster after her father had forbidden her to marry the portrait’s artist.

One day, Jemima takes a mirror and tries to capture her image and Lucy’s at the same time, to see how alike they actually are. The next thing she knows, she’s standing in the same house – only two hundred years ago – and everyone is calling her Lucy. Terrified to be condemned to the sad life of Lucy, Jemima reasons that the key to her return lies in the portrait – only that the portrait has not yet been paintedâ?¦

WARNING: This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only. It is a short story with NO cliff-hanger and contains 4 steamy bonus stories!

Tags: romance, regency romance, time travel romance, fantasy romance, paranormal romance

Regency Romance: Rescued From a Rake (Historical Billionaire Military Romance) (19th Century Victorian Romance)

by Sarah Thorn

Alice must marry a Duke to save her reputation

Alice and her two friends are care-free young women at the beginning of their adult lives. One evening at a ball, something terrible happens to Alice and her life is thrown into turmoil. In fact, something so terrible, that society threatens to shun her and her family. There is only one way out for Alice, and that is to marry a man who does not love her and who resents her for shaming his family name by having an affair with his brother.

How can Alice prove to the Duke that she is a good woman? After all, it is only her word against that of the Duke’s brother. The Duke would never believe her if she told him what really happed that night.

WARNING: This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only. It is a short story with NO cliff-hanger and contains 4 steamy bonus stories!


by Peter Black

In the city of Bellaview, residents carry out their roles in story lines. Bellaview High School has a part for each student to play. The popular kids, the athletes, the unknowns and the spectators, every student knows their character and reads their lines. Under the curtain of kayfabe it is hard to tell the lie from reality. Ben Bonnard is nothing more than a backup.

Ben, a reserve player on the Bellaview Hawks, the school’s baseball team, is suddenly thrust into a starring role when the teams right fielder Justin suffers an injury. Ben went most of his life unseen, but pushed into the limelight, he is forced to adapt to a completely new self image, along with the city’s expectations. Can Ben lead the Hawks to victory and the divisional championship? Can Ben figure out who he is in the world?

Kayfabe is a story that explores personal identity, purpose, and the roles people play, choose and find jammed in their faces. A fast paced, quick read, Kayfabe follows Ben Bonnard through the last week of his senior year, a pivotal time when all young people ask who they are.

Kayfabe blurs the line between delusion and reality and forces the reader to question whether they are true to themselves or act out a character in some human movie. Full of vivid imagery and humor, Kayfabe is Peter Black’s latest novel. It does not disappoint, staying true to his style of exploring the underlying nature of humanity in the modern world.

The Abduction Myth

by M.M. Simons

After a disastrous break-up Stevie Callaghan, a shy book illustrator, is in desperate need of an apartment. Against her better judgment she moves above a bookstore owned by Rick Smith, an intimidating, scruffy intellectual beloved by his customers and staff despite his brusque manner. Only after she moves in does Stevie learn that all of his employees come from a young offender program.

Although initially horrified by this, Stevie soon befriends Rick’s staff, and becomes a regular at the bookstore cafe. Just as she begins to feel settled, however, she witnesses a late-night fire no one else seems to notice. She also finds herself haunted by a recurring dream in which she is visited by a talking dragon. Worse yet, Rick’s newest employee Vince, a disturbed born-again Christian, develops an obsessive interest in her. Rick, on the other hand, seems to hold Stevie in utter contemptâ??until he initiates a relationship with her when she least expects it. To her own surprise Stevie falls in love with him, even though he remains something of a mystery to her. Stevie’s overbearing mother is instantly suspicious of Rick, but she cannot persuade Stevie to leave him.

Events take a harrowing turn when Vince becomes convinced that Rick is Satan, and embarks on a twisted campaign to “save” Stevie that leaves her life shattered. After someone close to her is then the victim of a brutal murder, Stevie is forced to confront her mother’s suspicions that Rick is not at all who he claims to be.

Inspired by the Greek myths about Hades, the god of the Underworld, and how Persephone became his queen, The Abduction Myth is a modern romantic thriller that will stay with you long after the story ends.

Suicide Ride: The Platinum Man (Suicide Ride Series Book 1)

by E. Llewellyn


Tired of the same old cookie-cutter M/M romances? Bored with insta-love? Sick of reverse gay conversion? I guarantee you won’t find any stale cookies here, and no overnight converts. Nobody in this house goes to bed straight and wakes up gay. MY PLEDGE TO YOU: this series is like NOTHING you’ve ever read.

SUICIDE RIDE will stretch your intellect, exercise your imagination, and give your heart a workout. But be warned: this is no ordinary reading experience. SUICIDE RIDE is TOTAL IMMERSION. It’s trial by fire. It’s a flaming ORDEAL.

If you aren’t up for having your brains blown, don’t buy the ticket. This is one Ride that’s a real head tripâ??and it ain’t for the faint of Art!

If you’ve got what it takes, read on â?¦

* * * * *

The road to Hell is paved with PLATINUM …

And Norman Dimond is dying to Ride.

“You, my big beautiful butch boy, are a platinum man, to the core.” ~ Norman Dimond


Norman Dimond is the Silver Man, an over-the-hill LA-based rock ‘n roll record producer who’s seen better days. A set-for-life bisexual with a hard spot for younger men, he squanders his nights in his den on the Sunset Strip, hustling cash-strapped gay-for-pay desperadoes looking for drive-by love in all the right places. Lonely and at loose ends, he longs for a worthy dance partner, but despairs of finding him â?¦ Until one night, when he least expects it, in waltzes â?¦


Johnny Gellis is the Platinum Man, a beautiful straight wreck who needs fixingâ??and who wants exactly what Norman has to give: a platform, a stage. But does he want it badly enough? Desperate to outrun his demons, he’s driving himself crazy and heading straight for the edge. Can Norman save him before it’s too late?


When Norman meets Johnny, their heavy-metal fenders bend, sending the male-on-male sparks flying. Johnny’s number-1-with-a-bullet hit “Suicide Ride” blows Norman’s mind, while his number-99-with-an-anchor tattoo pricks up more than just his ears. And though this hell-bent, cliff-hanging headbanger is the man-boy of his dreams, keeping him on course turns out to be a waking nightmare. Can Norman do it? Can he put him on top while stopping him from breaking down and destroying them both?

Find out in the raw, gritty, intense SUICIDE RIDE series.


“What is someone supposed to say when they’ve read the best of a genre? Somehow ‘OMG! I LOVED IT!’ feels paltry and weak in comparison to how rich the experience was for me as a reader … [SUICIDE RIDE] is fiction unleashed. It is lyrical madness. This? This is not a book. This is literature.” ~ Shandra Torbett, Reviewer, This Redhead LOVES Books

“E. Llewellyn does for Gay Literature what Kubrick did for cinemaâ??redefines and elevates, and constantly undercuts your expectations of the genre. Unfettered, unflinching, bristling with emotion, SUICIDE RIDE rocks your world.” ~ Mark Peter Krasselt, author of Kubrick: Lessons of a Sentient


Close Before Striking

by J. Clayton Rogers

Hank Cheatham, a professor of American History at a state university, has begun to suspect he is losing his mind. He has frequent blackouts, and often regains consciousness at the airport, with no idea if he is coming or going. He has inexplicably given his daughters permission to do things that would have been inconceivable only a month earlier. He is convinced that the South won the battle of Gettysburg, with distressing results when he gives the keynote speech at a Civil War reenactment.

He approaches Oliver Redman for advice. A black professor of psychology, Redman has often crossed swords with Hank over his politically incorrect views–specifically, his public assertion that Robert E. Lee and lesser known Confederates were great heroes, not merely defenders of the institution of slavery. Redman seems strangely reluctant to help him out of his dilemma.

On top of all this, his old mentor, now dying in a nursing home, has drawn from him a promise to bury him at Appomattox. This entails trespassing upon Federal property in the dead of night. By the end of the book, under peculiar circumstances and with unforeseen historic consequences, the promise is fulfilled.

Fiction Collection 1 (BookExpress) (Italian Edition)

by AA.VV

Cosa sono i BookExpress?
Noi di Lettere Animate ci siamo prefissati l’obiettivo della diffusione e dello sviluppo del settore digitale. Vogliamo, attraverso le nostre conoscenze, riuscire a rendere la lettura digitale fruibile dal maggior numero di persone possibili.
Ecco perché nascono i BookExpress che sono delle raccolte di “metà” libri selezionati per genere.
In che senso metà libri? Nel senso che in questo volume sono presenti 6 libri divisi perfettamente a metà (o quasi) fruibili gratuitamente dal lettore. Dopo aver letto metà libro il lettore potrà così decidere se acquistare la seconda parte o no.
Ci sembra un modo comodo e intelligente per evitare acquisti non graditi o per valutare in piena libertà la bontà di un libro.

In questo Volume:
Gli istanti si spezzano a metà di Antonio Riccardo Petrella
L’apprendista uomo di Marco Negri
Nel cuore di Amelia di Stefania Tuveri
Come ti vedi fra cinque anni di Domenico Grimaldi
DéjaÌ? vu 17 di Rocco Rizzi
Il carico della formica di Demetrio Verbaro

Buona Lettura!

La festa dei ratti (Italian Edition)

by La Balena

Una ragazza misteriosa conosce troppe cose. Un quaderno pieno di segreti mette nei guai chi lo possiede. La ragazza è bella, la sua mente corre veloce, non dimentica niente. Lascia il segno in chiunque incontri e trascina in un vortice di eventi il ragazzo del quale ha per caso incrociato lo sguardo.
Due città lontane e diverse, Milano e San Pietroburgo, sono lo sfondo di una storia cruenta, un’accidentale e pericolosa connessione tra individui.
Vite diverse; squallide, cupe o frenetiche. Vite che si intrecciano, si rincorrono e si spezzano attorno a enigmi irrisolti e verità pericolose.

Il collettivo “La Balena” è nato all’interno del corso di scrittura tenuto da Lorenzo Mazzoni (creatore di Malatesta – Indagini di uno sbirro anarchico) presso il Circolo Arci Métissage di Milano nell’autunno del 2013.

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