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Mastering the UC Application: How to Help Your Child Make the Most of the UC App (Parents, You’re the Problem! Book 4)

by Jonathan Perkins

Do you know how the University of California (UC) system measures academic achievement and why you should care? How will you figure out which Personal Insight Questions (writing prompts) to answer? Which UC campuses should your child apply to?

This book answers these questions so that you and your child can make intelligent decisions about completing the UC application.

A Is For Apple: Early Learning Alphabet Books for Kids

by Unky Ray

Help your kids learn the alphabet through a wonderfully fun guessing game.

This early learning alphabet book for kids is fully illustrated with playful and colorful imagery.

Perfect for Preschoolers and children in Kindergarten.

Scroll up and click on buy now, and have fun reading this with your kids today.

ABC’s and My Daily Bread

by Joyce Burns

Little ones can learn the letters of the alphabet, and at the same time learn about healthy foods and how to recognize them.

Elvis Presley: Developed and Motivated (PSYCH 101)

by Chris Young

Elvis Presley was a hit and one of the many famous names in this world that will forever be engrained in history – both of music and the world cultures. However, Elvis – whom will forever hold the gift of being commonly referenced across every nation by simply his first name – was still a human being. Dreams, hopes, wishes, ambition, decision, guilt, concern – he felt it all. He, too, was subject to a hierarchy of needs and the desire to fit in. Mr. Presley wanted success and to rise above and achieve more. His childhood was normal, his development in his upbringing will be discussed, just as his possible motivation and influences are touched on.

PAIL Resource Guide (Walk through the storm Book 4)

by Hazel Flint-Jones

A book of resources for families who have lost a child. Listed in order of States. These are the main sites available, others including fb pages can be found doing google searches

Foreign Schools: German Language International Directory

by Eva Siebenherz

Society is changing and people have become very mobile. Work and life are no longer centered on one’s country of birth. Immigration and emigration flows are increasing steadily as even temporary jobs abroad are no longer just considered by many people, but actually taken. Be it because no more professional challenges can be found in one’s native country, or one wishes to expand one’s horizon and explore new cultures. It doesn’t matter. If you decide to move abroad with your entire family, sooner rather than later you will be confronted with the school question. How and where to find the right school for your children? What school is a good fit for them and challenges them at the optimal level?

Information Publishing Courses: Publish Courses & Books Online via Udemy Training & Romance Kindle Publishing

by Andy Black

Start Your Own Publishing Business Today!

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What you’ll get:


– Niche Research – Why Clickbank should be your first choice for topic research

– Amazon – How to use Amazon Bestseller to research profitable topics

– Library – A simple step by step method to find golden nuggets of profitable topics via the “Library Method”

– Course Topic Research – How to find profitable topics inside UDEMY

– Keyword Research – How to do keyword research like a pro

– Sign Up As Instructor – How to sign up for your Udemy account

– Creating Our Course – Part 1 – The technical details of creating a course

– Creating Our Course – Part 2 – How to create the content of your course

– Uploading – How to upload your course for maximum sales

– 3 Basic ways to marketing your new course – How to market your course with these 3 free methods


– How to publish romance kindle books even without writing it yourself

– How to find outsourcers that will make the process smooth and easy for you

– How to find the best categories inside Amazon’s best seller list

– How to find keywords that will make you a helluva money!

– How to market your books without hassle and begging

– Some long term tactics for building your audience that you can implement today!


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Organize Your Day with Evernote 2 in 1 Bundle!: Book 1: Learn How to Organize your Day, Declutter your Life and Become Productive + Book 2: 12 Important GTD Evernote Lessons On How To Use Evernote

by Michael Holmes

Book 1 – Organize Your Day

The Ultimate Productivity and Organization Guide: Master Time Management Skills, Learn How to Organize your Day, Declutter your Life and Become Productive to Get Things Done (GTD)!

This book is The Ultimate Productivity Organization Guide. Its aim is to bring the user to the understanding of time and its management therefore helping them effectively manage their time to increase their daily productivity. It is focused on helping you as the reader organize your day and manage your time. It will enable the readers understand the areas they go wrong when it comes to using their time. It will further show the reader the various home and work processes and conditions that make it impossible for them to manage their time therefore giving them ideas on how they can declutter their offices and homes which eventually paves way for a smoother day with enough time for every important thing that needs to be done. The book will provide valuable tips on how they can keep track of their time, prioritize to-do things and manage to perform them with ease and satisfactorily. The book is going to cover the following time management topics:-

– Organize your home, Organize your day

– The Month-Down-To-Day Plan

– Organizing a Particular Day

– Prioritize, Sort, execute; 23 Time Management Tips

– Three effective steps that get things done on time

Book 2 – Evernote

12 Important GTD Evernote Lessons On How To Use Evernote For Getting Things Done

Evernote has been referred to as an “external brain” by many user because it store anything and everything and it is easy to locate and search for. Anything can be added to Evernote and these things can be added through your devices. Evernote allows your mind to be free of wondering where you kept a particular file, picture, audio or document. In this book, we will talk about:

– What to do when starting Evernote

– Smart Tips on using Evernote

– Things you can do with Evernote you didn’t know before

– Shortcuts used in Evernote.

And much more!

Take a look inside and enjoy the book!

The Alpha Male System

by Charlie Valentino

In the days of the “metro sexual,” men with alpha male traits, qualities, mannerisms and body language are becoming rarer and increasingly more sought after.

The Alpha Male System by Charlie Valentino focuses on eight fundamental alpha male elements which are visible as well as desirable in all leaders of men, which women also happen to crave in abundance. Not only that, but those rare alpha male characteristics are also highly valued in the workplace.

Those few alpha males who can lead people, command respect and change the dynamic, simply by walking into a room, have all the luck. Or is it luck?

Discover the eight alpha male elements which will change your life along with detailed plans to attain them. Learn the distinct alpha male body language, surprisingly easy to master, which can transform the way you feel and the way people view you.

Becoming an alpha male is possible for most men, as long as you’re willing to put in a little effort. This detailed alpha male guide is all you need to attain those distinctive and popular traits common only to alpha males.

Georgie Learns About Change

by Bob Nazaro

Georgie the caterpillar is reluctant to any kind of change. One day while snacking on his favorite leaf, he meets Priscilla a beautiful butterfly that teaches Georgie that everything living is constantly changing whether we realize it or not. Although reluctant at first, Georgie finally understands that change is not only inevitable, but it can also be a good thing. Although the story was originally intended for children. This is also a perfect opportunity for more conversations about change. The message is universal and people of all ages find it enjoyable.

The ABCs

by H McMillian

Learning the ABCs can be fun and heart-warming when their caregiver sits and describes what they see. Be interactive by asking your child to point out what you are reading. Cuddle up and read an educational book together. I have twin boys that are in occupational and speech therapy. With speaking to their therapists and doing extensive research. There are many books that offer help in the area of speech. The best books offer a minimal amount of visualizations in order to get their focus to where it needs to be on the page. Books with a tremendous amount of illustration, although very cool, have the adverse affect when dealing with a child with minimal focus.

One picture and few words to point to will force the child to focus on what you are showing them. “Here is the letter K. No, Timmy, not the rainbow behind the kite!” So, minimal pictures with a lot of opportunity to discuss, point, and maintain focus is essential! Hope your child loves the book as much as mine does!

English German Children’s Book: The Dinosaur Who Learned To Fly-Der Dinosaurier,Der Fliegen Lernte. Book for kids English-German (Bilingual Edition, Dual Language) (German Edition)

by Miley Smiley

English German Children’s Book: The Dinosaur Who Learned To Fly-Der Dinosaurier,Der Fliegen Lernte. Book for kids English-German (Bilingual Edition, Dual Language)

Learn German the fast and fun way. Easy and enjoyable!
Recommended for beginners, intermediate level learners of German
Children’s books are a wonderful way for one to learn a new language.
……….In a faraway land, beyond the seas, beyond high mountains, lived very unusual animals.
In einem weit entfernten Land, jenseits der Meere, jenseits hoher Berge lebten sehr ungewöhnliche Tiere.
The hippopotamus that roamed the magic land could climb the palm trees so quickly that even the monkeys were jealous.
Das Nilpferd, das das magische Land durchstreifte, konnte so schnell auf die Palmen klettern, dass sogar die Affen neidisch waren.
The giraffes were excellent swimmers and liked to play with the fish in the crystal clear lake.
Die Giraffen waren hervorragende Schwimmer und spielten gerne mit den Fischen im kristallklaren See.
Also, there was the chameleon who sang beautifully, especially in the morning; and all zebras living in the magic forest were covered with squares instead of stripes.
Es gab auch das Chamäleon, das wunderschön sang, vor allem am Morgen und alle Zebras, die im Zauberwald lebten, waren voller Vierecke anstatt Streifen.
One of the strangest animals that lived in this magical forest were the tiny flying dinosaurs.
Eins der seltsamsten Tiere, die in diesem Zauberwald lebten, waren die kleinen fliegenden Dinosaurier………..

Read this entertaining story now! This is a great way to start reading some German. This book is fun with enjoyable illustration!

Drawing For Beginners: The Ultimate Step By Step Drawing Guide. Learn How To Draw – Drawing Lessons WITH PICTURES

by Bruno Lee

Drawing For Beginners

The Ultimate Step By Step Drawing Guide. Learn How To Draw – Drawing Lessons WITH PICTURES

FREE BONUS Gift included inside the book

As children, art is a way of expressing the fountains of imagination bubbling within us. Our favorite tool of the trade, so to speak, is a crayon, and our messy lines and squiggles translate into masterpieces in our parents’ eyes. Then, as we grow up, art becomes a waste of time. We say that we’re awful at art, that we can’t draw anything other than a stick figure. We don’t want to embarrass ourselves in front of other people, so we put away the crayon and pick up skills we feel will benefit us more in life. But, again, is art impractical? Is it useless?

Without art, our world would not be the same. Art is creativity. It is freedom of expression. It is beauty, and it is emotion. It speaks to people, and doesn’t touch a single person the same way. So why not drawing? Even if you might have had a busy, stressful day, you can feel all of that stress melt away with the quiet tranquility of drawing. It can be a simple 10 minute sketch or an hours-long event once every Sunday for some alone time. It’s entirely up to you. All it take is time, and in return you can create works of art that will last forever. You can hang these up around the house or it can substitute for a thoughtful gift over some generic, store bought gift card. Drawing is an act of pure creation, and it can effectively convey your emotions to someone in a way far more personalized and intimate than words can.

With the help of several easy step-by-step guides in this book, you will learn to draw:

  • Humans
  • Animals
  • Landscapes

And much more!

So take that step into a world of limitless creation, and change your life forever!

Writing the Application Essay: How to help your child write the Common Application essay (Parents, You’re the Problem! Book 2)

by Jonathan Perkins

Senior year is coming, and you want your kid to get going on her application essay — the long one that answers a broad prompt like “Tell me something important about you.” The problem is that maybe your child isn’t a good writer. Or maybe you’re not a good writer. Maybe both. Or maybe you are all good writers, but you don’t know what makes a good application essay. How do you get started?

How to get started is the focus of this book. I have done my best to give you, the parent, a step-by-step process for helping your child through the application essay. No special writing experience or expertise is required or assumed.

This book answers the three application essay questions I get most from families I work with: (1) What should I write about? (2) Which details should I include? and (3) How should I go about writing? Each section of the book includes questions that you can (and should!) ask your child to help her think through her essay. Aside from providing practical tips and questions, I also discuss the mindset you and your child will need to overcome the inevitable frustrations of writing.

If you’re wondering, “Jon, who are you, and why should I listen to you?” that’s a fair question. I have been guiding students through the college application process — including the essays — since 2011. I have a B.A. in English from Stanford and a J.D. from Harvard, so writing has always been important to me. But more importantly, I’m someone who likes to teach; for me, teaching first means dissecting a process to the point where its mystery vanishes.

Good writing is not a matter of magic or inspiration. It is a matter of process. My goal in this book is to give parents like you a process for walking their kids through the application essay. That way, everyone’s stress levels go down.


ACT: The Smart Prep Guide

by Barfield

ACT: The Smart Prep Guide

The ACT: Prep Guide, 2016 – 2017 is a simplified version. If you are a student preparing for the ACT, the essential information provided in this book will help you score higher on test day. The contents are presented in simple but concise language, so you can understand easily.

In addition, some sample test questions and their corresponding correct answers and explanations are included. This will allow you to develop better comprehension of the ACT in the 5 specific sections: Mathematics, Science, English, Reading and Writing.

Significant pointers are also given that will help you obtain better scores.

This powerful study guide includes:

Basic Information about the ACT

Skills You Must Learn in Mathematics

Sample Tests in Mathematics

Answers and Explanations to Mathematics Sample Questions

How to Improve Your Mathematics Score

Skills You Must Learn in Reading

Sample Tests in Reading

Answers and Explanations to Reading Sample Questions

How to Improve Your Reading Score

Skills You Must Learn in English

Skills You Must Learn in Writing

Sample Tests in Writing

How to Improve Your Writing Scores

Skills You Must Learn in Science

Sample Tests in Science

Answers and Explanations to Science Sample Questions

How to Improve Your Science Score

How to Interpret Your ACT Test Scores

General Pointers in Taking the ACT

Much, much more!

Get the preparation you need to score high on the ACT.

Download your copy now

Just bright (smiles for kids. homemade Book 9)

by Patricia Fuentes

I see colours, numbers and smiles just because of you

Ahorrar es fácil, pero nadie te enseño como hacerlo. (Spanish Edition)

Nadie te ha enseñado a ahorrar, ¿Cómo esperas hacerlo bien? Si nunca llegas a fin de mes, si siempre te falta el dinero aquí te daré una serie de directrices muy básicas para orientar tu vida financiera. De la misma manera que nos enseñan a hacer un trabajo, ¿No deberia algien enseñarnos a gestionar el patrimonio que generamos? ¿Conoces a alguien que haga bien su trabajo sin que nadie se lo enseñara antes? Yo te ayudo. Unas pequeñas directrices, basicas, sencillas, sin grandes esfuerzos te pueden ayudar poco a poco en un plazo de tiempo normal a tener más, vivir más y vivir mejor. No esperes milagros, aquí solo te hablo de lo que puedes hacer. Y como no sería muy normal que para ahorrar tuvieras que hacer un gran desembolso economico te lo pongo muy accesible, 0,99 centimos o menos. Animo, ¿A qué esperas? ¡ Empieza a ahorrar!

Esto No Es una Clase: Investigando la educación disruptiva en los contexros educativos formales (Spanish Edition)

by Fundación Telefónica

El modelo educativo tradicional necesita adaptarse a las nuevas necesidades de los alumnos, para lo que es preciso un cambio de paradigma en la educación. Debemos preguntarnos qué es importante aprender y cómo debemos hacerlo. “Esto No Es una Clase” es un proyecto de investigación llevado a cabo por Fundación Telefónica, en colaboración con la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, en el que se analizan las consecuencias del cambio metodológico basándose en la premisa de que el aprendizaje sucede cuando los profesores no solo ponen la energía en lo que transmiten, sino también en los espacios físicos en los que se produce la transmisión de conocimiento, en las aulas.

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