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Last Act of All

by Aline Templeton

Ugly, remote and inbred, the village of Radnesfield in the Fens has lived with its secrets for centuries.

Inevitably, its inhabitants greet the intrusion of television soap star Neville Fielding and his wife Helena with deep suspicion.

But no one anticipates the storm that will cause havoc in this small, rural community.

Driven by Neville’s brutal philandering, Helena divorces him and remarries into one of Radnesfield’s oldest families.

When Neville is murdered she is caught out in a string of lies and confesses to the killing.

But Detective Sergeant Frances Howarth is haunted by a nagging fear for Helena’s own safety.

With her release from prison the storm breaks, and Radnesfield’s diseased heart is shockingly exposedâ?¦

And ‘The Last Act of All’ is more shocking than anyone could have imagined.

‘The Last Act of All’ is a compelling crime thriller that will keep readers hooked from the first page to the last.

Praise for Aline Templeton:

`Templeton’s a considerable writer, both intelligent and intuitive’ Literary Review

‘Atmospheric eeriness . . . [and a] much-too-real feel’ Oxford Times

‘A creepy combination of detective and gothic’ Sunday Post, Dundee

‘A tense and atmospheric thriller, which builds up to a crescendo of superb suspense . . . An engrossing tale of tragedy’ Bolton Evening News

Aline Templeton lives in Edinburgh with her husband, in a house with a balcony built by an astronomer to observe the stars over the beautiful city skyline. She has worked in education and broadcasting and has written numerous articles and stories for newspapers and magazines. Her books include â??Shades of Death’, â??Night and Silence’ and â??Past Praying For’.

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Looks That Deceive: A Medical Thriller (MedAir Series Book 1)

by Braxton DeGarmo

The press calls “him” the L.A. Rapist, a misnomer in all ways for this serial assailant whose attacks on legal assistants leaves them in a vegetative state. Now, the deaths of two prominent medical malpractice attorneys have put authorities in an uproar and detective Lynch Cully is under extreme pressure to find the perpetrators. Or should that be singular? Has the L.A. Rapist upped “his” game?

Amy Gibbs, RN is a newly recruited med-evac flight nurse who left the E.D. and its stress behind, along with memories of a certain detective who “dumped” her. On one fateful call, she hears the deathbed confession of a man who police are seeking as a person of interest, perhaps the killer’s accomplice. Within hours, the lives of Amy Gibbs and detective Lynch Cully again intertwine in a story that unravels a web of identity theft, electronic eavesdropping, and stalking amid a confusion of identities.

Cuando el silencio mata: Asesinato en la Antigua Guatemala (Spanish Edition)

by Lester Glavey

“Mi nombre es Ignacio Alarcón, soy el Sacerdote de la Iglesia Nuestra Señora de los Milagros de la Antigua Guatemala. Tengo 52 años y quien sabe si llegaré a los 53. Cualquiera diría que estar esposado en la parte trasera de un auto de policía y que una multitud quiera quemarme vivo es lo peor que podría pasarmeâ?¦ pero no”

Nadie debería estar en esta encrucijada.

¿Qué sucede cuando cuando tus creencias y tu fe te obligan a actuar de cierta forma mientras que tus instintos y tu corazón te apremian a hacer lo contrario?

Este es el dilema que afronta el Padre Ignacio Alarcón cuando un misterioso y susurrante penitente le revela, bajo secreto de confesión, su intención de matar a un miembro de la congregación. Las confesiones y los asesinatos empiezan a repetirse con regularidad convirtiendo la vida del Padre Alarcón en un autentico calvario. Pronto quedarán claras tres cosas : la primera es que por algún motivo que no alcanza a comprender, el penitente intenta hacerlo romper el secreto de confesión, la segunda es que el asesino no está dispuesto a detenerse ante nada y la tercera que a medida que la presión aumenta, las víctimas son cada vez más cercanas y queridas para el Padre.

Una extraña pareja de detectives son la única esperanza que tiene el Padre Alarcón para que los crímenes se detengan sin traicionar a su fe y evitar un incidente internacional que amenaza con destruir a la Iglesia. ¿Pero, lograrán hacerlo a tiempo? ¿Hasta dónde somos capaces de llegar como individuos y como sociedad? ¿Somos capaces de olvidarnos de nuestros valores y olvidarnos de nuestra moral si los estímulos son lo suficientemente fuertes?

Cuando el silencio mata explora como se mueve el pensamiento individual y colectivo cuando es espoleado por el látigo del miedo en un incidente que escala y sacude a todo el planeta.

Salem’s Vengeance (Vengeance Trilogy Book 1)

by Aaron Galvin

Sixteen-year-old Sarah Kelly never expected to meet the Devil’s daughter. She only sought innocent dancing in the moonlight, not a coven entranced by their dark priestess.

When her friends partake of a powder meant to conjure spirits – and the results go horribly awry – Sarah is forced to make a choice. To keep their secret risks her own damnation, but to condemn them may invoke the accusing remnants of Salem to rise again.

Servant of the Crown Mysteries, 3 Book Box Set (A Servant of the Crown Mysteries)

by Denise Domning

A 3-book box set containing Season of the Raven, Season of the Fox, and Lost Innocents

4.3 stars
A Miller Found Under His Wheel

It’s 1194 and Sir Faucon de Ramis, the shire’s newly appointed Keeper of the Pleas, must do his duty and make an official declaration of the cause of a miller’s death. Saddled with a clerk who names Faucon his ‘penance’, the shire’s first Crowner must thread the tangled relationships between the sheriff, the village of Priors Holston and the priory that once ruled it. As a simple task takes a turn to the political, what seems obvious isn’t and what appears safe turns out to be more dangerous than he could imagine.
4.5 stars
Raise the Hue and Cry!

A wealthy merchant has been murdered in his own home, and the suspect has fled to sanctuary in a local church. Enter Sir Faucon de Ramis, the king’s new Servant of the Crown in the shire, to solve the murder, assisted by his prickly secretary, Brother Edmund.

As Faucon begins his hunt, the shire’s new Crowner finds himself in the upside-down world of a woman’s trade. Not only does the merchant’s wife own the business–unheard of!–the suspect is the daughter’s betrothed, or so the town believes. But what about the bloody shoe prints and missing tally sticks, and what does the sheriff have to gain?
4.6 stars
Into The Woods

A leper’s daughter is found in the well of a dying hamlet and the only suspect has fled into Feckenham Forest. But the sun is setting and Warwickshire’s sheriff is hunting his shire’s new Crowner. That sends Sir Faucon de Ramis and Brother Edmund, his prickly clerk, racing for a nearby abbey only to meet the man he least wishes to see at the abbey gates. Before long, Faucon finds himself riding into the dark at Sir Alain’s side as they hunt for yet another lost innocent.


by Michael Abbadon

Out of the white tundra of Alaska’s North Slope, two Inuit hunters emerge on dog sleds carrying a mysterious captive, chained under animal hides and locked in a sapling cage. They deliver their catch to a cargo plane sent out by the Sheriff in Fairbanks. The pilot notices a corpse on the sledâ??a third musher, killed in the capture, his face mauled with teeth marks that appear more human than animal.

Eighteen-year-old Kris Carlson needs a second chance. Blinded years before in a freak accident following a trophy-winning downhill ski race, Kris is trying to restart her life by learning how to ski againâ??without eyesight. A new audible-radar technology makes this miracle possible, and its inventor, Fairbanks grad student Josh Marino, hopes Kris will be the one to prove it works.

When the initial trials prove promising, Kris heads off to the mountains for a weekend of skiing with the ski school director and her daughter. But the three women encounter a fierce winter storm and are forced to take refuge in a trapper’s cabin.

Kris soon discovers the trapper’s mauled corpse. It seems a plane has gone down in the storm, and there’s some kind of monstrous beast on the looseâ?¦

Losing Your Head (The Charlie Davies Mysteries Book 1)

by Clare Kauter

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Charlie Davies is really not qualified to solve a murder. She’s really not qualified to do anything, unless it involves publicly embarrassing herself. She’s great at that.
But when her former high-school nemesis, James McKenzie, is accused of his uncle’s murder, he jokingly offers Charlie twenty thousand dollars and a house if she can clear his name. Charlie (like one of life’s true winners) still lives with her parents, and decides to take him up on the deal. What’s the worst that could happen, right? 
Oh yes, she actually thought that. 

Unfortunately, that means McKenzie keeps hanging around, annoying her, and sometimes (even worse) being nice. The audacity of this guy.

Things start to heat up a little for Charlie. Not in that way. (But kind of in that way.) And what if, after all this, McKenzie has tricked her? What if he’s guilty? What if she doesn’t get paid?

Charlie might actually go insane.

Or, you know, end up dead.

Either way, what a ride, right?

***Contains some swearing.***

‘Losing Your Head’ is the first book in The Charlie Davies Mysteries. If you enjoy soft-boiled mysteries with a snarky heroine, give this series a try!

Freeing Her: A Hart Brothers Novel, Book One

by A.M. Hargrove

Freeing Her (A Hart Brothers Novel, Book 1)

* This novel contains mature sexual content and is not intended for younger readers.

This is the beginning of a story … the story of two people who were meant to be together. Why? Because unknown to them, they shared terrifying pasts and the cruel circumstances of their births doomed both of them to a life of hell.

Two strangers … one night … one accidental meeting that changed their lives forever.

Gabriella Martinelli, Manhattan psychiatrist had only one goal in lifeâ??to help abuse victims avoid the horrors she’d experienced herself. She worked late, volunteered, and donated her services to anyone who needed them. Life was good … until her nightmare resurfaced. He found her, and began stalking her, and she knew he wouldn’t stop until he destroyed every ragged piece of her.

Kolson Hart, Manhattan’s most eligible bachelor, was ruled by his dark past. He liked control, from the boardroom to the bedroom and didn’t care to be involved with someone whose life was just as screwed up as his. But one look at Gabriella short-circuited everything. Want … desire … need … will sometimes drive a man to do things he swore he never would.

He freed her from a life of fear … when he couldn’t even save himself.

El día que perdí mi sombra (Spanish Edition)

by Aída del Pozo

“Ni siquiera acierto a recordar qué día perdí mi sombra y dejé de ser yo. Ya ni me reconozco al mirarme en el espejo…”
Así comienza la estremecedora historia de Noelia, una mujer que ha perdido su identidad tras verse atrapada durante años en una relación tóxica. Huir de un mundo de prostitución, drogas y delincuencia es la única salida posible para recuperar la sombra que perdió e iniciar una nueva vida.
Ayudada por Pilar, su mejor amiga de la adolescencia, Noelia emprende una carrera contrarreloj hacia la ansiada libertad, tras huir de Curtis, el hombre que robó su autoestima y que lidera una red de prostitución y drogas en Madrid.
Para conseguir su objetivo, se esconderá en una aldea perdida, a la espera de que Santiago, policía y marido de Pilar, ultime los detalles para proporcionar a la joven una nueva identidad para que recupere el control de su vida.
Mientras Santiago construye un futuro para Noelia en la ciudad de Barcelona; Curtis, ciego por la rabia de haber perdido a quien considera de su propiedad, moviliza a sus hombres para encontrar a su mujer, que parece haber sido tragada por la tierra.
Cuando ya ha perdido toda esperanza de dar con ella, una pista inesperada llevará a su banda hasta Miraflores, un turístico pueblo de la sierra madrileña. La madeja comienza a desenredarse y el cerco en torno a Noelia se estrecha�
¿Logrará la joven recuperar su sombra?

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