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Your Burdens Are Mine

by Chasity Conley

This book of poetry is filled with poems about friendship, struggles, hope, and love. It delves into the power of women, and the strength they possess. It also contains the viral poem “Your Burdens Are Mine” by The Shy Poet, Chasity Conley.

Más grandes (Spanish Edition)

by Berly Luna Insua

Este libro de caligramas está especialmente creado para todos los que, sin importar la edad que tienen, crecen un poco más cada día. El autor es BERLY LUNA INS�A y la ilustradora es FIORELLA ABBONDANZA VILLARÁN, pero toda la inspiración provino del niño interior de ambos.

Raw Sentiments: A collection of poetry

by Anna-Jo Keenan

A hyper blaster year of poetry, encapsulating timeless tales and heart felt emotions.

Before The Journey

by Apollo BLACK

A book of poetry telling a story of my life in a different format than a biography. I truly enjoy poetry, and I want this to be the start of something bigger for me.

Don’t Open the Box, Leave it Ajar

by Pete Wilson

Dear readers, I hope that within these pages you shall find both enjoyment and inspiration. I originally created these poems with no intention of sharing them with the civilized world but as an outlet for my creativity and for my own amusement. However, I inevitably shared these works with a close friend of mine who after much persuasion has convinced me to share these works with you. I’m not going to give a lavish introduction explaining the relationship of my art to my life. While I have struggled like everyone else, I tend to take life’s difficulties in stride and I really am not overly personable. I prefer surface content where others might find their own interpretations in the depths.

Screaming In Silence: Trauma Poetry and Short Story

by Tony McNally

Former British soldier Tony McNally is a Falklands War veteran and the best selling author of ‘Still Watching Men Burn’. A tireless campaigner for better understanding and treatment of servicemen and women suffering from mental health problems like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

After leaving the forces he was diagnosed with PTSD by a civilian doctor and was at first unable to talk about his War time experiences, he was told to go home and try and write down his thoughts and feelings. He soon realized that writing was therapeutic and began to write poetry and short stories, Screaming in Silence is his first book of poetry and a short story about the First World War. Written from the heart this is a powerful collection of works that can only be written by someone that has experienced the brutality of War and mans inhumanity, which is apparent with his colorful and brutal and then at times beautiful, poignant and gentle words. He covers a wide range of subject matter, Politics, murder, homelessness, divorce, Religion and obviously War, McNally hits the readers with the ferocity of an exploding grenade then the gentleness of a poppy petal blowing gracefully in the summer breeze.

Beyond the Spectrum: An Anthology of Poetry

by Ashmita Acharya

An Anthology of Poetry by Ashmita

METAFÍSICA PO�TICA (Spanish Edition)

by Marie LeMaldier

Este libro de poemas trata sobre las preguntas sin respuesta que nos acechan sin tregua, dudas, temores, sospechas, que se ciernen sobre nosotros sin desvelar su estrategia.
¿Qué es de verdad la vida y por qué estamos aquí?
¿De dónde venimos y adónde vamos en esta rueda sin fin?
El desamor y el amor, tan presentes en nuestra existencia, el sufrimiento continuo, alegrías, desdichas, felicidad y tristeza.
Desde que nacemos, hasta que morimos, lamemos nuestras heridas, sin comprender todavía nuestro propósito en la vida.
Pero lo que aquí se desvela, si se comprende y se aplica, nos llevará hasta la Fuerza que nos da nuestra energía.

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СÑ?меÑ?ки (Russian Edition)

by Ð?вгений АбÑ?амовиÑ? Ð?аÑ?аÑ?Ñ?нский

СбоÑ?ник сÑ?иÑ?ов, посвяÑ?еннÑ?й князÑ? Ð?яземскомÑ?. Ð?пÑ?бликован в 1842 годÑ?.

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