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Homemade Repellents: 40 Natural Homemade Insect Repellents for Mosquitos, Ants, Flies, Roaches and Common Pests (outdoor,Ants,Mosquitoes,Roaches,Flies,Spiders ,Travelling,Travel,Aromatherapy,Camping)

by Tyler Hulse

How to easily make homemade Insect and Pest Repellents … Keep the insects away permanently!

Would you like to have an insect free house? Tired of insect bites on your body?

Are you sick and tired of dealing with insects flying and crawling around your family members?

Use these powerful strategies to immediately fight off the insects.

This book is voted to have the best guide and strategies to solve all your pesky problems . You’ll learn to make your home an insect free zone! And better yet, you won’t be contaminating your loved ones and home with harmful chemicals!

This book will explain important facts and analysis regarding repellents that are safe to use around your loved ones and home. It doesn’t contain any fluff and is set up for you to succeed. This book contains useful information, very simple directions, and ingredients to eliminate creepy crawlers away in a harmless method. After reading this book, you’ll have a clear understanding on what type of repellents best suit you and/or your family’s needs. You’ll have many selections of recipes you can make for each type of pest you want to keep away permanently.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Discover the best types of homemade repellents you’ll use to prevent the most common and annoying insects from coming back
  • Harmful insects.
  • Strategies to protect your home for future attacks
  • Strategies to protect your health!
  • DIY Homemade Insect Repellents.
  • … and Much More!

    What Others Are Sayingâ?¨

    “This book is full of valuable knowledge”

    -Alexa Smith(Single Mother)

    “One of the best books written on home made repellents”

    -Amy Yasna (Nurse)

    “Why didn’t I have this book sooner?”

    -Dan Smith (Teacher)

    “This book over delivers”

    -Michael Parker (Student)

    “After reading this book, I bought more copies and gave it to my friends and family. This book has so much value that I wanted to share the information I learned to everyone I know!”

    Mr. James (Therapist)

    – Do you want to keep the pest away?

    – Do you want to keep your house a safe environment?

    – Do you want to prevent your loved ones from getting sick?

    – Do you want to learn about the secret recipes?

    Then get this book, I guarantee that you will get what you’re looking for!

    Mind of an Alcoholic: Your change & recovery in 7 steps

    by Daniel J. Jameson

    A recovered alcoholic, author and life change specialist reveals exactly what goes on in the mind of an alcoholic and offers hope for real and lasting recovery. Although alcoholism can be hellish, there is a way out of your torment.

    This book will:

    – uplift,

    – encourage and

    – inspire

    you as you acknowledge your alcohol addiction and start to overcome it – today!

    You will learn how to spot the signs and symptoms of alcoholism, the reasons why addiction takes hold in the first place, the price alcoholics pay in maintaining their addiction, and how to move forward.

    You will discover the two main methods for overcoming your alcohol dependency, and how to choose the right approach for you.

    You will learn why sobriety needs to be your goal, and how to achieve it. Most important of all, you will learn how to cope without alcohol and how to respond to any lapses or setbacks.

    You will learn how to overcome your initial resistance to change, how to face up to the consequences of your choices, and how to tackle your addiction head-on.

    Download this book today and conquer your demon once and for all.

    College Hacks: What Teachers Won’t Tell You (Career Development Series Book 1)

    by Boris Goldstein

    College Hacks: What Teachers Won’t Tell You




    – “Although the nerds were picked on in high-school, they are worshiped as gods in college. Butter their ego with a sincere compliment and they will melt in your hands; then proceed to ask for their valued assistance.”

    – “If you can’t even make it in college, then how can you make it in the real world? ”

    – “At this rate of progress that I am now in, where will I be five years from now?”




    The Worst Introduction You Will Ever Read.

    There is No Silver Platter.

    Rule 1: Embrace Immersion Learning.

    Rule #2: Look Stupid

    How to Not Annoy.

    Rule #3: Interrogate like a Boss.

    The Initial Pain Period

    Set the Pattern

    Early Bird versus Night Owl

    First Day Butterflies

    Lone Wolf versus Team Force

    Front Line versus Reserve

    The 100% Foolproof Method of Getting Phone Numbers

    Weed-blazers versus Nerds

    Need Help Call 911 Nerd

    Don’t let the Candle Burn Out.

    Easy Makes You Weak

    The College Library is Heaven.

    How to Respect Your Husband: 8 Scriptural Ways to Bless Your Marriage

    by Kelly Cox

    Marriage is a beautiful blessing designed by God and scripture is packed with verses on how you can make your marriage thrive. Each spouse has a role that is equally important. As a new wife, I was determined to figure out how to bless my husband in a way that he really felt it.

    While smothering him with kisses and showering him with love was “nice,” I began to realize that my husband would much rather sense a deep respect that I have for him that shows through in my daily actions. The Bible explains that men really crave R-E-S-P-E-C-T more than anything.

    I’m on a lifelong mission to honor my husband and the Lord. My prayer is to be the best wife possible and a blessing in our home.

    Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

    – Do you want to learn how to respect your husband?

    – Would you like to really understand what he wants but can’t often convey with words?

    – Ever wonder how you could have less conflict in your marriage?

    – What can you do to bless your husband most?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book is for you! I cover 8 scriptural ways to respect your husband and back each one with scripture.

    Are you ready to learn how to respect your husband, bless your marriage and honor the Lord with your efforts? Then scroll to the top and click the Buy button to download today.

    Efficient Diets for Losing Weight (Healthy Life Book): Lose Belly Fat, How to Lose Weight Fast, Vegan Recipes, Weight Loss Motivation, Raw Food

    by Marta Dive

    Efficient Diets for Losing Weight (Healthy Life Book): Lose Belly Fat, How to Lose Weight Fast, Vegan Recipes, Weight Loss Motivation, Raw Food

    Today only, get this Kindle book for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $5.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    Overweight people have many complexes, unfulfilled desires, inability to self-motivation, and one day they start going with the flow, without burdening themselves with the beauty. Double feelings towards their personalities dispose a person even more against himself due to the despair and lack of self-realization. And a person still lives in this flow of negative thoughts, chews fast-food day by day, and so on.

    The secret is that a person starts realizing that not the surroundings but the person himself is is to blame for his current condition. Taking off the â??rose-colored glasses’ affects people greatly, they are forced to look at something they’ve created with their own hands, and start training to eat according to a specific system and look at them from inside.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learnâ?¦

    • Psychology of The Stout and The Skinny
    • 10 Signs of a Perfect Diet to Lose Weight
    • Main Motivations for Losing Weight
    • How to Change The Food Culture?
    • The Effectiveness of Fasting Days
    • The Most Popular Fasting Days
    • Three Basic Diets Bonus! (Complete collection – save $2.99)
    • Much, much more!

    Would You Like To Know More? This book is Delivered Instantly to Your Kindle or Other Reading Device Just Scroll To The Top Of The Page And Select The «Buy now with 1-Click ®» Button!

    Download Your Copy Today!

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    Paleo: Paleo For Beginners, Clean Eating, Weight Loss & 250 Amazing Paleo Fat Burning Recipes (Paleo Slow Cooker, Paleo For Beginners, Paleo Diet Recipes, … Diet Cookbook, Gluten free, Whole food)

    by Jacob Gustaf


    Lose weight and keep it off even if you’ve failed before

    Want to try some Paleo Recipes? 

    The Paleo diet is one the few diets that is slowly but surely gaining worldwide acceptance. Its success can be credited to its unique take on the proper diet that is best for consumption. The basic foundation of the diet is found on the Paleolithic era or most commonly known as the Stone Age. The idea behind the diet is that our human ancestors, the cavemen, are one of the most physically fit humans to have every walked the face of the earth.

    Paleo has become the most popular and most successful diet in the world.

    It works. It always has.

    It’s Your Turn to Lose Fat,Heal Your Body, Look and Feel Amazing

    By adopting a Paleo lifestyle, millions of people have successfully healed their bodies, broken their cravings, lost fat, and built habits to last a lifetime.

    EAT unprocessed, real food

    Paleo and primal diets consist of real, whole foods – except for some natural but bottled or packaged sauces, condiments and ingredients –  so you automatically eliminate a whole range of preservatives, hidden sugars, sodium, additives, colouring, artificial flavouring and who knows what else. As a result you eliminate unnecessary toxins and consume more nutrients, plus the food tastes so much better.

    Paleo diet is rich in nutrients 

    One of the misconception about the Paleo diet is that it’s all about protein and fat. What many don’t realize is that by eliminating nutrient-void processed carbs – I call them fillers – we supplement with loads of vegetables, healthy fats, nuts, seeds, berries and fruit, all of which are full of minerals and vitamins. Combine that with the improved gut health and increased nutrient absorption which happens through avoidance of irritating grains and legumes, and you get a very balanced diet. You’d be surprised that we can get pretty much all required nutrients from animal, seafood and plant based foods.

    Sustained weight loss

    Most people experience weight loss and muscle growth while eating a paleo diet and keeping an active lifestyle. Improved metabolic processes and gut health, better sleep, stress management, sufficient Vitamin D and a healthy ratio of Omega-3/6 fatty acids all aid in burning off stored body fat.

    Reduced bloat (and gas)

    Paleo diet provides lots of fiber, which together with adequate H2O intake and a smaller intake of sodium help to decrease the bloat many people experience on a Western diet. Plus, paleo diet helps to improve the gut flora which is essential in keeping a healthy digestion.

    It’s rich in healthy fats

    Paleo diet promotes healthy saturated fat from grass fed meat, poultry, seafood, ghee, butter and coconuts; lots of monounsaturated fat from olive oil, nuts and seeds and a small amount of polyunsaturated fats; no trans fats; a healthy ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids.  The right types of fat are essential in maintaining healthy arteries, brain function, healthy skin, as well as decreasing systemic inflammation.

    People following the Paleo/Primal diet experience many of the below benefits:

    • Increased and more stable energy levels
    • Improved sleep
    • Clearer skin and healthier looking hair
    • Mental clarity
    • Improved mood and attitude

    Depression & How to Analyze: 2 Manuscripts. Naturally Free Yourself of Depression & Heal Anxiety, Panic Attacks, & Stress.Using Human Psychology to Successfully … Conquer Your Mind and Regain Your Life)

    by Sammy Parker

    This is a DOUBLE Book Bundle! There are 2 manuscripts inside for the price of one!

    Depression: “Naturally Free Yourself of Depression and Heal Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Stress” will cover:

    • Knowing what depression is and finding the root of why you are depressed
    • Common misconceptions and dubunking what is true and false about depression
    • How depression affects all aspects of your life
    • New modern techniques, approaches, and cures to boost your self-esteem and defeat depression
    • How to live a fulfilling life

    In “How to Analyze People: Using Human Psychology to Successfully Understand Anyone from Anyplace and Anywhere” the topics covered are

    • How to improve your social and communication skills
    • Read and decipher body language, social cues, and nonverbal communication
    • Improving your self-esteem and building charisma through the eyes of others 
    • Identification techniques of when to know when someone is honest or fraudulent
    • Building new relationships and enriching past relationship with friends and family
    • The role of emotions and the factors behind it
    • Understanding culture and human psychology

    These are just SOME of the topics that this 2 book bundle will cover. 

    If you’re interested in learning more about Depression and How to Analyze people, take action right now and select the BUY button at the top of the page! This bundle will ensure you will have all the information you need and give you solutions in beating Depression and Anxiety.

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    How to Expunge Your Criminal Records – A Complete Step-by-Step Guide for All 50 States

    by Mauricio Navarro

    Expunging criminal records tends to vary across the different states that make up the United States. The basic process is generally the same: the individual with the criminal record files a petition for expunction with the court that is located in the county in which the criminal offense was carried out. However, there are differences in the documents that are additionally required to be submitted by the individual. Through this book, we help you through the process of uncovering the secrets of successfully expunging or removing the criminal records from the public records – all without a pricey attorney and using an easy to understand do-it-yourself approach.

    Gardening And Homesteading: 100+ Tips On How To Grow Your Organic Vegetables And Fruits + Guide On Homesteading For Dummies: (Organic Gardening, Vegetables, … Urban Gardening And Indoor Gardening)

    by Helen Vicks

    Gardening And Homesteading: 100+ Tips On How To Grow Your Organic Vegetables And Fruits + Guide On Homesteading For Dummies

    Book #1: Gardening: Vertically Gardening: Best, Easiest And Neatest Way To Grow Vegetables, Flowers, Berries Or Herbs

    This book is all about vertical gardening and the steps to follow to make your own vertical garden. I have added all those essentials which are very important to be in your knowledge when you are about to go for opting vertical gardening as your hobby or interests. All the things which you should do in order to keep your vertical garden well have been described properly throughout the book.

    Following are the things which have been added in this book so that you can develop your own vertical garden without any problem:

    Book #2: Perennial Vegetables: Top-30 Plants You Can Harvest Forever

    This eBook, “Perennial Vegetables: Top-30 Plants You Can Harvest Forever” is a must reading for all the people out there who loves to landscape their garden with perennial plants. This eBook contains important information and necessary tips on the maintenance of the perennial plants throughout the year especially winter. It also provides you knowledge about the various edible parts of the perennials. It tells you to improve your garden and backyard. In short, this eBook offers;

    Book #3: Pepper Growing: Learn How To Grow 5 Popular Types Of Hot Peppers

    Pepper growing is a common activity in many houses; therefore, this book intends to provide a deep understanding regarding the favorable conditions for pepper growing. There are numerous types of hot pepper. Moreover, all of these possess different nutritional value as well as growing demands.

    This book is designed in such a unique manner that it serves as a manual for all of those people who intend to grow hot peppers. In order to facilitate them, the types of hot peppers are included. Moreover, after you have read this book, you will be become capable of planting these vegetables at your own houses. Growing the hot peppers will aid you in numerous manners. If these peppers are grown at one’s house, one can utilize the fresh hot peppers whenever he desires.

    Book #4: Homesteading For Dummies: 20 Beginner’s Tips To Start Your Completely Self-Sufficient Life

    Homesteading For Dummies: 20 Beginner’s Tips To Start Your Completely Self-Sufficient Life

    Homesteading is a self-sufficient lifestyle to reconnect with nature. This lifestyle is really beneficial for you to get rid of numerous problems. You can reconnect to nature and invest for your health. It will lead you to spend a healthy life and reduce tensions. Homesteading requires you to grow your own food, vegetables, plants and raise animals for food and byproducts. You can enjoy healthy and active because your grown food will be free from chemicals and other harmful ingredients. You can sell surplus items in the market for money. If you want to enjoy a homestead lifestyle, you should maintain Consider the climate is a growing season of an area, such as Northern Europe and Africa. Some varieties of plants can grow quickly and you can harvest these plants to store in the winter season. It will be good to get the advantage of this book because it offers:

    Download your E book “Gardening And Homesteading: 100+ Tips On How To Grow Your Organic Vegetables And Fruits + Guide On Homesteading For Dummies” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

    The Communist Manifesto

    by Friedrich Engels

    Manifesto of the Communist Party (German: Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei), often referred to as The Communist Manifesto, was first published on February 21, 1848, and is one of the world’s most influential political manuscripts. Commissioned by the Communist League and written by communist theorists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, it laid out the League’s purposes and program. The Manifesto suggested a course of action for a proletarian (working class) revolution to overthrow the bourgeois social order and to eventually bring about a classless and stateless society, and the abolition of private property.

    Emotional Intelligence: A Beginner’s Guide

    by Phillip Carson

    This book is an introduction to the concept of emotional intelligence. It can be considered a general reference manual that explains the meaning of the term, lays out its historical development, includes a discussion of IQ versus EQ, and suggests meaningful ways you can increase your own emotional intelligence. The book is packed with time-tested strategies, expert pointers and practical wisdom to help you understand and apply the concept of emotional intelligence in your everyday life.

    By reading Emotional Intelligence: A Beginner’s Guide and implementing the tried and tested strategies suggested in it, you are likelier to find yourself evolving into a more emotionally intelligent and balanced person, who is adored by others. If you don’t develop your emotional skills, chances are people less knowledgeable and less technically competent than you will surge ahead, due to their superior people management abilities and social skills.

    It’s time for you to become an emotional intelligence superstar and lead a more rewarding, fulfilling and meaningful life. This book will help you do just that.

    Here are some of the most common questions addressed inside:

     What is emotional intelligence?

     What are the exact differences between IQ and EQ?

     What is the history of the concept?

     What are the benefits of emotional intelligence in everyday life?

     What are some proven tips that can help enhance your EQ?

    The Unsolved Mysteries: The events, phenomena and incidents that modern science, religion and history seem unable to explain, here, we are discussing it from a different angle.

    by Dr. Anthony Blackwell

    It’s the human nature to look always through the close doors, to unveil the golden secret and to uncover the hidden truth. That’s what our ancestors did and that’s what we are doing.

    The human race have faced hundreds of unknown phenomenon in their entire history some of which were solved by the great and intelligent minds of the mankind while other are still unsolved up to date.

    In this book we are covering some of the world’s greatest unsolved and unexplained mysteries with details, theories surrounding these mysteries and the myths about them.

    These are some of the worlds most discussed and most researched mysteries but here we are looking towards it from a different angle to uncover the secrets behind it.

    In this book we are also covering some of the previously untouched and uncovered mysteries that happened in the 21st century but still the modern science are completely clueless about such phenomenon and incidents.

    These mysteries are the Siberian sinkholes, Mh370, Bermuda triangle etc.

    In short the book covers some of the greatest unsolved and unexplained mysteries about which modern science, technology, history and religion is completely clueless and unable to define or explain them.

    Fruit Infused Water: Quick and Easy Fruit Infused Water Recipes to Detox, Lose Weight and Feel Great

    by Linda Harris

    Fruit Infused Water Recipes

    Do you know that drinking adequate water is essential for your health? If you want to drink more water, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to do it because of the bland taste, Fruit Infused Water is the best book for you.

    Water keeps your internal organs working properly, aids in digestion, and keeps your skin and hair looking lovely. For many people, water is, well – boring. If that’s your opinion, infuse it with some fruit. Fruit infused water is a huge trend right now, and it’s not only because it makes drinking water a lot more appealing.

    This book will make it easy for you to enjoy fruit infused water. By reading this book you’ll learn:

    – The benefits of fruit infused water

    – How to make fruit infused water at home

    – 24 Easy and delicious recipes

    Fruit infused water is an ideal way to stay hydrated, avoid drinking unhealthy beverages, and expand your dietary and nutritional horizons. Fruit infused water will help you push toxins out of your system and achieve a leaner body.

    Download Fruit Infused Water now!


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    Pregnancy: Expecting A Baby For New Moms (Parenting, Baby Guide, New Parent Books, Childbirth, Motherhood)

    by Stacy Miller

    Congratulations! Be Prepare, Be Aware And Be Happy

    When that home pregnancy test kit or blood test returns positive, your world spines off. Immediately, you start thinking of all the things you out to buy, all the ways you ought to prepare, and all the changes you will undergo.

    Amidst the excitement, it is normal to feel panicky because the thought of carrying a baby to term, taking care of your health as well as the health of the baby and caring for a baby after birth is overwhelming.

    The best way to prepare yourself for motherhood as well as pregnancy is to become knowledgeable. In this guide, Expecting a Baby for New Moms, we shall look at, and understand the trimesters and the changes you can expect to see as your pregnancy progresses. You will also learn about how to take care of your health and your baby’s as well as how to prepare for labor and child birth.

    You can never be 100% certain that you are pregnant until you take a home pregnancy test or a blood test at your OB’s office. To get the correct results, do the test after missing your menstrual period. A missed period does not necessarily mean you are pregnant, but it is one of the major signs indicating that you could be pregnant.

    To count the duration of a pregnancy, we start from the first day of your last menstrual period up to the 37th-40th week. These 37-40 weeks further divide into three trimesters that last 13 weeks each.

    The first trimester starts on the first week, which begins on the first day of your last menstrual period all through to the 13th week. During the first trimester, although your pregnancy may not show, your body is going through many internal changes as it seeks to accommodate the growing fetus.

    To make this guide an easier read and comprehension, we shall divide each trimester into individual weeks. Here is what to expect in every week of the first trimester.

    Get this on Amazon for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99.

    Read on your PC, Mac, Smart Phone, Tablet or Kindle Device.

    Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • What To Expect In The First Trimester
    • Changes In Your Body
    • Your Baby’s Development
    • Cravings and unusual hunger
    • Diet And Fitness For The First Trimester
    • What To Expect In The Second Trimester
    • Diet And Fitness For The Second Trimester
    • Much, much


    Download your copy today!

    Don’t hesitate take action today and download this book for only $2.99!

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    Alcoholism: How To Set You Free From Alcoholism (Alcoholism, Alcoholism Recovery, Eliminate Alcohol Addition, Alcohol Abuse Treatment)

    by Belinda Green

    Use This Book To Eliminate Alcoholism Today!

    This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to stop drinking and live a life free from it. Alcohol addiction has often been viewed as a â??social disease’ that affects people who are weak-willed and have no self-control. The truth is that alcoholism is a medical disease just like any other, and the alcoholic requires support and medication.

    In order to set yourself free from alcohol, it is important to understand the effect it has on your body. Most people who have a problem with alcohol do not even realize that they do, so you’ll want to know the signs and symptoms to watch out for.

    Quitting may not be easy, but it is possible. This book describes the effective steps that will pull you back from the brink. You will also learn about how to deal with withdrawal syndrome and prevent an alcohol relapse. You have the power to live free from alcohol and be in control of your life again and this book will teach you how!

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • The Alcohol Effect
    • How You Abused By Alcohol
    • Steps on How To Stop Drinking
    • How To Tackle Craving
    • And Much More!
    • Download your copy today!

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    Quick and Easy Meals: Dump Dinners Diet: The Ultimate Collection for Fast, Healthy, & Delicious Dump Dinner Recipes (Simple and Delicious Recipes for Healthy Eating Cookbook)

    by Danyale Lebon

    Updated and Expanded 2nd Edition Dump Dinners Cookbook! Download Your Copy Today!

    With Bonus Books Included!!!

    Not only do these dump dinners taste DELICIOUS, they are good for you too!

    Dump Dinners. Made Fast. Made Easy. If you’ve heard of dump cakes before or you’re new to the dump approach to making delicious recipes, you’ve come to the right place! This ULTIMATE! Dump Dinners Cookbook will get you ready to eat savory, quick and easy recipes, without stressing out in the kitchen!

    What’s Inside?:

    • Learn what dump dinners are and how slow cookers can be used to make the best meals with minimal effort
    • Quick and Easy recipe tips to master your dump dinner creations in the most efficient way possible
    • Over 30 mouth-watering delicious high quality dump dinner recipes
    • Bonus Breakfast Mason Jar Meal Recipes
    • And much more!

    So what are you waiting for? Download your copy of “Dump Dinners: Diet – The Ultimate Collection for Fast, Healthy & Delicious Dump Dinner Recipes” today!

    Take action today and download this dump dinners cookbook with easy dinner recipes for the most delicious meals everyone will love. Whether you’re looking for meals for one, meals for two, or the whole family, you’ve got it covered!

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