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Broken home: This year

by Visik Nalkoh

It is scary

Scarlet Star where there

by Angelica Weiss

The stars that we know of them as you can get to them? What they conceal How to open their secrets all this will be studying our protagonists on their experiences.

A Long Strange Road

by Edwin Erickson

This book will remind Baby Boomers what is was about some of the events and the atmosphere of the 60s and 70s in the United States. I am not famous. Very few people know me. This is the story of my life from birth through the first 33 years. The story includes growing up in South Central Los Angeles as a minority white person in an African-American and Hispanic neighborhood. The story tells of my college experience as a student broadcaster, my service in the Army, my life as a hippie “doper” after leaving the Army, and the effects of using a good amount of psychedelic drugs. Some of the book is intentionally fictional to add color to the story. I believe it is an interesting story, but that is up to you to decide.

Tramp for the boundary

by Cable Stone

As a tramp could go abroad and what he was doing to survive?


by Angelica Weiss

Jungle what they conceal or hide someone where to find the spirit of the times who lived atop Hulme? Where to go if there are no roads and that delat pustate in eternity? These vapros find answer our main Goro who appear surprising Trips!

Alpha Beta Rank

by Cable Stone

Alpha Beta Rank tottering theory physics, chemistry and biology of all the well-known scientist …


by Donny Chill

The disaster wiped’s not all. It was only the beginning of the end that is closer and closer.

Rich Family: Gold

by Jarden Demonir

Gold and Gold

Time children

by Angelica Weiss

Children of time who they are? and where to find them if they will bring you happiness, or not ?!


by Zac Funstein

Admiring his friend Vladimiro’s audacity, deploring his rashness, perhaps reproving his lack of persistency with this morsel of tragedy,Iven Séguin decided to get stuck in himself.Carbon Nitrogen Ratio Analysis applied to the earthy residue might quite easily give some interesting results; the admonitory dose being administered all they had to do was wait-it seemed so easyâ?¦.at least at first.

Alexandre L’Angelier (never an unsympathetic fellow) had agreed to be a support â??at this difficult time’. Alexandre was always there just when you needed him most. Iven was going to subjugate Alexandre to his purpose thus despoiled him of his wrath at not having the solution immediately at the ready. It seemed easy enough.

Having drawn a deep breath of anticipation with an awful grimace of devoutness Séguin got stuck in when at Alexandre’s burlesque class in Burbank Blvd where they had agreed to meet on account of L’Angelier’s busy schedule.A close, hard sky, a transparent prison, narrowed his powers, even mocked him but this was ignored.

There was no mistaking him the dispensing of splendid hospitality came easy to Alexandre. There had been freakouts about wardrobe malfunctions but that fortunately had blown over. It was considerate of a fellow student to show some degree of chivalry upon occasions like the present by offering an item of clothing of his own.

“An odd combination of interests Alexandre:- CNRA with the theatrical,” mooted Séguin taking in the surroundings.

L’Angelier didn’t treat this like it was elemental artillery but was surprisingly open-a born nobleman in his friendliness. They were bound to sink misunderstandings in such a climate.

“I didn’t mean to drag you here but my itinerary was busy; I was sure it might prove an interesting foreground feature.”

“What got you into CNRA?”

“To get to the genesis of this you have to delve deep into my educational history. My career at UCLA promised at one time after that to be almost creditable, but it ended in nothing. I was not a good student Séguin, because, I flattered myself, I was too good a fellow-though I say so myself. I loved pleasure too much to apply myself to work, was too self-indulgent to deny myself anything or give up my hedonistic habits.”

“You were Alexandre the libertine.”

“I heard that quite a lot-or â??Alexandre the Effete’ was another that got thrown my way even-on one occasion Alexandre the Epicurean or Diletante. Anything that was vaguely sybaritic or opulent got thrown my way. Sir William Howe was of sybaritic temperament apparently I got compared to him a lot-whoever Sir William Howe .”

“Sticks â??n stones! I despised the plodding ways of stalwart like Fedro Arcuri

even more than I did the dullness of Cesare Piazza.”

“Contemporaries of yours L’Angelier.”

“Putting it mildly. Why should I delve into Forensic entomology, phenotyping plus gloveprint analysis when I had all the toxicology. I was sure that when the correct moment came I could gen up easily surpass the painfully slow-like monotony of plodding. If I had an uneasy realization that Fedro was growing in this craft, that Cesare Piazza, to whom I used to read Mobile device forensics , had somehow come to understand the language better than I then this did not show. However, this was only an occasional awakening, too unpleasant to harbor but for a short while.”

As All Hell (Memoirs of Marlayna Glynn Book 3)

by Marlayna Glynn

Marlayna Glynn became an unlikely voice for childhood suffering when she burst onto the literary scene with OVERLAY, the Next Generation prize winning memoir of her early childhood in 1970s Las Vegas. Then came ANGELES, the author’s account of her dedication to construct the life of her dreams.

Now is the author’s testimony about how the sins of the fathers threatened her with a long-in-coming crippling depression. Readers will find AS ALL HELL an urgent enlightenment for adult children of alcoholics everywhere. In bold fashion featuring her heartbreaking honesty, the author records the trials and surprises she faced with single parenthood and resultant clinical depression. The author’s prose creates a lasting impact on readers driven to understand the lingering, indelible effects of an unfortunate childhood.

Warm our hearts

by Angelica Weiss

The novel is dedicated to my friends who are not looking at nothing to stay together with elements of autobiography and fiction love paint. What makes us believe that there will be tomorrow in the morning to go to who makes the front despite the pain …

Who was my grandfather?

by Stanford Royals

The story is dedicated to my beloved grandfather, about his hard life, hobbies, and exploits!

Any angel has the right to live twice: The evolution of the goddess Marilyn Monroe soul E – Z of Marilyn’s proof testimony around her past life hidden … murder. Second serial book. Dr. Marily

54 years passed since Marilyn Monroe died. A secretive contract was drawn around her murder You will never attain what is within. For Marilyn 90 birthday on 1 June 2016. The renowned Research Dr. Bruce Goldberg. Specialize in past life regression hypnotherapy. Appeared on Oprah, Regis, Jerry Springer, Montel, CNN, CBS News, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNBC, The Washington Post, Time. Los Angeles Times. He discovered Marilyn is alive once more. Her secretive sensational Paranormal mind blowing Knowledge, reveal everything you need to know, what is hiding inside of her Pandora- box mysterious murder. She will strip your mind as the ultimate – Goddess sex symbol can. From all Your internal fears and protections. Help you discover your Inner child – self – identity. Take care you will not get lost in the wilderness, as she did at the 5 August 1962 the day Marilyn was murdered. Her miracle comeback, will shake you and help you reborn again. Fly high above all your hidden sub conscience fears from the angel of death. This second serial book bring more deeper look around the proofs Marilyn Monroe is fully back into the present. If you believed life after life and reborn are just a story tell and not existing. You will found out the true about the lord powerd to bring dead back into life toward Norma Jean life death and reborn story side by side to endless prooves she had start bring out toward this serial of books.

JULIO CESAR Y ALEJANDRO MAGNO: BREVE HISTORIA DE DOS GUERREROS QUE CAMBIARON LA HISTORIA: Lecciones de vida de dos grandes hombres que forjaron nuestra sociedad. (Spanish Edition)

by Jaime Maristany


Por promoción de lanzamiento este LIbro Kindle tiene un costo de $2.99. El precio normal es de $5.99

Este libro nos permite conocer la vida e hitos de dos de las personalidades más relevantes de la historia, tanto de Occidente como de Oriente. Conozca quienes eran, la época en que vivían, los momentos más relevantes de sus vidas y como impactaron en el resto de la civilización.


The truth about Steve Jobs

by Leto Nolotec

Steve Jobs was not a genius inventor. Steve Jobs was not a computer scientist. Steve Jobs did not hesitate to steal ideas from competitors and employees. It’s time to tell the truth about the person that was Steve Jobs: a great boss, a fantastic negotiator and a marketing genius. But not an inventor.
Using quotes from Steve Jobs himself and his collaborators, this book helps us understand what his role was at Apple. Various examples are cited as the creation of the Apple II, Macintosh, iPhone and the iPad.
Finally, the real nature of Apple products is revealed: there is no revolution. The Apple II was not the first personal computer, the Macintosh was not the first computer with a graphical user interface, the iMac is a common computer and the iPad is not the first tablet. Are you ready to read the truth?

Even Rock and Roll has Fairy Tales: The Flight of The Sherry Fairy

by Sherry Carroll

Scrawny, high school neighborhood misfit Sherry was not glamorous groupie material, just a naive small-town girl who never dreamed hanging around the stage door at rock concerts would get her anything but the occasional autograph. But the stars that came to town had a very different opinion of her wild red curls, sprinkling of freckles, electric energy, and one-hundred-pound dancer’s body that boys never seemed to notice. Backstage, she became the Shiny, Happy Sherry Fairy, a teen queen on the inside of the hotel and dressing room door with a wild side, a wicked wit, and a way with words that flew with the biggest boys in rock and roll–none bigger than Eric Burdon, former front-man of the seminal classic rock British invasion band The Animals, a sexy, charismatic English singer twice her age. Long after she had traded the rock and roll road to ruin for responsibility, respectability, and a real life, and forgot all about music and the men who made it, she still had trouble forgetting about him. After 20 years of trying and failing to resist his considerable charms, she decides to go on the road trip of her life and risk it all to find out just how much, if any of it he really meant.


by María Isabel de Dámaso

El presente libro pretende ser un ejemplo de factibilidad de “Mujer virtuosa” en este mundo, mediante la descripción de Proverbios 31; explicado de manera sencilla a través de la vida de Isabel Medina de Rodríguez quien a pesar del Parkinson reflejó de una manera fidedigna dichas características. Contiene así mismo, tips prácticos para facilitar el ejercicio de dicha virtud y una guía para el estudio más profundo de dicho pasaje; por lo que resultará un libro de utilización práctica tanto en la vida personal, como de las organizaciones eclesiásticas.(Ilustrado con fotos familiares inéditas)

Because of the Money

by Jack Korab

A great story about paying dues in the Information Technology field, first as an employee and then as an independent consultant, ending on the beaches of Normandy France on 2/2/2013

Rosie’s Boy: People and Place a Memoir

by David Grieve


From the North Atlantic to traveling through Africa

From deep sea fisherman to building gold mines in Mali to delivering furniture in Angola and living through the apartheid years in South Africa. My life has been different.

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LAS ZONAS GRISES: El mundo vs. Eichmann (Miradas sobre el nazismo nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Lázaro Droznes

En esta recreación libre del juicio a Eichmann se pasa revista a los temas que aparecen y seguirán apareciendo mientras exista la Humanidad: la naturaleza del nacionalsocialismo, la banalidad del mal ejercida desde el escritorio de un burócrata que mata sólo manipulando papeles y horarios de trenes, los límites de la obediencia debida, la pasividad del pueblo judío, la complicidad de la clase dirigente de las comunidades judías, la indiferencia de los Aliados y de la Iglesia ante la matanza y la herencia recibida que posibilitó luego la fundación el Estado Judío. El nazismo y el holocausto judío es un hecho histórico que seguimos tratando de entender sabiendo que nunca lo vamos a lograr. ¿Cómo, cómo pudo haber sucedido algo semejante?¿Hubiera habido un Estado Judío sin Hitler, sin el nazismo y sin el Holocausto? ¿Es el precio que debieron pagar los judíos para tener un Estado?

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