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Hungry Moon-Quicksilver

by Claudy Conn


Ravena MacAllister doesn’t want to admit what she is. She wants to continue pretending she’s just human â?¦ only human, like her mother, like her friends.

But she isn’t human.

Heartbreak and betrayal send her off rushing to Scotland, to a familiar haven where she has spent so many summers with her father, but she soon discovers that everything has changed.

From the moment she meets Quinn MacValdane, shock waves travel through him to her and back again, wrapping them in a tide of passion she had never dreamt possible. But if they are to have a future together, she must confront who and what she is, for she will need to call on the powers within her as she becomes embroiled in an adventure that will alter her life forever.

The time for pretending is over.

Hungry Moon-Destiny (Book #2)

Hungry Moon-Jodi (Book #3)

Marauder Aegus: Scifi Alien Invasion Romance (Mating Wars)

by Aya Morningstar

I can run from danger, but I can’t run from him.

When my father tries to marry me off to a man I don’t love, I buy a one-way ticket to Mars. But before I can even get out of orbit, a brutal alien warrior attacks. He says he wants our ship, but from one look in his eyes, I know he wants much more from me.

I’m left with a choice: try to hitchhike to Mars–alone and penniless–through the empty cold of space, or accept this infuriating alien’s protection. And take him home with me.

I’d always wanted a man to stand up to my father, I just never thought it would be him. He’s frustrating, mysterious, and fiercely protective. All of humanity is one big game of chess to him…am I his pawn? Or his queen?

He’ll protect me from everything in the world, but nothing in the universe can protect me from him.

Marauder Aegus is the third book in the Mating Wars series, it features steamy sex, thrilling battles in space and on other planets, and plenty of romance. All books in this rock-hard science fiction series can be read as standalones, there are no cliffhangers, and happily ever afters are guaranteed!

The Game (That Girl Series Book 2)

by HJ Bellus

**Mature Content Warning** Recommended for ages 17+ due to language and sexual content.

Born to shine.

Groomed to dominate.

Levi Wilks is destined only to be a championâ?¦

Number one on the field, in the record books, and in every fans’ heart. This star QB is perfection from head to toe. Only his looks rival his talent on the field.

Not one flaw to be foundâ?¦that is, until he looks in the mirrorâ?¦

Levi sees his dad’s dreams, his mother’s demands, and lost dreams of his own. Dreams that vanished one by one as his life, and career, were carefully etched out for him by others.

He was always jealous of his younger brother Lincoln, a carefree spirit . Some nights he’d pray for a normal life. An average life. But that wasn’t who he was, he’d never have the courage to be like him.

But what happens when Levi is forced to sit on the sidelines for a couple of games?

At the lowest part of his career, he finds himself magnetized by a blonde beauty.

This unexpected girl challenges everything he knowsâ?¦

And dares him to fight for everything he wantsâ?¦

Is Levi Wilks ready for her? Is he ready for “The Game” of his life?

Our Moon (JACT 1)

by Jennifer L. Allen

Ally Monroe can’t remember her name, let alone the last eighteen years of her life. A car accident erased everything, leaving her in a year-long coma, a severe case of amnesia and the reality that her parents didn’t survive. Released from her long-term care facility to her twin brother, Alex, and her older brother, Trevor, Ally tries to piece together what she can.

While trying to live her life again, Chase Baker stirs feelings within her, making him hard to resist. Guitarist for her brothers’ band, JACT, Chase ignites a fire she’s not sure she can contain. With mysteries of her past looming in the back of her mind, threatening to destroy anything she tries to build with him, Ally needs to decide to unravel the past or live for the future.

Do Ally and Chase have a chance? Or are there secrets in Ally’s past that may ruin any hope for them?

Our Moon is the first book in the JACT series. Each book has a different level of steam, and each can be read as a standalone, however it is recommended they are read in order.

An Unexpected Rendezvous (Three Book Bundle)

by Amanda Martinez

Betty had wanted to visit Europe for as long as she could remember. Now she finally had enough money to make that dream a reality. She had the tickets, the reservations, and a solid game plan.

But before she could even get on the plane, a handsome stranger threw all of her preparations into a tailspin.

Would he turn her dream vacation into a disaster she would want to forget?

Or would his interference make it something she would remember forever and want to experience again and again. There was only one way to answer the question.

This is a 3 part series combined into one! Read it for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

The Other Secret (The Other Secret Complete Box Set) (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)

by Alexa Brookes

Read The Other Secret Series Now! No Cliffhanger. On Sale this week. By Bestselling Author Alexa Brookes

A Hot And Brand New Alpha Billionaire Steamy Romance Series!

The Other Secret Series

Suzie is worried about her upcoming weekend away with her boyfriend Jared. Their relationship is already complicated because they work together and she has never been comfortable around big families. So now they are off to his family’s cabin to meet his mom and dad and four brothers. The one thing Suzie does not expect is to find a forest full of gorgeous brothers and a weekend of fun.

Tensions rise between Jared and his volatile twin brother and the family dynamic is palpable. Suzie feels conflicted. Jared is kind, gentle, romantic and committed, the perfect boyfriend. So why can’t she stop thinking about his rough, rude twin and how he makes her feel?

This Box Set contains:

The Other SECRET (The Other Secret, Book One)

The Other LIE (The Other Secret, Book Two)

The Other GUY (The Other Secret, Book Three)

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Readers should be 18 and over due to mature situations and language.

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Call of the Dragon (Return to Avalore Book 1)

by Elianne Adams

“The story was very intense throughout and in some cases nail biting. Had many tears and some laughs to even out the more intense areas.” Shyla

“Loved this story it held my interest from beginning to end, the story was well written it was interesting, exciting and held just the right amount of hotness, I as so glad I stumbled on this book it was that good I went on to order more of this series.” B. Henderson

“For all who enjoy fairy tails and dragon lore AND sexy men who can make heated love, Call of the Dragon is a must read. It has such a great back story and when the dragons are released it is primal!” Mrs. S.R. Sandhaus

For years, Rhia Atkinson has been on the run. The same vicious creatures that killed her mother are on the hunt, and she’s the prey. With the monsters hot on her heels, she doesn’t know how much longer she can keep running.
On the brink of extinction, the people of Avalore are desperate to find their long lost queen. When Drake Sperwell finally finds her, all he has to do is keep Rhia safe, and bring her home. But his dragon wants moreâ??it wants her.

“I love the intricate world Elianne has woven in Avalore. The magic and people are so unique, yet familiar. I can’t wait to read more.” K.Dunst

“I loved this story! All the characters were awesome and the story line was awesome. I don’t know what else to say. I don’t want to leave any spoilers so I am saying if you like dragons, shifters of any kind, hot hero’s, beautiful heroines and countries that need help plus lot’s of action then this book is for you. Good job Ms. Adams!” Kindle Customer

The Killing Jar (The Extraction Files Book 1)

by RS McCoy

Earth is dying, circling the drain on life support. The future of the human race depends on space exploration, but they’re running out of time. Parasitic insects are systematically killing the best scientific minds but no one knows why.

Mable Wilkinson is the last hope to figure it out, she just doesn’t know it yet. For years, her resourcefulness, intelligence, and penchant for problem-solving have put her at the top of a very short list of researchers, only she doesn’t want to be part of it.

Cast out at sixteen, Mable wrote off the problems of the world long ago. Now, her focus is on Hadley, her adopted little sister, and teaching her to survive in the cut-throat underground. Instead, both Mable and Hadley fall into the hands of the program’s recruiter, Silas Arrenstein, and he’s determined to have one of them. Mable can join up with the man and program who killed her brother, or she can leave Hadley to the same fate.

Genre: Science Fiction
Length: Novel, 404 pages
Series: Part One of The Extraction Files

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