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Parenting: Parenting Toddlers: An Effective Child Care Guide To Potty Training, Nutrition, Hygiene, & Proper Sleeping Habits For A Happy, Healthy Toddler

by J.J. Hartley

Parenting: Parenting Toddlers : An Effective Child Care Guide To Potty Training, Nutrition, Hygiene, & Proper Sleeping Habits For A Happy, Healthy Toddler

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J.J. Hartley shares his years of knowledge and expertise in the field of childcare by handing you wise, practical and insightful toddler care tips on a platter. Brimming with simple, practical and easy to follow advice, the book is every parent’s ultimate handbook for raising a healthy and happy toddler. It equips you with everything you need to know for raising your child with confidence and giving him /her a great start in the most formative years of his/her life.

Packed with reassuring and earthy tips, the techniques are timeless and effective for any parent dealing with the challenging task of caring for a toddler.

Here’s to your happy, healthy, well-adjusted and successful future rock stars!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…


  • Tried and tested, step by step approaches to dealing with your toddlers in a balanced, patient, self-assured and gentle manner
  • how to offer them support, guidance and encouragement by stimulating and relaxing them
  • It gives you a good balance of researched and intuitive parenting wisdom gems to help you assist your child in his/her most fun and enjoyable yet exhausting and challenging years
  • Much, much more!

A part of growing up is being independent of another; especially, of one’s parents. Independence is one more lesson that is required to ensure your child can have the success you desire them to have.

Here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • Use consistency in all lessons.
  • Provide your child with a routine that ensures the behavior you desire.
  • Observe your child, reflect on your actions, and then respond accordingly.
  • The best positive reward is not material, but physicalâ??love and hugs.

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  • Home Stories: Mariana, a loving memoir

    Home Stories are for readers who like a warm account of family life this rich treatise will capture your heart for a woman named Mariana whose loving memoir reflects proudly on her history. You’ll read her accounts of the Black Renaissance, laugh at her rendition of Dogs I have known, cry with her as she speaks of her father and mother and losing her husband at age 35 with 5 children to raise. She was a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, homemaker, carpenter, and wore many other hats. When she writes of her ancestry she explains how she is English, Croatan, French Canadian, African and Caucasian.
    Featuring larger than life challenges and after becoming a teacher because of the War she fought for justice for her school children. Mariana, working with her mother and neighborhood mothers established a home center to feed, clothe and take care of all their children. She speaks of her own 8 children losing one, having another the night England declared war on Germany listening intently with a nurse and speaking of each child with a bible verse and heartfelt joy for her and her husband.
    She share hers and her husband’s struggles to make sure all their children had exciting Christmases with toys (although homemade) and treats. One of the greatest gifts a father can give his children is to love their mother and one of the greatest gifts a mother can give her children is to love their father. You will see this love as you read parts of their rich history.
    This excerpt brings to life an exceptional woman of her times as she moves through history from the 1920s to the 2000s. Understanding her choices allows us to understand ourselves.

    Most Humorous Chapters

    by Michael Jones

    I hope you like Part 2 of these chapters from 6 of my 12 books? A lot of people loved Part 1 so I decided to do another. Pick your favorites which are easy to purchase as paperback or e-books on my website link to Amazon. You can download them to any device. I assure you, you will enjoy the endings.

    Hell Hath No Fury…: Like A Woman Scorned

    by George R Martin III

    Disclaimer: Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

    The year was March 1996… the year I liberated myself from Europe and the strange grip it had on me… no wait that was my Ex-Wife. I take that back. The flight was uneventful until the TSA agent in the airport thought my Car stereo I decided to bring with me to install in my first car; alarmed them into thinking it was a suspicious package. Never mind the fact I smelled from cigarettes and Hashish some of the benefits of riding in a Taxi after zee tourists. Oui?

    BUILDING TOMORROW’S ENTREPRENEUR: How to preserve the social, creative and natural greatness your child is born with.

    by Donna Mulvenna

    How often do you look at your children and wonder, “What will they want to do when they grow up?” And how many of you want to give them the education, resources, and life experience to makes those dreams happen?

    This book contains information and strategies to help parents give their children a head start in life well before they finish school. It is all about keeping a child’s entrepreneurial spirit intact: business, social, creative and natural.

    That doesn’t mean teaching them how to make a million dollars overnight, or that respecting nature means living in an off-grid hut, it is more about empowering your child to be an independent creative thinker, to develop and see through their ideas, follow their dreams, and pursue their passions.

    Written in a clear, down-to-earth voice, building tomorrow’s entrepreneur, is both a practical guide and a values-based philosophy. It explains why many parents feel lost when it comes to modelling an entrepreneurial spirit and why preserving it is more important than ever before.

    Building tomorrow’s entrepreneur illuminates the path by providing guidance on topics including:

    • Identifying your child’s uniqueness and passion
    • Teaching your child to think for themselves
    • Teaching your children how to accept failure and be fearless, and
    • Keeping your child motivated

    Sending your child out into the world with the skills necessary for workplace success is good, but it isn’t enough. They need to go out into the world with their spirit intact, including a deep faith and trust in themselves.

    About the Author

    Donna Mulvenna is a horticultural journalist and the author of several books including Wild Roots – Coming alive in the Amazon. Her inspiration to write building tomorrow’s entrepreneur came while she was researching and interviewing for a book on the importance of children being connected to nature.

    She learned that not only do children have an unlimited capacity for intelligence, and can absolutely be taught to be creative and critical thinkers, but that they are nervous about their future. From an increasingly younger age they understand they are inheriting a planet in crisis, an education system lagging behind and an economy that is likely to fail. They know that fixing these things is a grand project for them, but they will not be able to do it by following our precedent. We can help them, and it is easy.

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    PT is for Potty Training!: A Step By Step Guide To Potty Training [Potty Training Books, Toilet Training, Potty Training Girls, Potty Training Tips,]

    Potty-training[Toilet Training] success hinges on physical and emotional readiness, not a specific age. Many kids show interest in potty training by age 2, but others might be late bloomers.

    Get Expert Info on How to Potty Train Your Kids. Toilet Training couldn’t be easier with this potty training tips. This eBook will help in potty training both girls and boys.

    Whats Included:

    Potty training process

    Potty Training Readiness: What You Should Know

    8 Potty Training Do’s and Don’ts

    Download and enjoy reading this potty training book[s]!

    Como lidar com vizinhos chatos (Portuguese Edition)

    by Guia Básico

    O principio da boa vizinhança é sempre respeitar o próximo, ter simpatia, respeitar o espaço alheio e seguir as normas, mas nem sempre encontramos sujeitos disponíveis em respeitar o outro. São os chamados vizinhos chatos! Aqueles que sempre importunam, de um jeito ou de outro, e acabam por prejudicar a boa convivência.

    The Magic Word

    by Kristina Kyoryosh

    A short bed time story about the importance of the magic word, “please.”

    A Practical Guide to Successful GCSE Preparation (Empowering Parents)

    by Louise ONeill

    A practical guide to successful GCSE preparation is a guide primarily for parents in how they can help their children triumph in GCSE examinations. The step-by-step guide is packed full of advice, guidance and tips to get parents through every aspect of the preparation period – from starting to revise right through to getting results. The book focuses on what input parents can have into the process and it helps to structure key activities and tasks to improve knowledge, increase skills and get better grades. The book is clearly laid out and is supported by a resources section providing key learning resources, split into GCSE subject area, a section designed to dispel common examination myths and a glossary.

    Readers will learn how to identify what their children need to know, how to develop a positive approach to examinations, different learning styles and revision techniques, tips and tricks for getting through the examination painlessly, what steps to take if the results are not as you wished for and how to approach GCSE examinations if you are home-schooling.

    Whether you are a parent of a child who is going through the GCSE preparation period or someone else supporting a child through this, then there is no better guide to give you the information you need.

    Louise O’Neill is a teacher, senior examiner and teacher trainer with nearly 20 years experience, who has worked with many of the examination bodies in the UK. She has a range of experience from nurturing students through GCSEs and A-levels, to helping other teachers do the same. This, combined with her knowledge of the examination and education systems, makes her advice accurate, specific, targeted and effective.

    My Parenting Road: True experience about my motherhood journey

    by Vien Chan

    The motherhood journey was not attractive to me at all when I was young. Now, I realize that it is a fascinating journey which changes my life. As parents, we are facing different challenges every day, in every of our child’s developing stages. My first seven-year has just passed and I find some perspectives on relationships which lead me to a more positive attitude in walking along on the parenting road. Experiencing in parenting, I have also awakened from some of the myths which are worth to rethink. Love from parents to children is everlasting, just like your love to your child. However, we may have neglected the love from our parents to us. It is time to rethink! You will feel the warm love from parents more deeply while you are at the same time a parent of your child.

    Gefuehlslooping (Alles wird gut … 3) (German Edition)

    by Heidi Dahlsen

    Diese Geschichte gibt einen Einblick in eine psychiatrische Klinik, in der die Patienten mit den Dämonen ihrer Vergangenheit abzurechnen sowie ihren kleinen Verrücktheiten umzugehen lernen.

    Unter anderem wird diese Lebensgeschichte erzählt:
    Was macht eine Mutter, wenn sie nach Hause kommt und diesen â??Brief” ihres Kindes vorfindet?
    â??Ich bin sterben! Such mich nicht! Dir wünsche ich noch ein sorgenfreies Leben.”
    Nach dem ersten Schock versucht sie das unermessliche Gefühlschaos, das die Borderline-Störung bei ihrer Tochter anrichtet, zu ordnen. Es folgt ein jahrelanger, zäher Kampf, der bis zur geistigen und körperlichen Erschöpfung reicht. Am Ende kommt die Mutter zu der unbefriedigenden Erkenntnis, dass sie für ihre Tochter eigentlich nichts weiter tun kann, als selbst die Nerven zu behalten. Das ist jedoch fast unmöglich.
    Gewürzt ist die Handlung mit einer Prise ganz normalen Wahnsinns, der so manches Mal nur mit etwas Humor zu ertragen ist.

    â??Gefühlslooping” ist der 3. Band der Serie â??Alles wird gut â?¦” und die direkte Fortsetzung von â??Ein Hauch Zufriedenheit”.
    Der Leser begleitet Lydia während ihrer Psychotherapie.

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