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What Can A Single Person Do?

by Dr. Johnson C. Philip

What Can One Person Do? [Christians: You Can Change The World]

Many faithful Christians wish to make a substantial contribution to change the world for good, but do not know how to go about doing it. They often wonder if they would ever be able to do anything as an individual, seeing the world is controlled by mass-movements.

This book explains what an individual Christian can do to change the world. The authors, two crusaders, write from experience. Single-handedly they have wrought much in the theological world, and this book explains how others can do the same.

The Child Inside a Liberal

by Anthony Sebastiano

Liberals want your money! Liberals want to control all aspects of your life! Inside you will learn how to spot the childish behavior and tactics of liberals.

Fiscal Cliff of 2012

by Richard Mathews

Fiscal Cliff of 2012 examines the pending 2016 insolvency of SSDi, 2024 insolvency of Medicare, 2033 insolvency of Social Security and the growth of our national debt.

The book presents how America’s entitlement programs can be reformed, refinanced and restructured to guarantee their long-term solvency at a cost taxpayers can afford to pay.

Voices of US: Main Street’s American Agenda

by Richard Mathews

Voices of US is an e-book anthology of a non-partisan American political forum. The anthology provides readers an opportunity to reflect upon the thoughts of their fellow Americans ranging from political perspectives to the state of U.S. education to gun control to illegal immigration to forgein policy to America’s quest for Energy Independence.

We hope you will enjoy the essays we have gathered in this Best Of Collection which allowed to register over 1,000,000 views since its launch on the Internet in early 2011.

The Politics of Crazy: How America Lost Its Mind and What We Can Do About It

by Chris Ladd

Each generation of Americans faces unique challenges in their effort to create â??a more perfect union.’ Those who came before us wrestled with slavery, expansion, industrialization, global wars and a long, frightening nuclear standoff. Now, the great challenge of our time is our own diminished attention span. For reasons we are struggling to understand, our political system has been swamped by bizarre characters, conspiracy theories, and paranoia.

Communism is dead. No enemy on the planet is capable of challenging us militarily, culturally, or politically. Global capitalism and liberal democracy are sweeping the globe. America is the most powerful, influential and prosperous nation not only in our time, but in history. We have inherited wealth and power beyond the wildest dreams of our forebears. So far, our response has been the political version of a nervous breakdown.

Americans are as smart, responsible and generally good as they have ever been, yet our politics is careening out of control. The Politics of Crazy is an effort to explain the forces that have undermined responsible, responsive politics and point the way toward a more solid future.

Ultimate Survival Box Set: 100 Outdoor Survival Skills To Keep You Safe And Alert In Every Dangerous Situation Plus 30 On Hand Items To Help You Survive … outdoor survival skills, survival guide)

by Deborah Phillips

BOOK #1: The Ultimate Survival Manual : 100 Best Skills To Keep You Safe And Alert In Every Dangerous Situation

Survival skills are vital when you are in a dangerous situation.

Everybody wants to survive, and they will do everything in their power to ensure they survive

In this book you will learn:

  • How to survive when faced with different situations that endanger your life
  • Strategies that you can use to escape when you are in danger
  • Types of skills that you need to learn so that you can defend yourself when faced with danger
  • How you should always prepare yourself before a crisis strikes
  • Remedies that can help you to survive while there is a crisis
  • Different ways that you can use to analyze a problem and determine a possible course of action
  • Tools and equipment you can use to survive stressful situations

BOOK #2: The Ultimate Survival Manual : Practical Guide to Help You Survive Any Crisis You Might Encounter

It is vital for every person to know how they can survive different situations and save themselves from the catastrophe of any kind

You will learn in this book:

  • Ways to survive when you are caught up in a dangerous situation
  • How you can escape an impending disaster, without the suffering of your family
  • How to plan for any eventuality just in case it may come to pass or happen
  • Best possible ways to prepare and stock supplies for the unknown future
  • Different situations that you can survive easily with only adherence to safety regulations and procedures
  • Strategies that you can use to survive a difficult situation and overcome it
  • The kind of tools and equipment that you should always have to escape in an emergency

This book also offers – The types of shelters that you and your family can use to protect yourselves against storm and any other danger, ways of ensuring that you take good care of your family as you stockpile for unforeseen disaster, how to signal your location in case you have been caught up in an emergency or storm, and you require immediate help, how to prepare fire using other tools other that the regular match sticks and others, best ways to keep yourself surviving in a difficult situation and how being calm can help you to survive a disaster like a storm

BOOK #3: The SHTF Stockpile : On Hand Items To Help You Stay Prepared For Any Emergency

In times of emergency, you need to have SHTF stockpile that can help you survive the situation at hand.

This book provides you with:

  • Types of items that you can stock up in your house so that they can help you in an emergency
  • Different applications of the common items you use in emergency
  • Procedures for using the SHTF stockpile when faced with an emergency
  • Scenarios in which the SHTF stockpile will be extremely the best option
  • How to choose the best item that can be used during emergencies
  • Types of items that are best fit to serve you well during emergencies
  • Situations that can lead to emergencies, hence the application of the items to save the day

This book also explains the following: Situations that you can survive by using the stockpiles you have; procedures for using the SHTF stockpile when faced with an emergency; how helpful the SHTF stockpile can be in emergencies; safety ways precautions in using the stocks during emergencies; the quality and quantity of items that you should stock up for emergencies.

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Der Smartphone-Wahnsinn: Die virtuelle Versklavung der Menschheit (German Edition)

by S.M. Art-Fone

Mit dem Smartphone haben Milliardäre eine Droge erschaffen, die wirkt wie Kokain und Crack. Das ist nur der Anfang einer Deformierung der Menschheit in ein Volk der hörigen und willenlosen Roboter.

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