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AMISH ROMANCE: Hannah’s Hope: (Clean Secret Celebrity Billionare Romance) (Forbidden First Time Romance)

by Jane Price

An unlikely pair find loveâ?¦

Ryan Lillard voted sexiest man alive and a major movie star has just gotten a part in a movie playing an Amish man. He is, and known as an action star, but this is his big chance to branch into REAL acting. He’s known of a bit of a Hollywood bad boy who will never settle down.

Hannah Yoder lives in an Amish community, orphaned and an outcast, raising her siblings on her own and running the family farm. Unable to handle it all, a man presents her with a deal she can’t refuse…

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MAIL ORDER BRIDE: INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE: The Bandit’s Bride (Historical Billionaire 20th Century Clean Romance) (Christian Western Babies Romance)

by Faith Crawford

A mail order bride, a bandit and a pocketful of secrets. Will love conquer all?

The death of her parents leaves Helena at the behest of her brother and sister-in-law, who turn her life of leisure to a life of labor. Penny Lynn, though requiring Helena to work like a drudgery maid, is anxious to wed her off to the first person who knocks on their door.

Carlisle, though acquiescing to his wife’s demands in his behavior to his sister, is secretly bound by a desire he cannot let go of, even for the sake of his sister. He agrees to a mail-order-bride marriage for her.

A letter sent out to a promising proposal from Colorado results in a stranger turning up at their door late at night. James and Helena’s first meeting is magical, setting the pace for their courtship.

With the wedding fast approaching, much is revealed to Helena about the goings on in her home, which has made it go from heaven to hell. Though her bond with James is growing stronger, there is one secret she cannot reveal until the time is right.

James has been likewise secretive, keeping from Helena the fact that he is not what he seems, but pledged to a mission which he has thoughtlessly promised his and her life for.

Clutching their secrets to their hearts, James and Helena set out to Colorado following their wedding. The ten-day journey to their new home turns from incredibly exciting to life-defining for James and Helena both.

NOTE: This book includes bonus stories!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 10,000-word stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers.

MAIL ORDER BRIDE: INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE: The Billionaire Widow’s Bride (Clean Christian Historical Babies Romance) (Sweet Western Young Adult Romance)

by Faith Crawford

A mail order bride ditched at the station, a billionaire widow who is bitter with life and his three young daughters who are craving motherly love.

Fiona Brown is giddy with joy as she waits for her beloved to pick her up at Peak’s Point train depot. Their new home awaits; a small farm that she and Donald Newton have bought together.

But the hours crawl by and with each hour that passes her dreams slip further away. Fiona has been conned, not just out of her money but out of the family life she had envisioned.

Help comes in the form of a position at the Burk estate. Derek Burk is a moody and frightening man. His daughters, though, are a joy and Fiona grows close to them.

Then, unexpectedly and slowly, she starts seeing another side of Derek Burk, a gentle side. Fiona starts falling in love with him. But he is the master of the house and she just a housekeeper… Will he love her back?

NOTE: This book includes bonus stories.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 16,000-word stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers.

Christian Romance: The Long Wait (Clean & Wholesome Contemporary Second Chance Pregnancy Romance) (Inspirational Women’s Fiction Pregnant Short Stories)

by Johanna Jenkins

This is a clean, standalone romance story with no cliffhanger!

Angela Pierce is meeting her mother for the first time. One year after a miscarriage that caused her to separate from her husband, Andrew, and three years since she has been trying, desperately for children, Angela has realized that the time has come for drastic measures. Angela had never before felt any desperate desire to know the woman who gave birth to her. She was always happy to be the child of her loving adopted parents. But now, Angela is convinced that something is wrong with her body. Something is keeping her from having children and she believes that her birth mother, Faith Garber, is the only one who can tell her what that is. But, when Angela and Andrew, who insists on coming with his estranged wife, meet Faith, she is not at all what they expected and neither is the news that she gives them about Angela’s past. Now, armed with the truth, will Angela be able to trust in God’s plan for her? Will she be able to heal her marriage or will she give into despair?

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Eden (The Holy Order Wars Book 1)

by A.C. Hernandez

While legends abound of Hercules and his half-brother, Perseus, Zeus actually fathered another mortal child, as wellâ??one whose impact on the world will be beyond measureâ??if she can survive long enough to fulfill it, that is.

Phaedra’s story has remained hiddenâ??until now.

Eden recounts the remarkable journey of young Phaedra as she struggles to navigate the war zone of gods, half-gods, monsters, and mortals beyond the beauty and safety of the only home she’s ever known. But there are other powers at play, above and beyond even Zeus. Soon Phaedra slowly comes to understand that she has been called by the One True God for a special task that threatens the current regime and paves the way for a new worldâ??one that values compassion, mercy, justice, and sacrifice; one that builds on love, rather than fear.

An epic fantasy that expertly blends Greek mythology with Christianity, Eden exposes the flaws of the ancient gods and goddessesâ??making them seem more real than ever beforeâ??and introduces you to the extraordinary woman who ensured the possibility of your existence.

Petticoat Detective (Undercover Ladies Book 1)

by Margaret Brownley

Pinkerton detective Jennifer Layne is no stranger to undercover work. But posing as a lady companion named Amy at Miss Lillian’s Parlor House and Boots is a first for her. She’s finally landed a high-profile case and is on the trail of the notorious Gunnysack Bandit, when one of Miss Lillian’s girls essential to her investigation meets an untimely demise. Only a handful of people are in the house at the time of her death, including handsome Tom Colton, a former Texas Ranger determined to clear his brother’s name. Amy has many reasons to suspect Tom of murderâ??and one very personal reason to hope that she’s wrong about him.

Scottish Romance: Highlander Historical Romance Collection – Highland Love Stories, British Romance, Viking Romance, Victorian Romance, Highlanders Romance, Europe, London Love Story Anthology

by Lady Aingealicia

‘..As their hands met, they both felt the electricity that came between them. Not being able to hold back his feelings any longer, he moved his hand behind her hair and pulled her lips to his. Kissing her deeply, she responded by pushing her tongue back into his and moaned softly..’

This is a graphic romance short story collection.

Tags: Highlander, viking, Scottish, Historical Romance, inspirational, army, soldier

Romance: Adult Romance Stories & XXX Love Story Collection – Historical Romance, History, Mail Order Bride, Amish Romance, Modern Romance, Holiday Romance, Highlander Romance, Sultry Romance Novels

by Lady Aingealicia

‘Keeping my eyes on his, I took a deep breath and waited, my heart probably audibly pounding in my chest as I waited for him to say something. He left me waiting for a few seconds, then finally leaned in and spoke, removing his fingers only when his lips were an inch from my own..’

This is a romantic short story collection

Tags: Group, Collection, inspirational, romance, short story, short stories

ROMANCE: Western Historical Romance ***ANSWERED PRAYERS*** Christian Inspirational Mail Order Bride Second Chance Romance (Historical Women’s Fiction Contemporary Cowboy Short Stories Romance)

by Angel Atkins

Huge Value ***Limited Time Offer*** MOB Bonus Books Included

Brett Bradshaw is a rugged, handsome rancher, in want of a good Christian Woman

Lonesome after the passing of his remaining family, the Montana cowboy decides to take fate into his own hands, with an advert for a Mail Order Bride

Prudence Wyatt had it all, until her mother passed away and father lost his mind, drowning his sorrows in alcohol

After praying for guidance, Prudence comes across Brett’s â??Mail Order Bride’ ad in the paper and they began a pen pal relationship, fond of each other’s love for the Lord and personal values.

But things quickly go from bad to worse when Pru’s father realizes she’s responded to a MOB advert

Feeling betrayed and abandoned,Pru’s father makes her a prisoner in her home, and arranges to have her sold as a domestic caretaker as payback.

Pru knows there is only one thing to do, and she goes into prayer for the answer to her terrible dilemma.

Love, trust and faith in God weave together in a story of what seem insurmountable odds, in this heart-warming story of trial and tribulation turned triumphant.


Bonus Books Inside

Note: Some bonus books refer to adult issues. No explicit scenes.

Tags: ROMANCE Western Historical Romance Christian Inspirational Mail Order Bride Second Chance Romance Historical Women’s Fiction Contemporary Cowboy Short Stories Romance

Mail Order Bride Romance: Western Romance – Texas Cowboy Romance & Romantic Suspense Love Stories Collection of Love Mystery – Mail Order Romantic Victorian Western Highlander Short Story Anthology

by Lady Aingealicia

‘..Elizabeth was unsure what she was going to do, her world had just been torn upside down. Her parents were no longer there to support her and she had nowhere to turn except to put an ad in the paper. She dreaded the thought of marring someone she did not know, she feared the thought of living on the streets of Boston. It was no place for a woman and there was nowhere for her to go except the streets if she stayed. Choosing her words carefully, she put her ad in. The simple words of â??Marriage for Sale, Can cook, clean and tend to children’. It was blunt and to the point. She was not looking for love, she just wanted to live..’

This is an erotic short story collection containing explicit content only suitable for adults.

Tags: Mail Order Bride, Mail Order Brides, Western Romance, Cowboy, Western, Cowboy Romance, Victorian Romance

MAIL ORDER BRIDE: INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE: A Baby at the Doctor’s Ranch (Clean Christian Historical Babies Romance) (Sweet Western Young Adult Romance)

by Faith Crawford

An Amish girl who ran off with the wrong man, a goldminer turned ranch hand looking for a bride and a surprise that puts their love to the test.

In the early part of the 20th century, Rebekah King is seeking a new life. Abandoned by Gregory, the man who was supposed to be taking care of her, she finds herself alone and without skills, knowledge or a job. The people in town blame her for Gregory’s deplorable behavior and shun her because of it. Knowing that she cannot return to the Amish community she left to be with Gregory, Rebekah seeks the advice of friendly Pastor Aaron.

Aaron knows of a goldminer turned ranch hand, Andrew Cunningham, who is looking for a bride on the other side of the state. He offers to take her there, giving her the opportunity of safety and security.

But when Gregory shows up after she has settled in her new home and Rebekah discovers she is pregnant, decisions have to be made…

Can Gregory change and become the father her child needs? Or will Rebekah stay with Andrew, the ranch hand who has shown her so much affection since her arrival?

NOTE: This book includes bonus stories!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 16,000-word stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers.

Between the Sheets One: The Romance Lover (A Clean Billionaire Romance Book 1)

by Kitty Irons

A Librarian in a small town, Clara’s heart broke three years ago. Now she lives in a world of books and rules to ensure it never happens again.

The only part of her still free is her imagination, living out the romances in her head that she can never have in real life.

But her safe life changes when a mysterious stranger takes shelter from a storm in her library, and she shows him her favorite book, The Princess Bride. Stuck together for the night in the white out of the century, will he crack the walls she has set around herself? And if he does, what will be the consequences?

Between the Sheets 1: The Romance Lover is a short, sweet, clean romance that is a Christian friendly re-imagining of a best-selling billionaire romance series. It does not contain sex, violence or swearing.

Each book in this four part series is a self-contained episode within a larger storyline.

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